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Mar. 25th, 2022


Limited menu in the cafe for the next few days. Wanda's in charge if you have specific requests.

Be nice or I will ban you.

Mar. 16th, 2022


Backdated to 3/16

I know no body, but me, probably cares... But four years ago today, the man of my dreams decided to prove to me that I wasn't friendzoned, and took me on our first date.

Mar. 14th, 2022


That was quick

Mar. 12th, 2022


[forward-dated to late night Saturday because impatient]

Well. I'm not surprised.

Mar. 11th, 2022


forward-dated to the morning

What the shock, seriously? Right shocking now? Shocking hell.

Dec. 17th, 2021


I went through the portal. The grief and loss here is overwhelming. These poor people. I can understand their anger only too well.

I am new here. When you see misery like this in a world not your own, do you interfere?

[Coffee shop owner Bucky]

I might stay here for a few days. It feels familiar here.

Aug. 7th, 2021


New development, whenever I get wet I turn into a sea...something?

Jun. 6th, 2021


Now that all the doors are shut and my brain is less I'm going to go back to normal operation at the cafe. Open at 6, close whenever I run out of most of the food for the day, usually around 4 or so: breakfast or lunch, pastries, milkshakes and ice cream, espresso drinks, and coffees. Help yourself to drip coffee or ice cream any other time.

I've restocked on meats so sandwiches will go back to 'normal' earth-based meats and stuff for the most part, still have a few things from the local planets if you like them. Also going to start doing some pack-ups, premade lunch boxes ready to go if you'll be somewhere else.

Bread, bagels, breakfast pastries, cookies, etc. all still available and open to requests for anything else.

If anyone wants a job, I can show you how to work the espresso machines or do some baking.

Mar. 27th, 2021


[minor Falcon and the Winter Soldier spoilers in the comments]

No food in the cafe today.

Help yourself to coffee.

Mar. 15th, 2021


If anyone bought a holoagent when the portal to Nueva York was open, and they want some help getting them installed or set up properly, I can help if you don't mind that it's me if you want me to if that's ok.

Also, is there something up with the temperature sensors?

Jan. 28th, 2021


As much as I hate to, Down Home Roots will have to close. I don't know when, or if, I'll be able to reopen.

If anyone wants to I don't know what I'm goi

Oct. 18th, 2020


Filtered to other AUs

So you finally managed to make it work.

I see you've fucked up the place enough in the mean time.

Jul. 25th, 2020


With the people everything that's gone on, we'll need to figure out some things with the school.

Darcy Banner was in charge really, she did the scheduling and helped set up new classes, as well as helping teach the 5-8-year-olds with Clint, a computer class for the older kids, and the adult technology 101 class. Obviously one person wouldn't have to do all of it, we could split up the responsibilities, but we'll need people to take over.

I can cover the outdoor scouts-type group that Hemmingway ran, as long as everyone is alright with that. I can't say I lived nearly the life that he did, but I was taught a good bit growing up and my daughter was in the group in the future so I saw some parts. Can anyone involved let me know who was there and things you've done or want to do?

Apr. 25th, 2020


I am in desperate need to get very, very drunk and would like to prevent an embarrassing repeat, or coaxing by bronies, sorry Applejack. Would anyone be so kind to join me in getting black out drunk?

Jan. 29th, 2020


Yet another accidental voicepost

"-yla, have you finished running the data on the samples from... uhh."

[Miguel's footsteps can be heard as he's speaking, and then there is silence for a moment]

"From what, Miguel?"

"From the newest arrivals. Why are you like... that?"

"Like what?"

"Yellow again. You haven't been yellow for yea- Oh, shocking hell, what date is it?"

"It is January 29th, 2020.


"Yes, 2020. You have Spanish homeworks to grade, and Tommy has asked you to check over some of the chemistry practicals he has written up. I should point out that your phon-"

"My phone has been broadcasting, of course it shocking has." [Miguel sighs, and is suddenly a lot clearer now that he's speaking directly into the phone.] "Tommy, you're a bit-head. Sarah... Sorry, bebé. I'm a good bit older than I was this mornin-" [phone cuts out]

Jan. 25th, 2020


Alright kids (and not-kids) we're gonna have some fun.

I know the cafe usually closes pretty early but I used to do some things at night and now that I've got some help I'm gonna work on bringing them back.

Friday night we're gonna have a non-cocktail party.

You can come to the cafe, starting at 7, and we'll have a little mixer. There will be punch and snacks and music. I'll leave out some tables but the stage will be open if anyone wants to perform (or do some karaoke), and we'll have some playlists going in between, and the rest of the tables will be put away so people can dance, if they like. Dress up a little bit, bring your friends or bring a date, come have some fun with people you might not have seen much of yet.

Everyone is welcome, but this one will be family-friendly until 10 when I've got to head home. If anyone wants to stay after that, feel free. BYOB if you want it.

Dec. 11th, 2019


I have a few announcements as the holidays get close!

First, I'll be doing two special classes. One will be cookie decorating, the other for a holiday meal. Holiday meal will be similar to Thanksgiving was; we'll make some sides that can be reheated and I'll explain how to prepare a roast day-of. That class is adults, or 13+ if you have an adult come with you. Cookies will be kids encouraged (but certainly not necessary). I'll have the cookies pre-baked but show you how to make them too so you can do more later if you want, the focus will be mostly on decorating. There will be lots of different icings and chocolate and candies to decorate with and you'll go home with plenty of cookies so you can leave some out for Santa and still have a bunch to share. Since the holiday meal class will take a little longer, that one will be on Sunday the 22nd, cookies will be Monday the 24th. Coffee and hot cocoa will flow at both.

Next, the tradition hasn't been started here yet, but when I came from we always did something called Christmas for Strays and I'm going to host it because no one should be alone on Christmas unless they want to be. Basically, anyone who doesn't have a place to be or people to be with on Christmas (or anyone who just wants to come, wants to meet new folks, or just doesn't have the energy to put together a Christmas meal), can meet me in the food court at any point in the day. I'll be there starting at 5am, with cinnamon rolls and hot drinks. A full breakfast will be ready for 9. Through the afternoon there will be snacks and small bites, a fire, some games, and holiday movies. Big dinner will be at 4, and dessert at 6. More festivities in to the evening, then cocktails, mulled zap apple cider, or hot cocoa at 9, when we put on Die Hard. Anyone is welcome, and you can come and go as you please, you don't to stay all day. Even if you don't celebrate Christmas, feel free to drop by, and if you do celebrate something else and want to do something similar for your holiday, we can figure that out too. Only thing you have to do is bring one present to exchange, and one bit of food to share. It doesn't have to be homemade if you don't want it to be, just something you like and want to share.

Filtered Away from Adults
There will be one more class for kids only! If anyone wants to make something to eat for anyone but don't want them to find out about it in the other classes, we'll meet on Saturday the 21st and I can help you make whatever you like and we'll wrap it up before you go home. The only grown ups will be me, Darcy, Mary Ellen, and maybe Stevie, and they'll be sworn to secrecy so you can make things for anyone else and they won't find out.

Dec. 9th, 2019


Extra crazy hot cocoa and some special cupcakes in the cafe today at 3 in honor of first day of school.

Nov. 25th, 2019


So, since it seems like more and more kids are coming all the time, and more and more kids are reaching school age, I've been doing some organizing for the school.

We decided to split everything in to 4 basic groups so that there aren't lots of classes with only one or two kids per group. It'll be a bit more like one-room schoolhouses than modern education for those familiar with the systems from Earth.
Littles (under 5)
Basics (5-8)
Formal (9-16 or anyone who didn't have a formal education where they're from and wants one)
Continuing (add-on classes for anyone)

I've gotten together a few extra classrooms so there will be regular places for the two younger groups and one for each of the older ones, though I know some of the teachers for the older groups have their own spaces too (and some need to take place outside of classrooms) so those ones can move around as needed.

Obviously, this is a massive group effort and we can tailor it as-needed so if anyone has anymore suggestions for classes they'd like or feel like they need or things they want to teach, just let me know and we can figure it out.

We can start Monday after next to let all the new kids get settled first.

Class List )

Nov. 2nd, 2019


Tomorrow would have been my wedding anniversary. Does this place ever get easier?

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