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October 31st, 2018

[info]commander_shep in [info]compass_network

Okay, guys... What's going on?

[info]fuckitybye in [info]compass_network

im stuuck

[info]lacey_burrows in [info]compass_network

This is a new look for me. Must be a station thing. Or maybe just in the park thing?

[info]proud_miserable in [info]compass_network

I will not be able to work in the medical bay at the moment. I apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

I am going to find a place to stay on my own for a while. I strongly suggest no one visit me.

I found an old movie called 'The Gorgon' on my phone. If anyone has further information on this topic, please send it to me. Not in person.

Rachel and Natalie

I need you to watch your younger sisters.

Dr. Morgan

I may need to refer patients to you.

[info]la_belle_ in [info]compass_network

Hello. I am Belle. I apologize for not using this fascinating device more. It stills feels so new to me.

Lacey is right. There is something most peculiar happening in the park. It is very..Je ne connais pas le mot juste. Everything looks so different. Like I've walked into an illustration from a book. I look different too.

It is very strange. An adventure I've never had before.

Adam, will you join me here?
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[info]swedishprincess in [info]compass_network

I don’t like this one bit. I was just going to my shop and... I’m scared. It’s a dark forest and weird sounds. And I think there’s something lurking about. Why’s going on here?

[info]dzheymsbyuken in [info]compass_network

I wasn't expecting this when I came to check the park.

[info]sookie_sully in [info]compass_network

backdated to the moment the age-down ended

According to my phone, I'm missing several days. Nearly a month. Was I a jellyfish, an old spinster, a kid, a Na'vi, angel, fairy, what? Or was I just gone? I don't remember going anywhere.

Could everyone in the family let me know that you're still here? Please! Kelan, that includes you.

[info]tom_jr in [info]compass_network

Older me left a note to ask me to apologize to everyone for him. So, sorry on behalf of Future me.