002 → video; backdated to Day 163
23 April 2012 at 06:00 pm
I kinda forgot we're 'sposed t' use these...

Um...thank you everyone who talk t' me when I got here. An' I found Brother! If anyone knows 'im, his name's Alois!

And, um. [ Don't mind the tiny, he's a little shy addressing everyone at once suddenly. ] My name's Luca. An' it's nice t' meet everyone. And I'd like if we could all be friend, okay? [ Because when you're a small child in a prison, having friends for the first time is priority. :T ]
17 April 2012 at 05:31 am
I have heard that there are those who would call themselves demons living among us.

[Fenris' expression is one of casual disdain. It is clear that he does not think highly of you demon-types.]

Even those whom I once believed to be reasonable. Show yourself, should you have the courage.

[He doesn't have a weapon to beat you all down with, but he'd at least like to know who to keep an eye on. What makes him think people will be honest? Well.

Better to ask, right?]
[Action] Mid-day to late night
12 April 2012 at 11:40 pm
[Agito's in a mood today. That mood is a dangerous one. Shit's happened lately and even though Akito's managed to somewhat pull himself together, the shark still isn't pleased about it. Beating the crap out of the original isn't going to be enough to make him calm down either, which is why he's stalking the dome, AT whirring softly as he glides along, eye narrowed and glaring at anyone who crosses his path.

He could use someone to spar with. Not enough to get his AT taken, which he would bitch forever about. But just enough to maybe satisfy him. He needs something to do damnit]

((OOC: No fights will end up with any major damage done, it'll be more of a spar than anything unless you manage to piss him off. Feel free to also beat the crap out of him if he pisses your character off. But basically, expect him to reply with hostility unless he knows the character in question. And even then he still may...))
♠; video | open
07 April 2012 at 11:18 pm
[Oh look, its another black face. Are you tired of these yet, Marina? This one is a little different, mostly because he looks perpetually angry and there's the torn remains of a brightly colored outfit of some sort around his neck. Oh and his right arm is covered in blood and has a really nifty ring on it?]

Who's the cheap trick who thinks they're in charge here? You and me've got some words we need to exchange. You're a fuckin' idiot if you actually think I'm gonna hang around this joint.

[There's a splotch of red on his chest – like he had been stabbed earlier, and now he suddenly wasn't?? But if its an actual wound, he doesn't seem to notice it. He also seems to be a little tired...its not like he tried multiple times all day to teleport out of his ball and chain or anything, why would you judge him like that?]

I ain't really the type to do a lot of talkin', so I'm all for skipping straight to the part where I break you over my knee if you don't make it snappy, you piece of shit.
22 March 2012 at 05:22 pm
[Anyone working the DF dispatch right around noon will register an alarm. Someone's vitals are taking a nosedive. But before anyone can call it in, a video feed snaps on.]

Cut for blood and evidence of torture )

((OOC: There will be one closed action thread for the Order crew and anyone they invite in to help rescue Cross - healers/others can offer their help over the network. Other people who want to show up at the church will find that Komui has blocked the entrances for their protection, but they can thread with Komui or each other. Please note that the church will be closed and off limits until further notice.

Network replies will need threadjacks since Cross is -- uh. Indisposed.))
Wish prank mingle
13 March 2012 at 02:41 am
Deep Puck thoughts that mostly amount to 'be more fun, guys' )

The actual spell )

[OOC: Feel free to thread amongst yourself, anywhere in the dome! Here's the OOC post for details.]
[video/action → MINGLE] yeah, that's right
10 March 2012 at 01:16 pm
[The shelter is clearly equipped for a celebration to mark the changing of wardens. Everything is neat and tidy, with decorations and a generous food spread laid over the tables for the taking. There’s also the usual entertainment in the common areas – TVs, video games, movies. Maybe you can talk someone into an impromptu karaoke party. Why not? Sentience doesn’t mind.

There’s a party to be had, so get down with your bad self.

Need an invite? Aren’t quite sure what’s going on? Well, here’s a friendly neighbourhood Judith to explain it to you. The camera feed pans over a glammed up corner of the shelter’s common area before going back to her face. It’s clear she’s pleased by the set-up.

If I had known this was planned, I would have made some special cupcakes.

[Are you wondering what goes into Judith’s special cupcakes? Keep wondering.]

I suppose after all the excitement from last night, it’s nice to have some fun and relax. I’m not sure it’s fair to have one party directly following another – but maybe I’ll get to make up for missed opportunities. [She wanted to kick a robot’s face in, okay.]

((OOC: Mingle post for Sentience’s party in the shelter! The shelter is decorated with streamers and there’s a feast spread! But only three types of ice cream, though. Create threads and tag amongst yourselves! It’s a celebration, anything goes. Backdated slightly to the early evening.

If you want to respond to Judith via video, feel free! There will be a thread for that right here! Notifs are turned off otherwise.))
[Video//Action | Open] Mid afternoon, pre-party
07 March 2012 at 09:06 am
Good day, Marina. I hope those of you who were of assistance to Sentience last night are recovering well. [It goes without saying that if you need anything, consider her volunteered!]

In the spirit of new beginnings, it is a good time to offer the opportunity for anyone who wishes to clear their conscience. Beginning in a half-hour, we will be taking confessions at the church. Although Confessional is a traditionally Catholic practice, the church is not denominational and anyone should feel welcome to participate if they wish.

For anyone not aware, a confession is given in a booth in which you tell anything you wish to an anonymous priest. Your identity is also protected, and the priest is sworn never to reveal what is said within the confession. [And Lacus will be very angry him if he violates that promise, so you can take that to the bank.] It can be a very cleansing experience.

If you have any other questions about the church, I am happy to answer them. I hope everyone will enjoy the party this evening.

((OOC: Cross (worst priest ever, but still a priest!) will be taking confessions in this thread. Network replies to Lacus or action posts at the church are also welcome!))
video | open
05 March 2012 at 10:25 pm
[Alright, well. Snowman had spent long enough flipping out and breaking things and trying to get this dumb chain off her ankle. What the hell. Like she was a common criminal, really.

She flips her communicator on and wow hey Marina I hope you like your weird shiny black alien faces, because here's another one. She appears to be in the hospital, if the background is any indication.

There might be something on fire behind her. It's hard to tell because her big glaring face is taking up most of the view.

Gee, she looks mad.]

From what I can surmise, we've all been imprisoned in some kind of idiotic penitentiary. This much is clear. [She sees you all whining about it ...]

But I am meant to be dead. What is the point of imprisoning me if I were nearly dead anyway? I need to speak to whoever is in charge here, it's just ridiculous --

[Vague destructive noises as she kicks something off-camera. Grrr!! She spends a minute fuming in silence after that, pointed fingers tapping rhythmically against her upper arms.]

Additionally. I need cigarettes.
[Voice / Action]
21 February 2012 at 08:52 pm
[Good morning Marina! Agito is not in the best of moods today. Which clearly means it's an excellent day to make Ventus regret ever deciding to try AT. Nice and probably slightly earlier than strictly necessary. Hope you're an early riser Ven]

Oi, Ventus! Get your ass out to the park. You want to learn how to ride AT, taking up my time, you run when I tell you to. So get out here before I have to fucking find your ass and shred it for wasting my time!

[Agito is not a morning person.

For anyone who feels like watching, or just happens to be in the area, the dark is waiting in the park, already having made a good deal of skid marks and scars in the ground. There's no real reason behind them except for burning off steam and letting Ven know exactly how he's going to end up looking if he annoys Agito. The shark is a harsh trainer. He's leaning on a tree, waiting for the kid and wondering idly how the other people he's taught to AT are doing.

Resting on a bench nearby is the original, who wants to watch out of curiosity. That and he's probably a better target for Agito's irritation than Ven. But Lind isn't particularly caring about that. He's never seen the dark teach before, so he's curious.

They'll be there all day, so drop by any time]
[mingle] Mistletoe Bots
13 February 2012 at 04:14 pm
[Lovely day for being in any open, common area of the dome, isn't it? Of course there is a chance of kissing bot, but it's always something in the underwater prison.]

(OOC: Check out the OOC post for details. Pucker up! Edit: Links for those with loading problems!)
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[ voice ]
06 February 2012 at 08:33 pm

How are any of thethe thingth even conthidered criminal? Are we going to get thome shitty neophyte down here tho we can thtart the traditional and thuperfithial trial? Or can we fucking thkip that and go thraight for the goddamned noothe becauthe I REFUTHE TO BELIEVE THAT I AM THTUCK HERE FOR THE RETHT OF MY FEW REMAINING THWEEPS LEFT! NOT WITH THITH PIETHE OF SHIT THRAPPED ONTO MY HEAD! THOMEONE BETTER GET THITH FUCKING THING OFF OF MY ANKLE TOO!

[ welp. that would be the sound of said ball and chain rattling uselessly. he can't do a thing about it and after a few moments? the sound dies down to groaning and heavy breathing. mood. plummeting. ]


Fuck, I gueth that thith really had been thort of inevitable, with thome bulgethucker like me. Way to fucking go, Captor.
[voice - open]
04 February 2012 at 05:34 pm
[It’s all but been confirmed for her. Her friend always responds, even if it’s a bit delayed, however, it’s been over a day now, she still hadn’t heard back. Perhaps someone has seen her! Though, if she is no longer here, then… that’s good, right? She went home…

But… she’s a bit selfish in that she wants her friend, she wants Rita. Maybe Rita is so tied up with research that she just hasn’t checked her device. And since she hasn’t been here long, she doesn’t know of all the places where she goes to hide to do her research…]

Good evening. Has anyone seen a young woman by the name of Rita Mordio? I’ve been looking for her all day, but haven’t seen her. She’s short, often wears a red wrap as a shirt, has mismatched stockings and wears goggles on her head.

[There’s a reason this is voice, because she is about on the verge of tears. However, her voice is still somewhat strong.]

If not, then that’s okay. I apologize for taking up your time.
[ video | open ] Late evening
27 January 2012 at 08:13 pm
[ It's a quiet video that flicks into being. Black covers the screen except where the thin glow of the park lights shine in through the window. It's quiet, except for the slow rip sounding through the air and the clink of metal striking cool tile.

One would imagine there's nothing there at all.

Until she starts humming, broken words coming through as she pauses, continuing the torment. ]

Rip them up.

[ tear ]

Pluck out the eyes. And discard them.

[ ... pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiink. ]

He left you again.

[ laughing, low and sultry ]

We'll have to change that.

[ thud

Slowly, a lump rolls into view of the camera. A severed doll's head. With unseeing eyes. It's never wise to leave Diva all alone. You should know better then this.

Conrad. ]
[Video | Action | Filtered from Aidan] Forward dated to sometime after dark
27 January 2012 at 01:05 am
[Sometime after sun down, once Helix has successfully planted his little gift and escaped Axel. Helix decides it's high time to get the show on the road. The red head is probably still looking for him, so he's in a nondescript area for this. He's got a small window of time, best get the actual threat out before they find his little bomb. So Marina, you're greeted with the familiar blue visage.]

Greetings Marina. I have a public service announcement. [He seems serious yet very nonchalant.]

If I were you, I'd stay a good... [Pause to consider.] 200 feet--give or take--away from the Defense Force Headquarters. Unless you want to end up in tiny chunks splattered all over the sector.

There is currently a bomb hidden within and set to go off at midnight. [Which is only a few hours from now.]

You can thank me later for the heads up.

Have a nice day--Night--Whatever.

[A small, Wiley sort of smile before the feed shuts off. And he's making a point to move to a new location, just in case he can be traced like one would a cell phone call. He'll have to keep moving unless he ditches his headset, he's thought about it, but decides not to for one reason or another. He doesn't want to be caught too easily, but he doesn't really care if he is. It's not like there's any real threat or that he'll talk anyway.]
18 January 2012 at 08:49 pm
--back, Lee! [The network suddenly is greet with the loud clacking of something hitting the ground. There's someone breathing heavily and the sound of light growling.]

Lee, please, just--[Miranda lets out quiet noise--whimper? moan?--and then a deep breath]--Please. N-Now really isn't the time... Give th-that back?

[A muted vuul-vuul is her response. It would appear "Lee" doesn't feel like listening at the moment. There's movement, another soft sound that is almost definitely a whimper.] Give me that!

[There's the sound of a struggle, harsh breathing and growling and then the video cuts on, showing the ceiling as the communicator is jerked back and forth, the light fur of the vulpix's chest visible to the side. With a final tug it's ripped away and Lee lets out a whine of disapproval, but Miranda is suddenly in view, her face pinched in pain and hair everywhere. It looks like she's at her apartment complex but all that's visible is the stairwell behind her. Lee's prolonged whine sounds more like one of worry than annoyance. Miranda doesn't appear to be getting up anytime soon.]

{OOC: Someone fell down the wet stairs at her apartment complex and broke her leg.}
03 January 2012 at 11:03 am
[Nasuti appears to be settled back into the Trooper's home. Her expression doesn't give any indication of their being cramped at all, but perhaps that was the hidden blessing of being stuck in the shelter for several days.]

There are a few things I've noticed. Forgive me if these are redundant, I'm still somewhat new, though I guess not as new as some of you who have just recently arrived.

On a lighter note, is there any sort of reading-slash-book club? I noticed several of you, the new-comers and more veteran members both, have a particular fondness for the library.

Would anyone be up for something along those lines if one is not already established? If there is one, who organizes it?

On a more serious note--well, serious unless you consider the irony of the question--

Have any of you been convicted for 'abduction' or 'kidnapping' on your list of crimes?
02 January 2012 at 11:34 pm
[the video flicks on to a shot of Luna staring at something off-screen. It must be very interesting, because she is totally not looking at the camera.]

I don't think it's very fair for us to be here. [she starts off, no doubt these words are ones that everyone has heard!] We are underneath the ocean after all. The mermen and the other creatures that live in these waters must be terribly inconvenienced. I wouldn't particularly enjoy having a giant dome built across my home. I'd have to swim around or over it to get to the garden, and that would take more effort and time than it would have just swimming straight across.

[she pauses and for a moment it seems like she won't continue.] Has anyone asked them what they think?

[anyone who comes across sector three will see Luna walking slowly in a...spiral. Yes, that's right. If she sees you, she will probably approach first!]
[ Gamewide Mingle ]
28 December 2011 at 10:42 pm
[Today is quieter around the shelter -- and there's less food. It's getting kind of cramped in here, isn't it? And boring. There are plenty of games and entertainments left over from the party, but everyone is gathered together and... finding things to do.]

[So what are you doing?]
[Video//Action | Open] BANQUET MINGLE GO!
20 December 2011 at 12:16 pm
Good morning, Marina! [Have a very smiley pink haired girl on your video feed!] For anyone I haven’t met, I’m Lacus Clyne and I’m very glad to meet you.

It seems as though we’re all going to be in the shelter today, so we should make the best of things. I was thinking that we should get together and have a big winter banquet! Anyone who wants to help cook should please feel free to come to the kitchens and assist, and if not you should still come and enjoy the food with us.

Dinner will be served at 5 in the main cafeteria, and after that maybe we could have fun playing games and watching movies together. I hope everyone has a good day, and I hope to see everyone at the feast!

[A few minutes later]

I just learned that today is also Ritsuka’s birthday! To celebrate there will be a cake and some special desserts and decorations. [as many decorations as they can find without access to the store.] Everyone please, stop by to wish him a happy birthday!

((OOC Notes: Mingle post, open to all! Reply to Lacus by [video] or there are several action options: [cooking] any time before 5pm ICly, [dinner] a huge buffet of almost anything you could want, or [after dinner] for card games, board games, and movies throughout the cafeteria and nearby common rooms! Your character is in no way obligated to be at all of these, but they could be if you want~

Also! A link to Ritsuka’s birthday party will be added once it goes up. There will be cake and lots of special desserts and pretty decorations in one area of the cafeteria.

If anyone wants to intentionally or unintentionally sabotage the food, please contact me OOCly before you do so. Thanks and ENJOY!))