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24 March 2011 at 11:23 am
[Nakama's going to be starting self-defense training really soon, so she figures she ought to get herself into better shape. After a quick jog, she heads to the athletic facility and -

- well, just kind of stands there. She's done hard work before, so she's not in bad shape, but she's never actually worked out before. What does she do? Where should she start? Of course, she wouldn't dream of asking anyone for help, so instead she just plunges in and starts on the punching bag.

Bare-handed, and hitting so tentatively that it barely even shivers.

Come to help? Or to lol?]
03 March 2011 at 04:21 pm
[Ushiro slips into the house, trying to be quiet. He doesn't want to run into anyone, because he doesn't want to have to explain the bandages on his face. Tch… it was his own damn fault for throwing the first punch, but that doesn't make him any less angry.]

[Hopefully the others were still out doing… whatever it was they were doing.]

[[ooc; Open to housemates and whoever would be in the Bleach/Bokurano house. :Db]]
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27 February 2011 at 03:06 pm
[On the heels of her stubborn decision that she needed no help and would go after Diva by herself no matter what, Saya finds herself sorely in need of practice. Having her old sword in her hand, the red gem that was once part of her father glowing from the base of the shining blade, brought her no comfort. She felt sick.]

[But there wasn't time. Diva had made another Chevalier; if Saya didn't stop her there would soon be an army. So she unsheathes her sword, omitting the blood infusion for this practice time, and begins.]

[Her form is mediocre, rusty skills being another consequence of her long sleep. She stares at the training dummy across the dojo and pauses, blinking. It would be easy to carve that up, but Diva and her Chevaliers would hardly stand still and wait to be defeated by the blood-tinted edge of Saya's blade.]

[She missed Haji. And, after a few passes which don't feel quite right, she begins to wonder if perhaps she could use some... not help of course, but. Advice? ...Something.]
[video / filtered from Euphemia] [action]
15 February 2011 at 01:10 am
[here is an Orihime! she is in a hospital bed and has a bandage wrapped around her head; her arm is in a sling and she's kind of pale, her hair hanging loose. lost]

Where... Where am I? Does anyone know who I am...?

[--ehe, awkward smile]

Just kidding... I always wanted to get amnesia after a head wound like they do on TV... But I guess I didn't this time either.

Um-- I'm sorry if I worried anyone yesterday when I didn't get home! Toushirou-kun, Kuchiki-san, I hope you were able to find the house okay... If not, I'll definitely make sure you get there tonight.

I just woke up and heard that I missed the whole day. So I didn't really prepare anything for the sewing club meeting. Can anyone from the sewing club take care of that so everyone can still go?

Let's see... Oh! And I was in the shelter, I think, so -- thank you, whoever brought me here! [ducks her head in a little bowww]

[clicks the video off! but she will clearly be in this hospital room for any visitors~]
14 February 2011 at 09:01 pm
[ it's been a very, very long night, but Suzaku is still in the Defense Force Headquarters the next morning. earlier than usual, in fact, since he skipped his morning swim. and breakfast.

he'll be pacing HQ, looking more than a little bit run-down, all morning. ]

((ooc: Joining the DF today? Hoping to start a task force? Just looking to offer condolences because of how sucky yesterday was? :D Suzaku was off the communicators after last night's disaster, but he's here and physically available now~.))
[video | backdated]
13 February 2011 at 07:30 pm
[After all of those Stopgas, Aqua definitely looks weary. However, there's one last thing she needs to do before she can get some much-needed rest.]

The Defense Force has taken Euphemia into custody. It's safe to go back to the shelter and return to what you were doing.

Also, please disregard anything she told you about Miss Inoue. She was hurt but taken to the hospital and should recover.

((ooc: This is a placeholder for replies from Aqua for now, but other DF people should feel free to threadjack))
11 February 2011 at 05:20 pm
[strained voice post, filtered from Euphie]

As I'd like to hope I don't need to tell anyone after that post, stay away from Euphemia if you are Japanese! She is a teenage girl with long pink hair, and she's under a spell -- a curse that forces her to attack and kill anyone she knows or believes to be Japanese. She's currently in the shelter and is heading for Sector 4, so if you're in that area, avoid her at all costs! She can and will attack anyone who gets in her way.

I need the defense force to take her into custody immediately, she is a danger to herself and others in this state, but her condition can be fixed! We just need to stop, disarm, and restrain her before she hurts someone, or engages someone who will hurt her.

[video | open][action | closed]
11 February 2011 at 06:25 pm
[The video clicks on to a smiling face that should be familiar to most of the dome.]

Hello! I wonder if I could have everyone's attention.

[She tilts her head, looking fondly out into the video audience.] I need some help. You see, [She turns the device so that the shelter stairwell is visible and at the bottom is a redhead—twisted and lying limply.] Orihime is blocking the stairs, and I wouldn't want anyone to trip and get hurt! Could someone remove the body? Watch your step please!

Acumen took the gun I was using, but I still need to kill the rest of the Japanese here. So, if you're Japanese please go ahead and kill yourself or meet me by the koi pond. I'll drown everyone just as fast as I can.

Oh, I hope the fish don't mind.

[Video|Action] [Open]
09 February 2011 at 06:28 am
[If you're in Sector 0, you may have a run in today with a... well, there's no better way to put it than a golden-colored fox. The creature is carting a welcome back around it's neck and in it's mouth? The headset communicator.
Why yes, the fox did take the time to snap up all of the food inside of it, save the chocolate. It's saving that, okay?

At some point the creature makes an annoyed sound and drops the headset to the ground, kicking on the video feed.
And then it starts talking. There is a curious echoing quality to it's voice, a layer of both male and female tones to it.]

Hmph. How tedious. First they tell me I've done something wrong, then they just let me wander around. Some prison! The Mizuchi's old hags always did better jobs and they had nothing more than seals to work with.

[Of course, considering what the fox is? Seals work much better than bindings.]

Schools and shops and entertainment? This is less a prison and more an amusement park of some sort.
08 February 2011 at 10:49 am
Captain Hitsugaya of the 10th division reporting in. If you recognize my name then speak up.

I don't have a lot of time, so if someone could just tell me where Acumen keeps our belongings I'd appreciate that.

(ooc: Leaving this here before I go to my afternoon classes /o/)
07 February 2011 at 10:11 pm
[The picture of a short, black haired girl in a black kimono appears on the screen. From the blood and dirt covering her clothes it is rather obvious that she’s just come from a pretty bad fight, though she isn’t in any pain at the moment.]

My name is Rukia Kuchiki, I’m part of the 13th squad of the Gotei 13 under Captain Jūshirō Ukitake. Before arriving here I had been trying to get to a friend of mine, Inoue Orihime. If anyone is familiar with that name- please respond to this immediately.

And if there is any way to get this restraint removed I would like to know what that method is, as well.