16 June 2012 at 12:54 am
[A video feed opens on the network. On it is an elven-looking woman, lithe and beautiful. She stands in a blue and gold robe, her eyes glowing with light. A number of runes levitate around her - circling each other as they orbit the woman, each following an intricate path. After a moment, she speaks.]

Fate conspires to bring forth a great change. Though the nature of the event is unknown, it is coming - it is unstoppable. Do what you will to prepare yourselves - not one thread here does not tie in with this event; it influences us all.
[Action | Open]
12 June 2012 at 11:32 am
[If not for the fact that he isn't in full uniform, Cain would be the very portrait of a future famous Commissar today--strutting about standing tall, hands behind his back. You would think he was on patrol, for all the pomp involved with his going-about-town today, even if he is mostly traversing the parks.]

[... until you might notice that he's actually holding a black leash, which is then attached to a young German Shepherd prancing along behind with a rawhide chew-bone in her mouth.]

[He's holding this for a friend. Really.]
Back-dated to day 169, morning
10 June 2012 at 12:44 pm
[ Voice : Filtered from Kohran Li ]
Yesterday was pretty fun, wasn't it? Though.... [ Subaru chuckles sheepishly. ] I know Sentience said not everyone was in total control, but I still can't help but feel a little guilty about some things I said and did.

Does anyone... know what flowers are good for apologies?

[ Action : Closed ]
[ Knowing her friend as well as she does by now, she isn't be too hard to track down. Subaru knocks on the door, her other hand tucked behind her back. ] Kohran, are you here? It's me; Subaru. I hope this isn't a bad time!
04 June 2012 at 08:25 pm
[There's a new female voice on the network, Marina, and she sounds pissed. Not that this isn't business as usual by now, I'm sure.]

How dare you entrap me like this! Whoever you are who has done this, it is unforgivable – taking me from Alaitoc in her hour of need! Whatever you are; human, chaos, dark ones, necrontyr or something else entirely, you will be punished for this, make no mistake.
22 May 2012 at 11:52 pm
[The warnings have already been given, but it's a little too late. The gas was invisible, untraceable to the normal senses. But someone might feel it. The changes in them if they had been close enough, breathed in too much. Too bad they probably wouldn't care after that either.

It's not such a big deal now, is it? Neither is holding back on all those things they keep to themselves, or refusing to do the things they remind themselves are bad or dangerous or against the rules. Who cares about rules anymore? Why not just do what they want? Why should they hide how they feel? Why should they keep hiding who they really are? Who came up with all of these silly unspoken rules anyway?

You do not feel a loss of control. To you, it's like being more in control than you've ever been. And choosing to just go with it. You only have one life to live! Regret, remorse and reservation are all just words to you for the day. Just...try not to die or kill anyone.]

{OOC: Mingle post for the event! Your threads can occur anywhere open to the public in the prison, or not-so-public if you're including a closed thread, too. Although, it is encouraged to make your own post if you're keeping it closed to one or a few individuals. If you think you would rather make your own post instead of tagging it onto this one, please feel free!}
[Action | Open]
22 May 2012 at 01:22 pm
[These things always happen on sword class days, why is that?]

[Cain feels like he should question it, maybe even cancel class and stay inside with Felicia, but ultimately he decides to just carry on in the face of it all, because... why not? Whatever Sentience was talking about is really not that big a deal.]

[So, class will be happening today, and he's at the training hall at his usual time, instructing students and ready to watch them wail on each other with sticks--ready to intervene if they happen to get too enthusiastic. Otherwise, he can also be found coming and going, or stopping at the ramen stand for a meal after class.]
[ Theater Workshop | Video/Action | OPEN ]
15 May 2012 at 04:37 pm
----- [ Action / Workshop ]-----
[ Oof! Today's a big day, and the Dance Hall of the Athletic Complex momentarily has folding chairs set in a circle, and a box of random objects (a plastic tea cup, a felt hat, a bow, a tiny umbrella, a hand mirror, etc.) set in the middle. ]

[ Today's activities are... ] )

----- [ Video / Open ]-----

[ Have a cheerful greeting, inmates! ]

Hello Marina! And to those of you who just arrived yesterday, welcome! My name's Kohran and I'll be handling a Theater Workshop! You'll learn ways on how to put a stage play together and of course, how to act!

We're having our first meeting today so please drop by at the Dance Hall of the Athletic Complex in Sector 6.

(( OOC: The workshop functions as a CLASS post so tag around and mingle! Playing out the activities are optional so you can also have your kids mess around in "class" or hang out before and after class here. Observers are also welcome.

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Action/open- Evening
12 May 2012 at 07:29 pm
[ Gaunt sits in the movie theater in sector 3, quietly sipping some water, playing on the Screen is a program titled Attack Run! It is one of the most ridiculously showy programs ever. Over-blown combat dialogue, showy space explosions (with sound), fighters flying far too close to one another, combat flight movements of a varying level of sensibleness, and incredibly stirring orchestrated and choral music. Gaunt, seems far more relaxed than anyone has ever seen him, eating some candy and slouching back in his chair, in his shirtsleeves, occasionally chuckling at particularly hammy speeches by the actors. Feel free to sit down by him, interrupt the film feed, or ask him questions about the program.]
video || open
27 April 2012 at 10:07 pm
[The video starts with the sound of squeaking and soon you'll be able to see GIR in his doggy suit, sitting quite obediently in front of his communicator, actually.

The only thing wrong with his picture is that he's sitting in a MOUND OF PIGGIES, but that's besides the point.]


[Looks around, left, right, left,right, left, right--

Now in a very mysterious whisper:]

Does Sentience have a birthday~?
[ Video | Open ]
17 April 2012 at 10:03 pm
Hi, everyone! I hope it's not too early, but I did kind of forget to make an announcement yesterday... [ And she needed to get her uniform cleaned, to make the best first impression in her blue-and-silver suit! ]

For those of you who won't know me, my name is Subaru Nakajima. I'm part of the Defense Force here in Marina, and I'll be starting a new class today. It is called "Emergency Training" because I really can't think of a better title for it, eheh!

[ Deep breath. ] The purpose of the class is to run everyone through procedures that will benefit them in case of an emergency. How to use a fire extinguisher, navigate to proper exits in case of an accident, administer basic first aid, perform CPR... lots of little pieces of knowledge that'll help both you and others stay safer and healthier in case of an emergency!

I may not be an instructor, but I think I have appropriate qualifications. I'll also have volunteers cycling in to give their own unique perspectives, and to help me fill in gaps in what I've put together.

I believe it'll be for the benefit of everyone if you attended, even just once. The first class will be today at 11 AM in the Education Center.

I hope to see lots of you there! [ Subaru waves to the camera before ending the transmission. ]

((OOC: You're free to hand-wave attendance of this class, too! First "lesson" is going over fire drills, how to navigate to exits while avoiding fire and smoke, and operating fire extinguishers.))
[ Video/Voice | SO OPEN ]
11 April 2012 at 07:15 pm
[ Kohran is in a good mood, thanks to yesterday's festivities. She had taken note of Sentience's query, though she thinks she might need more time to ponder over her answer. However, something had been nipping at her brainstems and people will find that this is completely unrelated to machines/robots/general tinkering as she makes her broadcast: ]

Good day, Marina! How are you all doing today?

I was just wondering, would anyone be interested in holding a stage play?

[ She holds up some of the scripts that she had requested from Acumen, notably The Azure Sparrow, Trip to the Occident, and Thousand Furs. ]

We will need actors, people to work on costumes, lights, sounds and stage décor! It won't be something too big, I guess -- something light and fun where we can all work together! What do you think?

(( OOC: Hiatus schmiatus Come one, come all! There's long-term CR to be had (as plays aren't assembled in just days), and time-killing activities for your kids! Oh, and threadjacks are welcome in this post! ))
09 April 2012 at 07:09 pm
[Yomi’s been up for a little while now, pushing back breakfast for the sake of making it to the athletic centre at first light. She’s all smiles for the feed, hands tucked behind her back, but it’s obvious from the faint flush high up on her cheeks that she’s already loosened her muscles – and, okay, maybe the especially observant can spot the dummy she beat a little too hard.

Accidents happen, but now she’s bored with single combat and practicing her forms.

So who’s up for a quick spar? [Just that, still all smiles and warm voiced, as innocent and unassuming as possible, with the pan of the feed making it obvious where she is.]
Location: Sector 6 / Athletic Complex
♠; video | open
07 April 2012 at 11:18 pm
[Oh look, its another black face. Are you tired of these yet, Marina? This one is a little different, mostly because he looks perpetually angry and there's the torn remains of a brightly colored outfit of some sort around his neck. Oh and his right arm is covered in blood and has a really nifty ring on it?]

Who's the cheap trick who thinks they're in charge here? You and me've got some words we need to exchange. You're a fuckin' idiot if you actually think I'm gonna hang around this joint.

[There's a splotch of red on his chest – like he had been stabbed earlier, and now he suddenly wasn't?? But if its an actual wound, he doesn't seem to notice it. He also seems to be a little tired...its not like he tried multiple times all day to teleport out of his ball and chain or anything, why would you judge him like that?]

I ain't really the type to do a lot of talkin', so I'm all for skipping straight to the part where I break you over my knee if you don't make it snappy, you piece of shit.
[closed] [backdated to the previous evening]
27 March 2012 at 07:00 pm
[it's time for supper at the still-under-construction Grimdark House (a.k.a. the House of Good Upstanding Citizens of the Imperium of Mankind, Plus Eridan Ampora). No matter where the various inhabitants, diurnal and nocturnal, permanent or temporary, have gotten to during the day, it's time to gather around the dining room table like a family. Isn't that nice?]

[dinner tonight is curry—something Felicia found in a box at the store and thought looked both tasty and simple to make—with beef, vegetables, and rice. The rice is maybe slightly undercooked, since she made it from scratch and had to go through all this nonsense with oil and however many fingers of water and all that, but it's honestly perfectly fine. Seriously, she'd better not hear any whining.]

[everyone have their food? Everyone seated at the table? Good. Now settle down. It's time to say grace.]
[Swordsmanship Class | Action | Open]
15 February 2012 at 12:08 pm
Alright, everyone. [Ciaphas Cain paces about the training hall as his students gear up and ready themselves for a fun and sweat-filled session learning about how to hit each other with sword-shaped sticks.] Keep the doors closed. If one of those kissing robots gets in here, no funny business, give each other a quick peck and get back to work.

[Not that he expects anyone to want to make out in front of a bunch of ogling classmates, but it has to be said.]

And if you have some sort of romantic revelation, you have my sincere congratulations, but please save it for later. I only have you for an hour three times a week. [Cain grins jovially in order to soften his otherwise apparent lack of empathy with anyone who may or may not get to touch a boob find romance today.]

[That said, he pulls his practice sword from his belt.]
Today’s a spar day, so take care and don’t skimp with your warm-ups. And remember the rules, no giving each other concussions.

[Other than at class time, Cain can be found in/around the Athletic Complex! Despite Cain's efforts to keep Mistletoe-kun at bay for class, he is open for kisses ♥ As always, open threading to whack each other with wooden swords is encouraged.]
[mingle] Mistletoe Bots
13 February 2012 at 04:14 pm
[Lovely day for being in any open, common area of the dome, isn't it? Of course there is a chance of kissing bot, but it's always something in the underwater prison.]

(OOC: Check out the OOC post for details. Pucker up! Edit: Links for those with loading problems!)
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[video; open]
07 February 2012 at 06:36 pm
[Someone is not a happy Yomi! Her crimes are bewildering and hurtful and false, she's stuck with a cold, lumbering weight tied to her ankle - and her cell phone is missing. Her gaze darts every which way, back taut with apprehension and every muscle coiled for a blow... not that one lands. Not unless you count the robots bustling around her, trying to ferry her to chores.

It's an illusion. A Category A, or an echoer, or-- or something. She's not going to let it affect her, cutting through the fallacies and the impossibilities, keeping her voice and her head cool.

She only fumbles briefly with the communicator before tapping it on, transmitting.

Director? Noriyuki? ... It's Yomi. Something's happened, I think I'm caught in some sort of illusion or web. Kagura's gone and so is my weapon.

[When there's no answer, she fidgets with it a little.]

... Director? Takahata? [Yomi's voice takes on a sharp note, cracking like a whip.] SDCD, come in!

((OOC: Preemptive warnings of slowness, am overseas and partly computerless at the moment.))
[Open | Action: Devil's Compass | Daytime]
01 February 2012 at 09:20 pm
[ She had felt it. She had wanted to speak with him, after his troubling public question, wondering where it had stemmed from. Luck had not been on her side, until trying to reach him through the communicator had proven to be in vain: Naoya is gone.

The day is like one where everything seems to have fallen through at the same time. In passing by the Defense Force Headquarters, she learned that two members, two of those she had considered dear -- Alucard and Zelda -- have gone as well.

Since there was no science class to attend, no baseball practice, she decides to distract herself at the Devil's Compass, even if it was not her scheduled day of work. She could cook at the Shelter, or even at home but being "at work" felt more distracting somehow.

With her recipe notebook open on the counter, she absentmindedly tries to follow a new recipe. From time to time, she pops out of the kitchen, to sweep the floor and dust surfaces off -- if anyone comes in, they will be greeted with a smile. Life goes on, after all... ]

(( OOC: Old faces, new faces, everyone's welcome! Sasha might not be able to mix alcoholic drinks, but as per usual, she'll be more than glad to feed people X3~ Threadjacks are welcome ))
Video//early morning
24 January 2012 at 09:35 pm
[It's early. Probably too early. That doesn't matter though because this is a question of Great Importance and farm boys never sleep anyway. So he clicks on the feed, voice kept on the low side to not wake up his room mate. There's also a cup of tea. Mmn tea.]

Hey, so. I know it's still winter an' all but I was talkin' to someone 'bout growin' stuff an' I was wonderin'...

Has anyone... y'know. Grown vegetables or anythin' here?
19 January 2012 at 06:09 pm
[Welcome to the Devil's Compass, it's Poker Night.

The record player might be playing something jazzy in the background, there's (plenty of) smoke wafting in the air and the taps are just waiting to be... tapped. For those who quit the game or didn't come to play in the first place, the pool table and dart board are free. But why wouldn't you come to play poker on Poker Night? Scared of all... the big bad cheats?]