[video/open; action option]
02 January 2012 at 03:57 pm
[The first thing she notices is the sharpness of Ba’ul’s absence. It’s with a bit of will that she evens out her mood in response. The communicator is easy enough to figure out, even if she doesn’t particularly enjoy the weight of it.]

Strange. I used to think it was harder to catch me.

[She’s without her spear, too. A mild grimace is there and gone in an instant.]

I suppose while I’m here, I might as well make myself comfortable. [ -- because she won't be here for long. This is what she’s decided. The first opportunity out, she’s taking it.]

Maybe one of you can help me. My shoes are all muddy. [And that’s terrible.]
[ Voice / Closed ]
29 December 2011 at 01:24 am
[ In an attempt to stay away from the mistletoe hung in their Shelter suite, Ribbons escaped to one of the kitchens to flip through magazines borrowed from one of the common rooms and nurse a cup of tea.

Looking at the generic pictures, he recalls the camera brought by Miwako the night before, and thus he recalls another person fond of cameras. He therefore places his call -- ]

Hello Jeanne. Do you have a moment?
[ ACTION ] - backdated to midmorning
16 December 2011 at 04:02 pm
[ early to bed means early to rise, though the (artifical) sun is already gaining height in the sky by the time vanessa departs from her temporary residence of last night. she's so relieved to finally be able to curl up on a bed that, while isn't hers, is at least familiar.

she's distracted, rightfully so, and probably wouldn't notice a ten-foot pole if it sprouted up two feet in front of her.

which is, of course, your cue to fling a snowball into her unsuspecting face, yes? ]


[ later, when the front of her coat is wet and her mouth has been permanently glued into a thin line, she finally makes it back into the shelter, the loud stomps of her footsteps announcing her presence long before the sight of her does. the smart thing to do at this point would be to take a long, hot bath, but nope, vanessa's far too annoyed to do something as rational as that. instead, she's going to snag that last open chair, plant herself down in it, and glare.

best not look at her the wrong way, else you might be sacrificing your hearing for the rest of the day. ]

(ooc: action either outside or in the shelter works! o/)
09 December 2011 at 08:19 pm
Hey. [Always weird starting these.] So, the Devil's Compass has a pool table now if anyone is interested. There's a dart board too, [Thinking] and we still have drinks. It's the only place outside of the club you can get alcohol.

Sasha is here tonight too, so we've got pizzas, quiche, and pie. ["Pie" might have come out slightly sighed.] So, stop in. [Should he say bye? Awkward pause. Click.]

(OOC: It's a mingle! If you want to reply directly to the video you can. Please use Sam's comment, because I'm turning off comments!)
[ video ] open
02 December 2011 at 09:22 am
[The feed shows Oz, just sitting there in what looks like the cafeteria. Nothing spectacular or overtly interesting to see here really except that his hair happens to be extra red today. Of course those who know Oz know that his hair can change color from day to day depending on how motivated he is to do it. Let's just say someone got a hold of some cherry kool-aid mix. Anyway, it's just Oz.]

Anyone interested in meditation classes? [Yep, that's all he has to say with one curiously arched brow. Nothing more and not exciting or interesting at all.]
[Action: Class | Open]
01 December 2011 at 07:51 pm
[Education Center, Music Hall. Today's lesson starts with the introduction of Zelda's new co-teacher, Sheik. The two of them go through the normal routine of reviewing the past lessons and starting new ones. Regular students are probably aware of this and have probably mastered a few basic songs by this point. They might also be the ones to notice that Zelda's not quite as lively today as usual. Despite Sheik's best efforts to keep her engaged, there are moments where her mind very clearly appears to be occupied with something else.

Students, new and old, are welcome to stop by early before class or stick around after class to talk to either Zelda or Sheik, or even both of them. Likewise, during the lesson, they have only to raise their hand and one of the teachers will come over to give them some one-on-one help.]

((OOC: Backdated to the morning. Please add the appropriate 'Before', 'After', or 'During' headers to your tags if you are interested =) ))
[ Voice | Action | Wide Open! ]
09 November 2011 at 09:10 pm
Good afternoon, Marina! Ladies, it's that time again~ Yesterday was so stressful, and it's been a while since we all gathered together, so head over to the spa for a spell! [ Jeanne's enthusiasm isn't quite at the levels it normally is for these, but she hides it behind her newfound energy. ] Today we are doing things a little differently -- and by "we" I mean my new friend Inara and I! She has a world of experience in things I could only read about in magazines, so tonight is sure to be a real treat.

Come on down to the public bathhouse, let your hair down, and get pampered just like you deserve! Hope to see you all there!

[ Action | Come one, come all! ] )

((OOC note: Post is NOT filtered, so "crashers" (read: boys) are welcome -- serious troublemakers will be escorted out, so please make an OOC note in your tag if you feel comfortable with that happening, or have someone planned to do just that. Otherwise there might be some female Defense Force members who will gladly do the honors~

If you want to answer the voice portion, just tag into this sub-thread for Jeanne only, otherwise mingle and tag around as you like. <3)
09 November 2011 at 07:28 pm
--- [ Action | Closed to Hiling ] ---

[ It was perhaps one of the few times that Ribbons didn't enjoy a holiday -- or even bothered to pretend doing so. Methodically, he took down the Halloween decor. He is in no hurry, really. All they have is time, after all. ]

--- [ Action | Closed to Setsuna ] ---

[ He needed air at some point; and so later in the day, a walk around the beach felt like a good idea. Might as well take advantage of the their living in Sector 4. ]

(( OOC: Action is closed to the above mentioned parties, but network calls -- voice and video alike -- are welcome and can be placed here in the case anyone needs Ribbons. :3 ))
[ Action | Open ]
02 November 2011 at 09:58 pm
[ This holiday is pretty much exactly what Jeanne needed to take her mind off of what was going on with Saya. Well, the holiday, and the massive amounts of candy it brought along!

She's in the clothing store, trying on various things. First a witch's ensemble, which she couldn't stand the hat of. Then a sailor's uniform, but it was too baggy. Finally, she slips on a black one-piece "bunny girl" top over tinted stockings and admires herself in the mirror.

Hmm. Maybe that's a bit too much of her figure. She can only think of what Ribbons might think...

It's when she pauses in front the mirror again, she gets a certain glint in her eye. No. You know what? Look sexy! You deserve it. You can do that much, right? All she needs are some long gloves to cover the bruises on her arms as well as the stockings did, and she'll be good to go! ]

Right! [ She shouts, at no one in particular. Besides, the ears and fluffy tail look cute. They even twitch! ]



[ Jeanne did not put those on, yet. She reaches up and tugs at the end of the floppy white ear and damn near shrieks when she realizes that she could feel that!

This is pretty much her exact reaction. ]
...oh no...
[Video | Filtered]
26 October 2011 at 09:44 pm
[After some research, it turns out that Diva's second Chevalier is indeed missing. Even the one was dangerous, but there may never be a better time to act. And as much as Saya wishes it weren't so, the last encounter showed her that she can't do this alone.]

[What she can do though is make sure that the person who helps her won't get themselves killed in the process. And she has a whole crew of potential people... plus a boy who she knows. Asking him privately seems a little personal, so she just adds him to her filter.]

[Filtered to Defense Force (minus Conrad) + Sasuke]

This is Saya Otonashi. I'm hoping someone who hears this will be able to help me.

[deep breath, Saya. It'll be okay, somehow.]

I need some help with Diva. [all the DF members should recognize her name from the watch list, at the very least, if not the incidents where she turned two inmates into her slaves.]

[And so she waits for replies. She'll have to screen carefully to make sure any volunteers will be able to handle this -- and formidable though the DF members' abilities are, most of them can't hope to hold their own against one of Saya's kin.]
25 October 2011 at 09:05 pm
Wait tomorrow's Halloween? Already?! Geez, I will never get used to how holidays fly by around here. If Halloween's coming up then that means - [LONG PAUSE]

...That means I'm nineteen now! [and instead of the happy face of a birthday girl, she looks mostly horrified.] I aged in prison! All this time's gone by and I didn't even notice...! How did I not notice my own birthday?!

[hands on her head] I can't believe I've been here for this long...
18 October 2011 at 03:23 pm
[ Good morning Marina~!

Were you sleeping alone last night? Well now you have company!

Were you sleeping with someone? Well, you're still sleeping with someone, but maybe you'd like to give it a look-see, before you get too comfortable.

Are you sure this is your room? You might want to check though -- who knows if you're using the same design of lampshade or if your bed really is set up against the wall...

Whether you are in your own room or not, one thing's for certain, you're in for a surprise this morning! ]

(( OOC: Many pardons for the late, but here be your Morning After Prank all-purpose post! Do your threads here if you are so inclined, or make your network freak-out posts~ Have fun!

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[Action | Open]
05 October 2011 at 03:33 pm
[It's midday at the club, but that's nothing to stop Ciaphas Cain from getting some light afternoon drinking in. It's not imbibing for the sake of getting drunk so much as for a delightful buzz--given the presence of a Hawaiian pizza that he dragged from the pizza shop, he is clearly just using a bit of his downtime to relax. Not that Mr. Grimdark Future knows what or who Hawaii is and what it has to do with pizza, but hey, it goes good with a bit of drink.]

[He's sparing his attention on the network as he eats and drinks. Not that he will shun a bit of conversation in favor of the very polite eavesdropping he's currently enjoying, should someone want to strike up a conversation... or try to take some pizza.]
[ Action | Closed ]
18 September 2011 at 04:44 am
[ As all things go, things must come to an end.

It had been a very long evening for everyone, and also for both Ribbons and Jeanne. Even if the attendees have long gone, the two main organizers have stayed behind just to oversee the bots cleaning up the place.

Ribbons picked up his jacket from the back of a chair just as a bot wheeled by to collect it. And just before another one picked up a flower arrangement from the table, he took a lily as some kind of souvenir.

It is a very memorable evening, as far as he is concerned, in more ways than one... ]
14 September 2011 at 03:39 pm
Upon entering Sector 4, the very large tent that stands framed by the beach is quickly noticeable. Closer, one can see colors dancing upon the white sheets, like opalesque spires under the moving onyx sky. As you enter one of the wings of the tents, grass give way to wooden flooring, and chains of white blossoms and gold ribbons line the sides. The open dance floor in the center bids one to look up to whimsical white-gold lamps, balls of light dancing in seas of violet, blue, green and pink organza. The fabrics fall down pillars adorned with leaves and flowers. Tables set in white and gold with jewel toned flowers sit at the four wings surrounding the dance floor.

... but it is far too early to take a seat. Smile and greet your fellow attendee, take the hand of a friend, and dance to the music.

Welcome to Marina Academy's First Promenade!

There are large tables with finger foods and punch (not spiked -- save it for the after-party!), and very little space near the walls (sorry, wallflowers! You won't get away so easily. )  After a large number of people are gathered together, Jeanne stands up on the small stage set to the side of the dance floor and taps on the microphone to get everyone's attention...

+ Info post / thread index (please read this first!)
+ Jeanne's greeting speech!
+ Prom King and Queen announcement. (Spoiler: It's Euphie and Kanda.)
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[ Video / Action | Sector 4 ]
06 September 2011 at 10:28 pm
----- [ Open ] -----

[ Remember this brightly smiling face, Marina? This man is currently surrounded by greenery, long hair pulled back in a ponytail and is holding a pair of pruning scissors. ]

Roses, for all their beauty, are known to be quite the fussy plants! Constant pruning is required, for the leaves tend to take away nutrients that would otherwise be channeled towards healthy blossoms.

[ Talking to himself? Maybe. Until he looks to the camera~ ]

Roses are also versatile plants, for not only their perfume nor their appearance make most of their charm, but their taste as well. They make the interesting addition to tea, roast birds and pastries.

So, tell me Marina, are there unique recipes from your home that you might want to share? Perhaps those tuning in to this feed might pick up something new as well!

----- [ Private to Rai and M-21 ] -----

[ Now he has the welcome basket -- the treats, the pamphlet and brochures, and other supplies. Along with the basket came a new accessory. And so as promptly and sharply as he can, albeit void of any humor -- ]

Master, M-21.

I have been restrained. I will be late for dinner.
[ Action/Closed | Voice/Open | Backdated to late morning ]
02 September 2011 at 12:12 am
----- [ Action/Closed ] -----

[ Just less than a day before the Talent Show and right after comes the prom. The invites have been delivered to the Post Office first thing that morning -- that was the first order of the day. The second one was to look for something matching to wear with Hiling.

The third, he was somewhat expecting, but is always a pleasant surprise. He thinks he does owe Jeanne the favor of helping her choose something as well, after him asking her to pick a tie for him... ]

----- [ Voice/Open ] -----

Good day, Marina.

I would like to inquire as to who is now taking care of Trés Magnifique -- the fashion boutique opened by Josak Guerrière, as I will be requesting for a bit of help with regards to clothing alterations.

Thank you most kindly for your time.
[ Video | Open ]
31 August 2011 at 08:45 pm
Hi, Marina! Miss Jeanne Fránçaix, here. I just wanted to remind those of you who are new -- and slightly-more-permanent residents here -- that I'm holding my Sign Language class today! It'll be at 2 o'clock, in the Education Center's room number 6. [ She smiles at the camera, chipper for many reasons. ] If you need any directions, don't hesitate to ask! I'll be looking to see my regular students there today, too~

[ Then her smile widens. ] And, for everyone else, keep an eye on your mail today. I know you're all excited for the news that came in yesterday, but I hope you have some energy left for the next announcement, too! [ With a wink, she puts a finger down her lips. ] But that's all I'm going to say for now. You'll just have to wait for PM to come by with the mail!

--oh, and before I forget. Who wants to go shopping~? I have a lot of dresses, but I don't have something in just the right color. Let me know!

[ And here she waves and disconnects, so she can finish setting up her classroom. ]

((OOC: Post under Jeanne's "Class" header if you are attending! More info is here. Network replies can be before or after the mail delivery (which is Friday) for a postcard invitation to the Prom, just say so!))
The 129th Day
22 August 2011 at 05:22 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 129th day of the third generation.

I have managed to restore my communication faculties. I am sorry for being unavailable yesterday. The confusion with the extraneous inmates is regrettable, however, no permanent damage was done, and no inmates were harmed. The inmates who arrived yesterday were not processed and so they were not properly extricated from their timelines, and as such, they were able to be returned until their data is properly collected and their trials are held. Rest assured that should they be settled once again in their native dimensions while awaiting trial, they will have no recollection of their time here.

The system will be available for requests once more.
[Voice | Closed]
04 August 2011 at 10:13 pm
[ Filtered to the Student Council, Euphemia, and Ribbons ] )