13 February 2012 at 03:58 pm
[ well, it's a nice day today. all moved in to a big house, which is a -- really, really weird feeling, not gonna lie. he's got a patrol to do, and a lot of cooking to get done before Flynn can think to try, but that's fine. seems like it'll probably be a pretty quiet day.

oh, little does he know.

he'll be over at Brave Vesperia HQ in the afternoon; in the morning, you might find him in his shiny new house in Sector 5, and you can also find him hanging out in the arcade or maybe just idly scouting out the fight club's arena. come one, come all! ]

((ooc: RNG for the kind of bot that catches you with Yuri, but I'm up for anything! He will be cool about it, and a pretty good kisser. ♥))
13 February 2012 at 03:51 pm
[ today is the day when Kanda will hate his life. oh so very much. and then, with more perspective, he will hate your life -- and possibly attempt to end it.

where can you find him? well, he might be gardening, tending to the plants in one of the many open spaces around the dome -- or he might be in the athletic complex's training hall, meditating. ]

((ooc: RNG for the kind of bot that catches you with Kanda, but I'm up for anything! Just as long as you don't mind a little violence afterward. :D))
[action / come get him]
13 February 2012 at 03:12 pm
[it feels good, getting up and getting dressed and heading out the front door of a house that's actually his. he's never had that sort of independence before, although it wasn't far ahead in his future when he left Terca Lumireis...]

[well. Flynn is in a good mood this morning. he stretches out a little, standing by the curb, limbering up for a dawn jog with Suzaku]

[you can catch him jogging around the dome in the morning, in the house in Sector 5, or out and about later on in the day! and he is up for pretty much anything and anyone, but I will be rolling RNG for the kind of bot that catches them!]
[mingle] Mistletoe Bots
13 February 2012 at 04:14 pm
[Lovely day for being in any open, common area of the dome, isn't it? Of course there is a chance of kissing bot, but it's always something in the underwater prison.]

(OOC: Check out the OOC post for details. Pucker up! Edit: Links for those with loading problems!)
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06 February 2012 at 10:19 pm
[ tired sound, followed by a "mrf" ]

Always manage t'forget how loud it is on newbie days. [ sound of rustling pages; mildly ] Someday I'll learn to turn the damn communicator off.
[Open Action] Sliiiiightly back dated to noonish
02 February 2012 at 12:57 pm
[In Jeanne's absence, Inara has taken over responsibility for the scheduled spa day. She's made over the public baths in an attempt to give it a tropical theme. There's fruit on tables, a sort of fruity punch. She's got some fake palm trees set up and there's a mix of 'tropical' music that includes some Bob Marley playing.

There are stations for pedicures, manicures, massages, soaking baths, facials, body wraps and the like. Inara will be happy to give massages upon request. Mingle, relax and enjoy the spa day.]
[video / action for housemates if desired]
26 January 2012 at 03:33 pm
[the communicator turns on with a clatter as it tumbles across the floor of Orihime's house and comes to a stop, facing her. Orihime is sprawled on the floor, having tripped over apparently nothing at all. she's still in her pajamas even though it's afternoon; she's felt sick and strange and dizzy all day, and so she stayed in bed. but now that she's finally gotten up...]


[Orihime clutches at her face as she starts to straighten. anyone who knows her may recognize that her hair is much longer, and thicker, and wavy. she is, in fact -- two years older than she was before]

[she just holds her head for a beat longer before reaching for the communicator again. when she notices it's on, she smiles sheepishly, picking it up]

Um -- good afternoon, everyone... Can I ask someone to get me something from the clothing store?

[her hair isn't all that's grown! CANON UPDATE'D]
[video | action]
24 January 2012 at 08:14 pm
Good morning, Marina. My name is Michiru Kaiou. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in violin lessons. I played professionally at home and would like to offer my expertise if someone is interested in learning.

[Michiru will be in one of the practice rooms if someone should happen by, using the opportunity to tune her violin and get some practicing in]
[Action | Mythology Class]
24 January 2012 at 01:49 pm
[It's Day 151 in Marina, and for Kurama and the inmates who've chosen to sample the Mythology course, it's the first day of class. The door to the classroom is open a little early, to give students plenty of time to find a seat and get comfortable, or to speak with the instructor before class if so inclined. The chairs have been arranged in a circle to allow for free flow of discussion. This class session is a meet-and-greet, not a lecture. Kurama stands off to one side so that his presence will hopefully not have too much impact on where the students sit, and he can readily be engaged in private conversation.

Once all of the students have arrived, Kurama takes a seat in the circle between two of them and offers the group a welcoming smile.]

Thank you for coming. I hope you've all had the opportunity to go over the course description and to hear the plans for today's session. As a quick reminder, this is the Mythology course, so if you were expecting something else, check your schedule, though I do encourage you to stay. You might have some fun. [His tone is on the comfortable edge of teasing, meant to help put the students at ease. First days can be nerve-wracking, he knows.]

Today, I'd like us all to get to know each other. We'll go around the circle and share names--there's no need for any honorifics or titles here, unless you prefer to use them--and if you have a folktale or legend you'd like to share from your world, please do. I'll get us started. My name is Kurama. That also happens to be the name of a mountain outside of Kyoto, Japan. There is an old story that claims the mountain is home to the ruler of the tengu, a powerful type of youkai, or demon, who are sometimes worshiped as gods. He is believed to have taught one of Japan's greatest warriors the art of swordsmanship more than eight hundred years ago.

[Kurama keeps his telling of the tengu of the mountain with which he shares his name brief. He wants his students to have plenty of time to share stories of their own, and after entertaining questions, moves the discussion around the circle.

After class, students are welcome to linger to chat with each other, or to bring any questions to Kurama they'd like to have answered before they leave.]


OOC Information. Please read before tagging! )
18 January 2012 at 08:49 pm
--back, Lee! [The network suddenly is greet with the loud clacking of something hitting the ground. There's someone breathing heavily and the sound of light growling.]

Lee, please, just--[Miranda lets out quiet noise--whimper? moan?--and then a deep breath]--Please. N-Now really isn't the time... Give th-that back?

[A muted vuul-vuul is her response. It would appear "Lee" doesn't feel like listening at the moment. There's movement, another soft sound that is almost definitely a whimper.] Give me that!

[There's the sound of a struggle, harsh breathing and growling and then the video cuts on, showing the ceiling as the communicator is jerked back and forth, the light fur of the vulpix's chest visible to the side. With a final tug it's ripped away and Lee lets out a whine of disapproval, but Miranda is suddenly in view, her face pinched in pain and hair everywhere. It looks like she's at her apartment complex but all that's visible is the stairwell behind her. Lee's prolonged whine sounds more like one of worry than annoyance. Miranda doesn't appear to be getting up anytime soon.]

{OOC: Someone fell down the wet stairs at her apartment complex and broke her leg.}
[Voice/Action | Sector 4: Beach | Open]
03 January 2012 at 04:56 pm
After some panic... )

[ The voice that comes out of the network is shaky and the most confused. ]

I can-- I can deal with the Whats and the Whys later, but what I want to know is how: How did this Acumen get me out of Grie?

[ Should anyone venture by the Beach, they might spot a lady in her 20's, long black hair and white wings whipped by the wind, faintly glowing halo floating on top of her head. She clutches her denim jacket to her person with one hand, welcome basket held in the other as she makes her way towards Sector 5. ]
03 January 2012 at 12:03 am
[familiar face, anyone? she's a grumpy mcgrumpypants today oh nooo.]

I just woke up with what feels like the worst hangover ever, different clothes on, and chewing gum in my hair. Again. Once was way more than enough, and I didn't even fucking do anything last night! Even I just relax sometimes y'know, geez.

So, I need icecream and someone with superpowers. Now! I'm not getting any younger here, y'know.
23 December 2011 at 04:04 pm
[Minako and Michiru have taken over one of the common rooms for a much needed ~CHOCOLATE~ break! What this means is that they've prepared cups of delicious hot chocolate, courtesy of Michiru, and have a bunch of marshmallows and chocolate and granola crackers for their attempted smore extravaganza.]

[Minako clicks on the camera, grinning.]

Hey Marina! Who's up for some smores? [she waves the bag of chocolate around] I know we just had dinner, but if anyone's in the mood for chocolate then you can just follow your nose. Michiru-san and I will be here all night!

[Michiru smiles.] Everyone, feel free to come by. We have plenty of food.
[voice/action] forward-dated to late night
22 December 2011 at 01:17 am
before )

[Later he snags a couch for himself in the common room, Dagonet curling by his feet. Switching on the communicator.]

Anya's - not here. [His voice is careful and under control.] Sorry, for everyone who knows her, but she'll be back. [probably. Maybe with or without her memories. The thought of Anya losing her memories due to Acumen suddenly darkens his mood, so he abruptly turns off the communicator before he says something he regrets.]
[Video//Action | Open] BANQUET MINGLE GO!
20 December 2011 at 12:16 pm
Good morning, Marina! [Have a very smiley pink haired girl on your video feed!] For anyone I haven’t met, I’m Lacus Clyne and I’m very glad to meet you.

It seems as though we’re all going to be in the shelter today, so we should make the best of things. I was thinking that we should get together and have a big winter banquet! Anyone who wants to help cook should please feel free to come to the kitchens and assist, and if not you should still come and enjoy the food with us.

Dinner will be served at 5 in the main cafeteria, and after that maybe we could have fun playing games and watching movies together. I hope everyone has a good day, and I hope to see everyone at the feast!

[A few minutes later]

I just learned that today is also Ritsuka’s birthday! To celebrate there will be a cake and some special desserts and decorations. [as many decorations as they can find without access to the store.] Everyone please, stop by to wish him a happy birthday!

((OOC Notes: Mingle post, open to all! Reply to Lacus by [video] or there are several action options: [cooking] any time before 5pm ICly, [dinner] a huge buffet of almost anything you could want, or [after dinner] for card games, board games, and movies throughout the cafeteria and nearby common rooms! Your character is in no way obligated to be at all of these, but they could be if you want~

Also! A link to Ritsuka’s birthday party will be added once it goes up. There will be cake and lots of special desserts and pretty decorations in one area of the cafeteria.

If anyone wants to intentionally or unintentionally sabotage the food, please contact me OOCly before you do so. Thanks and ENJOY!))
[Video | Action]
05 December 2011 at 09:38 pm
[The device is certainly beyond anything Yuuki is used to working with, but its instructions on how to use it is clear. She appears on screen. A brown, chocolate smudge decorates the side of a pretty, porcelain cheek near her mouth on the right. A few wrappers litter the ground at her feet, along side the familiar welcome basket. She’s beautiful, almost doll like, despite the mar. An ageless appearance though she clearly appears young, even within her early teens, But it’s an appearance different from that of an ordinary person, and sets her apart, too. Her eyes are wide, a deep, liquid brown and innocent (as though still fill of life), though not amused. Full, pink lips thin as she frowns with a look of disapproval into the screen.

She isn’t happy.

Cloaked in a white school uniform, her brows knit, expression firm as a normally warm gaze stares hard into the camera of the device. Atop her left arm is a black arm band, with a curious red crest. It matches the silver necklace, barely visible around her slender neck. She pulls the black band up, readjusting it and brushing her long waves of rich, mahogany hair over her shoulder.

Back straight, polite, though resolute and unwilling to be dismissed or ignored, she opens her mouth to speak. It’s clear she’s impatient, her annoyance a spasm of irritation that crosses her face, but shadowed by an underlying urgency.]

I haven’t done anything worthy of being arrested again. If this is a joke, it isn’t funny. I want to know the truth.

[Because the crimes listed are nothing short of ridiculous, charges more absurd than anything sensible, regardless of any validity to them. They’re a reflection of the truth twisted out of context. Although, she’s painfully aware the hunters don’t need real reasons to take one of her own kind into custody. They’re the only group outside of another pureblood who would possibly have the ability to pull off something this elaborate. Still, she has a job to do.]

Where’s the Association President? There are too many important things going on for us to be going through this all over again! Humans could get hurt. I want to talk to him immediately.
[voice | open]
28 November 2011 at 05:26 pm
Hello. [She didn't sleep much last night. The announcement could wait, but she doesn't think it's going to get easier, so sue pushes ahead. She wants to be strong for his sake. To make him proud of the way she's handling his business in his absence and so that Suzaku and Nunnally won't have to worry about her too. She can be there for them instead.]

I regret to tell you all Lelouch vi Britannia has left Marina.

I will be taking over all his administrative duties at the school. Literature and Philosophy classes will be put on hold until a replacement can be found. If anyone is interested in teaching one or both classes or taking up teaching cooking, art or any other subjects we don't currently offer, please contact me. Thank you for your time.
iii → voice + action | open.
25 November 2011 at 10:59 pm
Out of curiosity, does anyone have experience with alternate realities, transdimensional displacement, and pandimensional travel? I've been there and done that on all accounts, but I'm curious to know how much of a common denominator that is within the prisoner population.

[ tampering with time and other realities is, after all, one of his listed crimes. angel is also not an expert on the scientific how to of dimensional go betweening. he's just regurgitating things fred said that were committed to memory a long time ago. the mystical and supernatural end of that spectrum is more where his expertise lies.

and later in the day, angel can be found in the training hall, going through some tai chi forms. ]
25 November 2011 at 02:40 pm
[After making his requests to Acumen, Zero walks around the dome to do some thinking. As typical of late, he finds himself in front of the pet cafe. Permission had been granted allowing him to choose a pet from within. Still, the act of actually entering the cafe and picking one out wasn't something he was quite ready to do.

Back leaning against the corner of one of the windows, Zero looked out over Marina as the fingers of one of his hands slid slowly across the glass. To most onlookers it would appear as if Zero wasn't paying attention at all to the chaos left in his wake on the other side of the glass. Four kittens of various shades clambered over themselves to capture the hand, knocking each other over in the process.

A little tiger striped brown kitten clamped down on the ear of the orange kitten, eliciting a painful yelp from the orange kitten. Zero removed his hand and buried it into the trench coat he was wearing, the kittens suddenly vocalizing their upset with his removal of their toy as they pawed at the glass behind him.]
[ video ]
23 November 2011 at 08:45 pm
We're getting more snow? I think that's another new thing for me, I've never seen that sort of weather before. It's nice though even it's a bit cold...though from what I heard guess it's normal for this time of year?

About two weeks here already and I'm learning all sorts of different things that don't exist or that I was able to do back where I'm from, it's kind of fun in a way. [Raenef pauses, thinking about something for a moment. Currently he's in the library, kind of flipping through a notebook in his hand, for remembering this stuff mostly] Even these holidays, like Halloween that just passed by a couple of days ago-- we don't have anything like that.

Are there any other types of holidays coming up that I should know about? I think stuff like that might be useful to know.