04 June 2012 at 10:57 pm
[Her head’s pounding, but not even the headache or the branches in her hair can take away the cheer her memories brought her.]

I did it! I really did it. Kero-chan and Yue-san are safe now! And so is Tomoyo-chan and Syaoran-kun and, and everyone in the city.

I’m sorry for disappearing! I must have worried some people, but it’s okay! Even though I’m not at home, I helped everyone! I don’t have to fight Eriol-kun any longer or put anyone else in danger. [she takes a deep breath and smiles] Everything will surely be alright now.
27 April 2012 at 10:56 am
[Patrolling again, Zero makes his way around the dome during which there is a brief stop off at the shelter billboard. People don't do this as often as they used to, but Zero needs help and it's not the type of personal information he's willing to talk to anyone about face to face.

Yuuki is also not the type of person to wander across the the dome and go to the shelter for no reason. At least he doesn't hope so. Either way, he's going to have to keep a closer eye out for her tonight on his rounds. The very last thing he needs is her finding something like this.

Ensuring that there was no one else in sight, Zero tacks up the paper on the bulletin board before fading into the streets of Marina with only the prints of his shoes in the snow as proof that he was there.]


[OOC: Sorry for the tl;dr. All notes will be anonymous. Feel free to threadjack away unless someone prefers not to.]
[action / video]
18 April 2012 at 08:42 am
[Roxas has acquired ~*~pixie dust~*~, straight from Neverland. you might have heard of it. you think a happy thought, and you fly! nothing has ever made him happier than flying, and so he's excited enough that it's hard to remember that he wants to share it with other people. there's no harm in dusting himself now, and then going to find his friends, right?]

[so you might see an extremely happy blond Nobody flying around the dome like in a certain fairy tale, trailing glittering gold pixie dust]

Hey -- anyone who's interested in the photography club! We should have our first meet-up soon. But I thought about giving an assignment first. How about... bring a photograph of something straight up. Like lying on your back under a tree, or a perspective shot of the clocktower? Something like that. Be creative!

There's a room in the school where you can develop your film or print out a picture on nice paper, when you have one you like.

[if you're looking close enough you might notice that he's glittering with gold or that he's bobbing in the air a little, or see from his glowing face that he's in an amazing mood. but he's inspired, so he's rambling about his photography club!]
[002][video | voice]
14 April 2012 at 09:51 pm
[ the beautiful, yet lazy boy appears again - surrounded by dozens upon dozens of butterflies. If anyone knows their locations, they'd know Dietrich was in the Butterfly Pavillion.]

I suppose things haven't been too horrific. For a jail, it isn't ... too bad. I'm surprisingly still in one piece, as I expected only brutes to be in a place as violent as it seemingly is projected.

Oh well- so I found a home but... this place is much more lovely. I tend to spend a lot of time here lately, I can lose myself here. It's safe~ right? I try to spend equal time in the library as well, I can capture a sense of something familiar there, anyway.

Well then, I guess I was wrong about this place -- but I won't hold my breathe forever. It's just as free as 'home' anyway.

[his voice is smile-smirking, hiding and in a way rather secretive. There's a hint of what could be sadness, but whether or not it's really there, false or truth, is hard to really tell. Either way, he'll just be here with the butterflies, dreaming of life.]
[action] Beginner English Class!
13 April 2012 at 09:30 am
[ six o'clock in the evening rolls around, and Lavi's in the Education Center classroom. he's seated cross-legged on the desk, with the science book Link brought him open in his lap. he turns pages with his left hand; his right arm is still in a cast and fitted in a sling for safekeeping. the bandage on his forehead still covers the stitched-up gash, but his bruises are fading.

honestly, he's been looking forward to starting class again, for the fun of it, and for getting out of the hospital and having something to distract him. ]

((ooc: Open to all budding anglophones! Feel free to mingle and/or take part in the lesson.))
Location: Sector 2, Education Center / 6:00PM
04 April 2012 at 02:02 pm
[today Sakura is at the park busying herself with the large drawing notepad in front of her. the large flowering tree in the park, planted by Amaterasu a while back, never fails to sooth her and has become one of her favorite places to be. she flips to a clean sheet of paper, rolling a crayon between her fingers in thought]

Ever since I came here I've seen all types of magic. How do you - practice your magic? Do you train? Or meditate? Kero-chan used to say that I should just leave that to time, but I want to improve now. [and it's not like she's really improving that much] And since he's not here, I wasn't sure who to ask... I know we're all from different places, but I'm sure magic exists in a lot of worlds.

[short pause] Oh, and cheerleading practice will start soon if the weather gets warmer. You can ask me about joining the team if you like.
oo1. Video.
02 April 2012 at 10:27 pm
[A young man with dark hair and eyes stares into the feed. A smirk begins to creep across his lips, he almost feels like laughing. What is N.O.W.H.E.R.E going to try next? Sure, he heard the whole spiel about who he is and why he has a ball and chain attached to his ankle but he's not buying into it. This is likely N.O.W.H.E.R.E's way of punishing him for his acts of defiance. His guess is they weren't able to get out of him what they wanted, so now they were trying to scare him into working for them.]

Is this the best you can do, Templar? Do you think you'll be able to retrain your weapon into what you want me to be? It didn't work the first time and it's not going to work this time either.

[Superboy is convinced this is another one of N.O.W.H.E.R.E's virtual reality tests. Due to his powers being dampened, his sense of perception is off kilter and while this feels more real than the previous tests he was put through, it doesn't feel normal either.]

I'm tired of playing along with your little games. Do yourself a favor , skip this crap, and try to finish the job. Because I am coming for you and you should know by now that any prison, real or imaginary is not going to stop me from getting to you.
[ Action ]
28 March 2012 at 11:37 pm
[ It has been since the day of the insurrection since Subaru has been well enough to be back on duty, and thus back at the Defense Force HQ. Mach Caliber's own repairs had been completed the day before, so she had stopped in to pick her partner up, and now that both were in tip-top shape, it was time to pick up where she had left off before!

And today she was on a mission! The goal was to seek out those who practice non-magical healing — or have appropriate knowledge — so that she could get her seminars planned. Subaru aims to start with those on the list of healers, and people she knows personally, and work out from there. ]
[The 160th Day]
26 March 2012 at 09:09 pm
Good morning, everyone. Today is the 160th day of the third generation of this facility, and -- as many of you are probably aware, there were some upsetting incidents last night.

[Today there's no video post from Sentience; just voice. It might sound a little downcast to you.]

My sensors detected nothing awry until the moment of the video, or else it certainly would have been stopped. I deeply apologize to everyone for allowing something like that to happen, but... I suppose it was optimistic of me to think it wouldn't.

Allow me at least to reassure you all that no one was permanently injured or worse. The guilty parties are in custody, and I will think on the punishments for them, but if anyone would like to register opinions, questions, or complaints, then... I will hear them at the kiosk.

...This is a rather depressing way to start the day, so I have decided to make it warm and sunny today! There should be no need for jackets or coats out in the dome today.
[Action | Open] Hospital, Mingle-ish~
24 March 2012 at 10:41 pm
[It's busy in the hospital. Bots are puttering around, carrying supplies from room to room, keeping meticulous records for each of the patients, ensuring that all are treated and stable. Changing bandages, adjusting medications. Efficient little guys. They have to be in the wake of an Exorcist battle.]

[If you let them know who you're here to see, the bots calmly will direct you to the appropriate location. It might be a patient room, or the waiting area if treatment is ongoing. Feel free to chat amongst yourselves as you await word.]

((OOC: This is taking place between the evening of and the day following Cross's unfortunate episode and the resulting Noah beatdown. Consider it a mingle-type; people can chat in the waiting rooms or hallways at any point throughout the night or following morning, or they can come see any of the injured Exorcists.

Links to threads for injured parties: Cross || Allen || Lavi))
[action | mingle][setting fire to the second bar]
22 March 2012 at 09:33 pm
In which Kitty blows up the bar )

(OOC: Characters in sector five will hear multiple explosions of varying volume. The sound may carry to neighboring sectors or be heard by anyone with super hearing of course. They are located partially underground which is muffling the sound to some extent. The immediate vicinity is clear at the time of the ignition. Flames will reach and exceed the surface, but Zelgadis will be on the scene shortly after the first audible explosion to begin containing the blaze. He will have it in hand on his own, but anyone rushing to the scene is welcome to help. Feel free to mingle. Kitty will have an open thread below. People are welcome to assume they were among those asked/told/threatened to leave the bar initially!]
20 March 2012 at 12:07 am
Waking the Dead )

How odd. I would have expected such a thing to be more...moving. I take it no one else has undergone such a drastic change in the past night.

[His eyes are red, the color of the Sharingan that he has even taken for granted, but around them is nothing but black. The first sign that something is Not Right with Itachi. Besides the fact he looks five years older and as if he's the walking dead. Which he now is.]

Kitty...I believe my current wardrobe no longer suits me.
[ voice | open ]
14 March 2012 at 09:30 pm
[ There is a growl as the recording begins. ] God damn it. [ From that, and the sound of glass bits falling onto a hard surface, one might think this was made in error.

But no, this call was made with a purpose. ]
Whoever the Hell decided that rooting around in my head was a good idea,— [ A crunch of something hard underfoot that snaps with the strain. ] —I'm here to tell you that you're dead wrong.

And if you don't stop... [ ...then you'll be dead and wrong.

He lets the threat hang in the air a moment before disconnecting. Needless to say, Neil did not appreciate the vision in the mirror just now. Or the other ones earlier in the day. The deepest recesses of his mind is a place others do not belong. ]

[ OOC: If you would like an action thread for the visions, I put up a plotting comment about it over here! ]
[Video] [Action for Housemates]
14 March 2012 at 10:21 am
[When the video comes on, there is the image of a kitchen on the screen. It's obvious from the looks of it that the kitchen is neat and orderly--normally. Currently the counters are riddled with boxes and bottles. Spices. Food. Cabinet doors are wide open.

In the midst of all of this chaos is a slightly confused and vaguely irritated Zero. The clanging of pots and pans echoes through the microphone as he squats on the floor searching through one of the lower cabinets. He's obviously having difficulty finding what he's needing.

Finally, he pulls out a flawless stainless steel skillet that looks almost brand new-the reflection of a familiar looking short-haired brunette sticking her tongue out at everyone for a moment before Zero tilts the pan and makes her disappear. You all saw nothing, right?

With a sigh, Zero gets up on his feet before addressing the entire dome. He's too confused and lazy to filter to his housemates so he doesn't really care who hears it. He originally thought it was Yuuri, but little things he's noticed in the last few days of living here are leading him in a different direction. Which is confusing the hell out of him because who picks up so many weird personality quirks in such a short time? He'd lived with her for four years and some of her behavior wasn't what he would consider 'normal' for her.]

Just so you know, it takes a lot longer to get a meal on the table when you don't know where anything is. If you want to rearrange all the cabinets, at least come retrieve things for me so I don't have to spend five minutes searching for the flour.
[ Event Mingle: ROUND ONE ]
29 February 2012 at 05:52 pm
[Late afternoon in Sector 3, a slightly-built robot, different from the many that wander the facility, has gathered with a few of the inmates in front of the movie theater.]

[They're planning a party, or so they say.]

[...Within an hour they break away and head to an unremarkable, sealed building towards the dome wall of Sector 3. And then Sentience's party disappears inside it and they are not seen or heard from again for the rest of the day.]

((OOC: The first event mingle. Do not respond to the post itself! Sentience will make several comments over the next few hours. Each comment is a separate prompt, describing the action that's just happened and which is happening. Comment to a "prompt" comment to set your character in the mingle, so that other characters can tag you there! If you want to tag Sentience, Sentience will be making comments just like every other character so that you can interact with it directly.))
25 February 2012 at 11:11 pm
So everyone's in agreement that the kisses that happened yesterday don't count, right...?

[Searching for confirmation here, because she definitely kissed more than she intended! One was already one too many. Even a day later she still looks red, and slightly embarrassed over it all. She thought going to bed after would help her forget it all, but instead she can't stop thinking about one in particular. The memory of Zero's lips cause her eyes to dance away from the screen. With a small cough she clears her throat.]

Is that normal for St. Xocolatl's Day?

[With idle hands, she fidgets a moment, before deciding to work on braiding her hair.]

I heard something about a holiday called White Day that's supposed to serve as follow up. Because there was an idea that after the last Holiday this was around the time of St. Xocolatl's Day. Or...however you measure time and holidays here. Please tell me it's not something equally as weird.

(OOC: Still finishing up kissing threads. If I missed one that someone wanted me to tag to poke me about it!)
24 February 2012 at 08:58 pm
[The communicator turns on and there’s a nice view of a small living room before it gets set on a table and both Rika and Tsuna sit in front of it.]

H-Hello, everyone! It's Tsuna and Rika. [He smiles widely, if a bit shyly. He doesn't usually address all the occupants of Marina] We decided to move in together and get an apartment, heh.

[Rika nods, a big smile on her face.] We are still getting settled in, but we would like to have a small party to celebrate moving in. We plan on having it the day after tomorrow in the afternoon.

Everyone's allowed to come, s-so stop by if you like! [He glances at Rika a moment to make sure that's all, and then reaches to turn the communicator off, waving until the feed cuts off]

(ooc: Tsuna is orange and Rika is purple! Anyone is welcome to come over, whether or not they've only spoken to either of them once or many times!)
24 February 2012 at 12:24 am
[deep breaths Sakura. take deeeeep breaths. You can do this.]

Hello! How is everyone today? Um, I guess I just wanted to say - yesterday was really weird wasn't it? [and just the memory makes her cheeks redder. brb, practically sinking] I don't think I've seen those robots before and I'm sorry for everyone that I got stuck with. I wish it didn't happen - not that it was bad! [flailing] It's okay if it's just mistletoe right? It's not like - it's not like a real kiss... B-but still I'm really, really sorry!

[hastily bowing to the screen and CUTTING THE CONNECTION]

[...and suddenly it flickers back on] Um, and if my brother ever shows up here again... please don't tell him about this. He'll get really mad. O-okay, I think that's it. Goodbye! And I'm sorry again! It wasn't fair and - [and the communicator abruptly clicks off BYE EVERYONE]
[Voice / Action]
21 February 2012 at 08:52 pm
[Good morning Marina! Agito is not in the best of moods today. Which clearly means it's an excellent day to make Ventus regret ever deciding to try AT. Nice and probably slightly earlier than strictly necessary. Hope you're an early riser Ven]

Oi, Ventus! Get your ass out to the park. You want to learn how to ride AT, taking up my time, you run when I tell you to. So get out here before I have to fucking find your ass and shred it for wasting my time!

[Agito is not a morning person.

For anyone who feels like watching, or just happens to be in the area, the dark is waiting in the park, already having made a good deal of skid marks and scars in the ground. There's no real reason behind them except for burning off steam and letting Ven know exactly how he's going to end up looking if he annoys Agito. The shark is a harsh trainer. He's leaning on a tree, waiting for the kid and wondering idly how the other people he's taught to AT are doing.

Resting on a bench nearby is the original, who wants to watch out of curiosity. That and he's probably a better target for Agito's irritation than Ven. But Lind isn't particularly caring about that. He's never seen the dark teach before, so he's curious.

They'll be there all day, so drop by any time]
[action] [double the makeout power]
13 February 2012 at 08:43 pm
[Allen and Link (the person) are, of course, incapable of sequestering themselves in their apartment for the day just because of some obnoxious robots. They have Link (the dog) to walk, Timcanpy (the golem) to keep from flirting with pretty girls, and lots and lots of food to eat.]

[Find them in the place of your choosing! And then kiss them.]

((You will be threading with both of them, but indicate if you want to kiss Allen, Link, or both in your subject line! ...Boths will be one after the other, not simultaneous.))