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March 14th, 2022

[info]applejack_ in [info]compass_network

Um, you guys, I may need more help on the farm. I think I'm stuck.

[info]almostchosen in [info]compass_network

I've brewed a large batch of dreamless sleep potion if anyone needs it.

[ooc:added a few minutes later, after Neville has a conversation with Bucky]:
I understand the station is a new environment for a lot of people here and without a traditional day/night cycle sleep can be hard sometimes.

I've made this here before, but if anyone's forgotten or wasn't here then: it's a potion that will not only put you to sleep but keep your dreams at bay in the process. I've portioned it out into 8 hour vials, if you don't want a full 8 hours you can take a partial dose but it's best not to take any more than that without supervision. It can be very dangerous and potentially fatal if you overdose, therefore I'm only comfortable giving anyone one week at a time. I'll brew more as needed.

Once you take it, you will get very warm, feel quite heavy, and then you'll fall asleep within a minute or two. It will keep you asleep for as long as your dose allows and you'll wake up like normal after. The sleep isn't any deeper than normal sleep, but because you're not dreaming you don't go through the wake cycle on and off all night so you'll likely feel better than usual in the morning. You can be woken up in the middle of the dose but will stay very tired and have an extremely hard time staying awake until the potion wears off.

If anyone needs anything else or has any questions I'm usually in my greenhouses, I still forget to carry this phone thing around with me all the time.

I'm sorry I wasn't able to get your potion together this month but I've started preparing everything for April, it'll be ready then. Do you need anything?

[info]babybuck in [info]compass_network

That was quick

[info]tom_jr in [info]compass_network

It's π Day today!