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27 June 2012 at 03:05 am
[ "Meet me at the hospital." ranks extremely low on the list of things you want to hear late at night, and needless to say Reid doesn't waste any time in getting over there. Luckily he got enough information out of Kitty to know that she's okay, and the rest is easily puzzled together from paying attention to the network. The memorial garden. Tyki. Cross.

Shots fired.

It's not difficult at all to guess why she's there, and on the brisk walk to Sector 1 Reid had more than enough time to think and try to prepare for what's ahead. This, so close to Allen's disappearence..? It doesn't take a profiler to figure out the kind of stress that puts on a person. Enough for him to worry.]
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18 June 2012 at 11:33 pm
[After his moment at the kiosk Zelgadis finds a spot by the coffee shop and plops down. Not at a table, but on the ground, his back against one of the adjacent buildings. A small stuffed lion is set on the ground beside him with surprising care, given how he flounces himself down onto the concrete.]

[He touches a button on his comm, opens his mouth... but then clicks it off. And then he tries again, with no more success. Finally, he flips the comm off his head and onto the ground beside him, utterly disgusted with himself.]
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17 June 2012 at 10:44 pm
[There's a lot on Kitty's mind as she slips through the dome on her way to Reid's place. Allen's gone. That's not okay for a lot of reasons. His life back there never sounded any better than hers. Worse even. Almost like he had a theme of tragedy. Maybe why she took this route that isn't anything resembling direct to head past his place first. He was her first close friend in Marina. He helped her up when she didn't realize how down she was. She never really got a chance to fix the things she broke with him. Or maybe she had the chances and just didn't take them.

Maybe he'll be back. There were always more new arrival days. Maybe he'd remember.

Maybe he wouldn't have to remember some of it.]
12 June 2012 at 03:09 pm
[ yes, it's still technically morning, but a certain rogue has herself happily established at the Devil's Compass, boots strategically propped up on the edge of her table, a pint of ale within easy reach, and a deck of cards idly shuffling between her hands. ]

Be careful where you step today, everyone. Or sit. [ grinning ]

If anyone's interested in a card game or two, I can vouch for the fact the new bar is nearly as much of a dive as the old one.
Location: Day 171 / Devil's Compass / Mid-Morning
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11 June 2012 at 02:55 pm
Hearing that Reid was living in a completely different Sector than Garcia and that he hadn't been all that social, he believed Penelope had used the word 'hermit' to describe him, the pair were off from Penelope's place in Sector Four to Reid's place in Sector Two to bulldozer their way in and check on him. Derek had also used the walk to acquaint himself with the prison as best he could while he and Penelope easily quipped back and forth, commenting on both the decor and each other. Prison aside, it was perfectly normal.

But once they were at Reid's door, the light-hearted banter back and forth between himself and Penelope settled down a bit. Derek left nothing to question about who was at the door. He pounded on the door with the side of his fist three or four times and stepped back with Garcia. “Reid! Open up!” Yeah, open up Reid or Derek is kicking in the door. It's been a good, solid day or two since the last time he kicked in a door.

Nevertheless, he turns to Penelope, his eyes sparking with amusement. “If he's not here I could kick it in and we could just be waiting for him when he gets his genius back here.”

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04 June 2012 at 08:09 pm
I'd make some joke about how they finally caught up with me but I'm usually on the right side of the law so this doesn't really make a whole lotta sense.

[Derek's going to pause here a moment, mess with the video a bit so it goes off then on again as he figures out how it works. Then he smirks, shakes his head.] And I'm supposed to believe we're under the ocean? Honestly? I gotta say I feel like I'm being pranked... no matter how elaborate all this is.
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01 June 2012 at 06:48 pm
[Private to Spencer Reid]

Hey, so. Still up for that movie?

If you'd rather be alone with Kitty instead, I understand. [Playfully winking.]

[action/ closed to Cross Marian - earlier that morning]

[So this part of her morning she was not exactly looking forward to. Yesterday was a very strange day. The aftermath of which she wasn't exactly having fun sorting through, but having to deal with. Even if it meant dealing with those lovely feelings of residual guilt. She was, however, very much looking forward to a warm shower and a quick change of clothes. And something to eat.

Sliding in through the door, she closes it quietly behind her before slinking into the kitchen.]
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30 May 2012 at 09:52 pm
[So maybe it had been a decision made under the influence, but compared to all the other decisions made the day before, this was a fairly tame one. Productive, even.

Of course, he wasn't entirely sure if Helix would even show up but after everything that went down Reid kind of needed a breather anyway, and so he retreated to the library to wait and sort out his thoughts, chess board already set up on one of the corner tables.]
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25 May 2012 at 09:41 pm
[If Kitty had written a to do list for today it probably would not have included having shower sex with Reid this morning or crying for the first time in a long time after running into Tyki. It would have included picking up more cigarettes though, so that's what she's doing now. She wants to have several on her way over to Reid's place since she knows his place isn't exactly smoking friendly.

You burn down one bar and you get a reputation...]

(OOC: Feel free to catch her in the store or just out smoking. And since I'm addicted to picking out her outfits for some reason. She's wearing this.

WARNING: Sexual content in first Reid thread.)
22 May 2012 at 11:52 pm
[The warnings have already been given, but it's a little too late. The gas was invisible, untraceable to the normal senses. But someone might feel it. The changes in them if they had been close enough, breathed in too much. Too bad they probably wouldn't care after that either.

It's not such a big deal now, is it? Neither is holding back on all those things they keep to themselves, or refusing to do the things they remind themselves are bad or dangerous or against the rules. Who cares about rules anymore? Why not just do what they want? Why should they hide how they feel? Why should they keep hiding who they really are? Who came up with all of these silly unspoken rules anyway?

You do not feel a loss of control. To you, it's like being more in control than you've ever been. And choosing to just go with it. You only have one life to live! Regret, remorse and reservation are all just words to you for the day. Just...try not to die or kill anyone.]

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22 May 2012 at 10:25 pm
Aidan you stupid fuck. I can't believe you ran out on me... [He sounds indignant at best but, SIIIGH oh well. Guess Helix is confident his boyfriend will come back in one piece.]

You couldn't wait till I was out of the shower? Get your ass back here already, I got something I wanted to say. [Though... something occurs to him and he goes with it.]

Helix pours his guts out... )
18 May 2012 at 11:37 pm
[You think with freedom, relative freedom, back in hand he would be doing something better with his time. But with no niece to look after and her yowling cat left in the wake of her disappearance, one house in shambles and one bar nearly reconstructed... but tiresome to look at, he's taken another choice for this evening. Arguably an ill planned one, he's got time to burn.

Her jacket in one hand, over his shoulder, he's thankfully above knocking and still able to bypass the door by slinking through. Albeit with a taxing twinge when all is solid again on the other side. Rather than dwell on it he just carries on in, and unlike his last drunken unwelcome "visit", he doesn't bump into anything. Surprise, surprise.]

[NSFW sexy warning in the comments!]
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11 May 2012 at 05:22 am
[Sometimes, a bedroom wall just isn't enough.

With Garcia arriving, Reid feels the pressing need to rearrange his notes. Parts of his notes. The parts pertaining to the nature of Marina and multi-dimensional mumbo-jumbo and all the other things he's tried to wrap his head around ever since he arrived. There's a lot of them, and his apartment is only so big and either way he wouldn't be entirely comfortable presenting this to her in such a disjointed mess of scribbles. It's not the way they do things.

And this is why he's at the library for most of the afternoon and a good chunk of the evening, straightening out hastily scribbled thought processes and following cross-references and what else there is he could be doing with this mess of paper. Feel free to bother him or spy on him or remind him that food is definitely a thing that should happen eventually, cause he won't remember!]
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08 May 2012 at 10:02 pm
[An alarmed face appears on the video. Blonde hair with pink streaks, brightly colored chunky jewelry, thick-rimmed glasses. Immediately, she starts rambling.]

Okay. I'm used to weird, but this is like -- the freaking Twilight Zone. The creepy, prison-themed Twilight Zone with an embarrassingly hackable headset and no keyboard in sight, which is its own special level of hell and somewhere I'd rather not hang, capiche?

Someone please just pinch me, or do whatever it is you do to get someone to wake up from a bad dream, and preferably without any more violence than absolutely necessary, because ickiness is totally not something we need to add to the mix --

[She may not take a breath anytime soon, unless someone cares to interrupt...]
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06 May 2012 at 10:31 pm
[The nightmare doesn't surprise her. Inara has been shoring up her facade frantically since Mal left and it had started to fray at the edges. Surprisingly, her nightmare doesn't feature Mal or Kaylee or anyone from the crew. It's the same nightmare she always has: Miranda, over and over again: an entire planet composed of people who ceased to fight and people who knew nothing but fighting. Reavers tore, bit and clawed at her skin while she laid there and let them, not because she couldn't get away, but because she'd decided to simply lay down and stop fighting.

She wakes up drenched in a cold sweat, heart pounding in her chest and breath coming so quickly she can't catch it. After several minutes she gets out of bed, throws a dressing gown over her night dress and pulls her hair loosely off her face. She flinches at shadows, feeling as if the cottage walls are crawling with Reavers. She knows that's impossible and yet they were so solid in her dreams. She tries to meditate and when that doesn't work, she attempts to pray at her altar. It's all to no avail. She's not going to sleep tonight and she's not going to achieve any sort of peace. As a last result, she slips from the room still in slippers and dressing gown to knock lightly at Spencer Reid's door.

He did say if she had ever reached a point where she wasn't okay, she could talk to him. That point is right now and it's apparent in her rumpled appearance. She's not crying, but she doesn't have anything together right now.]
[closed to Reid][audio]
03 May 2012 at 09:58 pm
[After yesterday Kitty does two things. First, she encrypts the hell out of this communication. Second, she calls Reid. She doesn't want too much time to settle on what happened between them yesterday with the kissing and the spending the night together.

A little breathing room is good. They talked about going slow and all that. It was smart. It was what they needed to do. It was really all either of them could handle. But she also knows them well enough to know that too much space and there is going to be too much thinking. If anyone can think too much about something it's Reid.]

I don't know your middle name.

[Maybe she likes catching him off guard just a little.]
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27 April 2012 at 10:10 am
[She's been avoiding the Defense Force headquarters and avoiding the bars which works out since she can't actually go into them. And with the temperature drop and the snow out, she's avoiding the outside too. Instead she's sitting on her bed picking apart the insides of a computer, and making adjustments to it.]

You know, your private posts are a lot easier to hack into than they should be, but you really don't say anything all that entertaining in them either.

002 → video; backdated to Day 163
23 April 2012 at 06:00 pm
I kinda forgot we're 'sposed t' use these...

Um...thank you everyone who talk t' me when I got here. An' I found Brother! If anyone knows 'im, his name's Alois!

And, um. [ Don't mind the tiny, he's a little shy addressing everyone at once suddenly. ] My name's Luca. An' it's nice t' meet everyone. And I'd like if we could all be friend, okay? [ Because when you're a small child in a prison, having friends for the first time is priority. :T ]
video; closed
22 April 2012 at 10:16 pm
Hey Komui... got a minute? There's something I need to talk to you about.
[action/ open]
19 April 2012 at 01:28 am
[He's not out of jail yet, but he did manage to talk Sentience into letting him out for a couple hours to work on his bar during the day. Since someone burned it the fuck down and it lay in ruins. He'll still be herded in at lunch and for the evenings, but for most of the day he'll be found at the former site of the bar The Devil's Compass. You know you want to talk to the caught psychopath torturer as he clears, cleans, tries to figure out how he's putting things back together.

Oh, his poor bar...]