December 2022



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Dec. 3rd, 2022


Player Info
Name: Abby
Over 18? yep
Timezone: EST
Preferred contact: discord#8495
Have you read the rules and do you understand them? bumblebee tuna flies at night

Character Info
Canon-puncturing: talk with me about it
Fandom: Hamilton musical
Name: John Laurens
Age/Birthday: 27 (as of 2022)/October 28, 1754
Species: human
Sexuality: complicated
Personality: will add in a bit
Third Person Sample: i live here
Journal: redefininbravry
Played by: Anthony Ramos


Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy
March 14, 1986
Human/Plant Hybrid

Ivy has a sarcastic, bitter, misanthropic personality, although she is quite affectionate and understanding when it comes to the very few people she considers her friends. Due to an immense distrust for most of humanity and abandonment issues stemming as far back as childhood, Ivy is slow to trust or form any attachments, but when she does they are strong. She is, at first meeting, very guarded and keeps her emotions and motivations close to her chest.

While very physically powerful, Ivy's greatest strength is her mind. A genius with multiple PhDs (botany, biochemistry, and toxicology), she uses her knowledge and powers together in her eco-terrorism, working to preserve the earth and the plant life on it, with little thought to the humans she destroys in the wake of it. It's also this academic mind that has allowed her to develop her pheromone serum, which causes anyone exposed to it an extreme physical attraction to her while turning the victims into plants (usually trees). She is very reluctant to use this serum though and usually just prefers more brute fighting or weapons until there's no other choice.

Ivy is at heart very introverted, preferring things like jazz, reading, and daytime tv in her free time, but she does have a fun side. Once around people she is comfortable with (especially if helped along by alcohol) Ivy is willing to cut loose and have a good time, dancing and joking easily.

Ivy is a slender woman with green skin, green eyes, and green lips. Her blood, saliva, and tears are also a dark green-black. She has long, thick red hair and styles the part of her hair on the left side, almost covering her eye. She usually wears a green jacket with a white tank top underneath it, green leggings with a vine pattern, and black heels.

In some more casual situations, she has a variety of t-shirts with eco slogans, looser fitting pants, and sometimes she wears a beanie hat, black with a flower pin. For formal occasions she usually favors slinky, revealing dresses and curls her hair.

For a non-animated PB reference, she looks like Mila Kunis.

Ivy is able to manipulate and animate any plantlife withing 50 feet

Ivy's pheromones, when concentrated, let her render people unconscious or fall in love with her before transforming into trees and dying. Ivy can extract these pheromones into potions that she can dispense

Toxin Immunity
Poisons and toxins have no effect on Ivy

As a human-plant hybrid, Poison Ivy is able to completely heal herself from even the most fatal of wounds and injuries, provided that she's been buried in fresh soil

Gifted Intelligence
Ivy is exceptionally gifted academically, allowing her to have multiple Ph.D.'s for botany, biochemistry, and toxicology

Expert Combatant
Ivy is an accomplished fighter, having learned several techniques from Harley during their time together

When without access to any plants and thus unable to use her powers, Ivy has shown herself capable to use a gun and is comfortable doing so

Ivy is an extreme misanthrope who originally could not stand to be around humans without vomiting. Through therapy and getting close to Harley and others she's been able to overcome this, but she's still reluctant to work with people or get close, which can limit her allies and alliances

Lack of Plants
Ivy's most prominent weakness is a lack of nearby plants to control. Ivy's chlorokinesis has a range of fifty feet

One of Ivy's biggest weaknesses is fire, she is overly prone to dehydration and destroying any plant life around her cuts off one of her biggest tactical strengths

"Special" Poisons and Toxins
Normally, poisons and toxins have no effect on her. However, poison and toxins involving her DNA or pheromones can affect her

Power Limitation
Ivy's power to control plants has a few limitations, she is unable to control plants that have been mutated with her own DNA, and can by her own admission not control plants out of fairytales

NAME Abby TIMEZONE EST PB Mila Kunis DISCORD abbygator#8495 CODE Tessisamess

Dec. 2nd, 2022



Player Info
Name: Abby
Over 18? yep
Timezone: EST
Preferred contact: Discord: abbygator#8495
Have you read the rules and do you understand them? Bumble Bee Tuna flies at night

Character Info
Canon-puncturing: Possibly, ask first
Fandom: DCAU Harley Quinn the Animated Series
Name: Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy
Age/Birthday: 36/March 14, 1986
Species: metahuman
Sexuality: Sapphic
Personality: see here
Journal: PoisonIves
Played by: Mila Kunis

Nov. 27th, 2022


Player Info
Name: Nicky

Character Info
Canon-puncturing: Sure
Fandom: Wednesday / The Addams Family
Name: Wednesday Addams
Age/Birthday: 16 / 13th January 2006
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Personality: Cynical, inquisitive, determined, macabre, individualistic, blunt, headstrong.
History: Here

Played by: Jenna Ortega