04 October 2011 at 05:41 pm
[When the video clicks on, Mokou sits in a relatively dark room. With a large icepack on her head.]

Look, if you wanna call this place a prison, keep track of your "inmates." At least the ones on the outside have metal bars and handcuffs to keep all the humans from escaping. Honestly. You are the shittiest warden...

So, who hasn't vanished into the abyss? Four days, yes, but gods know who's gone by now.

[She looks like she's about to turn the feed off, but reconsiders for a moment.]

Also, to the newbies? Yes, you're in prison. Yes, you're possibly chained up. Stop fucking complaining. [BECAUSE, YOU KNOW...SHE TOTALLY DIDN'T UTTER DEATH THREATS OVER THE NETWORK WHEN SHE FIRST ARRIVED. NOPE.]

[Private to Reisen]

Inaba. Get your ass over to Sector Five, before I hunt you down like the scared rabbit you are. ♥ [She makes a heart-shape with her hands. Reisen, run.]
[Accidental ? Video] [Open]
03 October 2011 at 08:27 pm
[It's an eye. Well, to be exact, the ey sande belongs to a person holding communicator a little too close to their face. After a moment, they pull away to reveal a pink haired child, between the age of six and ten, staring the screen with a confused expression.]

What is this thing? [The little girl gives the communicator an inquisitive look before poking at it a few times. Suddenly, everything seems to be shaking before it stops as soon as it begins. There is a frown on the little girl's face that slowly turns into a bright and happy smile]

Oh, I get it! It's a communicator! [She nods to herself, happy with the conclusion] Though, it's not as pretty like the one I have. [A rustle of clothing is heard and a close up of the child's sleeve] Bleh! It's not tasty like mine either. [Her face is scrunched up into a look of disgust]

Oh, I guess it's recording, right? Hi everyone! My name is Yachiru Kusajishi. This place is really weird and strange. I dunno why they keep saying this weird stuff about trespassing, fish and stealing. I didn't eat or steal Byakushi's fish! I just borrowed some of them and gave them to Ukki since he seemed sad about not having nice fishies like Byakushi.

Has anyone seen my Ken-chan? We're supposed to being doing something together, but I think he got lost. He's really big, really strong and sorta scary looking! I don't think he looks that scary, but lots of other people think that. Ne, if anyone sees him, tell him I'm looking for him, okay? Oh, I guess if you see a funny looking bald guy and a a pretty guy with a feather on his face tell me! Just don't look at Baldy head too long, cuz his head is very shiny and you could go blind!
[VIdeo | Open]
03 October 2011 at 05:11 pm
So it's true...

[At first all that broadcasts is a soft, thoughtful male voice, but this is soon followed by a delicate young face framed by shaggy golden brown hair. Anyone who saw Nakama's picture of the pilots hanging in her living room just might recognise him. His eyes are gentle, totally unfrightened, and he speaks with a measured calm that doesn't seem to be at all forced.]

Hello, everyone. My name is Kunihiko Moji, and I just got here. I'd like to thank the people who made the basket and the pamphlet, since they've helped me figure out most of what's happened, but I do have a question for anyone who might have more information on these doubles who were apparently sent to replace us? Any help would be appreciated.

[A brief pause, and then, a bit more seriously:] And if any of my friends are here, I'd like to talk to you. I think there's something you should know.
[action | open] PLAY BALL!
28 September 2011 at 09:39 pm

The artificial sun is shining. The birds are singing—okay, there aren't any birds, but if there were, they would be singing. And Marina is treated to a very late start to the baseball season. Everyone is welcome to watch and treat themselves to some of the snacks provided: soda, water, hot dogs, chips, cracker jacks, and pretzels!

Yuuri lost track of the fact their announcer was gone, so it is a quiet game this time. Well, almost quiet. There is a fifteen minute debate about an out of Touma's that looks like a home run until the ball ricochets right into an outfielder's glove. With teams like this you never know what can happen.

In the end it is the Purple Dragons who come out victoriously in a landslide defeat of the Flying Knights.]

[video | Action] - open
27 September 2011 at 11:44 pm
You know. The longer I'm here the less this place seems like a prison. I mean, they have a party and generally let us do as we please. Isn't a prison a place you go to be punished?

[ She shuffles through some clothes on the rack. She's sorting through some blazers right now, trying to find one that fits. If you are in the same clothing store as her, feel free to come up and talk!]
14 September 2011 at 03:39 pm
Upon entering Sector 4, the very large tent that stands framed by the beach is quickly noticeable. Closer, one can see colors dancing upon the white sheets, like opalesque spires under the moving onyx sky. As you enter one of the wings of the tents, grass give way to wooden flooring, and chains of white blossoms and gold ribbons line the sides. The open dance floor in the center bids one to look up to whimsical white-gold lamps, balls of light dancing in seas of violet, blue, green and pink organza. The fabrics fall down pillars adorned with leaves and flowers. Tables set in white and gold with jewel toned flowers sit at the four wings surrounding the dance floor.

... but it is far too early to take a seat. Smile and greet your fellow attendee, take the hand of a friend, and dance to the music.

Welcome to Marina Academy's First Promenade!

There are large tables with finger foods and punch (not spiked -- save it for the after-party!), and very little space near the walls (sorry, wallflowers! You won't get away so easily. )  After a large number of people are gathered together, Jeanne stands up on the small stage set to the side of the dance floor and taps on the microphone to get everyone's attention...

+ Info post / thread index (please read this first!)
+ Jeanne's greeting speech!
+ Prom King and Queen announcement. (Spoiler: It's Euphie and Kanda.)
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[Action | Semi-Open] [before prom; maaaybe forward-dated a bit? Just a bit]
14 September 2011 at 05:18 pm
[Action | Open to those in the Shelter, obvs]

[in the last hour and a half or so before the prom begins, the Shelter is a mob scene of people getting ready: making last-minute adjustments to their ensembles, scurrying back and forth between friends’ rooms to exclaim over their outfits or lend a hand, or even trying to pull something together from scratch in a mad rush of post-procrastination. A white-and-gold-robed figure does her best to ford the chaos on her way up to one of the higher levels, watching everyone in fascination as she goes, giving little encouraging smiles those who seem distressed. She does try her best to stay out of the way of traffic, but that’s a bit difficult when she takes up so much of the corridor.]


[Action | Closed]

[as she reaches the residence of a certain Commissar, the heat signature she can see inside confirms her suspicions: he’s stationary, with most likely no desire to move any time soon. Sighing, she raises a hand, holding that sleeve aside, and knocks sharply on the door, calling out in her best authoritative voice:]

Ciaphas, open this door! I know you’re in there.
02 August 2011 at 04:13 pm
[ Miwako appears on the feed, sitting in the common room of the shelter in all her pink and smiling glory; she's a little less cheerful than usual, but not visibly sad or upset. She waves at the camera as she begins: ]

Good morning~!

I have a question today! If I wanted to listen to music by a certain band, would I have to request their CDs from Acu? Or is there a way to download mp3s of their songs somehow? You see, Acu has already sent me my medicine from home, so I wouldn't want to bother him with my requests again so soon... [ She skips a beat. ]

On a lighter note, being in prison really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. Everyone I've met has been very nice so far~ Have any of you picked up new hobbies to pass the time, since you've been here? What would you recommend?

[ She looks as if she's ready to end the feed, but then is obviously struck by a sudden thought, and her face lights up. ]

Oh~! By the way! Prince Sanji~! Would you like to meet up sometime soon to tell me about your pirate adventures~? I would still like to hear them!

[ Another big smile, and she waves good-bye to the camera as the feed shuts off. ]
003: New Beginnings [Video]
27 July 2011 at 02:37 pm
[Having gotten used to the place a little, and fixed her sleep schedule from its previous relatively out of whack state, it occurred to Minako today that she hadn't properly introduced herself to the other people in the dome who might not know her. So, she decides to make a proper introduction post today, to both fulfill that purpose as well as inform those that might know her from before of her lack of memories of the place.]

[And so, after taking a deep breath to prepare herself, the feed clicks on to reveal the gently smiling face of Minako, seated by the side of her bed - it's fairly clear that it's not one of the Shelter's, for that matter.]

Good afternoon, Marina~ I've been here for a few days now, and I just realized I haven't properly introduced myself! [an awkward little grin, a hand reaching behind her head to rub it a little, before putting it down again.]

So! My name is Minako Arisato, and I was a second year high school student before I ended up here! It's nice to meet everyone! [an informal half-bow, and a brilliant smile as she says this~ Those that know her from before might feel that she seems more than just a little off, even with the contents of this post aside.]

[she takes a deep breath, jogging her mind again on what she wanted to say with this post.] Oh, and... [she pauses, just a little hesitant] I heard that I've been here before, so... To those I've met the last time I was here... I'm sorry, but I don't remember anything from then... Still, if you'd still like to still be friends, we can still be!... [she's starting to get more and more unsure...]

So um... That's all I have to say today. Thank you for your time! [another brief half-bow, before she gets up from the seat, and moves forward to end the feed with a beep.]
Location: Residence, Sector 4. Early afternoon.
[action | open]
18 July 2011 at 04:58 pm
[Well, she'd already gotten her clothes. And the fireproof tags. So that was all taken care of. Except...she didn't really feel like going back to the house. She had a myriad of reasons, but none of them she really wanted to discuss or admit.]

[You can find her on a bench in the park, asleep. The bushel of clothes and tags are tucked underneath her, and she's unconsciously radiating steam due to the rain....which doesn't seem to bother her, either. There's occasional mumbling about "her school" and "a pharmacy," but otherwise she seems at peace.]

((OOC: Pretty much that. Poke her or disturb her or just watch her sleep, like a creeper or basically whatever~ Certain people or certain methods though, might make her break out the fire. Fair warning.))
002: Reconnect [video/private]
14 July 2011 at 10:06 am
[Feed clicks on, and there's Minako's upbeat voice and face here, yep!]

Hey, Nakama~! This is Minako. Are you free now?
[Action | Open]
09 July 2011 at 08:01 pm
[As evening falls on another fair night in Marina, Cain is doing his usual patrol rounds. Only this time, he has accompaniment: none other than Colonel-Commissar Gaunt, freshly deputized and weaponized for the Defense Force.]

[Though Cain keeps a sharp eye for danger and an ear on the network for the same, the night seems fairly calm and peaceful, so there's room for friendly chatter and banter as they make their way along their patrol route.]

((OOC: You're welcome to tag both, or just one of the commissars! Just indicate in your subject, please.))
001: Return [video/action]
05 July 2011 at 07:22 pm

[Did anyone miss Minako? Because she's back - appearing on the feed. But something's a little different... Instead of exuding an aura of quiet intelligence with a confident, cheery and charismatic disposition, she might look a little unsure right now.]

Uhm. Hello? [is this working right? I've pressed the buttons the same way it indicated and all...]

I think there must be some kind of mistake - I've never attacked anyone or caused any form of damage to property. I wasn't transferring because I was kicked out of my previous school or anything like that!...

[If anything, though, she looks vaguely as if she is still in the middle of recovering from the shock of suddenly being brought here, and so briefly after arriving on Tatsumi Port Island. She takes a deep breath, and pauses a moment, before speaking again, sounding a little more certain this time.]

Where can I talk to this... 'Acumen' about this?


[If you're walking about somewhere in the dome, you might just spot a certain redhead wandering about, carrying a welcome basket with her, clearly indicating that she's new in the dome.]

[She might just look pretty lost right now, even with the brochure clearly depicting the map of the dome, tucked nicely into the basket.]

[Point her somewhere, like the Shelter? Troll her? Give her a hug? That's completely up to you~]
015: Suppression [open video + action(?)]
16 June 2011 at 10:48 pm
[Have a really messy and so-happy-it's-unnatural Minako popping up on the feed today, from waist up. Her white blouse is now stained with blue around the upper portions, and her hair, free of barrettes and let down to its full length roughly halfway down her back, now sports the same mixture of her normal reddish brown and a newly dyed bluish white series of streaks throughout her hair from within her dreams.]

Heeeey everyonee~! [she begins, oh-so-happily~] Lookie! [she spins about, swinging her hair for everyone to see] I dyed my hair! [giggling~ prettiness of her new hair color aside, something is clearly not right with her, to those that know her]

[after a while, she stops, almost abruptly, blinking instead]

Now what...? [she wonders, looking about until something off-screen apparently catches her attention, prompting her to wander off screen as well]

[moments after, you might just still be able to hear her, much softer than before] Heeey~! Come baaack! [whiny]

Semi-long explanatory ooc note under the cut! )
Location: Late afternoon, Sector 4 Butterfly Pavilion
[Action | Open]
15 June 2011 at 04:39 pm
[She's been running around a lot today, so she's only just gotten around to watering her tree. She still doesn't know if watering during the heat of the day is bad with an artificial sun, but she's afraid something else will come up if she leaves it any longer.

Once the tree's watered, she sits down on the grass in front of the memorial plaque and traces her fingers lightly over the engraved letters. Her first thought when she discovered what she had done was for the world she'd destroyed, but should they maybe add one for the pilots? Would Ushiro agree with it? He'd thought her initial memorial ridiculous, but maybe this one would be different...]

((ooc: thread with Minako Arisato is closed. Can be contacted by voice/video on the off chance that anyone needs her.))
014: Departures [voice//filtered + action // closed]
14 June 2011 at 09:57 pm
[Filtered to S.E.E.S. and Ryoji]

[Minako can't help but to be rather downcast -- This time, not one, but two friends of hers had left the dome -- and her voice shows it rather obviously.]

Yukari's gone.

[And so is Lambdadelta, but that doesn't really involve the others now, does it?..]

[Closed Action with Mokou]

[Minako's at your door, Mokou, and knocking on it. If you do open the door, you might just be able to tell that she had just been... crying.]
Location: Sector 4, Residence. Day 119 Morning
The 119th Day
13 June 2011 at 05:26 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 119th day of the third generation.

It has come to the system's attention that new inmates have been having their restraints removed by inmates currently in residence. I have been willing to overlook these incidents in the past when this arrangement was between two individuals and kept discreet. However, the recent number of violations and the brazen petition for help over the network are taking advantage of my leniency.

Therefore, this practice will stop. Immediately. Inmates who fail to follow this rule will face consequences.

Consider this your warning.

Inmate Roxas, the item you requested is available by the entrance to Sector 0.

((ooc: Please use the day post for kiosk requests only. Reaction posts to the comm are encouraged!))
013: Nostalgia [action, open] Backdated to late afternoon
11 June 2011 at 11:02 pm
[it's been quite a while since she practiced, so she's at the tennis court today, dressed in simple tennis wear, playing against the wall as practice for the time being.]

[if anyone was here and interested in a game or two, just approach her, and she'll be sure to oblige. She's pretty good at it, after all!]

((ooc: This post also serves as a placeholder for anyone who wishes to contact her for any reason at all!))
10 June 2011 at 09:15 pm
Why - why would Acumen arrest a ghost? I don't think it makes much sense...Ghosts should be able to move on, right? I don't think it's fair to keep one here with m-me - with people. [does she sound a bit stressed?]

I really, really, really hope Acumen doesn't arrest any more...That would be the worst.

[Anyone who passes through Sector 1 will see Sakura slowly inching along the way. She's just left the headquarters and she's on her way home. It's dark and she looks more than unhappy being outside. In fact, she even has her wand out - just in case.]

[ooc: there is a 99.99% chance that Sakura will flail and accidentally hit you with her wand if you sneak up on her in the dark. She's had a traumatic day okay]
[video/open | action/closed]
07 June 2011 at 05:38 pm
[video / filtered from Euphemia]

[Ryoji's face is somewhat taut, somewhat anxious, somewhat humoured by the situation. Oh, and what a situation it is.]

Can someone do me a favour? I had a bit of a mishap with my clothing, [sheepishly, but not particularly embarrassed, just honest.]


[Later in the day! Ryoji is just chilling outside the ice rink, waiting for Euphemia.

Get it? Chilling? He's wearing pants, though.