[video, open!]
01 November 2011 at 05:23 pm
[this chap on screen might look familiar to you. he's got a familiar haircut, and you might recognize the familiar green eye, but then his other eye is a different color entirely-- brown!--, and he's awful tall... and he's wearing an awful lot of black.]

Ah-- Hokuto-chan, I-- I need your help! [he looks a little frazzled, rubbing his head. his voice has deepened out a little, too.]

--I, um-- something happened-- none of my clothes fit-- and I think maybe I-- I'm not me anymore! [Subaru sounds truly distressed by this prospect, and hasn't quite parsed that it's less 'not himself' and more 'abruptly older'.]

--Oh! I'm, um, I'm Subaru! Does anyone know what happened? I-- I haven't done anything unusual!

[and then, a little tentatively;] The store here has gloves, right? [pity the pair he initially had; they suffered quite the death during his horrified flailing and snagged on the door frame. sleep in, get candy, abruptly be older, BE very confused... flail about like you have no sense.]
01 November 2011 at 12:24 pm
[The video feed clicks on to a small, black-hired Japanese boy looking very perturbed with his situation looking at the camera. He has a now over-sized shirt clutched around him like a blanket.]

... does anyone know where I can find a store that has kid's clothing? [He voice then drops to a barely distinct mumble.] I'm Kamui. I think that candy did something to me.

[Then he reaches out and turns the feed off.]
[Video/Open] Déjà-vu, anyone?
01 November 2011 at 06:52 pm
[ The feed flicks on to a very undertain face, like he's still getting to know the place and the communication device. He looks like he's about to speak, but clamps his mouth shut. Then he puts a finger up, looks like he is about to say something -- with conviction! -- but sighs instead. With a lopsided little smile, he looks at the camera in earnest. ]

I'm about to have uh... a strange little request here.

[He enunciates every word. He really means business.]

Can someone please say, "April Fools!"? Or maybe, "You're on Candid Camera!" or even, you know, wear a sideways baseball cap and rush me with a camera crew and say, "You just got punked"?



[Heavy sigh, as his face takes on a look that's more peeved than earnest.]

Barring that, I'm looking for a guy named Dean. Man, we need to talk about your car.

(( OOC: Someone's got a taste of some MEMORY LOSS CANDY, and is now reliving his first day in Marina! THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO TROLL THE TRICKSTER, GUYS! >8D ))
[Action | Closed | Forward-dated to dead of night] A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow
14 October 2011 at 11:26 pm
[ Glitters floated down and around plastic structures as Gabriel turned a snow globe up, down and around, shaking it all about...

It's been a while since Gabriel last pranked someone, and he thinks it served its purpose well. But today... just for today, he's not out to teach anyone a lesson. He has been itching to live up to his Trickster image, for a good ol' prank, and not just for one or two people.

The snow globe disappeared like cigarette smoke from the palm of his hand, as an impish smile played on his lips. This is a good night, he thinks... ]

---------- [ Closed to TRC!Fuuma ] ----------

[ ... he laughed to himsef as he appeared with a quiet breeze, letting himself fall like one would do on a soft bed, sprawling on top of some rooftop. He is very much exhausted by the exercise, but by all the gods and supernatural realms, it is worth it! He sighs, contented, just about to sleep, quite unaware that someone might just be occupying this one rooftop already. ]

OOC Notes )
[ action | video ]
08 October 2011 at 08:02 pm
[ Sam or no Sam, Sasha or no Sasha, Dean was going to infiltrate the Devil's Compass and spruce up the place a bit. Mostly with the addition of a record player. Yes, you got that right. A record player.

He much preferred tapes, but, eh... might as well go for the good stuff. The new billiard table was going to have to wait. He needed help for that.

Flicking on the feed, the nice, soft dulcet tones of Nirvana filter over the line even as Dean pops into view. ]

Hey! Don't know about you, but I thought the place could use a bit of cheering up down here. Who wants to join me for a few drinks and some music? I'll man the bar if Sam doesn't. Just don't expect me to make anything fancier then a beer. I ain't making any of that fruity crap.

[ and... yeah. There goes Dean. See you guys at the Compass! ]
04 October 2011 at 07:39 pm
[private -- voice] )

[video -- public]

[The video shows a confused looking Japanese man in his mid-twenties, blinking at the screen from behind large glasses. He beams as he realises he's managed to get the device to work, speaking cheerfully.]

Ah! I was beginning to think this wasn't working. Perhaps it would be useful to provide clear instructions to make it easier for us to work these? After all, an old man such as myself struggles to understand all this modern technology. I'm afraid I've fallen too far behind the times.

On geography, too, it would seem. I've never heard of the Eloquois Ocean before. I wonder whereabouts it's located? It seems rather an odd place for a prison. Although perhaps you are used to it here.

[ooc: Action is also available for those I've talked about it with.]
[voice][closed to TRC-Fuuma]
04 October 2011 at 10:46 am
[ ... after a number of false starts and hesitation, finally just snaps out: ]

Are you awake?
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[Video | Action | Open]
28 September 2011 at 09:54 pm
[He had thought after he went to the hospital that they would just patch him up and let him go. Instead Fuuma had been patched up and pushed along by the bots to a bed, and at that point it wasn't worth coming back and forth to the hospital for how often they wanted to check those burns he got on his arms and hands. So he just stayed the night. It wasn't like he had any very important plans anyways. But today, well, he was a little bit bored. Watching the bots come and go was only so interesting. Hopefully Karen come knocking, considering she was likely to be in the building as well.]

[Digging around in the drawers on the nightstand next to the bed had yielded a deck of cards, but it wasn't like Fuuma knew many single player card games... So the best way to fix this was clearly to ask. The video background is clearly the hospital, for those who know it, but there's nothing visibly wrong with Fuuma, since his hands aren't in view.]

Are there any good single player games you can play with a deck of cards? I'm afraid I don't know any, and it's rather boring just sitting here.

((OOC: Anyone is welcome to bug Fuuma! He's just chilling out at the hospital for the day. You can also come visit him there to make his life less dull as well.))
video ;; filtered AWAY from Flynn Scifo // open action
21 September 2011 at 10:31 pm
[ video on, and you're staring up at Yuri's face as he fiddles with his comm. he notices the video is working after a beat, and then -- grins into it. ]

Hey. The name's Yuri Lowell, if we haven't met. Just thought I'd give everybody a little heads-up -- Brave Vesperia is now open for business.

[ he steps back out of view and it's clear that he's claimed a little bit of Sector Three for himself, a small storefront with big picture windows. "Brave Vesperia" is hung up over the door, a bot-made sign. he's had some help with setting up. ]

((ooc: Wondering what Brave Vesperia is and why you should care? Ask away! Yuri will gladly use more words once he sees they're necessary. X3 Reply by video or feel free to notice him setting up if you're in the area. Or Flynn.))
[ action ]
14 September 2011 at 08:24 pm
[ A short while before the prom is scheduled to get underway, Minako and Orihime take up their posts: lurking at the main avenue into the prom, looking for their victims! The two girls are hanging around outside, looking for solo arrivals and third wheels that they can put together into couples for the big event! ]

[ If you wander too near them, you might hear them calling out to you -- or find them grabbing your arm -- or notice them dragging someone else over to you with big smiles on their faces. ]

((ooc: In this post, introduce yourself to your designated date for the evening! Here is the list of partners, and you can direct questions there!

It would be great if you put your names in the subject of the first comment so that your partner recognizes you. ♥ There is also an optional thread for Minako or Orihime or both to wrangle you~! You can handwave it if you prefer. Please limit threads here to the actual matchmaking, not just socializing: Minako and Orihime will also be at the prom for your friendly chatting needs.))
03 September 2011 at 11:31 pm
[Fuuma is in Greed's bar tonight, drinking. he's nursing his third beer and seems to be somewhat wobbly, and his familiar smile is still on his face as he looks down at the amber drink, but it's vague, almost as if he's forgotten it's there.]

[someone important to him is gone, Marina! but he's not drinking because he's sad]

[he's drinking because it makes him a little nervous]

[he might go to Kamui's place after this]

((ooc: you can find Fuuma in the bar, or heading out to Kamui's later in the evening, just make it clear in your tag!))
02 September 2011 at 08:34 pm
Uh, hey... [everybody.] Slow night at the [Pause, because why does he work here again?] Devil's Compass. So, all drinks half off. [Weak laughter. It's funny because everything is free and, okay, maybe it's not that funny.] We're in Sector 5. Just look for the sign.

Oh, right. It's a bar in case you weren't familiar.

Dean, Cas, you know where it is. [Hint. Hint. Nudge. Nudge. There are things to talk about. Lots of things.]
[video/voice], [action: housemates] open! [backdated to afternoon.]
02 September 2011 at 07:32 pm
[Subaru is the familiar face on screen, in early afternoon. He fidgets, but overall, he's getting better at these public broadcasts. Behind him, there's the distinct appearance of a kitchen, and... some smoke. If you squint, you might be able to see what looks like a muffin pan, with lumps of something black and smoking inside of it. They might have been muffins. "Muffins" might be a stretch now, however.]

A-ah... I was just wondering, if... anyone had any idea how to... make desserts? E-easy ones? I, um, I tried to make blueberry muffins, but they... [he hesitates, flushing a little bit and casting a look behind him.] They didn't turn out. All four times. I don't want to waste anymore blueberries.

U-um, recipes with fruit are the best! [let's not talk about his fail anymore!] Thank you very much!

[and then he bows at the feed, before cutting it off. If you happen to be in the house at this time of day, you may have smelled the tell-tale smell of smoke (which can also be known as "Subaru tried to cook again"). Feel free to come investigate. At least he made sure to put the fire out before it destroyed the stove.]
24 August 2011 at 07:46 pm
[ the third time had been no easier than the first. though, this time, Kamui refrains from letting the entire prison know it. he doesn't want anyone's sympathy, or anyone's scorn. and no amount of railing will bring Subaru back.

he'd forgotten to say goodbye, though. he wishes Acumen would have at least waited until he was awake to take his twin away.

Kamui spends most of the afternoon and evening in the park or by the water, shredding blades of grass in his fingers or watching the dolphins go about their day. he'll have to return to the apartment by tomorrow; he has to take care of May. but today... he can't stomach being there. ]

((ooc: Open to all interaction! There will be a closed thread later on, but in the meantime, free to all takers.))
23 August 2011 at 10:47 pm
[ welcome to Flynn's [surprise!unwanted!] beach party birthday bash! it's essentially a giant beach picnic, with blankets spread out over the sand and shade provided by mounted tarps. the poles are decorated, there are balloons under the canopy of the tarps, and a volleyball net has been set up for interested parties. swimming is also encouraged.

the cake is in the center of the blankets and presents are to be deposited off to the side. ]

((ooc: Mingle post! Ambush Flynn with well-wishes and/or presents. People with Flynn or Yuri CR should consider themselves invited, anybody else can drop in on the big, obvious beach party; just tag in wherever you feel like it!))
[video / voice]
18 August 2011 at 03:34 am
[If you know him, you can probably hear a little bit of the confusion his voice, even before he really admits to it. At least... Subaru tries to sound composed. Here he is, alone in a particular sector of the dome, frowning just slightly though his tone is otherwise calm.]

That's strange. I don't know if I'm sure how I ended up here...

Kamui? [Not fretting, he hopes. But, ah--

The view shows a big better and you there's the fish at the koi pond, the vampire sitting down on a bench near the edge. He laughs a little, just very softly now.]

I'm sorry. It seems I've been assigned to keep the fish some company.
17 August 2011 at 10:18 pm
Eh... there really are a bunch of people today.

[Lifting a hand she scratches the back of her neck, turning around to glance at the many other people in the park. There hasn't been this many new arrivals at once for a while, has there? Despite looking a bit daunted by the numbers, she practically glows, beaming. Her appearance is brighter than recently, less tired and worn. She's confident back, straight as she stares into the device cheerfully.]

Morning, Marina! Today I wanted to make an announcement. I wonder if this is a good time...with all the confusion. But if we're all stuck here for a while, might as well--!

[Lifting up a colorful sign, it's adorned with many different rainbow colors and bunnies, with the word 'Ethics' written in the center of it all.]

Ta-da! Starting in a couple of days I'll be teaching my very own class. [They'll let just about anyone teach, huh.]

I'm teaching ethics! The program was put together by the president-- ahh! [Looking embarrassed] I mean-- [She falters again, nearly saying 'Headmaster' before catching herself] Kaien Kurosu, and I think with everyone's unique backgrounds and the diversity represented it could be a really good thing.

[Giving the peace sign she flashes a wide, toothy grin, fangs clearly visible as she glows.]

Everyone should attend! You don't have to worry about it being crazy hard like math or something. It'll be fun. And... Oh yeah--!

[Lifting a finger into the air, just remembering:]

I almost forgot! It's mandatory for those on the defense force.
[Video | Action]
16 August 2011 at 10:10 am
[It was really pretty confusing, to find yourself in a strange city, in front of what looked like a movie theater. He had been at home, hadn't he? And the thing that was suddenly on his when he woke up was making a ton of noise. So needless to say, it had gotten pulled off his face. He had never seen anything like it before...]

[Fuuma leaned up against the wall of the building, sliding down to sit. You aren't supposed to wander around when you get lost, right? That just makes it harder for people to find you. But if he could hear voices from the device in his hands, maybe it was like a phone? After some fiddling with the buttons on the thing, the video function clicks on. The 11 year old that appears on the screen might be rather familiar to a few people who have been in the prison for a while. He looks a bit nervous, and maybe a little upset, but his voice is pretty even.]

Excuse me? Can anyone hear me? I was wondering if anyone could give me directions back to the Tokagushi Shrine...

[He doesn't look sure if anyone can actually hear him through the thing, but it was worth a shot. If not, Fuuma will at least try to spot someone nearby and ask them.]

((OOC: Meet 11 year old Fuuma Monou, Marina! Don't worry, he's taken from before Saya died, so he won't go crazy on you. But if you throw a creeper at him, he will likely run for the hills.))
15 August 2011 at 06:01 pm
[Wherever you are in the dome, it doesn't matter. Morning Rescue Man doesn't care. Because before you know it, he will be dropping in from above, suspended by a harness and wearing an orange and white jumpsuit.]

02 August 2011 at 04:55 am
She thinks she only dreamt that her family was murdered. )

[When her voice comes through the communicator, it's quieter than anyone will have heard from her before.]

Michael? Michael, where are you?

[a tentative pause, but he doesn't answer quickly enough. her voice steadily gets both louder and more hysterical.]

I had a bad dream. Michael? [taking panicked, shallow breaths.] Johann, Michael answer me! I need you!

[rising to a screech.]

You can't just leave me here!

((canon update! will answer tagbacks properly later, sorry! ♥))