June 2023




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Nov. 10th, 2021


This can't be real.

I'd have guessed that I was in the Fade and had fallen prey to a demon trying to tempt me, but I suspect a demon would be offering something more appealing than being trapped in the sky among the stars.

This place seems vast. I was told there were others. Is anyone reading this?

Jan. 9th, 2021



I was hoping to find someone to spar with, perhaps? It has been some time and while I do not believe my skills have waned in any way, shape or form, I do believe it is good to not only keep practicing but also learn new skills and techniques. Would anyone perhaps be interested?


Aug. 12th, 2020


I do not wish to cause any worry but I must put my pride to the side for the time being. For the safety of this station.

I seek to mend something that I did not believe could be cured. While I fought back the abyss and believed that it could be pushed back, there was no cure for anyone tainted by its touch. The spread of the abyss can be stopped but only with the death of those who carry it.

If I must die to stop its spread here on the station then so be it. However, if there is a way to cure it, I would be forever in the debt of whoever can help. If someone can help, please contact me.

Jul. 23rd, 2020


It is said that this is where one might introduce themselves, and upon encouragement from Sir Artorias, I have decided to partake in this tradition. So greetings to you, I am the Lord's Blade Ciaran, and Knight of Gwyn, newly arrived from Oolacile. I am grateful to be here amongst the stars, and look forward to making your acquaintances in person.

Jun. 17th, 2020


I'm in the need of some willing participants. I need some women for Brenna, and some men for Dan...

But first anyone that is going to attend my daughter Brenna, and soon to be son-in-law, Dan's wedding would you please come through the door, and come to the palace. This will be a week long celebration, because we are doing it as close to Norse tradition as we can, so pack for staying at the palace for a week. The Allmother has had the rooms prepared already.

As for what I need the men and the women for. We must prepare the bride and the groom for their coming nuptials. And the men must dig up a sword I buried.

It'll be a week full of merriment, I promise.

Edit: I use the terms men and women loosely, women can join the men and men can join the women in their rituals.

Jun. 3rd, 2020


Hi all,

I would like to invite everyone for a little gathering in the Halls of Asgard this Friday. Maryanne has so kindly offered to help our kitchen prepare the food. Which means it is going to be amazing.

There will be a buffet and as much drink as you can imagine (both alcoholic and non alcoholic). We have a band for entertainment but if anyone else wants to play a few songs, there will be instruments there for people to use. I certainly plan on playing a few songs. If someone would like to team up for a duet, I would love it.

I am also sure if you can coax a member of my family into a tour around the palace if you wish one.

Please let me know of any dietary requirements. To make it clear, everyone is welcome (yes, that includes you, Brenna).


Apr. 25th, 2020


Posted a few hours after Jake's post

For anyone who wants to check out my family's home realm, I've placed a chest full of coins in front of the gate as well as another filled with clothes - in case you would like to blend in with the locals. Everyone in Asgard speaks the All-Tongue so they should be able to understand you and I made Dad put a few spells up so that Heimdall will not recognise you as unwelcome guests.

Enjoy the trip!


Forward-dated a teeny bit to about 0630.


That place looks so damn cool, guys. It's open from today until May 24, and it opens into an alleyway that's beside a bar. The sign says the year on Earth would be 1926.

Yet again, I find the door at the end of a run, so I haven't done too much exploring yet, but they look to be setting up for a market.

Edit because I'm a skxawng. The room of doors is in the park on Wheel 1, about half a klick away from the main elevator door thing. Near where Dan and Brenna's house is going up.

Apr. 16th, 2020


what is this gathering in the world through the door. i do not understand it. what are they celebrating.

Mar. 19th, 2020


Sorry! Very sorry, I'm the bit-head, my bad.

Mar. 12th, 2020


Greetings to whomever finds this message. I am Knight Artorias, and it would seem, like most of you, I have been brought here for some reason that I am not aware of. Perhaps brought here by some guiding hand? I suppose it matters not. I have come here with my faithful companion, Sif. Please do not be alarmed if you find her. She is a very protective wolf.

This is such a strange and marvellous device. I am still learning how to use it, and there is much to learn about this place. Might I ask if there is a blacksmiths where I might be able to have my armour and sword repaired?