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Oct. 4th, 2020


We still have birthdays. And they're still important.

Bryn's 1225th birthday is on the 9th.

Little Robin of Loxley isn't so little anymore, he'll be 7 on the 14th

Edit: Jack O'Neill's 53rd birthday is on the 20th

Lacy Burrows' birthday is on the 26th.

Mary Ellen Rogers' birthday is on the 31st

Michie and Howie Barton will be 6 on the 31st.

He is only one man. Don't let him take over our lives.

Sep. 20th, 2020


Filtered away from Higgs and the minions they know of.

When we fought together three years ago, we thought we'd be away from the fear The Man reaped down upon us. Now we have a new foe. And we need every man woman and child to fight together again, if we're going to bring an end to this one.

We've lost faces we knew, since then, but gained new ones. Some I'd be very proud to call friend, and even family.

We need to group up, so we can watch each other's backs. There is a hotel in wheel one, close to the one Loki and his family has claimed, that will fit us all comfortably, without cramming us in like sardines in a can. There are board rooms, and other rooms we can use as battle rooms.

Please join me in this, once Higgs is taken care of we can move back to the comfort of our homes. But if this sleazeball is willing to attack one kid, then we know he doesn't have a line that he wont cross.

Jul. 25th, 2020


With the people everything that's gone on, we'll need to figure out some things with the school.

Darcy Banner was in charge really, she did the scheduling and helped set up new classes, as well as helping teach the 5-8-year-olds with Clint, a computer class for the older kids, and the adult technology 101 class. Obviously one person wouldn't have to do all of it, we could split up the responsibilities, but we'll need people to take over.

I can cover the outdoor scouts-type group that Hemmingway ran, as long as everyone is alright with that. I can't say I lived nearly the life that he did, but I was taught a good bit growing up and my daughter was in the group in the future so I saw some parts. Can anyone involved let me know who was there and things you've done or want to do?

Apr. 26th, 2020


Well, that's not the Asgard I know. No little grey men running around. Then again, I don't think their world was even called Asgard so there's that.

Anyone fancy taking a look around with me?

Apr. 2nd, 2020


Okay, so my radio's not working and this is the only thing I could find that would send any sort of messages. If someone around here, wherever here is, can direct me to a Stargate so I can get back to dealing with our little situation, that would be great.

Oh, and you know what else might be nice? An explanation as to how I even got here in the first place! So who screwed up? And please, for the love of Dorothy, do not tell me that this is some sort of weird... Asgard intervention. Because I'm not buying that for a second.

May. 15th, 2018


I've been asked a few times about setting up a genetic database, and while most of this shouldn't be a problem (I forsee a lot of plants in my future), a natural subdivision of this database will involve you, the people on the station, and also the various animals and pets. Would this be something everyone would be okay with me setting up?

The database would ideally be something that will grow with each door, every new arrival and so on, especially if/when we start exploring local space. On the top level, it would be something that could be used for education (which plants in this part of the park belong to the same family), genealogy (finding out exactly who you're related to, if required, for both people and animals) and so on. Data on this level would be available to everyone and also pretty restricted for that precise reason. I would provide a more in-depth level of access for medical staff as well, for reasons explained below, and everyone would be able to access their own data.

Information/Disclaimers )

By the way, does anyone want a job helping me with plant samples? I don't know if you've noticed or not, but this place has a shock-load of plants.