[video | open]
05 October 2011 at 09:53 pm
Oh, how adorable. Really, the first ten minutes were quite charming. I'm still impressed someone managed to get me down here for a supposedly elaborate and ingenious little prank.

Because it isn't proper to actually imprison a princess, as I'm sure you're aware - especially the princess of the great Fire Nation. I could crush you all with a wave of my hand before you could even begin to bow before me and beg-- however, I'm feeling... generous today. I'm a forgiving princess, after all. I'm kind. I will even humor you!

[A pause as she clears her throat.]

Ha ha ha!

[The laugh sounds...almost psychotic with a mix of awkward. But in her mind she is laughing at the joke! It's funny! She's amused!

She stops abruptly.]

But I trust you all know when a joke goes too far- so I'll spare you the effort and end it for you. Now-- come forward. I expect a full report. And since you transported me underwater in the first place, it should be no problem for you to get me out.
04 October 2011 at 05:41 pm
[When the video clicks on, Mokou sits in a relatively dark room. With a large icepack on her head.]

Look, if you wanna call this place a prison, keep track of your "inmates." At least the ones on the outside have metal bars and handcuffs to keep all the humans from escaping. Honestly. You are the shittiest warden...

So, who hasn't vanished into the abyss? Four days, yes, but gods know who's gone by now.

[She looks like she's about to turn the feed off, but reconsiders for a moment.]

Also, to the newbies? Yes, you're in prison. Yes, you're possibly chained up. Stop fucking complaining. [BECAUSE, YOU KNOW...SHE TOTALLY DIDN'T UTTER DEATH THREATS OVER THE NETWORK WHEN SHE FIRST ARRIVED. NOPE.]

[Private to Reisen]

Inaba. Get your ass over to Sector Five, before I hunt you down like the scared rabbit you are. ♥ [She makes a heart-shape with her hands. Reisen, run.]
04 October 2011 at 10:00 pm
[The girl looking at the camera is thoroughly unimpressed. She doesn't bother trying to hide it.]

Seriously? I'm finally through with that community service bullshit, and I end up here? Look, I've paid my debt, or whatever. Now you're telling me I've been sent to prison by a fucking robot? You'd better be kidding about this being for the rest of my life.

[She sighs, exasperated, rolling her eyes.] I'm so tired of dealing with this shit. I just want to go home and be normal for once. That really shouldn't be too much to ask for. That's what most people get without even trying.

Nathan, if you've got anything to do with this, I'm going to fucking kill you. Do you hear me?
[semi-closed | action | open all evening]
27 August 2011 at 05:40 pm
[The body of Edward Brock could not hold up forever. Soon, the man slipped into unconsciousness after days without sleep, and all of the power and deadly skill of Venom was entrusted to the Other. There was no questioning, no debating--it was simply time for action, so long as the man was asleep and unaware.]

[It was time to feed. Quick and silent, it picked its way through the park, into the apartment complexes. A single bound launched it to the rooftops, and jagged claws threatened to tear straight through the material as it extended its senses, searching for telltale signs of heat and life.]

[It had work to do while the artificial sun was hidden away--work that would ensue its survival.]

Read more... )
[Video | Action]
20 August 2011 at 12:42 am
[ Enjoy having a rather flustered bunny girl looking clearly distressed at the camera. Judging by the looming tower and the occasional robots roaming about in the background, she's located near the Sector 1 entrance to Sector 0. ]

P-Prison? This has to be some kind of mistake. I haven't even committed any crimes! [ It's hard to tell if she's even aware that she's broadcasting. She seems to be mumbling to herself. She suspiciously eyes one of the bots as it moves past her, only to give a sigh. She reaches up and removes her communicator and starts to fiddle with it. ]

What is this thing any-- [ And with that, she accidentally cuts the feed. ]
[ video ] Backdated to afternoon
19 August 2011 at 11:13 pm
Yo. Did ya miss me?

[ Greed's feeling much better after getting some food and a nice, long nap in him. Now it's time for some fun! But first, checking on the bar if anyone's around. It's the Devil's Compass, sector 5. It's a little easy to miss, but it's all Greed's and don't you forget it! until he leaves again and it goes back to being Tyki's ]
19 August 2011 at 07:55 pm
[Meg might not have been there too long, but she's gotten the hang of things. Including how to use the filters.]

[Filtered from Sam and Dean]

Wow, I must say that all of this does make a girl feel wanted, you know? A special little hell under the sea and you want me in it. [Unless you've never been to hell and know nothing about what it's really like, hey, this could be one.]

So is there anyone out there that would like to help me make a call?

[Meg will be keeping herself entertained, wandering around and finding the best dark, shadowy places for attempting a little long distance connection.]

{OOC: For anyone agreeing to help with said phone call, no deaths will be occuring unless a player agrees to it, although some violence/maiming might happen.}
Location: Sector 5
[voice|video|action - open]
16 August 2011 at 04:13 pm
[The voice clicks on to the sound of a young man who isn't sure what he's doing.] This is insane--! I don't even know what this thing is, let alone how to use it.

[Another voice appears! ...Sounds.] No, no, you're not doing it right. You've got to hit the buttons again. [Sokka reaches over, pressing the buttons randomly. Let there be video! And then private and then not private and then voice and then video again!]

Wait, hold on. --I think it's working now. [It actually started working some time ago, as viewers can probably tell.] Uh. Hi... I guess. I mean, if you can hear this.

Tell them we aren't supposed to be here!

I was going to!

[Sokka is peeking back and forth around Zuko's shoulders trying to get a better look at his screen while ignoring his own.]

I had plans! Suki is going to kiiiiill me. [He clears his throat and stands up straighter so part of his head is out of frame.] I mean, not that she'd do that. She's pretty into the Sokka-man. [Heh. Sokka-man. He just came up with that. It sounds manly.]

[Ugh, just. Angry and impatient gesturing.] Would you stop talking about your girlfriend and focus on what's important here? [Good thing they've got experience in breaking out of prisons together.]

Yeah, yeah, I was getting to it! [He gives the screen a very serious look.] Is there food?

(OOC: Joint post for Sokka and Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Everyone is welcome. Network responses will be answered separately by either or both of them. Action will be threeway style. If you know what I mean~)
[ open | action | mingle ] - Shelter Kitchen/Dining Hall
15 August 2011 at 07:41 pm
[ cue one Break ]

[ cue one Break with cake ]

[ cue one Break WITHOUT cake what blasphemy ]

[ sadly, Break does not like this division of power even if he's not wearing a chain. Actually, scratch that. It's only what he deserves for having all the cake in the dome at his fingertips which, shortly, will be remedied. Leaning over, un-chained Break snags a dainty little sugar coated thing from the top of the pile. ]

[ Break (the one with cake), despite being blind, feels that sneaky, sneaky hand approaching his precious cake, and in a fit of rage jealousy POSSESSION reaches out his hand (the one not currently occupied with a frosting-covered fork) and flicks this intruder who has so callously tried to steal his cake. ]

Ah ah! Get your own cake.

[ unfortunately (for the both of them), Break's aim is a little off today and instead of hitting the cake thief, he instead ends up hitting the precious plate of cake, sending a fat slice of cake (chocolate with whipped cream frosting and dainty little strawberries) flying into the face of the nearest person ]

[ fjdkskakl ] What the hell are you doing?! [ Fou turns, wiping chocolate frosting off her face and looking more then a little pissed as she leans over to give the nearest Break a kick in the face. Unfortunately, Break's reflexes are superb and he more then easily steps to the side. It's too bad really. All that cake is flying through the air as Fou's foot lands on the table. Such a waste... ]

((ooc: Everyone is welcome to join in the cake fight! Or just be an innocent bystander. Mingle, threadjack, laugh at the mess... anything goes. purple = Marina's Break, blue = 4th Wall Break, Green = Fou ))
[ voice ]
13 August 2011 at 11:25 am
[a low, male voice] It's getting real boring around here lately.

Even the new arrivals aren't as interesting as they used to be. All the flailing and all the distress has just sort of become quiet resignation! Boring, boring, boring. [a more tenor male voice]

[and finally, a sweet female voice] Oh, darlings, that's a little harsh. It's in the nature of such creatures to become more efficient and less chaotic, don't you think? They're beings of order.

They could be orderly in a more interesting manner, couldn't they? [this voice and the female voice giggle together, sharing in the joke]

Well, regardless, we've decided to spice things up a little.

Yes, that's right! We love some good chaos. And we had some good chaos a few months ago, so we thought -- let's do that again!

Do try to have a little bit of fun, won't you? Go with it, enjoy yourselves! Try to smile every now and again, it's healthy.

[there's a brief pause for the three of them to giggle together, before the sly tenor adds]

Oh, and-- Whining is dreadfully boring. We won't put up with any nonsense like that, so we'll entertain any questions or comments, but if you want to chat, please make it -- you know. Something interesting?
08 August 2011 at 08:52 pm
Ah, um, hello! My name’s Yako Katsuragi and I’m a detective from Japan. I’m new around here but I’ve got the basic idea of this place, even if I still can’t help thinking this is somehow Neuro’s fault even if he's supposed to be back in Hell thanks to the brochure. But I’ve got a small question.

[ here Yako’s eyes intensify, clearly whatever this question is has to be of the utmost importance. ]

Can someone direct me to where I can get some more food? That welcome basket only lasted me five minutes, I’m so hungry. And do we have to pay for food around here? Because I don’t have that much money on me after my favorite takoyaki stand raised their prices... Why do I get the feeling they only raise their prices when I'm there.
02 August 2011 at 02:23 pm
[ tucked in the back of the coffee shop, feet up -- though carefully positioned so they are not actually touching the table top -- a mug of strong, black coffee in his hand as he continues to read through the book on hieroglyphics. by his feet are another trio of books: two that are thin and look quite old, and one that's thick, heavy and fat, with a glossy photograph of a vase on the cover. ]

((ooc: Open for all interaction. :D))
Location: Day 126 / Sectors 5, Coffee Shop / Morning & Afternoon
02 August 2011 at 04:55 am
She thinks she only dreamt that her family was murdered. )

[When her voice comes through the communicator, it's quieter than anyone will have heard from her before.]

Michael? Michael, where are you?

[a tentative pause, but he doesn't answer quickly enough. her voice steadily gets both louder and more hysterical.]

I had a bad dream. Michael? [taking panicked, shallow breaths.] Johann, Michael answer me! I need you!

[rising to a screech.]

You can't just leave me here!

((canon update! will answer tagbacks properly later, sorry! ♥))
[action/open] English Class!
20 July 2011 at 09:26 am
[ since it's raining, and kind of miserably warm, Lavi swallows his dislike of the traditional classroom format and posts a sign on the tree in the park that reads "English Class is moved to Education Center, Room 300". any students who come in will see him sitting at the teacher's desk, feet propped up on the desk as he flips through a thick, old-looking book. ]
Location: Day 124 / Sector 2, Education Center / 11:00AM-ish
[action | open]
18 July 2011 at 04:58 pm
[Well, she'd already gotten her clothes. And the fireproof tags. So that was all taken care of. Except...she didn't really feel like going back to the house. She had a myriad of reasons, but none of them she really wanted to discuss or admit.]

[You can find her on a bench in the park, asleep. The bushel of clothes and tags are tucked underneath her, and she's unconsciously radiating steam due to the rain....which doesn't seem to bother her, either. There's occasional mumbling about "her school" and "a pharmacy," but otherwise she seems at peace.]

((OOC: Pretty much that. Poke her or disturb her or just watch her sleep, like a creeper or basically whatever~ Certain people or certain methods though, might make her break out the fire. Fair warning.))
[video | action]
15 July 2011 at 09:51 pm
[It's been a long time since they've felt stirrings like these. There's a restlessness in their movements, the subtle, minor twitches of a caged animal. Anger simmers and throbs underneath their skin, and anyone who walks through the park will see the cruel and angry gouges within the earth and trees that marks their passing.]

Have you ever killed before, fellow inmates? If so, what did it feel like to you? [They truly want to know, and though there might be a grin on their face, their expression is pensive.]

((OOC: Potential for fights here, if you tick 'em off enough! Fair warning. <3))
[video | action]
14 July 2011 at 01:33 am
[for the very first time in her life, Nena is in a library, and has spent more than 5 minutes there before declaring it a boring pile of horse shit. as it turns out, romance novels are fucking hilarious. who knew?]

I swear to god, you people are all completely hopeless. [waves a book around and winks at the camera. see? she has evidence.] It's like you don't know anything romance and guys and all that crap. How do any of you ever get laid? [not that it applies so much here, but...]

'Oh, what if he doesn't feel the same way?', 'I'm just not good enough for her', 'Oh, whatever shall I do?!'. [she mostly stuck to the trashy books.] Pathetic, seriously.

So, I get that this'll be hard for you all to understand, but I can totally help! I'll even be nice and make it super easy for you; just give me you're problem, and I'll tell you what to do! Ask away! [V-sign!]
10 July 2011 at 10:43 pm
[Itachi leaps from the roof of one building to another, keeping a quiet pace, shifting in and out of the shadows easily as he moves. He is not moving quickly, as speed can make one's eyes less diligent, but he will not be easily noticed.

It's the late shift again, and to be honest, he prefers it. Walking through the sectors late at night, listening to whatever might break the silence. He's more than capable of giving enough attention to outside world and his own thoughts at the same time, and thus the quiet solitude of the night is beneficial to him.

Usually. Perhaps he would prefer the distraction tonight, when thoughts do little more than annoy him with their uselessness. Such as thoughts about Kisame and his strange presence--someone from his future who knows is past. Someone who knows far too much.

A distraction may be suitable for the occasion.]


Can one truly be incapable of intentionally killing a friend under any circumstances?
05 July 2011 at 07:49 pm
[Rapunzel feels like she's running late, but not by much. Getting distracted by new people can do that. She feels bad though. She hopes that Suzaku won't be upset with her. She'll make sure the office is extra shiny today to make up for it.

She hurries into the Defense Force headquarters with two baskets on her arms. One of oatmeal-scotch cookies and the other of various muffins--blueberry, pumpkin, raspberry, chocolate chip. As soon as she's done setting them out--and making a new pot of coffee that is nice and drinkable--she gets to cleaning up, dusting, sweeping, wiping down the surfaces that look like too many fingers have touched them since the day before.

Anyone who enters the DF might stumble over her long, thick trail of hair, but she'll get it out of your way as soon as possible! And if she bursts into song, it's really just her way of passing the time.]

{OOC: Rapunzel can be ran into right outside of the DF HQ or inside while she cleans up.}
Location: DF Headquarters / Morning
001: Return [video/action]
05 July 2011 at 07:22 pm

[Did anyone miss Minako? Because she's back - appearing on the feed. But something's a little different... Instead of exuding an aura of quiet intelligence with a confident, cheery and charismatic disposition, she might look a little unsure right now.]

Uhm. Hello? [is this working right? I've pressed the buttons the same way it indicated and all...]

I think there must be some kind of mistake - I've never attacked anyone or caused any form of damage to property. I wasn't transferring because I was kicked out of my previous school or anything like that!...

[If anything, though, she looks vaguely as if she is still in the middle of recovering from the shock of suddenly being brought here, and so briefly after arriving on Tatsumi Port Island. She takes a deep breath, and pauses a moment, before speaking again, sounding a little more certain this time.]

Where can I talk to this... 'Acumen' about this?


[If you're walking about somewhere in the dome, you might just spot a certain redhead wandering about, carrying a welcome basket with her, clearly indicating that she's new in the dome.]

[She might just look pretty lost right now, even with the brochure clearly depicting the map of the dome, tucked nicely into the basket.]

[Point her somewhere, like the Shelter? Troll her? Give her a hug? That's completely up to you~]