12 January 2012 at 12:11 pm
[Ken's been quiet since his arrival. It wasn't exactly him being anti-social. It was more along the lines of learning his way around... okay, he's been antisocial. Today, though, was different. He's out in the dome, busy exploring.

First stop was the dining hall for a quick breakfast. Learning to cook was something he'd been working on back home, so a quick mental note was made before he moved on. There was plenty to see, but once he saw the sprawling green of the soccer fiend at athletic complex, any other plans for the day had been forgotten.]
[Video/Action] - Open
04 January 2012 at 02:05 pm
[Jack opens his communicator, turns it to video, and stares into the thing without even the slightest problem. He's dealt with communicators before. Many types. There were only so many different ways you could build a communicator before only needed the slightest hints to work one.

The handsome man that appears before you is looking rather calm, for being a newcomer, and if you know him at all, for being Jack. He turns the communicator a couple times, then offers a smile.]

What kind of planet is this? A prison planet? Can't say I haven't been to a few in my time, but... this was pretty abrupt. I didn't even get to see who captured me! [He might have been able to "persuade" them to let him go, after all.]

Well, down to business. I don't suppose any of you fine ladies and fine gentlemen could give me a few pointers here? I wouldn't want to get lost on my first day.

[Sounding rather like he has just arrived at his first day of school, his eyes trail to a bot beside him. He flashes it a charming enough grin, muttering to it for a second, then returns his attention to the camera.]

These guys don't seem quite as fun as flesh and blood people anyway.
001 ♥ Action | Video
02 January 2012 at 04:15 pm

[The soft, muffled sound of sniffles floats in the air, voice feminine as the young brunette draws in a shaky breath. Sitting on the cool cement, slumping forward she cries openly into her hands. Long hair shakes, falling over her shoulders as her pale palms grow moist with her own tears. Beside her, a discarded basket sits untouched.]

Wh-what now?

[Hopelessly scrubbing her eyes with the backs of her hands, tears trickle in endless, cascading waterfalls down her cheeks. Her gaze never lifts, the weight of it too heavy beneath clear depression. Her brown eyes shimmer, lashes clumping as salty droplets gather to cling wetly before joining the rest. Her voice cracks, barely above a whisper as she speaks, brokenly.]

I really screwed it up this time. A-And now...I can't even contact them. Ohh...

[Head shaking, she once more buries her head into he palms on a high pitched sob, crying just that much more than before.]
02 January 2012 at 03:30 pm
I don't know what the hell is going on here, but someone better start talking since I have a lot of questions that need answering.
[Action | Open]
12 July 2011 at 09:42 pm
[Schuldig is sitting in the park. He's figured this is best place to try and find his top three potential targets. If they walk by, he might be able to catch them and be able to find them easier later. For the moment, he is waiting... waiting... looking for other potential victims who might amuse him until he can fulfill his "promise" to Ava. So he is sitting in the park, randomly doodling on the ground with stick to attract attention and get people to stay around longer so he can read them]

[ooc: Here's Schu. He's target hunting. No attacking without previous plotting, but he will read minds. Be careful... he just might draw what your character is thinking to freak them out]
[video / action]
05 July 2011 at 01:26 pm
[there is a young man in plate mail armor standing outside the ice cream parlor, looking more than a little frustrated as he sits at an outdoor table, reading his pamphlet. when he finally has read all that there is to read, he manages to get to his feet and toggle the video function on. he might look a little like Guy if you've met him, but his expression is contained, reserved]

Greetings, everyone. I'm-- My name is Flynn Scifo. [conscientiously leaving off all titles, etc. he isn't sure what kinds of people could be here, and he may well be alone] I've read this pamphlet, and I appreciate the information within, although of course I find it -- a little hard to believe.

Am I to to understand that there are people here who have crimes committed in the line of duty, or to protect others, and who are still being arrested as criminals?

And-- if anyone knows of a way I can seek to correct my list of crimes, I would appreciate it. [he sounds somewhat put-upon] I realize that it won't make any difference, but all the same, I would like it to be known that I most certainly have never poisoned anyone. [mortally offended right now]
001: Return [video/action]
05 July 2011 at 07:22 pm

[Did anyone miss Minako? Because she's back - appearing on the feed. But something's a little different... Instead of exuding an aura of quiet intelligence with a confident, cheery and charismatic disposition, she might look a little unsure right now.]

Uhm. Hello? [is this working right? I've pressed the buttons the same way it indicated and all...]

I think there must be some kind of mistake - I've never attacked anyone or caused any form of damage to property. I wasn't transferring because I was kicked out of my previous school or anything like that!...

[If anything, though, she looks vaguely as if she is still in the middle of recovering from the shock of suddenly being brought here, and so briefly after arriving on Tatsumi Port Island. She takes a deep breath, and pauses a moment, before speaking again, sounding a little more certain this time.]

Where can I talk to this... 'Acumen' about this?


[If you're walking about somewhere in the dome, you might just spot a certain redhead wandering about, carrying a welcome basket with her, clearly indicating that she's new in the dome.]

[She might just look pretty lost right now, even with the brochure clearly depicting the map of the dome, tucked nicely into the basket.]

[Point her somewhere, like the Shelter? Troll her? Give her a hug? That's completely up to you~]
04 July 2011 at 04:16 pm
Hello…? I think it works!

Uhm, I’m not sure what to say to all of this, to be honest… It’s a lot to take in all at once. That’s why Miwako waited to use the communicator until she was done crying. I think the first thing to say is “Thank you” to the welcoming committee for the lovely basket~ Miwako wasn’t aware that prisons had welcoming committees, or gave out jelly beans and hand lotion! That’s so considerate~

But you know, I never knew I was a criminal before – I guess most people Miwako knows are criminals, according to all this! I wonder if George is already here... He must be a super criminal, because he’s very popular and bisexual, but also drives a Jaguar! Sally is only a Cub, and Miwako still got arrested. They should have just given me a ticket, though…

In any case, I should introduce myself! My name is Sakurada Miwako~ It’s nice to meet you all, even under these circumstances… Is anyone else from Tokyo here? Maybe we’re neighbors~!

I wonder how many people in Tokyo are actually replacements for criminals, though, and no one knows it… I bet Arashi won’t be very happy with replacement Miwako… Poor Ara…
[Action | Open]
01 July 2011 at 07:45 am
[It was a nice day at the beach, her second date there with Ushiro, and now she's set up on the front step of their house in Sector 4 to watch the fireflies. She's not sure if he's going to come out and join her, but honestly, she's glad to have the time alone right now. Acumen said that they were for reflection, and she's got a fair deal to reflect on.

She's brought out her framed picture of the pilots on the beach at the nature school, and her gaze alternates between the spectacular display around her and the picture on her lap. It's better that they're not here, right? Their death was a release of sorts, right? Like Minako... hopefully she's at peace now. That's what Ushiro said, and it makes sense.

But still... she sighs and tips her head back, watching the fireflies dart about. It really is beautiful.]
[ Event: Summer Solstice Festival ]
29 June 2011 at 12:23 pm
[ Around noon, the robots that had been swarming the beach scatter, leaving a transformed landscape in their wakes. There are volleyball nets set up in the sand, along with colorful umbrellas and blankets beneath them. Part of the water has been sectioned off for water polo, while inflatable rafts in fanciful shapes are ready for use in the open area.

Ringing the beach are food stands serving street and festival foods: chin chin, takoyaki and taiyaki, aloo tikki, sabikh, empanada, hot dogs, ice cream and shaved ice, and suchlike. There is one stand where a robot serves an alcoholic punch not completely unlike sangria. Several of the other stands also serve non-alcoholic drinks. Clean up robots zoom from place to place, picking up garbage. ]
[ video | action | both open ]
21 June 2011 at 11:24 am
[Hello, Marina! Duo had an announcement for you all.]

Hey, guys! I'll be doing another basketball game later today... like mid-afternoon or so. Stop by the gym if you're interested, alright?

[He grinned and then was gone.]


[Later this afternoon, Duo was at the gym with the basketball hoops set up. He'd like to get a real game going if enough people show up together, but he'd do whatever. It was a good way to pass the time and burn off some energy.]

{OOC: Feel free to come in groups and mingle about with threadjacks! If your character just wants to watch, the bleachers in the gym will be pulled out for spectators. Duo will receive calls here for today as well. ^_^}
Mood: energetic
[Action] Coffee shop goers, come one come all!
20 June 2011 at 09:09 pm
[Something is in the air! That would be the tempting smell of fresh brewed coffee in the new establishment in Sector 5. The drinks are hot, the atmosphere relaxing -- come have a drink and a chat, won't you?]

((OOC: this is a mingle-style post for anyone who wants to check out the coffee shop! like 4 of my kids are interested, so I thought one BIG post for everyone who wants to stop by would work best! Tag around, tag each other, have fun!))

((OOC 2~: Dani is in the shop, behind the counter, making coffee for all! If you want to order that's the thread to hit up. <3 ))
[Action | Open]
14 June 2011 at 04:52 pm
[For the past few days, Anthy has found herself sort of drifting from task to task. Lacking a greater purpose or goal, she's at least trying to assume something similar to her normal routine--cooking, cleaning, attending to animals. It may be superficial and most of it unnecessary, but there is one thing she thinks might be a worthwhile task to start working on.]

[So, she's spending the morning thoroughly exploring Sector 4. Her roaming is purposeful as she searches for anything resembling a rose garden, or a place to cultivate one. Whether she succeeds or not, though, it's a pleasant walk. Anthy takes a lot of time to stop and smell the flowers, even if they aren't of the sort she's searching for, and she keeps an eye out for people who might be interested in assisting with her little quest. Or just general chit-chat.]
08 June 2011 at 10:28 pm
[There's some quiet cursing, before Otoha sighs and then speaks.]

I've never met doctors as stubborn as these robots. They won't let me out of this hospital room. They keep trying to shock me to get me to stay still.

[He is so not amused.]

Can someone convince them for me?
09 June 2011 at 02:46 am
[Closed | Defense Force Headquarters]

[The arrival of Schuldig is for Ken, a cause for great concern. He may be alone, but this was one of the more unpredictable members of Schwartz, and there is no knowing what the telepath/speed demon can and will do in a prison where the guilty and the innocent are mixed together.

Ken did not want to have to do this, but without Weiss, without a team he can work with, he knows he needs help. And quietly, using the brouhaha caused by the coming of new inmates, he heads towards the Defense Force Headquarters, and addresses the first person he sees --]

Um. Excuse me, I need to speak to someone --


[Open | Sector 5 - Convenience Store]

[Looks like someone's spacing out over the tofu, or maybe even the poultry section. Or he's finding the nutrition facts of a can of water chestnuts far too interesting. Either way, this is not the lively florist/soccer fanatic the prison has seen so far...]

(( OOC: Thread with Suzaku at the DF HQ is closed, while he needs to snapped out of his reverie at the Convenience Store after. :3 Have at~! ))
06 June 2011 at 09:57 pm
[There is a very angry German on the line. Will you choose to answer it or ignore it? He's read the message, but quite obviously doesn't believe it]

What the hell is this crap?! How the hell could I be in prison?! With a ball and chain at that?! Such a stupid idea...

How the hell can I not...?

This is a joke right?! A joke. Ha ha ha. Very funny, Oracle. The joke's over.

[There's a long pause as though he's expecting someone to answer followed by a slamming sound like he has just thrown something]

[Dream Event | Open]
27 May 2011 at 08:12 pm
[There are wide, rolling green fields all around with trees scattered on the landscape. The sun is high overhead, the skies a bright blue, and the air is warm. A great sense of peace seems to stretch over the land, and if one wanders enough, they'll come across a vast lake of pure, cool water. Link is sitting on the shore, a fishing pole in his hand, and he casts it occasionally but doesn't seem perturbed by the fact that he isn't catching anything.]

[A beautiful red mare is grazing nearby, saddled, and she'll lift her head to watch suspiciously if anyone comes close, but she won't move. The boy stretches a little, and occasionally murmurs affectionate things to the mare, who flicks her ears and snorts in return. If you watch him long enough, you'll see a glowing, light blue orb circling around his head--a fairy.]
Dream Event | Open
27 May 2011 at 02:27 pm
[It was a battlefield.

That was the basic sense of it, anyways. It was much more complicated than that. All around people roared and cried out in mixtures of pain and victory. The place smelled of blood, if one could smell in dreams that is. The mind could play so many tricks, could it not? Ashura remembered it though and smelled it, smelled the acrid scent of smoke and burnt flesh. That would always be imprinted in his brain, no matter how the years passed. Of that he was sure.

He was astride his dragon horse, a large, four legged creature lined with dark red scales and a long, narrow face. Add in a maw filled with fangs and claws that could gouge through rock, and the creature was a death machine in and of itself. But then, that was why they were war animals. He was dressed in a simple white and black outfit with a single shoulder plate and a red obi wrap around his hips. In his hand glittered his crystal sword, clean of blood, though a pool of it lay beside Ashura and his mount - a perfect little spattered circle. His golden eyes watched the scene from his rocky overlook, the roaring and the screaming. He was dispassoniate, seemingly detached. Men fell and he did not so much as blink.

From behind him a soldier leaped, a war cry on his lips. Ashura twisted on his perch on his mount's back (he rode bareback), not at all worried and with a single sweep of his arm brought his sword around and sliced open his dream opponent. The man cried out and fell, tumbling over the side of the outcropping and Ashura went back to watching over the battlefield as if nothing had happened at all. ]

[ooc: totally open, and this is probably a side of ashura most people have never seen. You may choose to get hurt on the field or not, up to you since it IS a dream after all. Ashura knows it is and if he sees someone wander in he will come to 'defend' them. Also, you just might see some things from his past, if you're interested.]
[Dream Event | Closed] The ground -- can you cover me... ?
27 May 2011 at 02:08 pm
[Ken had spent the day fixing up the place he was going to move into within the next few days and while he is sure to not have done anything overly strenuous, maybe all that dusting, cleaning and moving furniture about caught up with him... but it was still early...!

Oh, never mind the bare mattress -- maybe a quick nap would be okay. Just a quick one, thirty minutes, even fifteen! Just... a little...]

----- I - Black -----
What's the point in trying to get away? The never ending search to find escape -- It's gonna leave you cold. )

----- II - White -----
This is the last breath I think I'll ever take, this is the last move I think I'll ever make. )

(( OOC: Dreams are closed to Hei, Otoha, Ashura and Buffy. If you'd like to hop in, feel free to poke Ken's contact post so we can work something out! Also, I will be VERY SLOW in replying but I'll be backtagging FOREVER. ;; o7 Lyrics credit: "Cover Me" by Mae. ))
003: Plagiarism? Certainly not. [voice]
26 May 2011 at 09:54 pm
Good afternoon, fellow inmates. This is Light Yagami.

To better predict the pattern at which the stabilizer functions, I'd like to conduct a bit of a survey myself, just as Mister Holmes had done just a while ago.

If each of you don't mind, do reply to this post with the following:

1. Whether or not you are human. If no, please specify what you are, exactly
2. Your origin world or planet, and the respective country if any
3. Your gender and age

If you would like to remain anonymous for this survey, by all means, go without providing your name - it would not affect the survey results in any way. The results will be broadcasted later on, just as Mister Holmes has done. But in this instance, if you would like copies of the results, feel free to leave me your name, so I may send you a copy through the mail.

Thank you.