May 2022



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January 21st, 2022

[info]abra_stone in [info]compass_network

I had a feeling this would happen. Younger me must have had the same feeling.

[info]katarinmiri in [info]compass_network

The calendar on my homeland is different but I have taken the calendar that is used here and tried to map our sacred days and holidays onto it so I can observe them. By that calendar, tomorrow is the Day for Boys, when we celebrate the boys in our families and those we know and hope for good things for them.

There is a traditional gift. It is a little pouch with a silver tivar coin and two small items. They are a surprise for when the pouch is opened, but one is red and that symbolises the changes that will happen in the boy's life as he grows older, the things he will learn and how he will grow. The other is blue, and that is for constancy. The things that will stay the same, like his love for his family and his country.

I have been around the station and gathered things to make some pouches, and I will be at [location] tomorrow with them for any boy who would like one. I know that it is probably not a tradition that anyone here shares, but I wanted to mark it, and you are welcome even if you have never heard of it before. In Kordala boys become men when they are sixteen, but if you are from another planet with a shorter calendar or your people grow more slowly, you can have one even if you are older.

There is a Day for Girls too but that is later in the year, so please tell your sisters to be patient!