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14 April 2016 at 03:08 pm
Conrad Weller
[Conrad always seems to end up in the training hall. Usually training is his only refuge other than Yuuri, but today the dark, empty training hall feels just that -- empty.]

[All the same, he had promised to meet Lavi for some training this morning. And there was always a chance that someone else might come along... perhaps that Kurogane who had expressed an interest. Maybe Josak would want a rematch. Or Wolfram. Anyone at all.]

[But before that he had better let Yuuri know what was going on. His Majesty had lost enough lately that Conrad wanted to tell him about Vash before he found out another way.]

[Voice, locked to Yuuri]
Yuuri? I'm sorry to trouble you, but would you mind meeting me in the training hall sometime this morning? [he's trying very hard to sound calm. Normal.]

[In the meantime, Conrad sets up some training dummies. He's not going to tear them apart this time, though. Quick, clean passes, his entire mind focused on his blade and movements.]