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Mar. 16th, 2022


[Mid-morning, 3/16]

[Filtered to anyone in their general family/friend group]

Anybody seen Eddie?

I think he's caught up in all the general fuckery, he feels weird in my head. Usually he hangs around through the weird so it might be messing with his memory or something.

[Zip-zip to Eddie, gently]

Hey, can you hear me?

Mar. 13th, 2022


Please, someone tell me what has happened to me.

Last night everything was normal. This morning I look like this! Like someone cut off my hair in the night, and gave me tattoos, and my clothes appear to have been replaced with some bright-coloured stretchy fabric which leaves nothing to the imagination. I'll have to wrap myself in a sheet.

It's going to scare the children.

Mar. 12th, 2022


Ha. Neat. Haven't been back here yet.

Mar. 11th, 2022


Whichever magical person has done this to me, you have had your laugh at my expense, now please undo it.


forward-dated to the morning

What the shock, seriously? Right shocking now? Shocking hell.

Mar. 7th, 2022


Has anyone else ever tried on their kid clothes?? No? Just me?

The shorts don't button but c'mon, who can resist.

cut for gif )

Feb. 14th, 2022


Valentine's Day in 2022? Seriously?

Richie, tell me you're here too and not a kid.

Jan. 29th, 2022


Kaltxi! Does anyone fancy having a bonfire tonight or tomorrow night? I've been going through all the Pandora plants and getting any dead stuff gathered up, and there's enough that'd burn that I thought we could have a bonfire with it, make an evening of it. Not in the Pandora part, I ain't that dumb.

AJ? You got anything that could be burned?

Jan. 27th, 2022



If we haven't spoken yet, let me introduce myself. My name is Bruno Madrigal. I am from Colombia so English is my second language, but we will get by. My wardrobe is also very limited, it does not generally snow there unless my sister is having a moment so I am wondering where I would get some boots and a jacket?

Also, it seems that my friends pet rats have joined me. They have never been caged, so I do not think it wise to start now. I am sure they are disease-free and certainly friendly, so please refrain from stamping on them it would break my if you can, thank you.

I think that is all for now.


Jan. 21st, 2022


I had a feeling this would happen. Younger me must have had the same feeling.

Jan. 16th, 2022


2022, huh? Exciting.

Dec. 6th, 2021


There's gonna be a spiderman and spiderish-woman race. It'll be educational. And fun to watch. I haven't picked a date yet.

There's also gonna be an eighties movie night. Movies like ET, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Aliens, Gremlins, Die Hard, Terminator, Predator. We don't have time for all of them in one night, so let me know which ones you want to see. And if you want it on Friday or Saturday. I'm asking everyone. 'Cause everyone can come.

Losers v.2

We're gonna get time off school to watch the race and we have to come up with an obstacle course.

Dec. 2nd, 2021


Filtered to Losers v2

So where's the traditional Losers Igloo Complex going this year? How many Igloos is "Too Many"?

Jun. 6th, 2021


I'd like to put in a formal request for a new holiday in June. we don't get ANY extra days off from school this month.

Feb. 13th, 2021


[Sometime mid-day Saturday]



Feb. 11th, 2021


What the f year is it?

I'm 18, by the way.

Feb. 10th, 2021


i see that people have finally remembered who their true gods are

miguel you did not tell me that people here worship the aesir

Feb. 9th, 2021


Alright. I've decided.

Party time!

Friday night, at [fancy hotel in Wheel 1]. We're taking over the lobby. Come dressed like it's a wedding but like, a fun wedding. No one needs to worry about food or anything, we're gonna get it catered from through the door, but I am taking requests.

Everyone is invited.

I also need a favor.


Does anyone have any questions about Nueva York? I would have posted this earlier, but I was busy being home.

Edit: If your hand is itchy when you go through to Nueva York, I think you'll have a cred chip implant. Ask Lyla to run a scan before you leave my apartment, and she'll tell you what sort of chip you've got (and how much money you can spend).

Feb. 2nd, 2021


Bill (viewable by Kat, Rhys, Eddie, and Loki)


Big party or just the extended family?

I mean, both would be a big party but you know what I mean.

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