[Action | Open // Voice | Closed]
27 October 2011 at 04:30 pm
[If you are out an about the dome this afternoon, there's a chance you will run into Yosuke. He's not alone, though! No, with him is a very happy, goofy-looking puppy that he's just acquired for himself.]

[He's spending the better part of the afternoon at the park, laying in the grass under a tree while the (still unnamed) puppy runs around, jumping on him, licking his face, trying to eat his shoes -- and the puppy may be after you too! He's friendly and completely harmless. He just wants to love you via drooling on your shoes, jumping on you and trying to lick your face if you let him get close enough.]

[He still needs a name, though, so in those calm moments, Yosuke is desperately trying to figure this out. He's never had a pet before, so this is new. He'll just be laying there with his headphones blaring music -- while still around his neck.]

[Voice // Filtered to Investigation Team brethren]

Hey, guys? I was wondering if, um...

Maybe we shoul-- Hey! Stop that! Da-dammit, my shoes aren't your chew toys, you know! Arghhhh!

[He's grumbling for a minute, and there's a loud barking sound. Wrangling with the new puppy? Yep, maybe just a little. After a minute, he sighs and continues.]

S-sorry about that. Anyways, we should get together sometime soon. Even if it's just to grab pizza or something. I dunno, it's just kind of... weird, I guess that we're not hanging out together as much as we probably could, you know?

Just let know. We can figure out the details later.
[video] backdated to shortly after her first post...
21 October 2011 at 08:06 pm
[ This is just a video of Miwako - no cats here! No sir! She looks a little frenzied, but trying to look "natural" and joking~ ]

H-Hi again, everyone!

Ha ha ha! April Fools! Except it's autumn now... Oh no... Uhm-

Mi-Miwako didn't actually get a cat! That was a lie! It was a fake cat, so just so you know, it can't be hurt or kicked or anything so you shouldn't even bother trying. I was just joking! So all the bad guys and cat-haters can rest assured that there's not actually a cat here, so you can't get him, okay? And even if there was actually a cat, I wouldn't let you get him! But there isn't a cat, so don't worry about it!

[ Somewhere off-screen, you might hear a quiet meow, which sets Miwako's teeth on edge. She looks a little frantically at the camera as if it can tell her if that was actually recorded or not, and then hastily cuts the feed.

Miwako is the worst liar ever. ]

[ ooc | inspired by this conversation with Shinji... oy vey. ]
[Action | Closed to Anyone in the Doctor's House]
18 October 2011 at 12:14 pm
[The day before, Rose talked the Doctor into sleeping in a nest of blankets on her floor, and when he went to bed last night (or more likely, this morning, seeing as he needs very little sleep), that nest had been a nest for one. Now, it's a nest for two, though the Doctor may be a bit slow to realize that once he wakes. After all, Rose could have relocated from the bed. It's entirely possible the person beside him isn't anyone to worry about.

Yes, the Doctor has been known to make mistakes.]
[video / mingle]
13 October 2011 at 12:36 pm
So how did everyone's dates go at the prom? [teehee] I realize it's long over by now, but I haven't had the time to ask, especially with all the new arrivals.

But I kind of miss it... I loved having the excuse to wear a really fancy dress. I wish I could wear dresses like that every day... [le sigh]

[well, time to finish setting up for Madoka's birthday party! it's a pretty modest affair in Orihime's house -- cake and cupcakes abound, with some little snacky sandwiches for anyone who wants less sugary food, and a few balloons and decorations. Yachiru made her a big decorated card and everything!]

[people who bonded with Madoka already are welcome to show up, and housemates Ukitake and Rapunzel are welcome to introduce themselves! Orihime kind of invited Yachiru and Madoka to stay with everyone.]
03 October 2011 at 09:18 pm
[Naoto looks considerably confused, all things considered. One hand is on her hat, tugging it down into place, adding to her boyish image, and she frowns a little. the date is wrong. she's fairly certain the date is wrong, but-- she'll ask. it's all she can do, at the moment.]

Is it really the 135th day? [her voice is a little uncertain, but her tone is still crisp and businesslike. she cuts the feed, not quite sure how to phrase any other questions she has.]
[ Action | Wide Open | Forward-dated to pre-dawn (tomorrow) ]
01 October 2011 at 06:32 pm
It is a peaceful morning in the Shelter. In the dome above, the artificial daylight cycle has not yet begun. The halls echo with the gentle sounds of early morning residents milling around and robots going about their business amidst the even, sterile glow of the artificial lights. Yes, all is quiet and calm...

Until the alarm goes off.

Some will recognize that it is Sentience's voice -- not Acumen's -- that follows the echoing, whooping alarm that rings out through the halls of the entire Shelter and directs everyone to stay calm:

"Attention. Attention. An emergency has been reported in this building. Please, cease operations and calmly leave the building utilizing the nearest stairwell exit. Do not use the elevators. I repeat. Do not use the elevators!"

This continues on for many minutes, as denizens stir from their slumber or drop their meals and take to the halls. At least... it is expected that everyone follows the evacuation orders and strobe lights as directed. Elevators are non-functional for the duration of the alert. (But you can try to hack or override them if you want -- just expect someone to notice, later.)

As an added bonus: those in the kitchen and dining areas, sprinklers have activated, as that is the source of the disturbance. A perfect way to start your morning, right? (Don't worry -- there is a laundry cart with towels upstairs outside the exits.)

OOC notes! )
14 September 2011 at 03:39 pm
Upon entering Sector 4, the very large tent that stands framed by the beach is quickly noticeable. Closer, one can see colors dancing upon the white sheets, like opalesque spires under the moving onyx sky. As you enter one of the wings of the tents, grass give way to wooden flooring, and chains of white blossoms and gold ribbons line the sides. The open dance floor in the center bids one to look up to whimsical white-gold lamps, balls of light dancing in seas of violet, blue, green and pink organza. The fabrics fall down pillars adorned with leaves and flowers. Tables set in white and gold with jewel toned flowers sit at the four wings surrounding the dance floor.

... but it is far too early to take a seat. Smile and greet your fellow attendee, take the hand of a friend, and dance to the music.

Welcome to Marina Academy's First Promenade!

There are large tables with finger foods and punch (not spiked -- save it for the after-party!), and very little space near the walls (sorry, wallflowers! You won't get away so easily. )  After a large number of people are gathered together, Jeanne stands up on the small stage set to the side of the dance floor and taps on the microphone to get everyone's attention...

+ Info post / thread index (please read this first!)
+ Jeanne's greeting speech!
+ Prom King and Queen announcement. (Spoiler: It's Euphie and Kanda.)
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Evening | Sector 4 | THE MARINA TALENT SHOW
09 September 2011 at 01:16 am
[ Thanks to Acumen's intervention, there is now a stage set up in one of the bigger parks in Sector 4. Volunteers and bots are bustling about making sure everything's in place and are helping spectators to their seats. Talents are backstage, making sure their costumes are alright, voices warmed up, instruments properly tuned and strung.

Please make yourselves comfortable, gentlepersons and gentlecreatures, as you all celebrate a night of music and laughter at the Marina Talent Show.

The night is not quite over as refreshments are also provided, and the equipment are still available for use, should you be inspired to pic up the mic for some prose or song, or dance to the lingering music~ ]


OOC Guidelines :
Tag in with your character with any of the following headers (sample post here) --

[ Performance ] - for performers so as critics and fans can tag with their appreciation.
[ Open Mic ] - optional for non-performers and set after the show; have some poetry reading? Sing a song? Bit of a dance?
[ Audience ] - talking with your seatmate? Keep it down though~
[ Mingling ] - hanging out with others pre- or post-show! Give a friend a pre-show pep-talk! Help out someone who spilled soda on themselves, etc.~

Mingle post! Have fun! And some music for mood~
[ Video / Open ]
06 September 2011 at 04:56 pm
[ This lady's in high spirits and bursting with energy as she opens her broadcast. ]

Good morning everyone! And for the newcomers, Welcome to Marina! I'm Kohran Li and it's my pleasure to announce that tonight we're holding the Marina Talent Show! Thank you for the reminders too, Acumen-han!

[ She moves aside to reveal the stage being set up a little distance off behind her. ]

It'll be held at 7pm at the Sector Four park so I hope you'll join us for an evening of music and fun! For questions and concerns, just give me a call! Good day to you all!

[ She signs off, not allowing the broadcast show the worry on her face. She just heard the broadcast that Nakama was gone, and she hasn't heard from Kaworu either. That's one volunteer and one performer down. But as they say, the show must go on... ]

(( OOC: There will be a Talent Show mingle post later in this dayweek! Any questions or network communications for Kohran in the morning go here! ))
{ video }
06 September 2011 at 12:31 am
{ The face that appears is both unhappy and confused. }

So what's the deal with this place? Is this your idea of some kind of sick joke or something?

{ This is the opposite of okay with her. }

Look, if this is some way to… stop me from telling the world what we really are, it's not going to work. It's too late. You know who I am, right? That you can't stop me from finally telling the world who I am? Or in general, for that matter?

{ Just in case you don't, witness a setting down of the device, and Claire climbing something high, jumping off, and not dying. She's bloodied, and picks up the device again, but she's healing in the process and it's visible. ... Slower than what she's used to, though. Way slower. But still happening. }

I'm Claire Bennet. And that was attempt number… I don't even know anymore. I've lost count. Now tell me who you are, what you want, and how to get out of here. Let me go.

{ And... she's still healing. }

Why isn't it working like it usually does? What did you do to me? Somebody tell me what's going on.
[ action | open ]
24 August 2011 at 11:04 am
[If you happen to be out and about this fine day, you might happen to see a rather odd sight: one (1) small red dragon, about a foot tall, a set of oversized binoculars clutched in his small claws. He might be lying on a tree branch, or lurking on that street corner, or perhaps even peering out at you from behind those bushes.

His mission?

Be Howard Link Find and locate one (1) Allen Walker, and proceed to follow his movements for the rest of the day, possibly even the rest of the week. Why? Because Cross bullied harassed blackmailed told him to.

Feel free to catch him as he roams across the dome. Mushu's never been a very good spy, and his bright coloring makes him stand out rather obviously.]

((ooc: he'll be at this all day, so feel free to bump into him at any time of the day and any location!))
19 August 2011 at 03:30 pm
[Madoka's voice comes on loud and clear, though with a little hint of weariness.]

Puella magi. Mahou shoujo. Magical girl.

What does that phrase mean to you? To all of you?
15 August 2011 at 08:09 pm
[The video shows a very confused and slightly annoyed grey-haired girl standing in the butterfly pavilion. She may be very familiar to some people, despite being... well, a girl.]

So what's the best way to talk to whoever's in charge of this place? My uncle didn't say anything about getting thrown in prison.
15 August 2011 at 07:02 pm
[The face on the feed is a little bored, a little bewildered, and sipping something out of a giant plastic cup and straw.]

Two out of ten, Acumen.

[That done, have a winning smile and a,] So, who’s going to bring me breakfast?
[ Voice | Open ]
09 August 2011 at 12:56 am
[ There they were.

The words Touma dislikes hearing the most first thing in the mornings; especially on mornings where he has yet to be awake and have coffee first.

"...more inmates will be integrated into the facility."

Yeah, he knows, Acumen. He is aware of the "disruption". ]

Okay, Marina newcomers, listen up. There are two questions that come up a lot, and I can answer both for you right away.

Number one: if you're hungry, you can walk toward the center of the dome. You can't miss it, there's a damn clock tower there. You find your way down into the Shelter and-- [ With more directions here. ] --you'll end up in the kitchen. There are robots there. They will make you food. All kinds of food, too. It's not the best, but there's no use complaining.

Number two! If you're just itching to yell at the warden, you can find a little booth nearby just for that. Just punch up "kiosk" on your headset -- don't ask me how, it's in your guides -- and follow the directions. Lodge all your complaints and questions about how everything here is unfair and you don't deserve to be here, yadda yadda.

[ Believe it or not, he actually thinks he's being quite helpful, despite his disinterested tone. Finally, he sighs, and the volume fades as he pulls the headset away from his ear before he shuts it off. ] Ahh, whatever. I'm going back to bed. G'luck...

[ Click goes the feed. But he's only gone for a moment before he's back, and more irritated. ]

Oh! And the wise-asses who submitted those fake roommate applications? Real helpful, you guys. Classy work.

[ Click; for reals this time. ]
[ video ]
27 July 2011 at 09:49 pm
So rain, was it...

[Her voice trailing off. Not exactly sounding too impressed by that fact as she swirls a spoon playfully around in a large cup of milk before letting it go, only to watch the utensil continue to circle until it all but stops. At that point, she removes it with a twirl.]

... in a facility that is beneath the surface of the ocean.

[Yellow eyes flicker toward the communicator. She lets that hang there for a moment as she takes a sip of her drink.]

And no one finds this out of the ordinary. While the lack of shackle is much appreciated, I think I'd prefer open skies to leaky domes...
[voice | open]
27 July 2011 at 12:55 am
What d'you miss right now?

And ''my home" doesn't count as an answer.

[The dome has been too quiet for his tastes. What, doesn't anyone ask burning questions anymore?]
[Action | Mingle | Open]
19 July 2011 at 11:14 am
[Starting from about mid-morning, the education center's craft room will be open and ready for the members of, and those curious about, the Sewing Club! Piles of fabric and patterns are there for those without inspiration, and of course, there are plenty of sewing machines open for those with it. There are also snacks and drinks set up on nearby tables, and relaxing but upbeat music wafts through the room.

There was a (handwaved) announcement earlier in the morning, with directions to the building and the room, so anyone is free to drop by and see what it's all about.]

((ooc: if you'll only be there for a short or particular time, please indicate it in the subject line! otherwise, just have fun XD))
[Voice/Action] Backdated to before noon
06 July 2011 at 09:01 pm
[VOICE (11AM) // Locked FROM: Yosuke Hanamura]

Attention! Anyone that wants to come to Yosuke Hanamura's birthday party should meet us in the common room on the [insert number here] floor of the Sector Zero shelter at 1PM. There's cake, food, music, and plenty to drink.


[VOICE (1PM) // Locked TO: Yosuke Hanamura]

Hey Yosuke. You should meet me at the shelter in ten minutes.



[The tables are set, the decorations are up, and the food it out. Seems ready for a party, right? There's a decent-sized cake set out and lots of food available -- some of it prepackaged stuff, but there are also home made potato croquettes, spinach dip, and cinnamon spiced cashews set out on platters as well. Plates, cups, plasticware, drinks, and chairs are readily available, with trash cans set in the corners of the room. Presents are set out on a table next to the cake -- though one of them, a yellow bike, sits in front of the table instead.]

[It certainly seems ready for a party, but it won't proeprly kick off until Yosuke shows up -- and is showed with a spray of confetti from Kohran's creation the moment he walks in that door.]
04 July 2011 at 02:40 pm
[the feed displays a young adult, somewhat androgynous, leaning more towards male than anything else. he? has a serious look on his face, hat pulled up slightly to show exactly how serious said look is.]

My name is Naoto Shirogane. I received the welcoming materials for this prison, and they were appreciated; I would like to thank Euphemia li Britannia and Lelouch vi Britannia for their assistance.

[a brief pause then before the youth continues, tone changing a little to become slightly more businesslike.]

I am curious as to who ave Acumen the authority to arrest and prosecute crimes that should be under an entirely different jurisdiction. Any crimes that I stand accused of should have been tried under the Japanese judicial system, in accordance with the standing laws there. All crimes would have been committed under that system and should therefore stand trial there, if enough evidence to prosecute was collected.

[there's another pause where something almost like a falter happens, Naoto's expression changing slightly-- becoming a little bit softer, maybe. More unsure. All the facts are still adding up to being in prison, as unfair and unjust as that seems, and that thought is a dead weight in Naoto's stomach.]

...Additionally, is there anyone else from Inaba present in this facility? [the feed clicks off before Naoto's hopes can reveal themselves.]