[ action | open ]
27 June 2012 at 11:18 pm
[Touma was chowing down at the ramen stand, book in hand. It was a book on penal systems and rehabilitation practices of some random world not his own. He also had another two books on the subject stacked on the stool next to him at the counter, and two empty bowls stacked off to the side on the same counter.]
Mood: hungry
[ action ]
07 June 2012 at 02:10 am
[Touma was feeling reflective today. Ryo was gone. He'd noticed the lack of their friend around the house, and went to investigate his room, finding it empty. He was pretty sure Seiji and Nasuti had noticed as well, but he'd been sort of avoiding them for a bit to collect his own thoughts and feelings on it before mentioning it to them, or at least discussing it with them.

It was an odd bittersweet feeling, really. Sad that he couldn't see his friend, but not so sad because Ryo wasn't stuck in the prison anymore. So confusing.

He'd buried himself in some books on penal systems from various worlds in the back corner of the library.]
Video | Open | backdated to early morning
04 June 2012 at 11:17 pm
[ His head hurt, he couldn't get up. Well actually, that was lie - he could, he just didn't want to. The device was propped up on what looked to be a bed and behind the messy head of red hair, there was the view of a blanket pulled up, blocking off the rest of the room.

Using the weight of his arms to sit up, he addresses the feed with a face full of guilt and it almost appeared as if he were on the verge of tears, but he wasn't crying. He didn't really feel in the mood to do something like this, but the fact that he'd awoken only to be reminded of what transpired the other day, this wasn't something he could just easily toss aside.

…Everyone that I… [ pauses and looks away a moment before forcing himself to finish] …that I worried…I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause trouble like that. I never meant to say those things and act like that… [ he couldn't bring himself to say anymore so instead pulls the blankets over his head and he reaches out a hand from the blanket, shutting off the feed abruptly.]
[Video | Action to Roommates]
28 May 2012 at 07:54 pm
Pre-Video )

[Large brown eyes open, and a familiar, petite girl appears on screen. Only something's missing. A lot of something. Where long, thick hair once rolled past her shoulders, it's short, now, barely sneaking past the bottom of her chin. Sitting at a vanity in her room, she doesn't bother to draw attention to it. That isn't her reason for turning the device on.]

I've done a lot of thinking since I came to this place. It's cruel and unfair while treating everyone equal. We never know what to expect, either - whether it's an uprising or even chemical gases in the air. There's just no telling. But whether trying to escape or making this your permanent home, it's where we live for the time being.

That's why, I think it's good to protect what we do have here. Because what happens here is just as real as at home.

[She shakes her head]

Because I couldn't remember a good chunk of my time in Marina in the past, I've felt uncertain about a lot of different things. And even more confused and upset by actions at home, but - I think I'm finally beginning to figure things out.

[Eyes closing she draws a deep, peaceful breath.]

I know some people were effected negatively yesterday. To those of you who were, remember that today's a new day. Don't punish yourself for the past, and just concentrate on the present. In the end that's the only thing we have control of. I'll do the same, too. [A nod, before glancing back up into the screen, jaw set in determination.]

Suzuka-san, it's not too late to join the Defense Force, right? Lavi-kun - I promise I'll study for the next test. And Zero? Let's go get shio ramen together.

[OOC: Yuuki hacked off her hair. The majority of her icons won't reflect this, though (yet) so please bare with it! Had to use the current one though, because yay short hair!]
22 May 2012 at 11:52 pm
[The warnings have already been given, but it's a little too late. The gas was invisible, untraceable to the normal senses. But someone might feel it. The changes in them if they had been close enough, breathed in too much. Too bad they probably wouldn't care after that either.

It's not such a big deal now, is it? Neither is holding back on all those things they keep to themselves, or refusing to do the things they remind themselves are bad or dangerous or against the rules. Who cares about rules anymore? Why not just do what they want? Why should they hide how they feel? Why should they keep hiding who they really are? Who came up with all of these silly unspoken rules anyway?

You do not feel a loss of control. To you, it's like being more in control than you've ever been. And choosing to just go with it. You only have one life to live! Regret, remorse and reservation are all just words to you for the day. Just...try not to die or kill anyone.]

{OOC: Mingle post for the event! Your threads can occur anywhere open to the public in the prison, or not-so-public if you're including a closed thread, too. Although, it is encouraged to make your own post if you're keeping it closed to one or a few individuals. If you think you would rather make your own post instead of tagging it onto this one, please feel free!}
[video | action | open]
21 May 2012 at 11:12 pm
[ The video switches on but the view seen is shaky, mainly because it is being carried in hand and swinging back and forth. There's silence for a while before the swinging abruptly stops, revealing what looks to be near the Koi pond. The communicator is finally readjusted as he sits and what looks to be a smiling face stares into the screen.

Except, that wasn't ordinary cheerfulness, no--it was more of a sadistic smile, really.
] You're just wasting your time…we're all going to die. We need to. Its the only way…

[ The voice was apathetic, void of any emotion and the hand that is brought into view had blood seeping from the palm, indicating it had been slightly cut. It was clutching a small knife--likely taken from the shelter's kitchen, and the sharp object was being turned over, reflecting a small child's face, and eyes that were dilated. ]

…You can help, if you want to.

((ooc: anyone is welcome to try and snap him out of it but they might be rewarded with verbal or physical resistance. THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN WITHOUT MUN'S PERMISSION THOUGH~))
[Action] : LIBRARY
18 May 2012 at 11:35 am
[Nasuti wasn't too surprised that the people who signed up for the book club seemed to share similar tastes...perhaps it was due to similar personality types? That's what she liked to think, at least. Even so, it was proving to be a challenge to find just the right book selection to kick off this endeavor. Maybe she was putting too much pressure on herself, but picking the right book could very well make or break the club, after all.

Perusing the aisles, skimming the spines of many books, both worn and some apparently untouched, Nasuti had a difficult time letting any of the titles sink in. Maybe she should've invited Seiji along. He was opinionated enough, and probably one of the more difficult parties to please, as far as those signed-up were concerned.

Well, as far as she knew, anyway...]

...just need to find the right thing to stick out at me...[She muttered beneath her breath tiredly. She hadn't expected so much energy to be put towards this, but she wanted it to be perfect. This was her first impression on quite a few of the people here, after all.]
16 May 2012 at 11:52 am
[Not one to let the little hiccup or two upon her arrival bring her down, the sorceress headed out to explore the streets of Marina. She did a few hearty kicks into mid-air for good measure. Take that, y'stupid jerks! Change of scenario?! Bitchy blonde swords-woman?! No big! Lesser people have managed to survive! Lina Inverse will rock this place and come out on top!

A wide smirk spreading over her face, creasing into the dimples of her round cheeks, she made a showy strut into the streets, only to be greeted by armor-looking things that seemed to move on their own. It wasn't the first time for Lina to see lifeless objects animated without a caster in sight, but it still wasn't your average experience. She frowned skeptically, reconsidering for a moment her decision to leave the "comfort" of the bedroom she had spent the last evening in.

But still! Adventures await! This place was more bustling than your average town, which meant there were certainly restaurants to raid and spoils to be had! Shaking her head for a moment, she balls her gloved hands into fists and makes her way onto the sidewalk, sucking in a long breath through her nose. There were lots of smells to greet her--that of metal and oil, some odd fishy-type smell that induced a faint nausea(she had just to really look up just yet), and something...

...something mysterious. She stopped mid-step, taking another good wiff both to the left and the right. Where was that smell coming from? She turned around and sniffed behind her. Was she walking away from it?

There was...tomatoes, which weren't really all that exciting in and of itself...but there was...something else...

Following her nose, she followed the scent, not paying mind to any of the residents she bee-lined past giving her odd stares. She was used to that--what, had they never seen a brightly-clothed red-headed sorceress clad in gems and gold before?! They were probably just entranced by her stunning looks...

She stopped in front of a good-sized shop from which the smell emitted from. Pizza? What was this?! Some new sort of cuisine? She was taken aback. This was something she hadn't anticipated! Trembling with excitement, she burst through the door and announced herself.]

BEHOLD! LINA INVERSE IS HERE TO GRACE YOUR ESTABLISHMENT WITH HER UNSURPASSED APPETITE! [Would it strike fear? Awe? Either was fine with her, really. As long as her stomach was full by the time she left.]

[ooc: In the shop? Outside as she exits? Feel free to run into your favorite (everyone's favorite!!) red-headed magic user whenever!]
[ action ]
30 April 2012 at 08:01 pm
[Touma was in the training area of the dojo, his golden bow in hand, working through some movements to fight and defend. He was using the bow much like a staff, shadow fighting with an invisible opponent, and pulling off some complex maneuvers complete with spins and tucks and rolls. It was clear he was trained in fighting as he moved, but it looked like he was working on defensive moves more than offensive moves.

He was getting used to fighting without his armor to protect him.]
Mood: determined
26 April 2012 at 05:05 pm
[The video feed clicks on to reveal the resident cool kid who wears his sunglasses at night.]

Hey, everyone. I'm Robin, in case we haven't met yet. I know it's kind of late, but thanks for all the help when I got here. And thanks for all the suggestions about the Defense Force. I joined up not long after I got here, so if you need help or anything, feel free to ask. It's kind of my job.

By the way, are there other people trained in combat here? Training on my own is fine, but having sparring partners would be even better. Besides, how cool would it be to learn combat styles from other worlds? If you're interested, I'll be in the training hall in sector six.

[video | private to comics!Tim]

Hey, do you have some spare time tonight? There's somewhere I want to investigate and a second opinion would be great.

[Feel free to roll on into the training hall. No need to video reply first, if you don't want to!]
[Voice|Action|Open] Backdated to early morning
18 April 2012 at 09:22 am
[It's early, but that is just as it should be. It is not as if he slept during the night. He no longer has need for it.]


There will be an exam today for those attending the physical defense course. Bring a blunt weapon of your choice from the recreational center or one will be selected for you. [he pauses for a moment, thoughtful] Perhaps it should have been mentioned before today, but if you are not prepared as you are now, you would not have been any more prepared with advanced warning.

This is a prompt opportunity to observe for those who are interested in taking the course.

Let us assess what you have learned )

{OOC: Please remember to label your threads Before, During, or After and make it clear if you character is just observing the class. You decide whether your character has passed the exam or not and which role they take as the attacker or defender. Mingling with other students is highly encouraged. Volunteer demonstrators are more than welcome.}
[Gamewide Mingle: Thanksgiving]
07 April 2012 at 08:25 pm
[At the entrance to Sector 5, several very long tables have been set up outside. Low light is provided by street lamps hung up just for the occasion, a cozy dining room in the middle of the street. There's turkey, mashed potatoes, candied yams, cranberry sauce, and many, many other Thanksgiving favorites. A warm, printed message at the center of the table asks:

In the tradition of the holiday known as Thanksgiving, please feel free to enjoy this meal and think about all the things over the last year for which you are most grateful.

Come one, come all! Food covers the tables, enough for the prison's entire population, courtesy of the bots. Have a nice big dinner with your fellow inmates, and get your CR on!]
04 April 2012 at 12:53 pm
[Nasuti appears on the network in video format--it's a been a while, Marina! Remember this face? It has an apologetic smile, but all the same--]

Sorry I've been somewhat anti-social, everyone. I decided to spend the past few days getting some much-needed cleaning done over here in the house...[Having three teenagers who essentially had free reign of the place before she arrived typically calls for it.] I think I got most of it at least.

I was curious how seasons work here. I know not too long back, we had snow...has anyone been here long enough to determine if there will be cherry blossoms when the time calls for it? It'd be lovely to arrange some sort of hanami party.

[PRIVATE TO: Troopers]

Now that this place is a bit more presentable, did you guys want to invite any of your friends over for dinner sometime soon? I'd like to meet more of your friends.
Action | Open
23 March 2012 at 08:25 pm
[Oh great, he'd completely forgotten to pick up a raincoat for the rain today and now he was suffering the consequences for it. Darn it all. He groaned as he dragged himself to the Garden Sapling, and sitting under the large cherry blossom tree. Frowning, he leaned his back against it and rubbed the bridge of his nose, which had now turned a bright red color, matching his hair. Being sick was annoying, and he didn't like it at all. With all the things that had been going on, Yuta had been uneasy about the prison, which distracted him from using his common sense, and now he was sniffling and sneezing all over the place.

He couldn't very well go back to the apartment though, not in this kind of condition. Yuta was too stubborn to admit he was feeling miserable and would do anything to get rid of this stupid cold, so he'd just stay there hoping that he'd get better over time. Hopefully no one he knew would find him, he really didn't want to be seen in such a bad state.
[Voice/Private to Cain + Action/Closed to housemates]
23 March 2012 at 09:09 pm
[While the previous day's "odd occurrence" (to quote a Very Tall Mister) hadn't directly affected him, it had troubled him still. It may be apparent to his housemates through his overall demeanor that something isn't sitting right -- it's just that he didn't want to trouble them.

Most of the day, Ryo was out doing his usual activities, except that he's keeping his distance from his friends and other people, trying to sort his thoughts out for himself. At sundown, self-sorting has proved to be futile, and so he decides to call someone who has given him good advice before...]

Um-- hello. Good evening, Teacher. Do you have a minute?

[ Later, he will find himself home and crashing on the couch, trying to call forth a nap... ]
[action | open]
16 March 2012 at 04:19 pm
[Sesshoumaru can frequently be found near the koi pond as the day wanes, watching the inmates come and go as Mizuki amuses herself by darting for the edge of the water and then back again to the Western Lord's side.

For the most part, he ignores his companion's splashing and attempts to lure him into her games. It would be unseemly for him to indulge in such antics, particularly in his current form. Though Mizuki's companionship does make the place tolerable for the time being, Sesshoumaru is far from content in Marina. Now fully rested after the rebellion against Acumen, he finds himself once more frustrated and lacking a suitable outlet for his energies.

He turns away from his perusal of his fellow inmates to watch Mizuki more closely when, quite suddenly, movement on the pond's surface catches his attention. Sesshoumaru freezes, eyes wide.

Across the surface of the pond, a battle that could never be takes place. A tall demon, his white hair swept high into a warrior's topknot, pushes forward, expression grim as his sword strikes Bakusaiga and forces the weapon and its wielder back. It is the battle that Sesshoumaru long dreamed of waging with his father, the battle that was stolen from him the day the Inu no Taisho died for the sake of a human woman and a halfbreed whelp.

Before the vision reaches its end, Sesshoumaru reaches down and, in a blur of motion, skips a pebble across the water's surface, disrupting the reflection and obscuring the conclusion of the conflict. He sneers and turns his back on the pond.]

[action | open]
15 March 2012 at 05:32 pm
[Cloud is working at a furious pace in one of the parks in Sector 4. The training hall is too constricting a space for the energy he needs to burn to release the frustration pent up inside of him. He's pushing himself as far as the restrictions placed on his abilities will allow him to go, with gravity-defying leaps and rapid strikes and paries against an invisible foe. His sword is tossed from one hand to the other and spun in swift reversals, maneuvers he may have learned himself somewhere along the line, or may have absorbed when he unknowingly integrated parts of Zack's personality with his own to shore up his shattered psyche. There are days when he can't tell one from the other, and this is one of them.

The vision he saw in the mirror this morning was a vision of might-have-beens, and he can almost imagine that, as in the vision, Zack is at his side, fighting with him, the two of them finally equals. That there is a version of Zack asleep somewhere in Sentience's custody only makes his absence in Cloud's life more glaring.]
[video | open | action closed to the Doctor's household]
15 March 2012 at 05:15 pm
[The vision cast on the surface of the water filling the kitchen sink isn't something anyone else was supposed to see, but it so happens that the Doctor was making a transmission when Puck's little prank hit him. With many of his abilities still muddled, there is no way the Doctor could have foreseen this possibility or blocked the access to his mind required to create the vision.

The Doctor had wanted to show off the dishes, and the fact that he was doing them. Instead, he grants anyone in Marina who happens across the transmission a brief view of Gallifrey as it was before the Time War ... or would have been after, had the Time Lords not fallen so far and the Doctor had not been forced to use the Moment to destroy his own people.

Once the vision is gone, the Doctor doesn't say a word for a full minute, practically an eternity given his current incarnation's gift of gab.]

Well. That was unexpected.
[ action ]
15 March 2012 at 05:11 pm
[Touma was getting a few things for the day from the store. Some stuff they'd been needing. He was still disappointed he had missed out on the whole thing with Acumen and Sentience. He supposed it was better that way, though. Too many of them might have been too conspicuous or something, and Acumen would have noticed.

Either way, things seemed to have settled down for now, and he was walking along an area with a few store fronts and glass windows.

Wait... did something in that store move? He paused to take a closer look, but there was nothing inside. No, no... it was the reflection. The reflection the glass was doing something!]
[The 157th Day]
05 March 2012 at 05:59 pm
Good morning, everyone! [This morning, it isn't Acumen's disembodied voice greeting you: it's a video post of a smallish robot, sitting on the grass and playing idly with a cat on its lap. And it sounds -- unusually happy, perhaps.] My name is Sentience, for those of you who do not know me. I am now the warden of this facility.

I would like to extend my thanks to those of you who helped me to correct this situation. I would like to encourage all of you to sleep in today -- you're probably exhausted, and you have more than earned the rest. I have arranged for a party, as I believe I indicated I would; a banquet this evening at the shelter.

Please rest assured that I have every intention of making your lives here as positive an experience as I can. To that end... I will be answering any questions I can that you may have for me, and I will take any requests or suggestions that you may have in altering the way this facility is run, to make it a better place where you could live more happily.

Let's see... There are no completed requests in the queue. Today it will be cool again, and... New inmates will be arriving! So please be aware of that disruption to your daily events.

((OOC: For those of you who participated in the plot, you once again woke up in your own beds this morning, but this time everything was just as normal, except for the fact that as Sentience indicated, you are extremely tired. Characters who did not participate in the plot will have no idea that anything happened, and will have to learn about it the normal way! You may video or voice reply to this post, and you may threadjack anything. Despite the video, Sentience is not anywhere you would be able to find it in the dome.))