[ video ]
22 July 2011 at 08:37 pm
[ So... this is actually meant to be a private filter to Ryoji Mochizuki, but as it can be seen, it's a terrible failed filter. The reason for this is that Minato has thought he has filtered this, but it's really hard to really concentrate around a dog running all around, so his filter has kinda been "Ryojawialskjafd-- Lightning Eater, down". Hey hey, he has thought that might work, don't blame him. Therefore, hello, network. You have one (1) male protagonist on screen. ]

[ According to this feed, it seems like he's in a nice kitchen and cooking something along with a window open. From the looks of it, tonight's dinner is some fried rice. It's good to eat some home-cooked food and, y'know, after eating oh-so-many slices of pizza, Minato has been in the mood for some. ]

[ He holds onto the pan's handle while stirring the rice around a few times before finally speaking: ]
Dinner's almost done, so come home soo--

[ And then he's interrupted one (1) Lightning Eater running around his feet and just yearning for attention. He loves dogs, don't take him the wrong way, but holy smokes, this dog is either 1) hyperactive or 2) really loves him... ]

[ It jumps around and stands on its hind legs, placing its front paws on Minato's leg. It whines for attention before jumping back down to run around. Just in reaction to this, Minato turns slightly to it and lifts the pan with him. He looks down at it with a small sigh. ]

Lightning Eater, not now--

[ Suddenly, he stops... what is that smell of smoke? It can't be from the fried rice; he's holding the pan right now and there's nothing on the stove top-- except for maybe a curtain. ]

[ He turns towards the stove and plain right there is a nice flower-patterned curtain on fire. Why on Earth has Ryoji thought that placing curtains under a gas stove is a good idea-- ]

[ Minato immediately drops the pan and pulls off his headset, tossing to the ground. Both objects hit the marble-floor with a terrible sound and the video feed ends there. ]

[ brb having a small kitchen fire to take care of ]

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09 July 2011 at 12:56 pm
Does anyone else feel like this place is becoming too small?

[His words start off slowed, reluctant, almost regretful - but then there's a note of humour in his voice.]

I mean, what if we end up all stuffed in together, ten people to a room? The dome isn't expanding but the population is. We'll be a jar of pickles. [He means the thing people say about sardines.

Ryoji's outside - when is he ever inside, if he can help it - lying on his back on one of the park's picnic tables. After today, he needed fresh air and dark skies and quiet - even if he's not doing a very good job of obtaining it.
05 July 2011 at 12:23 pm
Action; Early Morning )

Action; Mid-Morning )

[Voice; Late Morning]

[Fun with buttons! Not with any real intent but trying to figure out how the communicator works, Zoro turns it on in a fit of frustration. He's already screamed and yelled, and been lost for hours now. It's been to avail finding his crewmates... or even a way out. Just the walls of the dome. He's really not a happy camper right now. Lost, crewless, shipless, swordless... it's a bad combination for Zoro's mood. ]

...The hell does this thing work? Tch... couldn't just use a Den Den Mushi and be done with it?

[And as he realizes this thing is working, he mind goes into its one-track mode. If he's here, the rest of the crew must be too, right? Without even addressing who he's looking for. Good job, Zoro.]

Oi, oi! Where the hell did you all get lost to? Let's get movin'. I don't care what this stupid thing says, we've got things to do. Like get our crap and get the hell out of here.

[With that, the feed cuts.]

(ooc: Feel free to run into him at any of these points! Just specify the time and/or location in the subject!)
05 July 2011 at 11:12 am
Denizens of Marinaland, [meaningful cane pointing here,] I greet you as your new overlord. Follow me.

[He's on video, but he's going to start walking regardless. You better be following. :|]

My legend dates back to the twelfth century.

From the looks of you, you are all in serious need of conditioner and top hats, but I will excuse your poor manners for the time being. [He's had ample time to observe and judge, after all.] Now tell me, which one of you will be my wielder. Single file, one at a time. I will be inspecting your lapels for quality assurance. The nicer the lapels, the more capable the man.

[He flicks his own, for emphasis.]
05 July 2011 at 06:39 am
[When the video feed turns on, it shows a teenage boy. He seems to be fine, despite finding himself in an unfamiliar environment. Of course, that's just on the surface.]

So this is prison? Ahahah... [It’s a nervous laugh, an attempt to calm his nerves.] I guess I can understand why, when I think about it. But it’s still feel rather surreal to me...

So, uh, hi! I’m Atsuro Kihara, I’m from Tokyo and, as you probably can tell already, I’m new around here. I already read the welcoming material, which is a great help. But...

[A slight pause, before he continued.] I’m wondering, but is there anyone here that knows me from Tokyo? If you guys are here...let me know, okay?

...I read that we're replaced by a version of ourselves from another world in the brochure. Won't anyone notice that version's absence from their world? Or is their world's time just...stopped while they're taking our places?
04 July 2011 at 02:35 pm
[ A C T I O N ]

[ So, taking a nice walk in the park? It's lovely, isn't it? Of course it is, the park is always so great. Nice green gardens, lovely displays, a little playground to play around in, a dead kid on a bench, fantastic scenery-- Wait, wait, wait, back up. ]

[ What dead kid? ]

[ On one of the park benches around, there is one (1) teenager lying upon it with his hands folded over his stomach, looking pretty peaceful. On closer inspection, he's actually breathing, so false alarm. However, should he really be sleeping out here? He's a new person in Marina since there's a welcome basket on the floor, by him. ]

[ Well, it looks like he's really happy and won't be waking up for another hour... Unless someone comes to bother him and wake him up from his sleep, but why would you even. ]

[ V I D E O - an hour and half later ]

[ In the fellow network of today, there is yet another newcomer into Marina. He doesn't seem all that rattled though, especially for one that has just shown up in an area that's deep underwater. It hasn't taken him long to figure out how to work this headset and he has a few questions to ask, which is why the video function is on, but for now... he seems rather more focused on the basket of food he has in his hands... ]

[ This said basket also seems very empty of all food... despite it being full just twenty minutes ago... ]

[ This "mysterious" person finishes eating from the packets of nuts and places the wrapper back into the basket. He looks down at it before picking it up. ]

Is that it?

[ These welcome baskets just aren't what he is used to anymore and nope, not going to ask about the prison...yet... ]
29 March 2011 at 02:46 pm
Hey, can someone help me out?

[The feed pans back to show Ryoji, standing in one spot. Nothing seems amiss at first but there is a bit of a very odd sigil peeking out from the floor beneath his feet, where Lightning Eater has anxiously nudged back the carpeting.]

I can't move from this spot, and I'm not really sure why.

((OOC: Ryoji's been trapped by a Devil's Trap set up by the Supernatural boys/TFW! He currently doesn't know it's there, but anyone else is welcome to see it and point it out to him. The only options are for a) someone to mess with the seal or b) him to be ... sent back to hell. Obviously, I prefer the first one.))
[video/audio] [filtered from Minako]
27 March 2011 at 12:15 am
I've had my curiosity piqued.

Is there a definition of 'persona' that I have not been privy to my entire existence, that somehow pertains to green skies and is a large secret of some form? A large and ill-kept secret, it seems.
[action | open]
24 March 2011 at 04:57 pm
[A certain thief has been fairly quietly recently... for good reasons, at least in his mind. His first week in Marina had been spent scourging the facility to the best of his abilities, searching for weaknesses in security, exits, entrances, anything he could take advantage of to get out of here. All of this work, of course, required staying up past any decent hour, which meant our little thief had been getting little to no sleep.

And without the slightest bit of progress to show for his work, too.

This afternoon, around dinner time, those in Sector 5 who may be craving ramen can find said thief... passed out with his head resting on the bar, a bowl of steaming noodles on one side of him and an open book on the other. He's shed most of disguise at this point (the jacket, the tie, the hat, the cape), but the rest of it remains, including that pesky monocle (which you won't get him to remove how many times you ask. He looks completely dead to the world as he sleeps, but knowing this guy? He's probably more aware of his surroundings than you might think.

Do you poke the sleeping thief? Steal his ramen? Or his book? Take your pick.]

((Toooo avoid timeline confusion, first tagger can wake him up, while subsequent taggers will just find him awake and chilling at the ramen stand, reading his book :|b))
005: Mixed messages [Audio // Open]
24 March 2011 at 06:28 pm
[After thinking through whether or not it was a good idea for quite a bit, she finally decides that this would be a good way to find some things out - especially with the situation between herself and Minato. It would also allow her to uncover some other possible Persona users. After all, if there are other people here from her version of Japan as well, it could be possible for such a thing to exist? Especially since they seem to come from her future, after all.]

[Audio feed clicks on, for her to get just a single question in:]

What does the word 'Persona' mean to you?

[Here's hoping this doesn't end up with too negative an outcome.]
22 March 2011 at 03:46 pm
[The camera wobbles for a second before focusing in on the clear sky and the wide expanse of field around, zooming out to - ]

Hey, look at this!

[- one Ryoji Mochizuki, grinning as is his wont and holding a clean baseball in his hand, before winding up and throwing it across the field.

Observe, now, the presence of someone else.

Lightning Eater, go fetch!

[Lightning Eater, perhaps not the most aptly named, simply slumps down in the grass like an inebriated starfish, legs in every direction and ears flopping over his eyes. If an observer listens close, they may be able to hear a distinct doggy whine...]
002: Towards discovering truths... Maybe. [Action/Open]
21 February 2011 at 11:18 am
[Having spent a good portion of the day before resting, Minako needed something to do, to burn off the excess energy she had from all the rest - and what better way to do that than to explore the dome?

She'll be walking about just about anywhere in the dome today, so feel free to approach her~]
Location: Anywhere in the dome, from morning up till evening.
17 February 2011 at 02:54 pm
[Allen's in the hospital, badgering the robots for medication so that his stupid Master can not get an infection and not die. he's not looking so great after a night without sleep, and his clothes are rumpled from the night's chaos. you might run into him there]

[andddd later in the day he has thankfully gotten a nap, showered and changed, and collected his dog. he figures Lavi hasn't eaten, and he's still not home, so he actually brings some food to the library and Lavi... isn't anywhere. puzzled, he decides that the solution is ~*~trolling~*~, and turns on his communicator]

((ooc: you can run into him however you like; if you need to send him a message for some reason, you can do that here too!))
[ Action | Open ]
15 February 2011 at 10:00 pm
[ Subaru is in Sector 6, having found a nice spot to train in. It's not impossible without a partner or simulated enemies, but she's giving it her best! Dressed in shorts, a tank top, and wearing footpads and padded gloves, Subaru is practicing all manner of combat maneuvers. Swift punches, high kicks, low sweeps, and the occasional wall-jump.

...it's not like she's showing off -- she just likes to improvise!

As time goes on, she starts to move faster, to test the limits of her body. It's something to do to clear her head while she tries to come up with ways to test her magic that don't involve attempting to blow a hole in the dome (not that she hasn't considered it...)

Eventually, though, she needs to break for a drink of water. ] Whew.
14 February 2011 at 09:01 pm
[ it's been a very, very long night, but Suzaku is still in the Defense Force Headquarters the next morning. earlier than usual, in fact, since he skipped his morning swim. and breakfast.

he'll be pacing HQ, looking more than a little bit run-down, all morning. ]

((ooc: Joining the DF today? Hoping to start a task force? Just looking to offer condolences because of how sucky yesterday was? :D Suzaku was off the communicators after last night's disaster, but he's here and physically available now~.))
001: Video
08 February 2011 at 11:32 am
[having spent a few moments reading the brochure from her welcome basket, and figured out the device, Minako's cheery little face now appears on the video feed. If the viewer was observant, they would be able to notice how she looks somewhat fatigued. In the background, it's quite clear that she's outdoors, perhaps very close to a swimming pool or the beach - the artificial sky can be seen behind her, and there's the sound of flowing water in the background.]

Hello! I'm new here, and I've already read the brochure...

[her fatigue seems to get the better of her for a moment, as she shuts her eyes, her smile fading momentarily, before she reopens her eyes again, with her smile returning]

So, let me introduce myself! I'm Minako Arisato! [little wave here] Nice to meet you, Marina~!
05 February 2011 at 10:43 pm
[As midnight nears and the effects of the costume party start wearing off. Over the network, there's giggling -- starting quiet, and then growing louder, happy. The giggling separates into three distinct voices; one deep, one light, one female.]

How was it? How was it? Did you have fun?

It's been pretty tame here lately, but watching you all tonight was -- was just classic. Grade A entertainment!

Ahhh, I feel so much better now.

You poor dears. You should go to bed early, get some rest! In the morning it'll all seem much funnier.

You're welcome, fellow inmates!

Happy anniversary~!
[ Event: Ball ]
03 February 2011 at 08:26 pm
[Just as evening starts to fall, one of the parks in Sector 4 has been festooned with streamers, bright lights in a variety of colors, a big upraised dais, tables of refreshments, and music. It looks like a perfectly normal party from the outside. Optional masks are provided in little bins beside the dais, but you're responsible for your own costumes...!

...And if you're dressed as a character, the moment you step onto the dais, you will believe yourself to have led that character's life for your whole life. This effect will last until "midnight", in this case Sunday, even if you leave the party.]
[ action | open ]
01 February 2011 at 12:05 am
[MOMO was up early that morning, shopping for a costume. She knew they weren't required, but what was the fun in that? Plus, while she had considered wearing her Halloween costume again, she still felt a little bit like that was cheating, so she wanted to find something new.]
Mood: creative
26 January 2011 at 11:14 pm
[ Link is sitting at a nice spot in the grass, near that lovely tree. There's a basket of apples placed on his lap. For the moment his eyes are closed. ]

Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, is now, and will be forever. Amen.

[ He opens his eyes, looks at his basket, and caaaaaaarefully picks out an apple after much internal debating. Once this incredibly important and necessary process is over, he flicks open his switchblade and proceeds to peel it. ]

(ooc: Link peels...apples...like a boss. APPLEPIE! go get him 8( )