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April 7th, 2021

[info]theboysandcrash in [info]compass_network

Reeve's Birthday

Hey, everyone.

So, Reeve's birthday is on the 26th. We're planning on taking over a portion of the big park on Wheel 1 for a cook-out/party/what have you. I am inviting everyone on the Station to join us.

I know we've had several parties in the last couple of months, but it would mean a lot to Scarlet, I, and Reeve if as many of you came and joined us.

There's no need to bring gifts unless you want to. I will be taking care of the food myself, though help would be appreciated.

So, yeah, come join us. It'll be fun.

I am so bad at this..

[info]_toruk_makto_ in [info]compass_network


Another new door, and we have it for almost two months this time. The sign says it's going to a place called Ingoulf in what's going to be Norway, and the dates are April 7 to May 31 in the year 836, which is like 1200 years ago or something.

Anyone recognize this view?

[Photo of the view from just through the door, showing some of the branches of the tree and the road down to the village]

The room of Doors is right beside Bad Things.

[info]wanda_the_witch in [info]compass_network

Hello, I am Wanda. I have arrived here some days ago. Please, tell me in which way I can contribute to the community here.

[Steve & Thor]

I apologise for not contacting you sooner. I needed some time. But I have been glad to see you are here, my friends.

[info]odins_queen in [info]compass_network

Ladies, Gentlemen, and those in between,

I have spelled the portal to Ingouf, once you step through the portal you will be gifted with the people beyond it. You will be able to speak Old Norse, and understand it as if it was a language you were born to.

If you wish to keep this skill after simply see me, and it can be arranged.