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19 November 2011 at 04:30 pm
Why doesn't anyone ever bring in a little anarchy around here anymore?
☆ voice
19 November 2011 at 04:06 pm
What do you all do for fun? You know, games, hobbies, anything.

I need new things to do.

[ Voice / Action ]
16 November 2011 at 11:28 am
I'll make this short... [ Since, of all the things Touma does not like airing out over the network, sadness is one of them. Not that he's particularly obvious about it, but those who have known him for longer can probably tell that something is amiss even before he opens his mouth again. ] I don't know how many friends Misaka had here in Marina, but... she's gone now.

[ And even though it's hard not to blame his bad luck, that has to be part of it, right? Right. ] Sorry.

Enjoy the snow, or whatever. [ And Touma just hangs up there, to return to drowning his sorrow moodiness in food at the ramen shop. ]
[action / mostly closed]
13 November 2011 at 09:11 pm
[Allen is dragging his menagerie of golem, dog, and stalker unceremoniously along with him as he heads up the steps to Naoya's house and knocks on the door. he calls out, just seconds after knocking] Naoya! I hope you're interested in making lots of food for dinner!

[he hasn't told Naoya that he's coming or Link that they're spending the evening at Naoya's. he just felt like... coming over and paying him a visit, even if it's just over a meal for no particular reason]

((ooc: The tiniest minglepost! Backdated to early evening. If anyone needs to get in touch with Allen, who has otherwise been avoiding everyone he knows all day, a private post here is a good place.))
09 November 2011 at 07:44 am
While I realize that I'm surrounded by miscreants and other miscellaneous unsavory persons for the duration of my stay in this quaint little place, I would like to remind everyone that it's awfully rude to steal another's belongings. [Popping out for a quick spot of tea in the transdimensional stabilizer unfortunately means that one's things get taken away.]


If I find that it's you who took my things, I guarantee that a cake will not be sufficient recompense for your actions.

[Honestly, what sort of inhumane person steals from a blind old man? That being said, what's the point of being surrounded by so people if one can't make good use of them?]

But, while we wait for the useless bird to emerge from his hiding place, perhaps someone would like to assist me in locating a missing object? I suppose a reward shall have to be provided, for those of you who find yourselves unmotivated by anything less.

[And for those inmates observant and bright enough to put two and two together, they might just find the speaker fits the description of a missing person given by one (1) Anri Sonohara just a few days ago.]
08 November 2011 at 05:37 pm
[at the convenience store and clothing shop, picking up some foodstuffs and clothes for Nill and her. geez, she feels so...domestic.]

It's strange. [P A U S E, okay yeah she's going to say something else.] You'd be lucky to get a roof over your head back home, much less food, and yet... You can do that here - and you can eat as much as you want without having to worry about money or keeping a job.

I never thought a life in prison could be...comfortable. [which doesn't mean she likes it, technically but][eyes trail over a pack of unsweetened chocolate. that reminds her :x] I could do without the tricks people play here though.

[private to Nill]

[switches to video just for her] I'm in the store right now. Do you want me to bring anything specific home?
[action / backdated to middayish]
06 November 2011 at 11:20 pm
[Allen managed to get to the shelter for breakfast as per his normal. He ate a giant mountain of food, as per his normal. He ate some candy, because it was there. And now...]

[Now he doesn't remember any of that. In fact, he doesn't know how he got here. He doesn't recognize any of the people. The communicator and the robots are kind of terrifying for him, so he skipped out of there and put the communicator away. He doesn't know what happened to his left arm -- why it looks differently, why it's working. Why he looks differently. Why he's older and the last thing he remembered, he was seven years old.]

[He doesn't even know why he's not hungry. That's never happened before.]

[A mistrustful Allen is wandering the streets now, with his hood pulled up self-consciously. Bother him?]

((ooc: sorry for INCREDIBLE LATE; here's memory-loss circus-era Allen. Allen will be speaking ~thick Cockney English~ so pretend I'm tagging as such even when I get too pained to keep typing it))
29 October 2011 at 04:40 pm
It's getting cold again. Can't we just skip the crummy weather and go back to summer?

[ she just 'tsks' to herself though, too tired to go on her usual rant. ] Guess I can't go running outside anymore.

...I miss getting to do stuff. I miss fighting.

[ seated outside the coffee shop and wearing a ridiculous amount of scarves. it's like she's expecting a hurricane instead of the slight chill. ]
[voice | open | dated to just after PM's mail-run!]
29 October 2011 at 01:22 pm
"Write your secret or your confession?"

[The tone is questioning, amused as Izaya abruptly turns the feed on. He sounds skeptical, that's for certain.]

My, my. How forward, "Chrome-chan." It is a rather... unexpected change of pace, though. I do hope we can meet sometime, you seem very interesting!

[That's it. He cuts the feed right after; as if this was a filtered post but he simply didn't know who to filter it to, given how anonymous is all is.]

[Video//Action | Open] MINGLE POST~
27 October 2011 at 08:00 pm
[A bit before "sunset," a softly smiling Lacus appears in the video.]

Good evening, Marina. Thanks to an inmate request, tonight we are going to observe a lovely meteor shower in the night sky using the star projector. I have arranged viewing areas on the beach with some light refreshments. However, you should be able to see the meteors from anywhere in the dome.

If anyone would like to see star patterns or other sky-scenes from their own worlds, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you have photos or descriptions I can make a program for the projector quite easily.

I hope everyone has a pleasant evening.

And about a half-hour after dark... )
[ Action | Wide Open | Forward-dated to pre-dawn (tomorrow) ]
01 October 2011 at 06:32 pm
It is a peaceful morning in the Shelter. In the dome above, the artificial daylight cycle has not yet begun. The halls echo with the gentle sounds of early morning residents milling around and robots going about their business amidst the even, sterile glow of the artificial lights. Yes, all is quiet and calm...

Until the alarm goes off.

Some will recognize that it is Sentience's voice -- not Acumen's -- that follows the echoing, whooping alarm that rings out through the halls of the entire Shelter and directs everyone to stay calm:

"Attention. Attention. An emergency has been reported in this building. Please, cease operations and calmly leave the building utilizing the nearest stairwell exit. Do not use the elevators. I repeat. Do not use the elevators!"

This continues on for many minutes, as denizens stir from their slumber or drop their meals and take to the halls. At least... it is expected that everyone follows the evacuation orders and strobe lights as directed. Elevators are non-functional for the duration of the alert. (But you can try to hack or override them if you want -- just expect someone to notice, later.)

As an added bonus: those in the kitchen and dining areas, sprinklers have activated, as that is the source of the disturbance. A perfect way to start your morning, right? (Don't worry -- there is a laundry cart with towels upstairs outside the exits.)

OOC notes! )
video ;; filtered AWAY from Flynn Scifo // open action
21 September 2011 at 10:31 pm
[ video on, and you're staring up at Yuri's face as he fiddles with his comm. he notices the video is working after a beat, and then -- grins into it. ]

Hey. The name's Yuri Lowell, if we haven't met. Just thought I'd give everybody a little heads-up -- Brave Vesperia is now open for business.

[ he steps back out of view and it's clear that he's claimed a little bit of Sector Three for himself, a small storefront with big picture windows. "Brave Vesperia" is hung up over the door, a bot-made sign. he's had some help with setting up. ]

((ooc: Wondering what Brave Vesperia is and why you should care? Ask away! Yuri will gladly use more words once he sees they're necessary. X3 Reply by video or feel free to notice him setting up if you're in the area. Or Flynn.))
[voice/open | action/closed]
14 September 2011 at 11:59 am
[He's been keeping to himself ever since the 4th wall incident, but today is an exception. The entire dome will be offered a simple question.] What would you do if you were told the one thing you wanted most in life was unobtainable? What would you do to accomplish that goal? Would you be willing to give up everything?


[He's searching for them now. Kitty, Kisame--and his brother, too. He hasn't seen or heard from the shark-like nin for quite some time now. Could he have vanished like the others? Regardless, the young Uchiha is going to get some answers, no matter what it takes. First things first. He'll check the usual places that he's seen Kitty hanging around. She'll be easier to confront. The fact that he's stalling like a coward makes his insides twist, but he shoves down those traitorous thoughts for now. He'll get to Itachi, all in due time.]
29 August 2011 at 08:46 pm
Thank god all those people are gone. This place is crowded enough without Acumen going haywire. This is the second time it's done that. First monsters, and then accidental arrests - the robot is totally losing its touch.

So. [ she sounds cheery! beware ] Name something you hate about this place. [ she's just full of positive thinking ] I can't be the only one that can't stand Marina.
09 August 2011 at 09:53 pm
[ and now, for everyone's listening pleasure(?): a rather hesitant voice articulating very, very mechanically slowly and clearly. ]

Play. Rewind. Stop. Play. Play. Ah... LED... light? Recorder -- ?

[ pause; yes, yes it is a recorder and not an old school voice-command operated music-player. ]

Test. Ka-ke-ki-ko-ku. Sa-se-shi-so-su.

One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. None. Ten.

Zero... one. Zero-One. Zero-One. Zero-One.

Mi... Misato. Katsuragi. Misa ---

[ ...maaaaaaybe a little too much frustration for that one. A bit of heaving, followed by silence, then back to the neutral reciting. ]

...to. Tsu. Chi. Ta. Te. Test.

[ even more tentatively -- ]

Hello... world?
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19 July 2011 at 01:57 pm
[ It's been a while since someone has used the Shelter common room corkboard, but Touma was spurred on by last night's events to get the heck out of the Shelter. Some part of him misses being more independant.

Today he printed up an ad on plain paper and stuck it up there, hoping to get a few hits. ]

Young Japanese student seeks roommate
Must be able to do half of all the chores -- cooking, cleaning, shopping etc.

ABSOLUTELY NO: magicians, sorcerors, espers, clowns, dragons, or girls

Contact: Touma Kamijou, or fill out a form and send via the mail

[ ...this is stupid. I'm not seeking an apartment like back home. Argh. Too late to change it now. He really doesn't have a lot of options. He tacks it up onto the board, along with some forms printed on index cards, and goes back to his room to wait for replies. ]

Form beneath the cut! )
07 July 2011 at 06:43 pm
[ Did she, did she dream all of that? The angel attack, the coma, the momentary lapse of insanity - ]

[ her head is aching, which only serves to exacerbate her already spoiled mood further. ]

Oh come on, you could have at least let me kill all of them! Stupid robot. I only had three left - I could have beat them all in the next minute. But no, all I get is a splitting headache. Thanks a lot.

[ closes her eyes and massages her temples, and -- actually manages a smile ] ...I forgot how good it feels to kill angels.
[ Video | Action ]
10 February 2011 at 08:09 pm
[ Action | Closed ] )

[ Video | Open ]
[ Touma turns on the communicator and stares into the screen with an expression born of both fatigue and irritation. ] Look, I don't know whose idea of a joke this is... and I know I didn't have much stuff in my room, but if I find out who the hell came in here and rearranged stuff, I'm going to be--

[ There is a shuffling noise off-camera, and he turns his head. ] Huh? Who's the-- [ The feed suddenly pitches and cuts off, the last sound heard being a combination of an expletive from Touma, mixed with the noise of something heavy crashing into his head. ]
[ Event: Ball ]
03 February 2011 at 08:26 pm
[Just as evening starts to fall, one of the parks in Sector 4 has been festooned with streamers, bright lights in a variety of colors, a big upraised dais, tables of refreshments, and music. It looks like a perfectly normal party from the outside. Optional masks are provided in little bins beside the dais, but you're responsible for your own costumes...!

...And if you're dressed as a character, the moment you step onto the dais, you will believe yourself to have led that character's life for your whole life. This effect will last until "midnight", in this case Sunday, even if you leave the party.]
[voice/action closed]
03 February 2011 at 12:40 am
[Private to Allen]

Hey! Hope you didn't forget. Meet me at at the farthest indoor court at the complex. Last one there has to do whatever the other one says. [ KIDDING....OR IS SHE? ]

[ and because she doesn't cheat, she'll be getting ready to go out right about noooow. ]