[video | action | open] Forward-dated to evening
18 January 2012 at 08:01 pm
[Darn, he couldn't sleep. It wasn't like that idiot dog was around keeping him up, so that wasn't an excuse. Nor were there any enemies around to attack him. So why? It was evening time, and he felt mentally tired, but apparently his body wasn't. The feed switches on, revealing his unruly red hair, and the restless face it was attached to.]

What's the best way to force yourself to sleep when you're restless? [And the feed switches off.]

[So, he's made his way to the Athletic Complex and begins running along the large open field, in just his winter coat since he didn't bring a hat or scarf this time. Maybe a few laps around would be just the thing to tire him out. Unfortunately, the small boy doesn't notice the small piece of frozen ground as he sprints and he slips on it, which propels him off-balance and he crashes to the ground. The impact causes his Communicator to fly off, rolling a few feet away. And now, the video function switches itself on after the button presses down when it hits the floor, so you'll see an uncouncious Yuta lying face first on the field. He's too independent to ask for help, so he'll just let his body slowly recover on its own like he usually does until he gets the strength to get up.]

((ooc: Yuta's slipped on a stray piece of frozen snow and sprained his ankle. He's in a bit of pain, and won't be getting up just yet unless someone comes by and wants to help him.))
09 January 2012 at 08:33 pm
Action for Yosuke )

[Open Action; forward dated to mid-morning]
[It's cold and snowy outside, yet Souji is without a jacket, a hat, gloves... or really, anything more than his normal clothes to protect him from the cold.]

[That's a little too chilly, even for him, so he's making his way towards the store in search of a jacket, at least. Care to bother him?]
03 January 2012 at 01:35 pm
And then Monopoly wasn't the only hoarder with a "Go Directly to Jail" card. Good to know.

[This teenage boy looks like he went five rounds with a patch of dirt. And lost. Battered appearance aside, he seems ready to go for a sixth round. The way he's fidgeting is also a dead giveaway of something being up and it also doesn't help that he's in prison. Tommy and prison? That didn't go so well the last time.]

I went through the entire place twice and what did I find? No exit in sight, that's what. Big surprise there. Anyone thinking third time's the charm? 'Cause at this point, I'm willing to try anything. I'll even bring down a building or two if it means grabbing the warden's attention.

[Normally cheeky Tommy isn't in the mood to fool around right now. Which is saying something. With his general dislike of prisons and the aftermath of Doom's attack, he seriously needed out.]
02 January 2012 at 11:34 pm
[the video flicks on to a shot of Luna staring at something off-screen. It must be very interesting, because she is totally not looking at the camera.]

I don't think it's very fair for us to be here. [she starts off, no doubt these words are ones that everyone has heard!] We are underneath the ocean after all. The mermen and the other creatures that live in these waters must be terribly inconvenienced. I wouldn't particularly enjoy having a giant dome built across my home. I'd have to swim around or over it to get to the garden, and that would take more effort and time than it would have just swimming straight across.

[she pauses and for a moment it seems like she won't continue.] Has anyone asked them what they think?

[anyone who comes across sector three will see Luna walking slowly in a...spiral. Yes, that's right. If she sees you, she will probably approach first!]
[Voice | Action]
02 January 2012 at 07:54 pm
[It was before Acumen's announcements that Fuuma woke up that day and he could feel it. Kamui was gone. Of course. Acumen had been losing them one by one, so it was only a matter of time, he supposed. But even if he could feel it, he wanted to see too. Just to make sure. It wasn't like Sasuke would starve if Fuuma wasn't around to make breakfast.]

[The fact that the bots were working on removing things from the house was confirmation enough. It took a bit of work to shoo them away, but he didn't particularly want to watch all the signs that someone had lived there be removed. He shut the door to the house, just standing there for a long time, looking at everything. He eventually ended up sitting on the foot of the bed, lost in thought well beyond the morning announcements and all the chatter of new people arriving.]

[Being here had made no difference. Only now, that everyone else was gone, Fuuma wasn't done. His voice is flat, too even, when he speaks.]

"Kamui" and Subaru are gone.

[They had friends here, didn't they? Not that it mattered. He doesn't even know why he bothers to say it. Maybe he just can't think of anything else to do. Kamui would go back and die. Then Subaru would die in the ending of the world. That fake Acumen had placed in the world would die.]

[It had been foolish to think things could change.]

((OOC: Action for anyone that has reason to come find Fuuma. Otherwise just voice-ness.))
03 January 2012 at 12:03 am
[familiar face, anyone? she's a grumpy mcgrumpypants today oh nooo.]

I just woke up with what feels like the worst hangover ever, different clothes on, and chewing gum in my hair. Again. Once was way more than enough, and I didn't even fucking do anything last night! Even I just relax sometimes y'know, geez.

So, I need icecream and someone with superpowers. Now! I'm not getting any younger here, y'know.
[Action / Video]
02 January 2012 at 06:01 pm
[The first thing Hisoka does when he wakes is stare around at his surroundings blankly. He's outside in some sort of park, like he last remembers being, but everything is different. Gone are the cherry blossom trees – though there are a few petals covering him and in his hair – and instead of standing next to Tsuzuki, he is sitting on a bench]

W-What..? [He blinks, as if this is a dream and he'll wake if he concentrates, but when his eyes open again he's still here. Hisoka startles slightly at the welcoming message that the communicator decides to flash before his eyes, and then, after a few minutes of careful thinking and staring at the ball and chain around his ankle, starts to press things to try and turn on the... There we go.

A feminine and doll-like face appears in the video feed, vibrant green eyes gazing into it with confusion in their depths]
Tsuzuki, you there? What happened? How did I get here? [A frown] I can't teleport back, something's blocking me. And what exactly does this thing mean by prison?
001 ♥ Action | Video
02 January 2012 at 04:15 pm

[The soft, muffled sound of sniffles floats in the air, voice feminine as the young brunette draws in a shaky breath. Sitting on the cool cement, slumping forward she cries openly into her hands. Long hair shakes, falling over her shoulders as her pale palms grow moist with her own tears. Beside her, a discarded basket sits untouched.]

Wh-what now?

[Hopelessly scrubbing her eyes with the backs of her hands, tears trickle in endless, cascading waterfalls down her cheeks. Her gaze never lifts, the weight of it too heavy beneath clear depression. Her brown eyes shimmer, lashes clumping as salty droplets gather to cling wetly before joining the rest. Her voice cracks, barely above a whisper as she speaks, brokenly.]

I really screwed it up this time. A-And now...I can't even contact them. Ohh...

[Head shaking, she once more buries her head into he palms on a high pitched sob, crying just that much more than before.]
[video/open; action option]
02 January 2012 at 03:57 pm
[The first thing she notices is the sharpness of Ba’ul’s absence. It’s with a bit of will that she evens out her mood in response. The communicator is easy enough to figure out, even if she doesn’t particularly enjoy the weight of it.]

Strange. I used to think it was harder to catch me.

[She’s without her spear, too. A mild grimace is there and gone in an instant.]

I suppose while I’m here, I might as well make myself comfortable. [ -- because she won't be here for long. This is what she’s decided. The first opportunity out, she’s taking it.]

Maybe one of you can help me. My shoes are all muddy. [And that’s terrible.]
{ video } [[ backdated to daytime ]]
31 December 2011 at 12:43 am
Okay, so... I know nothing around here costs money like in normal places, but what about starting up businesses? I don't really want to make money? I was just wondering how something like a small personal bakery or whatever would go over. Being shelter-bound for the last few days gave me some ideas, and I guess I'm just trying to poll people about it.

So, like... Personal business around here. Small ones. In-home, even, I guess - anybody have experience in that area?
[ Gamewide Mingle ]
28 December 2011 at 10:42 pm
[Today is quieter around the shelter -- and there's less food. It's getting kind of cramped in here, isn't it? And boring. There are plenty of games and entertainments left over from the party, but everyone is gathered together and... finding things to do.]

[So what are you doing?]
[video | open]
26 December 2011 at 10:41 pm
It's been nearly two weeks, now. Really- I've tried to be understanding. Crime must meet punishment for the functioning of society, as weak as this punishment truly is. Corrective containment without the reinforcement is all you need in a bubble full of petty thieves and murderers wet behind the ears.

It was quite cute, nearly charming for oh, say, the first few days. I laughed because jokes are meant to be funny, and I certainly didn't want to offend. That would be rude, and a princess minds her manners.


Surely the Almighty would find its time better spent dealing with crimes of a higher caliber.

I tire of all this camaraderie, this friendship that spoils even the bloodiest of hands. Punishment is most effective under fear, power, and brutal authority. You crush until the prisoners can no longer crawl on their own. How I hate to see all this opportunity wasted.

Take pleasure in the relationships you have established here, my fellow criminals! Enjoy this peace- for it is only the eye of the storm! People are nothing more than pawns, and without the proper measure, even pawns will turn and strike.

Speak to me of kindness and of love if you so desire. Soon you will understand how worthless it is in the end- how easily loyalty can be tossed aside by fools!

It is nothing- do you hear me? Nothing!

[ooc | Azula is going off the deep-end. I apologize to everyone I didn't tag in my last post- but I'm getting out of that RP slump, now and I'm back with some fresh crazy :)]
[Video//Action | Open] BANQUET MINGLE GO!
20 December 2011 at 12:16 pm
Good morning, Marina! [Have a very smiley pink haired girl on your video feed!] For anyone I haven’t met, I’m Lacus Clyne and I’m very glad to meet you.

It seems as though we’re all going to be in the shelter today, so we should make the best of things. I was thinking that we should get together and have a big winter banquet! Anyone who wants to help cook should please feel free to come to the kitchens and assist, and if not you should still come and enjoy the food with us.

Dinner will be served at 5 in the main cafeteria, and after that maybe we could have fun playing games and watching movies together. I hope everyone has a good day, and I hope to see everyone at the feast!

[A few minutes later]

I just learned that today is also Ritsuka’s birthday! To celebrate there will be a cake and some special desserts and decorations. [as many decorations as they can find without access to the store.] Everyone please, stop by to wish him a happy birthday!

((OOC Notes: Mingle post, open to all! Reply to Lacus by [video] or there are several action options: [cooking] any time before 5pm ICly, [dinner] a huge buffet of almost anything you could want, or [after dinner] for card games, board games, and movies throughout the cafeteria and nearby common rooms! Your character is in no way obligated to be at all of these, but they could be if you want~

Also! A link to Ritsuka’s birthday party will be added once it goes up. There will be cake and lots of special desserts and pretty decorations in one area of the cafeteria.

If anyone wants to intentionally or unintentionally sabotage the food, please contact me OOCly before you do so. Thanks and ENJOY!))
19 December 2011 at 11:54 pm
[Sakura is sitting on the edge of the bed and kicking her legs around a little before speaking] If you could have anything for Christmas, what would you ask for? [this is her sneaky way of trying to find out what to get everyone...] I think I'd ask for a new pair of knee guards. My old ones are really scratched up from all the times I've slipped on my AT.

...I'd also like to visit a zoo so I can see penguins and elephants again. [QUICKLY] I don't want them to be arrested though! I just want to see them. ...I'd like to see everyone from back home too. [her legs stop moving] And all the friends I made here. Like Ushiro-kun and Josak-san, and Lavi-san... [ashton nakama kaito teddie kamui kobato adachi fai lelouch everyone. but thoughts like these aren't what she wants right now, so Sakura pushes them away.]

[she moves a hand to her head and moves it forward, measuring her height.] It'd be nice if I could grow a little bit taller too! Taller than my brother. That way I get to call him shortie. [AND STEP ON HIM]


Syaoran-kun, are you busy? I'm really sorry if you are, but I just wanted to ask you something quickly!
18 December 2011 at 05:00 pm
[If you feel like wandering into the Shelter kitchens for a midnight snack, you’ll get a bit of a surprise: there are small tea lights scattered around on counters and floors, lending the dark room a soft, warm glow, and, just beyond the doorway, there’s a techpriest seated on the floor with her legs tucked underneath her. Her head is bowed towards the room’s interior, her hands are clasped in front of her face, and she’s softly reciting a prayer. A dish of incense burning close by is lending the kitchen (and even the hallway outside) a powerfully bitter scent.]

[How long has it been since she’s blessed the kitchens? Far too long, in her opinion. And with the Sanguinala approaching quickly, purifying the equipment she’d use to cook the holy meal was of paramount importance.]
voice | open
14 December 2011 at 05:51 pm
[ You can hear the sound of rustling and rummaging around. Finally, Toph decides to express her displeasure to the network. ]

I don't see why everything had to be cleaned. It was fine just like it was! Now I can't find anything.
[ action / open ]
10 December 2011 at 10:43 am
[ they can't stay in the shelter, so Yuri and Flynn have been kicked out to roam the streets. after some discussion they agreed to go hunting for another place to stay -- maybe a place to stay permanently -- maybe a bigger place to accommodate certain other people. ]

[ so they're wandering around the dome house-hunting, and you can find them in various locations in Sectors 2-5 throughout the day before they head over to the Devil's Compass. they do get briefly distracted by the pet cafe in Sector 2, so you can also find them there, admiring puppies. you can tag with one or both of them. ]

((backdated to... whenever you like, but mostly afternoon))
08 December 2011 at 06:34 pm
[Subaru appears on the communicator, and looks distressed. More than that, for those familiar with him-- he looks older. His hair is shorn short, he's foregone the gloves that previously he always wore, and he seems a little... frantic.]

Hokuto-chan? I-- [I remember you dying, but he doesn't, he can't? Yesterday was-- yesterday was too many things, and thinking about it is making his head hurt and his stomach churn.]

Are you there? And-- Kamui?


[he tries to focus for a moment, but it's hard, when he keeps thinking of things and people and events and he's not sure what's going on.]

I'm sorry. I don't-- feel well. My, my head-- there's-- [he falters a little.]

I'm sorry for the interruption.

[he fumbles with the communicator like he's not sure how to work it for a moment, before he shuts the feed off.]
(1) action/video/whatever/open
07 December 2011 at 06:12 pm
[ For Mikado, the boy has spent the past hours doing a number of things.

1. Promptly freaking out, ripping the thing off of his face, and trying to find something familiar in the place he woke up in. This has failed.

2. Belatedly noticing that there was a... welcome basket? Okay... near him. This had a pamphlet in it.

3. ...Upon further notice, this pamphlet seems crazy. Or some kind of fiction. It's not as if-- This caused him to stare out the dome windows. He was really under the ocean, wasn't he? Ah.... Oh. O-okay. Sure. Why...not....

4. Looking over the brochure more carefully. Britannian? Now that… wasn’t something he knew. And this was supposed to be written in it? Cue angling the paper and squinting to see if anything changed.

5. …Oh. A communicator. That was the thing he ripped off. Hm. Let’s see….

He plays with the setting for a moment, adjusting to the controls. When he’s done, it connects, the sight of a younger, somewhat nervous boy appearing. Surprisingly, though, there’s a bit of excitement tucked at the edges of his eyes. ]

Ah, I… I’d like to thank to people who made the brochure. It was, um…. [ A lot to take in. Still debating the fact or fiction of some of it. ] Helpful.

[ He gives a quick smile, then it fades from nerves. ] Uh, so. Once we’re here. What are we supposed to do now?
06 December 2011 at 12:52 pm
[It takes him next to no time at all to figure out the communicator, and when he realises that Lilo and the others are nowhere nearby, Stitch went on a searching spree for them. He can still be found, running along, looking around frantically]

Lilo! Lilo!

[His English is awkward, obviously not his first language. Finally, annoyed with how badly his search is going, he turns the communicator on. Maybe Lilo or the others have one!

Ooooo video screen. Helpful! Scanning for his ohana and wondering which of the many here put him in here]
Aka boocha... [The alien mutters under his breath, words untranslated. It's probably guessable though, since he's a newbie here. He growls a little before speaking up again] Lilo! Nani? Pleakly? Jumba? [Come ooooon, if he's here, Jumba at least has to be. Where's an evil genius scientist when you need one?]