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Oct. 25th, 2019


So, tell me about this place. Fun facts. Weird shit. Stuff I probably shouldn't touch.

Weirded out yet?

You already know, don't you?

[OOC: TW for homophobic language in comments between Bill and Richie]

Jul. 9th, 2019


What the shock is up with the lights?

Tommy, are you breaking time again or something?

May. 27th, 2019


Since I arrived here, I've spent some time trying to learn more about this place. What happened and all that. So, what's the story with Wheel 5?

Jul. 3rd, 2018


Group message to Desmond, Eggsy, Neville, & TK

Kat says you guys volunteered to help repair her place?

Mar. 20th, 2018


If there's anybody that needs help making their existing apartment larger, if anyone wants to expand the existing businesses or need space station friendly furniture made, that is something that's in my wheelhouse of skills. I'm happy to help wherever I'm needed.

Oct. 4th, 2017


Rachel had an idea to make a list of who's still awake and who isn't. And I thought it was a good one, so I'm stealing it.

I'm awake and I know my other self is awake. Who else is up?

Apr. 9th, 2017




I'm gonna ask Finn to come over. I need us all under the same roof.


Can you come over? Please.

Feb. 26th, 2017


Text to Finn

Would you like to come to Paris with me and Pop?

Sep. 14th, 2016


Text to Finn (Collins)

Hey. You busy? Need you to to help with something.

Jul. 6th, 2016


Message to Katherine


May. 28th, 2016


Filtered to Will, Finn, Sookie, Katherine, Annie, Jake, Izzy, Max, and anyone else close to Abigail.

Hi. I'm okay. I've gone to Pandora. I promise I won't leave the compound alone.

The island made me look like someone I knew and I just needed to get away. I'm hiding from that face. I'm not hiding from all of you. If anyone wants to visit me here, I'd really like that.

Mar. 30th, 2016


(ooc: backdated to early Sunday morning)

I was away from the island for a while. It was a long time for me.

I'm getting used to being back here. It's good to be back with my family and friends. And I'm slowly getting back to the bakery too. I've been making and decorating chocolate eggs.

Picture )

Private to Finn


Would you like to talk a walk around the island with me? We could get a look at the new layout and I'll pack a picnic.

Sep. 19th, 2015


(dated to after Finn visited her)

I've been decorating my new room.

Photo )

Sep. 18th, 2015


Okay, so I know I've been a little MIA lately. I've been elbows deep in alien robot parts. I think I finally got most of the things sorted. At least with the smaller ones.

There's still the legs of the bigger ones.

Um, anyway, in the time I wasn't sorting out useful bits and parts, I actually made a few metal sculptures, out of the bits that weren't useful for anything else...

Images ) There are a few more, but I think I'm bogarting the network.

Edit: I didn't put these up to brag, I meant to ask if anyone wanted one. I have more than just these, these are just a sample.

Jun. 9th, 2015


I decided to stay in today since my darling hubby is out of the clinic, and was doing some aimless internet surfing and came across a thing:


And got this:

Maryanne Elizabeth Barton is made of duty, spotlights, and determination. With a dash of cuddles.

And this with my maiden name:

Maryanne Elizabeth Walker is made of shows, derp, and control. With a dash of humping.

And this with the other married name:

Maryanne Elizabeth Stark is made of tigers, family, and gullibility. With a dash of Apocalypse.

They all seem pretty legit to me...

Jun. 7th, 2015


These creatures... they don't really have much flesh to them at all. They're mostly metal, wires and circuts so don't burn them or bury them. We could probably use a lot of the parts if anyone else is interested in helping take them a part.

Mar. 31st, 2015


Alright I've decided that I'm done moping over her.

All the people that's shown up, and she hasn't been one of them.

So. Clarke isn't going to show up. Not that she'd want me if she did And I'm done waiting.

Feb. 11th, 2015


I try to get away from thinking about home. Thinking about Clarke, and Raven. Bellamy, Jasper and Monty. All the people I thought were dead... There's nothing I can do to help them. And if anything I probably made things worse.

Being safe, having a warm bed, and food in my stomach... I don't deserve it. But what can I do?

Jan. 21st, 2015


As nice as this place is, strangely enough, I miss Clarke the ground. Even if I still feel the This place is weird. And that says a lot when you've seen two headed deer.

Dec. 25th, 2014


With the fog and all the other crap going on I have gotten way behind on the birthdays.

To all of you with December birthdays, I do apologize. I only have two people on my list, though, so if you want to be added just comment here. Or if you want someone added that wouldn't add themselves, do that too.

Now, I can mention the January birthdays, though. Two coming up rather quickly.

Hansel 7
Charlie Barton 7
Peter Quill 15
Darcy Lewis Banner 17
Lisa Cuddy 17
Dean Winchester 24

If there's anybody I missed just let me know. Happy Birthday to everybody.

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