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20 May 2011 at 04:25 am
Good evening, Marina.

My name is Sherlock Holmes. Some of you may recall that I conducted a brief survey about the prison's criminal record. As promised, I am broadcasting the results. Those of you that have asked for the actual documentation will have already received it, or else it is in en route by post.

The sample size was fourty-two individuals, including myself. Answers were only drawn from thirty-eight, as many refused or otherwise did not give me complete information for tally. Four of you - that is nearly ten percent - did your best to have your fun with me.

Long Data Inside )

[ One can hear the occasional twang throughout this delivery. He's toying with his violin, idly tuning the instrument. Sherlock does not love anything, but this is as good, in some ways, as a drug when it comes to pacifying him. ]

I am open now for intelligent discussion regarding the results. You may also request a copy of the documentation of this survey - if this is the case, you may be asked to pick it up yourself. This is at my discretion, as I have received one death threat and most instances of confrontation are arduous to me. Provide your name if you want the documents by post.

(( OOC: Sherlock is lounging in the library. If you're there at the time, you can see him chattering into the communicator and plucking at the violin. He's only broadcasting his voice right now, but any media of response is welcome.

Results may be remedied as time passes. I was a derp and forgot to have him ask this or that to complete everything. ))
16 May 2011 at 07:33 pm
[Kitten in your face, Marina.]

No, leave that alone.

[And now that kitten is rolled over on its back, eyeing you - yes, you - from Anya's kitchen counter. Does the distant sound of sizzling food over the stove make him nervous? Not one bit.

From Anya, to the feed:

His name is Dagonet. [And now the feed cuts! Goodbye.]
[Action/Video | Open | Shelter/Sector 0]
10 May 2011 at 09:59 am
[Ordering your meal in the Shelter cafeteria? There's a thick purple braid sticking out from behind a the fridge as a bot prepares your meal. Picking up your laundry? There's a flash of round spectacles right where your laundry basket used to be. But don't worry! This lurking figure is not after you -- padding along the corridors, sneaking through doors unless it slams right into her face is Kohran, equipped with a notebook and pen, taking notes, and doodling...]

[Somewhere along the way, she switches the feed on, very curious~]

Oh-- excuse me! Good day Marina! I have a question!

Care to share your experiences with Marina's robots? For a place where we're supposed to spend eternity in, these guys are part of our day-to-day living, so maybe there was a time they made your day, or they made you really mad...?

(( OOC: Kohran's just about everywhere in the Shelter -- the halls of the living quarters, laundry, kitchen, baths, cafeteria, following bots wherever they go! Stumble upon a crazy robot lady? :D ))
[ voice/video || open ]
05 May 2011 at 10:36 pm
[ It’s getting to be later in the evening, and for once, he’s considering sleep. There are no nicotine patches to keep him occupied, and the world right now is dull, dull, dull. He needs something stimulating, and the communicator is right there... Normally, he’s not given to speaking to people unless they have information. This is no exception. ]

[ Those listening to the open feed will hear the dark voice pouring through their headset, smokey and slow with the weight of his dilemma. ]

Good evening, Marina Asylum.

Before you ask, yes, I am one of those new inmates assimilated into the fold by your monotonous overlord. However, I’m not interested in preaching my woes of incarceration. I am comfortable with the charges that have been weighed against me and regret nothing.

My name is Sherlock Holmes.

I’ve spent the day exploring your facilities. Anthrax Island, indeed. However, what I’ve seen of you brings questions to mind, those of which I would like to bring to your attention.

Marina's Criminal Survey )

[Action/Video | Open | Education Complex]
03 May 2011 at 10:56 am
Sad thoughts... then put on a smile! )

Good day everyone! I'm Kohran Li and I'm new here! Thank you very much for the welcome basket and this really neat communication device! Wow, how can something so small do so many things...?

[Toggling through the various functions and getting distracted --]

I wonder how this was made...? Who made it? I have to meet them!

[Suddenly enthusiastic and going completely off-topic!]

Oh! Oh! Does anyone know who made this device? I have to know how this communicator's been assembled! It's so marvellous!

(( OOC: For action, you can catch her before her broadcast or do as if you didn't hear it. Apologies in advance for slow-ish tagging, but I'll definitely get back to you guys! o/ ))
30 April 2011 at 09:39 am
[He hadn't heard from her in a while. He'd checked the life signals while at the Defence Force HQ, but he - no, surely the machines had been wrong. Right? So now he's asking - anyone he can.

Because Hermione can't be gone. She just can't. She'd always been talking about finding some way out and why nobody had left a note and surely she wouldn't have just disappeared, would she?

... Yeah, the kid's in pretty heavy denial right now.]

Excuse me, has - has anyone seen Hermione Granger?

[He's trying to keep the fear, the desperation out of his voice, but it's not working too well.]
[accidental video/open]
20 April 2011 at 06:09 pm
[Look, Marina. It's a very close view of the pet cafe floor. And a set of ginger paws swinging in and out of the frame and -

Wait, what?

There's a hushed, almost conspiratorial mewl, and then a very dusty darkness.

With it, a far away voice:]

Please give that back.

[Anya Alstreim, Knight of Six, has been outmaneuvered by a cat.]
Location: Sector 2 / Pet Cafe
12 April 2011 at 12:05 am
[ her tone is gentler than usual, as she's trying quite hard not to offend anyone ]

People are seriously- seriously managing to leave this prison and no one's recording it. Really, I think that's silly

I'm volunteering myself to keep a record of it, and I really hope that people will report these disappearances. It's quite interesting, really.
09 April 2011 at 05:45 pm
[ why yes, it is late. there's the smallest pause, and then in an almost genial tone: ]

I suppose a party would be in poor taste, at this point. Ah, well. And after all that time I'd spent working out the time difference.

[ if you'd like to wander by, he's actually standing in the doorway to Tear's room in the shelter. just, you know. gazing in at the room where she lived morbidly. ]
[OPEN: video / action]
08 April 2011 at 02:04 pm
Huh? What is all that supposed to mean? [Says this panicked and confused girl after reading the greeting and trying to pull the communicator off, unaware of having turned it on by mistake instead.]

I didn't... do anything. Not anything at all.

[She half pouts to herself, before seeming to notice something. Down, down her eyes stray to something and widen. Some of you may understand this look; it's that one a person gets when something important is missing. Within seconds she goes changes from shocked to extremely upset. The shithead who took her Regalia from her was going to made to give it back, she swore.]

[Seething, she looks back up, direct line of sight on to the communicator.]

Give it back.

[OOC: As implied by the subject line, action tags are welcomed (right off the bat or half way through) but at the risk off a bigger misunderstanding happening. And this, being a late intro and all, is obviously backdated to an earlier point of time for the 109th day.]
[Video/Action - Open | Club | All day long, baby~]
30 March 2011 at 03:35 am
[First, you hear some music. The screen's black at first, but as the track builds up a tacky visual collage launches -- disco balls, champagne bottles popping, dancing silhouettes, followed by a text that burst into the screen with animated stars and confetti:

pardon the large text & sparkles~ )

The camera then turns 180º to Gabriel against the backdrop of the Education Center. With a spin of the chair he was sitting on, and with a snap to the music's beat, he (and the chair) are now in the Club's dance floor.

With a hop, a heel-spin and slide to the middle of the dance floor, he greets the network with much gusto --]

Good day to you, Marina!!

I'm your new neighbor -- got here a few days ago -- aaaand what do you say to having a little get together at the Club? There'll be music...

[Slides over the bar and plucks a ready martini from a bot--] Drinks! ...

[-- sashays on over back to the dance floor in front of the stage.] Singing and dancing!

So come one, come all! We'll be here all day, all night!

08 March 2011 at 09:14 pm
Is this some kind of bullshit joke? A prison? I may have done a lot of things in the past that would have gotten me in here, but I was pardoned for all of that!

[punches a nearby wall and lets out a string of curses; partially because that actually hurt but mostly because she knows that she probably does still belong in here.] The least you could do is get this thing off my leg. It’s not like I’m going to go around killing people.

[some silence, a sigh.]

Is a normal life really too much to ask?
[Video/Voice - Open]
08 March 2011 at 02:51 pm
[This guy looks pretty uncertain. He looks like he's about to speak, but clamps his mouth shut. Then he puts a finger up, looks like he is about to say something -- with conviction! -- but sighs instead. With a lopsided little smile, he looks at the camera in earnest.]

I'm about to have uh... a strange little request here.

[He enunciates every word. He really means business.]

Can someone please say, "April Fools!"? Or maybe, "You're on Candid Camera!" or even, you know, wear a sideways baseball cap and rush me with a camera crew and say, "You just got punked"?



[Heavy sigh, as his face takes on a look that's more peeved than earnest.]

Barring that, I'm looking for a guy named Dean. Man, we need to talk about your car.
[Video | Very Public][Action | Open] 'Cross Chocolate' Announcement
07 March 2011 at 09:53 pm
[A video feed activates a bit after 8 AM, showing a perky blonde dressed in a rather red yet stylish tuxedo, complete with a top hat, a white rose pinned to her chest, and a cane in her hand.]

Hi! Some of you might not know me, but I'm Milly Ashford!

Since many of you here are of school age, Nunnally and I have decided that this is the perfect place for a Student Council! [Even if it is technically unofficial for now, it's not like there's money to worry about, right? She just hasn't really had the nerve or chance to discuss it with Euphemia yet, what with her weird behaviour...] If you don't know, a Student Council is a group of students who help organize the student body for events such as cultural festivals and also helps manage relations and planning between school clubs!

But don't worry! Even if you're not a student, since this is an all-ages facility, you can still be a member or create your own clubs no matter your age! You'll just have to drop by and propose your club and we'll help set it up and make sure that everyone has their own space to work in with no conflicts!

We'll get to more details tomorrow, but more importantly, to kick off the founding of the Student Council, we're holding a special festival today for St. Valentine's Day! And don't worry, even if you're not a student you can take part!

Romance is, of course, the focus of St. Valentine's Day, so we want to help you out! And what better to use than chocolate?

So, today will be: Cross Chocolate Day!

For today, there's one special rule:

[She pulls a heart-shaped chocolate wrapped in pink foil out of a sleeve and holds it up for the camera.]

Anyone who gets his or her romantic target to eat a piece of their chocolate wins a date with him or her!

Details behind the cut! )

((OOC: Make sure to read the info post!

Action open to any parties interested in tracking her down following her broadcast.))
Location: Sector 2 - Education Center - An unused classroom / ~8 AM
07 March 2011 at 08:52 pm
[Anya nimbles over the communicator, her pulse beating shallow in her throat as she takes in the scenery, the high walls and cool air.

These times, waking up and having no idea where she is, why she's been left here, what could have happened--

Slowly, she extracts the pamphlet from the welcome basket, giving it a cursory read. A first, a second, a third.

Worse, better. She wills her hands to stop trembling, drawing up her knees under her. This... this is not befitting of a Knight of the Round.

Turning on the communicator,

Who has assumed rank here, and how do I speak to them?
[ Voice ]
06 March 2011 at 05:44 pm
So tomorrow is the big day, yes?

I'm curious, so humor me a bit.~

Are there any plans in the works or is it to be just any day like the rest?

Inquiring minds would like to know!
[Video | Open ]
05 March 2011 at 09:56 pm
[Surrounded by butterflies in the dim light of the pavilion, small, luminescent spheres fill the air, floating on invisible waves, like fireflies only brighter. Amidst the fluttering Yuuki stands in the center, holding an arm out where several have landed. Eyes stare ahead, head tilting back as though staring toward the night sky.

Still she speaks aloud, aware of the device.]

Meetings are really such fragile things, aren't they? They can be so brief and fleeting. Even if you have all the time in the world. I wonder why it seems to rush, here.

[And quieter, softly:]

Or why it seems to leave others behind.
[Action/Voice, open]
04 March 2011 at 11:23 pm
[It's late afternoon. In the park, one can find Akito sitting in the shade, messing with AT parts and idly tuning Agito's AT. His other half is behind him, lying on his back, arms under his head and apparently having a nap.

The light is a little worried that he hasn't exactly been doing much lately. People would've arrived and left, and he had no idea...it's odd. And not like him. So he's going to change that! He flicks open a voice channel]

Neh, it's been too long since I've actually checked this, or been out. I'm sorry if I've worried anyone by being so quiet.

There must be so many new people too that I haven't met. I'm Akito, Akito Wanijima. I look forward to seeing you all around sometime!

[Then, almost as an afterthought. Going on about random things out loud? Yup] I think I need to ask Acumen for more AT parts...I'm kind of running out. Agito uses so many of them... [Sigh. His other was his world, but he was so demanding on his AT...]
26 February 2011 at 08:08 pm
Good evening, my fellow deviants!

Is there anyone around here easily amused by menial tasks? For some reason, I have a surplus of those.

Naturally, the only compensation would be your own satisfaction. It seems Acumen doesn't believe in offering research budgets.
24 February 2011 at 11:10 pm
[ Hermione has never been great with stress, and it shows. The exam-period look about her has only been exacerbated with the artificial sun and pens and mini-Harry and his tiny, green voice. Hermione is tired, but her eyes are still glaring determination. Though, they'd be glaring anyway. Hermione has never been great with stress, and it shows.

So she's retreated, as will be visible, to the greatest sanctuary Marina has to offer her: the library. Added bonus, she won't have the nerve to snap at people in it. ]

I don't know if this little event serves as a distraction or a compensation for yesterday. [ her pen fits neatly in the indent of her bottom lip, and she's less scornful. ] Valentines day. Honestly.

Oh, Edgeworth. I hope your chat went better than mine. [ With that, the feed blacks out. She slots her forehead back in to her hand and goes back to writing ]