[Action | Open]
08 July 2011 at 07:59 pm
[It's evening, and an Angel is sitting on the edge of the koi pond, doing - well, what is he doing?

It looks odd, anyway. He leans forward with his elbows on his knees, with a look of deep concentration... then grips his head as though in pain. Pensive look, gripping head. Again and again, until he finally stops, even paler than his usual chalk-white pallor and looking vaguely nauseous.

Damnit, this isn't working.

But what is this?]
07 July 2011 at 06:43 pm
[ Did she, did she dream all of that? The angel attack, the coma, the momentary lapse of insanity - ]

[ her head is aching, which only serves to exacerbate her already spoiled mood further. ]

Oh come on, you could have at least let me kill all of them! Stupid robot. I only had three left - I could have beat them all in the next minute. But no, all I get is a splitting headache. Thanks a lot.

[ closes her eyes and massages her temples, and -- actually manages a smile ] ...I forgot how good it feels to kill angels.
[Voice | Action] OPEN
05 July 2011 at 06:21 pm
[Tear's been awake and listening to the network for some moments before speaking up herself, piecing the current situation together while sorting out the meshed memories of where she really was last, the conflicting recent events of here and home-- home being extremely concerning. Her voice is composed though, if a bit quiet; hard to guess she's trying to push down that lovely headache and general motion sickness feeling]

I believe I can now emphasize with inmates who have the issue of being brought here at the wrong moment. A little more time before having to return would have been appreciated-- as well as a more appropriate place to arrive.

[There are worse places than the beach. Unless one happened to be in the path of the incoming surf before waking up, and then it's not so great] But I suppose I should at least be grateful that it's warm out. The water would be worse in winter weather.

[Getting up sends her head spinning and she has to pause, but dizziness be dammed, she won't be just sitting around in damp uniform all day. So first things first: the clothing store, it's closer than the shelter. And ideally, someone at least half-way trustworthy will respond while she walks, so she can ask for an accurate report of whatever events and get caught up. As she dusts some of the sand off of her, she idly realizes that the Colonel almost doesn't fit that criteria. --If he's even still present]

[[ooc: Catch her at the beach, or on her way to the store if you want action /o/ jsyk I'll be tagging sparingly until later]]
05 July 2011 at 11:12 am
Denizens of Marinaland, [meaningful cane pointing here,] I greet you as your new overlord. Follow me.

[He's on video, but he's going to start walking regardless. You better be following. :|]

My legend dates back to the twelfth century.

From the looks of you, you are all in serious need of conditioner and top hats, but I will excuse your poor manners for the time being. [He's had ample time to observe and judge, after all.] Now tell me, which one of you will be my wielder. Single file, one at a time. I will be inspecting your lapels for quality assurance. The nicer the lapels, the more capable the man.

[He flicks his own, for emphasis.]
001: Return [video/action]
05 July 2011 at 07:22 pm

[Did anyone miss Minako? Because she's back - appearing on the feed. But something's a little different... Instead of exuding an aura of quiet intelligence with a confident, cheery and charismatic disposition, she might look a little unsure right now.]

Uhm. Hello? [is this working right? I've pressed the buttons the same way it indicated and all...]

I think there must be some kind of mistake - I've never attacked anyone or caused any form of damage to property. I wasn't transferring because I was kicked out of my previous school or anything like that!...

[If anything, though, she looks vaguely as if she is still in the middle of recovering from the shock of suddenly being brought here, and so briefly after arriving on Tatsumi Port Island. She takes a deep breath, and pauses a moment, before speaking again, sounding a little more certain this time.]

Where can I talk to this... 'Acumen' about this?


[If you're walking about somewhere in the dome, you might just spot a certain redhead wandering about, carrying a welcome basket with her, clearly indicating that she's new in the dome.]

[She might just look pretty lost right now, even with the brochure clearly depicting the map of the dome, tucked nicely into the basket.]

[Point her somewhere, like the Shelter? Troll her? Give her a hug? That's completely up to you~]
[ Video/Voice/Action | Open | Video Broadcast ]
04 July 2011 at 05:26 pm
I can’t take this injustice!

[ The video feed flickers on and presents all who watch with a young man. He’s in a bright, orange jumpsuit, facing the camera. Tears are streaming from his watery green eyes and staining his olive cheeks. He’s had to rub them for about five minutes to make them this red ]

I want to go home! I miss my family! It’s not fair! I was payin’ my debt to society or whatever! Look at me! I’m just gettin’ outta my community payback fer fuckssakes. I did my time!

Somebody help me! Kelly! Curtis! BARRYYYYY!

[ He’s making all sorts of noise, wheeling his arms dramatically. Until he remembers that he’s on the edge of a complex of flats. He settles a little, but he’s breathing harshly, gulping as if full of emotion. He’s desperately looking at the camera ]

Please. Send me back. Or I have nothing to live for.

I swear to God, I will jump off of this bloody roof and spray my gibblets all over your pristine walk, Acuwhotsit.

[ Despite his language, and his height, you should realize this is just a kid. A teenager. ]

(( OOC: Nathan is immortal and cannot technically die. He will still, however, jump off the building and spatter a little on the pavement IF he deems it necessary. Potential gore and trigger warnings.

If you'd rather, your character can find him 'dead' on the sidewalk on the way to the complex. He'll look like he's a proper fall victim and won't be breathing. ))
05 July 2011 at 06:39 am
[When the video feed turns on, it shows a teenage boy. He seems to be fine, despite finding himself in an unfamiliar environment. Of course, that's just on the surface.]

So this is prison? Ahahah... [It’s a nervous laugh, an attempt to calm his nerves.] I guess I can understand why, when I think about it. But it’s still feel rather surreal to me...

So, uh, hi! I’m Atsuro Kihara, I’m from Tokyo and, as you probably can tell already, I’m new around here. I already read the welcoming material, which is a great help. But...

[A slight pause, before he continued.] I’m wondering, but is there anyone here that knows me from Tokyo? If you guys are here...let me know, okay?

...I read that we're replaced by a version of ourselves from another world in the brochure. Won't anyone notice that version's absence from their world? Or is their world's time just...stopped while they're taking our places?
[Action / Voice | Open | Club]
05 July 2011 at 04:06 am
-- gah ?!

[ The flashing lights through his eyelids jolts him awake from a fitful sleep. For a minute, he thinks that a portal has opened again to swallow him, and take him back to the crystal caverns of Tanzania, only to remind himself that he was on the flight home back to Japan.

But last he checked, he was on a plane. In his sleepiness, it took a moment for the prison's welcome message to register, as he was half-expecting a flight attendant to tell them that there was some turbulence and that they had to fasten their seat belts. But the turbulence turned out to be the pounding bass of a dance track, the cushion he was resting on is a leather couch instead of the plane's seats, and the darkness was no emergency light shutdown of a plane, but the flickering strobe lights of a Club.

The welcome message just swam through his eyes. He knew the words, but they do not make sense to him. Not yet. And so fumbling with the buttons, he opens the communication channels -- ]

H-Hello? Shuu? This isn't funny-- Touma? Seiji? Shin?

Damn, don't tell me this is another stunt from --

[ He then rises from his seat, and realizes the presence of the restraint. And more to himself than anyone --]

I have got to get the hell out of here.

[-- who knows if the others were captured into this Marina prison too... ]

(( OOC: Catch him in the Club, or on his way out~ ))
[ video / action ]
04 July 2011 at 12:33 pm
[he's been sitting in the library, orienting himself; he thinks he's gotten a good grasp on the situation and that it's safe to use his communicator to chat. Charles is meandering through the library as best he can with his restraint on, observing the stacks]

From the Ivy League to the CIA to the big house. [a little laugh] It's quite an unexpected leap. I have to say this reading selection is a trifle lacking, but I suppose that's to be expected... Other than the material in my welcome basket, of course! That was quite appreciated. I love the sunglasses, they're a nice touch.

[--he is more than a little disoriented with his telepathy sealed off like this; things he could normally have picked up in seconds are mystifying him. but even though the welcome pamphlet talked about "powers", he's not comfortable just casually talking about that in public. he mulls over how to put this into words, and finally asks cheerfully]

So, come and tell me. Who else is, or was, excited by all this far-out technology? I can't be the only one who was astonished to see half a dozen computers in this library, each of them small enough to fit in my arms! And these communicators, they're amazing, just -- really amazing.
04 July 2011 at 02:34 pm
"Ha. Ha. Ha." This is where I'm supposed to laugh, right? [The video shows Kaoru, looking most unimpressed, clearly more annoyed by his surroundings than anything -- though anyone that knows him will be able to recognize the faint, uncertain waver in his tone.] My lord, this really is your worst idea yet. This is a "The Host Club members are wrongly accused! Survival in the commoner prison!" scene or whatever, right? For one, no one is going to accept that Honey-senpai could be falsely accused of anything, and no one will believe that Mori-senpai would just let it happen. For another, this list of crimes is so crass -- isn't this bad for our reputation? [Both the waver and the annoyance suddenly become more pronounced.] And separating Hikaru and I isn't funny.

[Silence reigns for a moment before Kaoru sighs and rises, not bothering to turn off the video feed as he turns and walks away from the camera and heads for the door.] I bet that thing doesn't even work. Cheap props aren't a good--

[Then Kaoru pulls open the door and stops dead, staring out the door and up at a bot that's slowly passing by. He's silent aside from a faint shocked sound before he suddenly growls and spins around, stalking back towards the camera. He looks angry and worried, now, and when he reaches the table he snatches up the communicator, hands shaking, and accidentally cuts the feed off.]
[ Event: Summer Solstice Festival ]
29 June 2011 at 12:23 pm
[ Around noon, the robots that had been swarming the beach scatter, leaving a transformed landscape in their wakes. There are volleyball nets set up in the sand, along with colorful umbrellas and blankets beneath them. Part of the water has been sectioned off for water polo, while inflatable rafts in fanciful shapes are ready for use in the open area.

Ringing the beach are food stands serving street and festival foods: chin chin, takoyaki and taiyaki, aloo tikki, sabikh, empanada, hot dogs, ice cream and shaved ice, and suchlike. There is one stand where a robot serves an alcoholic punch not completely unlike sangria. Several of the other stands also serve non-alcoholic drinks. Clean up robots zoom from place to place, picking up garbage. ]
28 June 2011 at 12:12 pm
to ami )


[Minako's disgruntled face moves into view] You know, if a youma from the Dark Kingdom or an alien from outer space crashed through the window and tackled me right this second - I probably wouldn't be able to kick them off. I used to be the cute and beautiful Sailor Venus, but now I'm just shopping every day and sleeping in the morning and losing all my sharply honed reflexes! [can you see how this distresses her. SHAKES A FIST]

That's it! Acumen, you are officially my enemy. Get ready! Because there's never been a wrath like a girl that has gained weight. [it's her quote don't question it]
[Video | Action | Open]
20 June 2011 at 03:24 pm
A coffee shop now? [See that smirk, Marina? That's an Angel trying to hide his displeasure.] I suppose coffee must be somehow vital to the health of Lilim, since entertainment apparently isn't a good enough reason to bring something in.

[He's lurking around outside the shop, but not going in. Any other curious prisoners come to check out the coffee shop?]

((ooc: getting in some CR before a plot knocks him out for the better part of the day. if you'd like to talk to him today, come say hi!))
002 [Video | Action]
14 June 2011 at 03:32 pm
[Inara is spending her day in the garden. Her restraints are gone. She's got a wide brimmed hat she found in one of the shops and is wearing a dress that is casual, for her. She's weeding and pruning flowers at the moment. She pauses a moment, looks up at the sun and then smiles a bit. She's adjusting and adapting even if she doesn't like the idea of staying here permanently.]

I begrudgingly admit there are advantages to a stop over here.
[video | action | open]
13 June 2011 at 06:25 pm
Here's a thought. If you find a loop hole on how to beat the system, how about you go ahead and don't talk about it over the network like an idiot.

Just a little public service announcement from me to you. Hold the applause. I'll blush.

[Good day to make friends?]

(OOC: Feel free to run into Kitty out and about if you'd like. She'll be hitting up the training hall and the shelter kitchen for some breakfast and some random points in between.)
[Voice or Video | Open]
13 June 2011 at 03:28 pm
[Well, he said to Roxas that he'd have to ask a Lilim about this, didn't he? And this way he can reach many Lilim at once, so why not do it?

He'll try not to get too specific, as he's not big on the idea of broadcasting his one vulnerability to the entire prison, but hopefully it'll still work.]

I've got a question for all of the - humans in the prison. [Look, pa, no Lilim! He remembered!]

... or anyone that feels human emotions, really. I suppose not all non-humans are emotionless.

How do you rid yourself of an emotion that you no longer want?
10 June 2011 at 09:15 pm
Why - why would Acumen arrest a ghost? I don't think it makes much sense...Ghosts should be able to move on, right? I don't think it's fair to keep one here with m-me - with people. [does she sound a bit stressed?]

I really, really, really hope Acumen doesn't arrest any more...That would be the worst.

[Anyone who passes through Sector 1 will see Sakura slowly inching along the way. She's just left the headquarters and she's on her way home. It's dark and she looks more than unhappy being outside. In fact, she even has her wand out - just in case.]

[ooc: there is a 99.99% chance that Sakura will flail and accidentally hit you with her wand if you sneak up on her in the dark. She's had a traumatic day okay]
09 June 2011 at 12:59 pm
[ someone is standing in front of the ice cream parlor, on his way back from the convenience store. and he's just... staring at the sign, wondering when this showed up. ]

... what's "ice cream"? Why does it need a whole shop? [ sounds cranky that he has to ask about this. to be fair, he doesn't really get the pizza shop, either. or the ramen stand. ]

((ooc: Open open open!))
07 June 2011 at 06:36 pm
[lots of rustling and shaking noises, since Kon's taken off his headset to examine it. He looks pretty out of place - the man in the long robes with the wooden geta sandals] ...Huh. Looks like those goggles... [sticks it back on his head and looks around]

This is my second time, so I really shouldn't be surprised. [sighs, rubs his head] So - question.

If I try to take a shower, will these robots follow me in?
01 Introduction [Video]
07 June 2011 at 12:36 pm
[The video comes up on a beautifully composed woman. She's not panicked, incensed or desperate. She's wearing a slate blue, silk gown and her dark hair is all around her shoulders. When she speaks it is articulate and cool]

I'd like to speak to the Warden, please. Barring that, the highest member of any functioning government will do.

[ooc: I am heading to the pool in a few minutes but I will be iphone having and slow tag having]