[action/ open]
19 April 2012 at 01:28 am
[He's not out of jail yet, but he did manage to talk Sentience into letting him out for a couple hours to work on his bar during the day. Since someone burned it the fuck down and it lay in ruins. He'll still be herded in at lunch and for the evenings, but for most of the day he'll be found at the former site of the bar The Devil's Compass. You know you want to talk to the caught psychopath torturer as he clears, cleans, tries to figure out how he's putting things back together.

Oh, his poor bar...]
[Video | Action]
10 April 2012 at 09:13 am
[Because of a promise he somehow ended up in, Atsuro’s busy looking up recipes and getting ingredients. He’s pretty alright with it, since he doesn’t mind cooking and it’s for a friend.

In the Shelter’s kitchens, he’s hard at work making what he’s set out to make: a parfait.

Because he's in the kitchens, anyone that knows him will see a rare sight. Atsuro with his hat off. Not only that, but he's wearing his hairclip to keep his hair out from his eyes.

Did I get it right? [He mutters to himself, checking the recipe and how the dessert looks so far. Maybe he should ask for help...

Ignoring his haro’s remarks, he reaches out for his communicator and adjusts the privacy settings.

[Video | Filtered from Yuuki Kuran]
Does anyone have experience with making parfait?
[Gamewide Mingle: Thanksgiving]
07 April 2012 at 08:25 pm
[At the entrance to Sector 5, several very long tables have been set up outside. Low light is provided by street lamps hung up just for the occasion, a cozy dining room in the middle of the street. There's turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, cranberry sauce, and many, many other Thanksgiving favorites. A warm, printed message at the center of the table asks:

In the tradition of the holiday known as Thanksgiving, please feel free to enjoy this meal and think about all the things over the last year for which you are most grateful.

Come one, come all! Food covers the tables, enough for the prison's entire population, courtesy of the bots. Have a nice big dinner with your fellow inmates, and get your CR on!]
[video/action → MINGLE] yeah, that's right
10 March 2012 at 01:16 pm
[The shelter is clearly equipped for a celebration to mark the changing of wardens. Everything is neat and tidy, with decorations and a generous food spread laid over the tables for the taking. There’s also the usual entertainment in the common areas – TVs, video games, movies. Maybe you can talk someone into an impromptu karaoke party. Why not? Sentience doesn’t mind.

There’s a party to be had, so get down with your bad self.

Need an invite? Aren’t quite sure what’s going on? Well, here’s a friendly neighbourhood Judith to explain it to you. The camera feed pans over a glammed up corner of the shelter’s common area before going back to her face. It’s clear she’s pleased by the set-up.

If I had known this was planned, I would have made some special cupcakes.

[Are you wondering what goes into Judith’s special cupcakes? Keep wondering.]

I suppose after all the excitement from last night, it’s nice to have some fun and relax. I’m not sure it’s fair to have one party directly following another – but maybe I’ll get to make up for missed opportunities. [She wanted to kick a robot’s face in, okay.]

((OOC: Mingle post for Sentience’s party in the shelter! The shelter is decorated with streamers and there’s a feast spread! But only three types of ice cream, though. Create threads and tag amongst yourselves! It’s a celebration, anything goes. Backdated slightly to the early evening.

If you want to respond to Judith via video, feel free! There will be a thread for that right here! Notifs are turned off otherwise.))
[ action | open ]
06 March 2012 at 12:07 am
[ There's a boy in Victorian-style clothing seated outside of the library. He's currently scowling down at the convenient Marina brochure received by new inmates, his brow furrowed as he reads through it a second time. Given that it isn't any more palatable this time than the first, he sets it aside momentarily, instead choosing to remove his communicator--which is fitted to wear over his left eye, thankfully, as it would be rather useless over his right--and fiddle with it, turning it to and fro in his hands and inspecting it from every angle. He knows what it's for. The brochure had done a good enough job describing that, at least. But how it actually works is another matter entirely.

Ciel has hardly moved since arriving in the prison; the restraint around his leg is rather uncomfortable and terribly cumbersome to walk with. He looks fairly miffed, but you should definitely come bother him anyway. He could probably use some help with that communicator, if nothing else.

Oh, and he's called a certain butler's name twice already, so he'd best be on his way. ]
αсτïøṉ | øρεṉ!
15 February 2012 at 02:25 pm
Sebastian sat up with a start, hand instinctively moving to his chest to clutch the poorly stitched wound. Realization struck... for the first time in a few days. He'd been a drone; following the mundane rituals that the robotic orderlies had enforced. It hadn't sunk in, the magnitude of the situation, until now. The Campania had sunk, taking with it tens of hundreds of thousands of both the living and the dead, ...but he and his master had escaped. He had staved off another attack, running himself ragged until he'd... he'd... he'd ended up here?

( ooc | Cut for a bit of blood. Sebastian is fresh off the Campania and still somewhat hurt. He's confused and all that, but feel free to pester him! Or feel free to help him a la Misery, dohoho, for some event related adoration and ❛molestation❜. )
14 February 2012 at 09:05 am
[Ritsuka has a busy day planned (perhaps even more than he thinks). He'll be starting off from the shelter this morning to pick up a book or two at the library in Sector 2. Following this, you will be able to spot him in Sector 3 as he plays a game or two at the arcade.

Lunch will be in Sector 5, and the afternoon will be spent reading in the park in Sector 4 until it gets too cold and he heads back to the shelter.

Expect his mood to deteriorate as the day wears on.]

[ooc: open to all! if you would like to choose/rng the intensity of the kiss, write the result in the subject of your first comment (cheek, normal, mega). otherwise I will default to normal. cheek only for girls, though, since I want to save Ritsuka's first normal girl kiss.]
[mingle] Mistletoe Bots
13 February 2012 at 04:14 pm
[Lovely day for being in any open, common area of the dome, isn't it? Of course there is a chance of kissing bot, but it's always something in the underwater prison.]

(OOC: Check out the OOC post for details. Pucker up! Edit: Links for those with loading problems!)
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[Open | Action: Devil's Compass | Daytime]
01 February 2012 at 09:20 pm
[ She had felt it. She had wanted to speak with him, after his troubling public question, wondering where it had stemmed from. Luck had not been on her side, until trying to reach him through the communicator had proven to be in vain: Naoya is gone.

The day is like one where everything seems to have fallen through at the same time. In passing by the Defense Force Headquarters, she learned that two members, two of those she had considered dear -- Alucard and Zelda -- have gone as well.

Since there was no science class to attend, no baseball practice, she decides to distract herself at the Devil's Compass, even if it was not her scheduled day of work. She could cook at the Shelter, or even at home but being "at work" felt more distracting somehow.

With her recipe notebook open on the counter, she absentmindedly tries to follow a new recipe. From time to time, she pops out of the kitchen, to sweep the floor and dust surfaces off -- if anyone comes in, they will be greeted with a smile. Life goes on, after all... ]

(( OOC: Old faces, new faces, everyone's welcome! Sasha might not be able to mix alcoholic drinks, but as per usual, she'll be more than glad to feed people X3~ Threadjacks are welcome ))
[Video | Action | Filtered from Aidan] Forward dated to sometime after dark
27 January 2012 at 01:05 am
[Sometime after sun down, once Helix has successfully planted his little gift and escaped Axel. Helix decides it's high time to get the show on the road. The red head is probably still looking for him, so he's in a nondescript area for this. He's got a small window of time, best get the actual threat out before they find his little bomb. So Marina, you're greeted with the familiar blue visage.]

Greetings Marina. I have a public service announcement. [He seems serious yet very nonchalant.]

If I were you, I'd stay a good... [Pause to consider.] 200 feet--give or take--away from the Defense Force Headquarters. Unless you want to end up in tiny chunks splattered all over the sector.

There is currently a bomb hidden within and set to go off at midnight. [Which is only a few hours from now.]

You can thank me later for the heads up.

Have a nice day--Night--Whatever.

[A small, Wiley sort of smile before the feed shuts off. And he's making a point to move to a new location, just in case he can be traced like one would a cell phone call. He'll have to keep moving unless he ditches his headset, he's thought about it, but decides not to for one reason or another. He doesn't want to be caught too easily, but he doesn't really care if he is. It's not like there's any real threat or that he'll talk anyway.]
18 January 2012 at 07:53 am
[ when the video feed comes to life, alois trancy looks like he's swallowed an entire sunbeam. that's how wide his smile is and how rosy his cheeks are. besides the usual honey-colored hair that frames his face, there's impossibly black silky strands tickling under his chin. he peers through the wave of hair at the camera (which one hand keeps in place), while a few polished fingernails card themselves through it. ]

Guess what, guess what? [ is the giddiness detectable? it should be. ] Claude has come! My Claude! My Claude came to me and while it took him a fuck of a long time, he's here now, and I've forgiven him for being so unpunctual! And, for leaving me alone for so long, of course. [ isn't he a kindly master? .... and, yeah, yeah; never mind that claude faustus has been charged with crimes just like everyone else. nope, alois likes to fancy that claude charged in to rescue him from unbearable loneliness. ]

He's really terrific! The best butler in the entire world. [ adding quickly: ] In all of them, you won't find one better and he's all mine.

Anyhow! Today Claude and I are going to bake a cake! [ the view gets a tad rocky, he's leaning back to switch his communicator's camera to the side of claude's face and ear. the entire time, he's been perched and wiggling on claude's shoulders, kicking his legs, or leaning backward—giving the trancy butler a hell of a time of keeping him steady and unscathed. ] Isn't that right, Claude? It'll be the bloody most wonderful cake you've ever seen or eaten!

[ swoop! the camera suddenly pans up to a top view of the two of them, with alois looking cheerfully upward. ] So, if you'd like, you should come and have some.

(ooc: ;w; yep. claude and alois'll be in the kitchen this afternoon baking (or, trying to teach how...) a cake and making a mess of things and herp derpin'. either one or both of us will tag those who comment in. feel free to come help them out in the kitchen, laugh at them, or eat some cake. i promise it'll be good.)
iv → action | open.
12 January 2012 at 03:44 pm
[ angel's in the church, walking down the nave, fingers trailing along the tops of the pews as he makes his way towards the altar. curiosity about the limitations this prison places on people is getting the better of him, and despite better judgement, he feels compelled to test something. stopping before the first cross he spots, he reaches out and grabs hold of it, lifting it up off the podium.

one second, two, three, four, five-- an agonizing ten seconds and he drops it with an inhuman snarl, backing away to observe the damage done to his palm. well, that at least answered a few questions. ...ow. ]
[MINGLE / Open to ALL] Snowball Fight in Sector 4!
11 January 2012 at 07:35 pm
[ Wandering around the snowy park? There are two things to look out for: (1) don't trip over the bright orange ropes that close off a large open area, (2) take cover and watch for a stray snowball, and (3) ... you know, you might want to join in for this is a Snowball Fight.

Only guidelines: no weapons, no head shots, no stuffing snow down someone's mouth, collar or anywhere else uncomfortable. Play to your heart's content! Spoiler: there's no winner.

Warm drinks and snacks are served in a nearby tent (ah, thank goodness for space heaters!), while towels and blankets are also available. You might want to take advantage of the snow as well -- make snowmen, snow angels, your own sculpture as you wind down~ ]

--- OOC Guidelines; PLEASE READ --- )
video; 001. ♘ One Public Service Announcement
03 January 2012 at 09:19 am
[ This one seems calm to say the least. He takes a moment to adjust his glasses berfore surveying the surroundings with a slight frown. A quick check of his person assured him he was still in one piece despite his change of surroundings. But then there was something distinctly out of place.

Two things, actually.

The most obvious concern came from that sudden weight on his ankle. A ball and chain. Who had been foolish enough to try that? But much to his chagrin, he finds himself unable to break free. No matter. That would be dealt with in time.

The second concern is that infuriating pull. That damned itch and yank on his collar that he had begun to so utterly despise. That brat, his cursed brat of a master was still alive. But how? Why? Hadn't he just killed the child? He was supposed to be dead. He made sure of that. If he hadn't finished him off then surely the wolves would have.

Annoyance at this second bit causes a rather obvious frown to come to that normally cool facade and a slight click of the tongue. But what was this? Ah. ]

As I've gathered, this is... a prison?

[ He didn't think the feds would've caught up with him this fast. Were there even feds for demons? No time for ifs, whys and hows though. There are more important things on hand. ]

At any rate, I am Claude Faustus, head butler of the Trancy house. I understand my [ slight hesitation and acid on the word ] master, Alois Trancy may be among your number. If someone would be so kind as to direct me to him, your assistance would be appreciated.