[ The 164th Day ]
23 April 2012 at 09:37 pm
Good morning, everyone. Today, is the 164th day of the third generation, and as promised, the facility will be experiencing a light dusting of snowfall throughout the day. Please bundle up appropriately if you are heading outdoors, especially anyone participating in the reconstruction of the Devil's Compass. I will have cocoa prepared at lunchtime for any crew who might be interested!

I have another, less sobering thought question for you all to consider. It was brought to my attention some time ago that the rapid changing of the seasons does not suit all inmates. As many of you have likely noticed, this facility has rapidly cycled through seasons, typically changing them once every other week. The purpose of this protocol is to keep inmates engaged in their surroundings with an ever-changing environment. I am considering changing that, but another inmate expressed a preference for the seasons to change faster, as they had been.

What do you think about it? Do you enjoy the rapid rotation of the seasons? Would you prefer it to always be spring? Would you rather it to be lengthened to something more representative of your world's seasonal span? Bear in mind that everything is adaptable: the passage of time within the dome does not currently reflect the passage of time, either on your home planet, nor this planet.
002 → video; backdated to Day 163
23 April 2012 at 06:00 pm
I kinda forgot we're 'sposed t' use these...

Um...thank you everyone who talk t' me when I got here. An' I found Brother! If anyone knows 'im, his name's Alois!

And, um. [ Don't mind the tiny, he's a little shy addressing everyone at once suddenly. ] My name's Luca. An' it's nice t' meet everyone. And I'd like if we could all be friend, okay? [ Because when you're a small child in a prison, having friends for the first time is priority. :T ]
21 April 2012 at 10:58 pm
It's quite depressing here now that someone burned down the bar. The only really good thing in the place and someone had to throw a fit and burn it down.

Also, is it just me or are a lot of people suddenly rather depressed here? So boring. People just need to get over it.
20 April 2012 at 01:27 am
Yeah, you miss her too don't you Belle?

[The camera focuses briefly on a baleful look on the white cat's face before jerking slightly. Now it has a good view of a pair of chewed up shoes. She paws the shoe.]

She's not going to be home in a while. They've got her locked up. [A slight pause here as Wisely comes into view, one hand running through his hair, but still focused on the cat.]

Mm. It sucks, but what can you do? She tortured that General guy. [Belle meows, tail hitting the floor. Wisely chuckles.]

Well, yeah I agree. When you think about it, she and Tyki went really easy on those Exorcists. It's troublesome, but those merciful sides to them are kind of endearing. Don't you think?

[Specifically, Road and Tyki's merciful sides because after all this time Wisely still doesn't understand why they stayed their hand from killing them all. Belle stares some more at Wisely who finally looks up at the camera.] I don't think I can do that. I'm completely harmless, after all. [small pause]

Oh and Road, Belle misses you. Come back soon, okay?
[action/ open]
19 April 2012 at 01:28 am
[He's not out of jail yet, but he did manage to talk Sentience into letting him out for a couple hours to work on his bar during the day. Since someone burned it the fuck down and it lay in ruins. He'll still be herded in at lunch and for the evenings, but for most of the day he'll be found at the former site of the bar The Devil's Compass. You know you want to talk to the caught psychopath torturer as he clears, cleans, tries to figure out how he's putting things back together.

Oh, his poor bar...]
[Gamewide Mingle: Thanksgiving]
07 April 2012 at 08:25 pm
[At the entrance to Sector 5, several very long tables have been set up outside. Low light is provided by street lamps hung up just for the occasion, a cozy dining room in the middle of the street. There's turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, cranberry sauce, and many, many other Thanksgiving favorites. A warm, printed message at the center of the table asks:

In the tradition of the holiday known as Thanksgiving, please feel free to enjoy this meal and think about all the things over the last year for which you are most grateful.

Come one, come all! Food covers the tables, enough for the prison's entire population, courtesy of the bots. Have a nice big dinner with your fellow inmates, and get your CR on!]
04 April 2012 at 07:50 pm
[There is an uneasy chuckle, tinged with the slightest hint of pain.] I finally put this thing on and everything's boring again. So much for entertainment.

Wisely. Bring me some smokes, will you? Oy, and a clean shirt.

[Private to Miranda]

Miranda, love. [He's not even sure if she'll reply, but it's worth a shot.]

Would you be a doll and do something for me?

[Private to Kitty]

Let me guess, the silent treatment? Is that happening now. [He doesn't know she knows about the whole 'intentionally overheard' thing, so. Again, worth a shot.]
27 March 2012 at 10:28 am
[hey, it's Flynn! and it's time for Flynn's I miss my dog hour]

[he's already had breakfast, done his jogging, gone through his practice forms, and now he's ended up in the pet cafe, again, playing with one of the puppies. it has been kind of a depressing day so far, so he came here to cheer himself up, but wouldn't you know it? it's just got him thinking about different melancholy things]

[and he just can't help himself but turn on the communicator]

It feels like a lot of people here have adopted animals. I see them out and about all the time. ...How many of you have pets back home?

((ooc: If you want to have caught him earlier in his routine, that's fine too!))
27 March 2012 at 12:54 am
[There's a bedraggled loser hanging outside in one of the sectors today. He looks somewhat disoriented, as if someone brained him in the head with a two by four. It also doesn't help that there's a fat cat clawing its way up his leg.]

Ow, stop that you stupid cat - [He reaches down to try and yank it off by its tail. It responds by biting. oh god someone save him!]

[filtered to Noah]

Road, I found your cat. Where are you?
[ Event: Summer Solstice Festival ]
29 June 2011 at 12:23 pm
[ Around noon, the robots that had been swarming the beach scatter, leaving a transformed landscape in their wakes. There are volleyball nets set up in the sand, along with colorful umbrellas and blankets beneath them. Part of the water has been sectioned off for water polo, while inflatable rafts in fanciful shapes are ready for use in the open area.

Ringing the beach are food stands serving street and festival foods: chin chin, takoyaki and taiyaki, aloo tikki, sabikh, empanada, hot dogs, ice cream and shaved ice, and suchlike. There is one stand where a robot serves an alcoholic punch not completely unlike sangria. Several of the other stands also serve non-alcoholic drinks. Clean up robots zoom from place to place, picking up garbage. ]
[fail!filtered video to defense force]
27 March 2011 at 12:45 am
[Wisely has no words for this fuckery.]

[Oh wait, yes he does.]

...I need help. My life is in danger.

[fyi, you have never heard Wisely this serious before. Look at dat face.]
005: Mixed messages [Audio // Open]
24 March 2011 at 06:28 pm
[After thinking through whether or not it was a good idea for quite a bit, she finally decides that this would be a good way to find some things out - especially with the situation between herself and Minato. It would also allow her to uncover some other possible Persona users. After all, if there are other people here from her version of Japan as well, it could be possible for such a thing to exist? Especially since they seem to come from her future, after all.]

[Audio feed clicks on, for her to get just a single question in:]

What does the word 'Persona' mean to you?

[Here's hoping this doesn't end up with too negative an outcome.]
23 March 2011 at 10:56 pm
[Alma is wandering the different sectors, looking for at apartments, houses, all the interesting places to live. Camping outside had been okay, and he'd had lots of time to think. But now he's ready to put things in order.]

What are the best places to live around here? The apartments are nice, but I haven't lived in a house yet. What are they like?

Castiel, thanks for letting me stay at your place for so long. [A little embarrassed since he hadn't been back there for days.] Want to help me look for a new place?
Location: All Over / Afternoon
[video / action][open]
22 March 2011 at 06:35 am
[ dear lord why is he awake? becoming an early riser would be inconvenient! oh well, he's up and actually hanging out in the athletic complex -- he's awake and somewhere other than the library; when did he turn into Yu?

he's had a run and done some exercises, but one can only do so much alone. so, have a smiley redhead showing up on your video screens, Marina. ]

Anyone feel like tryin' to beat me up? [ grin!! ] There's gotta be somebody I've pissed off lately.

((ooc: Tags may be a little slow during the day (EST) but I will get to all tags!))
26 February 2011 at 11:31 pm
A dream is a wish your heart makes~ )

[The video clicks on to see a familiar, but vastly changed face with the same dark eyes and shaggy hair. The eyes are wide and confused, there's a tenseness to the features, pinched.]

What happened?! N-No one said drinking alcohol would make me turn into an adult!

{OOC: Canon-update! Alma's memories are coming to him now, so expect some confusion and big mood swings. Action open to Team Free Will household and a few others like Yu.}
26 February 2011 at 08:08 pm
Good evening, my fellow deviants!

Is there anyone around here easily amused by menial tasks? For some reason, I have a surplus of those.

Naturally, the only compensation would be your own satisfaction. It seems Acumen doesn't believe in offering research budgets.
26 February 2011 at 04:47 pm
Um… Red? Are you okay? You haven't been home all day!


Has anyone seen Red?
[Action | Open]
19 February 2011 at 06:44 pm
[Unlike usual, Cross isn't making the slightest bit of effort at hiding himself. Anyone around might even say he's making a scene, what with the way he's kicking at every little piece of litter (or bot, for that matter) in his path. The sling around his right arm and the various cuts and bruises on his face, along with his cracked mask and burned out coat, should give some clue as to why --]

[-- although really, it's just because the stupid bartender robot wouldn't let him take the bottle with him. Piece of junk.]

[Notably, the holster where he usually keeps Judgment is empty. But anyone who thinks he's defenseless? He thinks you should just try him.]

((OOC: Anyone for a pissed off, slightly drunk, injured General? Oh, NOAH~~~ Come and get it!))
[video feed]
12 February 2011 at 10:28 pm
[HELLO MARINA, it is night time and we hope you're sleeping well. It's been such a quiet night, hasn't it? Well, maybe not quiet, but it could certainly be louder than it is right now!

No? Well that's too bad.

Vriska has the video feed on this time, even if it's just black at first. That's because her headset is in her hair as she tries to turn it around to where it's supposed to be on her face. This takes about five minutes, interrupted every minute or so with a small fit of giggles.

There we go! The feed is now situated properly on her now. There is a light coming from the side (looks like someone replaced her lamp) that illuminates half of her.

Does she look a bit... uncharacteristically giddy to you?]

Okay... Okay, so. Thissssssss is really, really important. Okay? Okay.

[Pauses for a good 15 seconds, trying so hard... not to laugh.]

My arms... My arms are noodles!

[And then she breaks out giggling again. Oh dear.]

[As of this thread Vriska is now unable to respond to any more responses. ♥]

[ooc; TL;DR vriska dislocated her ankle and the hospital bots gave her medication to deal with the pain. she's just a little loopy and frighteningly excited about nothing in particular.]
11 February 2011 at 05:20 pm
[strained voice post, filtered from Euphie]

As I'd like to hope I don't need to tell anyone after that post, stay away from Euphemia if you are Japanese! She is a teenage girl with long pink hair, and she's under a spell -- a curse that forces her to attack and kill anyone she knows or believes to be Japanese. She's currently in the shelter and is heading for Sector 4, so if you're in that area, avoid her at all costs! She can and will attack anyone who gets in her way.

I need the defense force to take her into custody immediately, she is a danger to herself and others in this state, but her condition can be fixed! We just need to stop, disarm, and restrain her before she hurts someone, or engages someone who will hurt her.