March 2024




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Mar. 13th, 2024


To the residents of this station, both old and new, and to those who may have recently discovered this place, I would like to make an announcement.

For the last year and a half I have worked towards cleaning and rebuilding one of the hotels in Wheel 1. Now, it is at last ready to be opened. I have named it Sanctuary, and it will stand to serve as a welcome place for those who have just arrived, as well as act as a home for anyone who wishes to stay. There are a vast number of rooms now ready for new guests, and I do aim to make it as welcoming a home as possible.

It will also serve as a refuge, should the station and its residents be faced with another terrible enemy or hazardous situation.

Of course, I will be looking for those who would be willing to help run Sanctuary. We will need a cook, a few cleaners and perhaps an on site medic, as well as a bartender and perhaps someone who would be willing to serve people their meals and drinks. No payments are required to stay at Sanctuary either. I intend to run this Sanctuary in line with how the rest of the station creates its trade.

I thank you for your time. Any suggestions or comments, I would ask you leave them below.

Richard Garland.

Feb. 28th, 2024


Right, you lot. Looks like a door's opened to my neck of the woods. There's a door at [location of door on the station here]. Looks like a fairly normal wooden door. Not hard to miss on this tin can. On the other side is my version of Earth.

You'll find yourself outside the old Mill House. It's a short walk to the main road. You should be able to get a taxi or a lift from there to the city.

What can I say about my Earth? It's normal. Mundane. Boring. Unless you've got the eyes to see where most people don't bother looking for. There's super heroes and villains, demons and angels and all manner of nasty buggers out there. So take care when looking around certain places. Star City comes to mind.

I've left some things beside the door that might be useful. There's a box containing some money, a crap mobile phone you can use, and a magic infused pendant for each of you. The pendant should provide protection against Demons and other dodgy supernatural types, but it won't do much against most of the super hero and villain lot. As for the box, just say the magic word written above the box and it will open for you.