12 June 2012 at 03:09 pm
[ yes, it's still technically morning, but a certain rogue has herself happily established at the Devil's Compass, boots strategically propped up on the edge of her table, a pint of ale within easy reach, and a deck of cards idly shuffling between her hands. ]

Be careful where you step today, everyone. Or sit. [ grinning ]

If anyone's interested in a card game or two, I can vouch for the fact the new bar is nearly as much of a dive as the old one.
Location: Day 171 / Devil's Compass / Mid-Morning
04 June 2012 at 08:32 pm
[The video feed turns on significantly more gracefully than the first time she tried this; if nothing else, that should be enough of a sign that she remembers. Arianna looks pretty disoriented despite her usual polished appearance.]

It's warm.
I suppose I must have lost some time, then. It was winter...what happened? I thought Acumen was the warden...

[She puts a hand to her head, wincing as over a year's worth of memories continue bouncing around. Something important...something time sensitive. What was it?]

If anyone has seen an elf with silver markings, a gnome, or a man with a lightning bolt on his chest, please let me know. I think it's important.
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04 June 2012 at 08:55 pm
[Luke already privately had his freak out, and had a frantic read through of the brochure. He's all caught up, and once he's figured out the communicator (THREE BUTTONS ARE KINDA HARD OK) he's right up on the network]

This is the worst. I'm not even really sure where I am! I mean, one second I'm walking up some stairs to go do something really, really important, and then I'm here. I'm really worried about everyone. I'm pretty worried about myself, too. I don't even have my sword.

[he looks through the welcoming basket, and idly snacks on something]

I'm going to go talk to that robot in charge. I don't know if it'll do anything, but it must be worth something.

[It's entirely possible to run into him, too. He's just on a street corner, sitting on a window sill for a shop in sector 5]
[ video ] ;
04 June 2012 at 08:46 pm
[ a small bit of static, but it isn't too long before a man's face slides into view-- perplexed, and somewhat amused. the feed turns sideways, upways, upside down; all before the man grins and gives a low, appreciative whistle before he mutters in a quiet voice. ]

Niiice comlink tech we have here. New Republic model?

[ a beat of contemplation, looking at the welcome message before sighing. slight frown as he shrugs, taking another survey of the area before turning back to the feed. ]

Well, another prison. Why is it that everywhere I end up, I get thrown into one cell or another? I guess I should be happy that this is a step up from a force cage, but for some reason I'm not. Basket's a nice touch, though. Quaint.

Uh. Am I supposed to introduce myself? S'Atton, if anyone out there actually, y'know, cares. If this comlink actually works and if anyone can see this.

[ another.... thoughtful pause. he bites his lower lip for a moment, spacing out for another before stretching and cracking his neck. ]

Guess I should look for Surik. Or anyone, really.

[ he fiddles around with the communicator a little longer, murmuring a final "or maybe a deck of cards" before the feed shuts off with a click. ]
25 May 2012 at 07:43 pm
I know what it feels like to lose control. I think it's happening now, actually, because I don't usually do much talking. Especially not about this. There was a man where I'm from. Sephiroth. He was a hero. At least, that's what Shinra wanted us to believe. I'm not sure. My memories are mixed up too badly to tell what's hero worship, what's propaganda, what's Zack and what's me. I think, in the beginning, Sephiroth wasn't that bad. I think, if what I remember from what Zack said that night is true, that maybe Shinra set him up. The point is, he lost control, and I killed him, or I thought I did ... and Shinra tried to turn me into him. For a long time, I wasn't me anymore, in lots of ways.

The thing is ... you can fight it. Even if it's in your own cells, your own mind, you can fight it.
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25 May 2012 at 02:50 pm

[After somehow managing to secure Yuta and assured he would come to no further harm, he went back to the koi pond where he had unceremoniously dumped the child's knife. He reached in, taking the knife and examining it. He could still see traces of Yuta's blood on the blade and his golden eyes narrowed, his lips setting themselves in a hard line.

The silence around him shattered when he snapped the blade like you snap a pencil, the sound of cracking metal like thick ice cracking on a river. He tossed the blade to the ground, considering it.... and then he burst into flame. The flame burned hotter and brighter, turning white near the center, the metal beginning to bubble, the handle already done for.

And considering that it's getting dark, the light of the flame is hard to miss as it burns, the shadows it cast giving Ashura a somewhat evil look about it as he watched dispassionately, the stench of burning metal rising, making him shiver some.]

[Video - Filtered Away from Yuta]

[When he appears on screen, the shadows of the flames are dancing across his face, his pupils narrow slits in his golden irises.]

For those of you that saw him today, have seen him, or will see him - the boy Yuta - do not let him near sharp objects. If he asks you something like 'help him die' do not aid him. He is not in his right mind at the moment, and I will not have him making some foolish mistake.

[His tone is dead serious, and the extra message between the words is that he will probably break anyone who disobeys. He will not tolerate anyone hurting or aiding in helping Yuta hurt himself. He lets the fire dance across his face a bit more... and then shuts off the feed.]
25 May 2012 at 12:33 am
[are you ready for this]

[are you ready]

[Allen is sitting in the dining hall with his head buried in his folded arms and an enormous pile of empty plates stacked neatly next to him]

[he's already made a fool of himself today, so he's just trying to block... the rest of the world out. his instinct is to turtle]

[so that's what he's doing. turtling]

[too bad he's doing it in public, and the moment someone greets him he's going to forget about it!]
[closed][backdated to early, early morning]
21 May 2012 at 05:04 pm
[ she has been tossing and turning for at least an hour before she admits defeat, and stares at the ceiling in the darkened room. part of her thinks she should be past this by now -- though an equally emphatic part of her (that sounds a lot like Carver) berates her for thinking she could ever be over Quentin's nightmare.

tonight's dream seemed no different from other nights, but maybe it was the girl, yesterday, talking about her family, that makes Hawke feel like she can't lie still. pushing the covers to the floor, she paces the bedroom, raking her hands through her hair and chewing on her bottom lip. Flemeth croons from her perch, and Hawke steps over to pet the little dragon's scaly head.

that's what she needs. someone else to talk to. she pulls on a camisole and a pair of trousers over her smallclothes, and blows a kiss to Flemeth before stepping out of the apartment. the floor is cold beneath her bare feet, but she doesn't have far to go.

she raps her knuckles on Fenris' door, aware of the time, but distinctly uncaring. ]
video; open (mostly)
16 May 2012 at 04:38 pm
[As usual, Judith is somewhere high up, but good luck figuring out where from the endless field of blue behind her head. The communicator dangles for a moment before snapping into place and she’s smiling in a way that doesn’t quite reach her eyes.]

I suppose I should be grateful. Every need is taken care of and our new old warden seems a lot kinder than our old new one. [Judith doesn’t give that sentence any time to be unraveled before moving on, tilting her face toward the sky.] Still, it’s hard not to miss certain things from home, or certain people.

[Talking about Ba’ul? Now why would she do that! What Judith really (probably) means is…]

It’s good I was able to get this. [She holds up a certain wanted poster. It’s greyed a little from age and has been folded a few evident times but the artistic rendition is still clear.] I never learned to draw, so I can’t possibly recreate something so masterful.

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14 May 2012 at 11:05 pm
[ Humming fills the device before the soft darkness of black strands shifts as Diva piles her hair on top of her head, letting it fall in a cascade down her bare back. She’s wearing a towel, but not much else and her lips are curled in sated bliss.

She loves the heat, the warmth of a bath against her skin.


Looking up from her quiet repose, she smiles, leaning in close to breath against the shimmering screen of her device. ]

Join me, if you dare. [ she giggled once and then shut off the screen, but not before it catches a glimpse of the towel dropping, of Diva stepping into the sauna, enshrouded in a cloud of steam.

Redolent. ]

((ooc: Someone's up a little early this morning or is it that she hasn't slept at all? Either way, the public bath house in sector 2 is all hers for the moment. Enter if you dare... ♥ ))
[ Mingle ]
04 May 2012 at 09:45 am
[Sector 4 is a beautiful, landscaped residential area of the dome, where you'll find many homes, as well as parks, a butterfly pavilion, and a beach with an observation deck for the dolphins! It might be a little chilly for a swim, since it's still winter, but there's plenty of things to do.]

[Maybe you're visiting a friend here, or want to get zen by the meditation waterfall, or sit by the koi pond, or admire the massive cherry blossom tree still in full bloom. Or maybe you're just passing through on your way to the coffee shop in Sector 5 or the arcade in Sector 3, and waiting for people to ambush you!]

[So what are you doing? Anytime of day, with anyone! Just put down your characters and tag around!]
[video/action] I Never Game!
26 April 2012 at 03:09 pm
[ greetings, Marina. Hawke again. today she just tosses a wave at the camera. ]

Let it never be said I was good at planning... well, anything... but I came across something that sounded like a bit of harmless fun. Not that it has to stay that way. [ winks ]

It's a charming little drinking game called "I Never". And if at least half of us are passed out on the floor by the time the evening's over, I'll consider it a success. The tavern would have been my first choice, but as it met a rather sad end... shall we say around eight o'clock? In the club?

((OOC: Forward-dated action in the comments! Enjoy!))

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17 April 2012 at 05:31 am
I have heard that there are those who would call themselves demons living among us.

[Fenris' expression is one of casual disdain. It is clear that he does not think highly of you demon-types.]

Even those whom I once believed to be reasonable. Show yourself, should you have the courage.

[He doesn't have a weapon to beat you all down with, but he'd at least like to know who to keep an eye on. What makes him think people will be honest? Well.

Better to ask, right?]
06 April 2012 at 05:46 pm
[ a video feed pops on, and then pans across the public baths. and there's a voice over: ]

Clean water... ample soap... immaculate linens... it doesn't even smell like anyone's ever been here. I'll forgive the warden for it not being deep enough to dive.

Do I really have to go home?

[ the video picks up bare feet and bare legs as Hawke hops down into the bath, and then the feed focuses on her already-getting-red face. she looks positively blissful. and yet, smirky as always. ]

I know there's a party tonight, and we all should look our very best. Would anyone care to join me? I'll wash your back, if you wash mine?
04 April 2012 at 04:43 pm
[It was a nice day and Ashura like the out doors. So why not go outside? He headed for the park, picking a fairly well flushed out tree to settle beneath and simply enjoy the warmth of the season. Soon enough he was drifting asleep.

But it was not a restful sleep.

Anyone who wanders by will see the scrunching of his brow, the tossing of his head, a minute sort of panic. His hands clench and unclench, muscles twitch, sweat falls down his face. He really should be woken up, but for whatever reason, the dream holds him captive.

A quiet, distressed sound leaves him. Hopefully, that catches the attention of any good samaritans nearby.]
27 March 2012 at 10:28 am
[hey, it's Flynn! and it's time for Flynn's I miss my dog hour]

[he's already had breakfast, done his jogging, gone through his practice forms, and now he's ended up in the pet cafe, again, playing with one of the puppies. it has been kind of a depressing day so far, so he came here to cheer himself up, but wouldn't you know it? it's just got him thinking about different melancholy things]

[and he just can't help himself but turn on the communicator]

It feels like a lot of people here have adopted animals. I see them out and about all the time. ...How many of you have pets back home?

((ooc: If you want to have caught him earlier in his routine, that's fine too!))
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15 March 2012 at 05:32 pm
[Cloud is working at a furious pace in one of the parks in Sector 4. The training hall is too constricting a space for the energy he needs to burn to release the frustration pent up inside of him. He's pushing himself as far as the restrictions placed on his abilities will allow him to go, with gravity-defying leaps and rapid strikes and paries against an invisible foe. His sword is tossed from one hand to the other and spun in swift reversals, maneuvers he may have learned himself somewhere along the line, or may have absorbed when he unknowingly integrated parts of Zack's personality with his own to shore up his shattered psyche. There are days when he can't tell one from the other, and this is one of them.

The vision he saw in the mirror this morning was a vision of might-have-beens, and he can almost imagine that, as in the vision, Zack is at his side, fighting with him, the two of them finally equals. That there is a version of Zack asleep somewhere in Sentience's custody only makes his absence in Cloud's life more glaring.]
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13 March 2012 at 02:41 am
Deep Puck thoughts that mostly amount to 'be more fun, guys' )

The actual spell )

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07 March 2012 at 09:59 pm
[A strikingly beautiful young man appears in view and speaks After a small yawn, he speaks in a soft tone- there's barely something in that tone, that could be something to take caution in.]

My head is killing me... prison? Hah... it must be a bad dream.. because, I definitely don't belong in here...! No flaw in your system..? Surely you're mistaken!
Hah, really! I haven't done a thing! Do you see any blood on these hands? [Dietrich looks down at his hands, a soft smile painted on his face] Certainly not... You must have me confused for my so-called family.

I'm tired. And this.. it's annoying. This place isn't very comfortable at all.

I am obviously not alone, that much is sure! My... I must be surrounded by such very dangerous people if this is the case! Who wants to tell me their tall-tales since we're all playing this together. I do love a good story.
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06 March 2012 at 09:41 am
[Fenris is still a bit confounded by the communicator and often presses buttons without meaning to. He thinks it's part of the design the way they depress and beep and blink red.

And so the device shows him at the dojo. He's yet to find a way out (or even find this... kiosk- advanced technology is truly baffling), but his restlessness is kicking in and without vast adventures for Hawke to take him on, he has no other outlet for all that pent-up energy.

He tests one of the bamboo swords, swinging it as he would one of his normal gigantic broadswords. The weight and movement is clearly different, but experience has taught him to adjust accordingly. He has nowhere near the power and reach as his preferred weapons of choice, but it would have to make do.

And after a particularly hard swing (Mighty Blow!) against a practice dummy, the bamboo sword breaks. Oops.]