June 2023




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May. 26th, 2022


I would like to honor the people we lost. I do wish we had a door to do so better, and their souls would not be t but will make do with the lake in the third wheel park. I've fashioned a long boat, and have printed out more than a few photos of people who have vanished.

If you would like to join me I will wait for you, especially if you wish to add anything to the boat for their send off. If no one wishes to join me I will set the boat on fire at midnight.

Jan. 16th, 2022


Did anyone else see the aurora storm on the planet last night? Up close to the north pole (or top pole, or whatever we want to call it). It must have lasted at least 90 minutes, and it covered quite a large part of the upper northern/top hemisphere in comparison to what the aurora usually reaches.

I took pictures.
[Fake cut to four photographs and one looping video that shows the blue/purple/red aurora covering parts of the gas giant below them. One of the photographs shows an impact event, which Tommy has highlighted and labelled. The video shows why he called it a storm, since part of the aurora appears to be starting to spin, like a weather system back on Earth]

Dec. 11th, 2021


Um, this isn't my cell phone. And.. I'm in outer space. Hi? um Help? I'm not sure what happened.