17 November 2011 at 02:11 pm
Well, now that things have settled down~

I wanted to thank those of you who helped me out during the time when I was returned to my younger form. I didn't remember any of you at the time, which was why I was confused. But thank-you for trying despite that~

[Her tail is wagging away happily. Oh, she supposes she should add, since that the newbies have just arrived...] And yes, for those of you who are new, I am a wolf~ Not everyone here looks human~! [Playful Ammy is playful and happy]
[ Voice / Action ]
16 November 2011 at 11:28 am
I'll make this short... [ Since, of all the things Touma does not like airing out over the network, sadness is one of them. Not that he's particularly obvious about it, but those who have known him for longer can probably tell that something is amiss even before he opens his mouth again. ] I don't know how many friends Misaka had here in Marina, but... she's gone now.

[ And even though it's hard not to blame his bad luck, that has to be part of it, right? Right. ] Sorry.

Enjoy the snow, or whatever. [ And Touma just hangs up there, to return to drowning his sorrow moodiness in food at the ramen shop. ]
09 November 2011 at 09:28 am
Pardon me. Is this device functional? [Tap tap tap. Then, a little louder:] Pardon me!

[At first it's only voice, but after a bit of fiddling the video function comes on. Enjoy your view of the bridge of Nia's nose, Marina. It pans back after another moment, leaving her whole face in view. Absurdly bright eyes, unfaltering smile... check, check.]

Ah... hello, Marina of Prison fellow people! My name is Nia. It is lovely to meet you. I will be residing here as of now, so I hope we can all be good friends.

[Beat, then she adds:]

Oh, yes. Thank you for the time you spent listening. []
[video | open]
07 November 2011 at 09:32 pm
Ahh, how unreal! This is unbelievable! It’s almost like the premise of a video game except this is real life! Just think of all the possibilities that could come from a set-up like this! The forbidden romance between two criminals; a boy and a girl trying to find their way home, all the while seeking comfort in one another as the dream of ever finding a way out gets farther and farther away! There are so many possible scenarios it’s almost unbearable!
If only Anri-chan and Mikado were here with me! She would be perfect as the leading lady beside me and him the perfect sidekick, supporting us in our perils as we try and keep the flames of our love alive while spending eternity together in this cold, dark prison! [Which is a strange thing for someone who is standing in broad daylight to say, but he’s on a roll so let’s not question this statement quite yet.] I suppose in their absence I will have to find others to replace them.
I’m sure that won’t be too hard. In a prison full of such lovely ladies, there must be many of you just dying to win the love of someone as handsome and loving as I! Yes, I can see it now, every one of you has some trait that makes you worthy of my love. There is no need to fight over who gets the part as my leading lady, though! There is more than enough of me to go around for all of you and I am more than happy to accommodate all of you. [And with that, there is a wink and the cut of the feed.]
03 November 2011 at 11:51 pm
[Sup, Marina! Tonight, you get another child. One who is seething. She's been seething all day, and the constant posts haven't helped. She's not privy to admitting her embarrassment over the situation; instead, she's kept inside all day, carefully monitoring things. Will you recognize Mitsuru? Her voice is much younger, but her gaze is very much the same.]

Good evening - given the situation, I'll keep this brief.

[She closes her eyes, letting out a frustrated sigh before she continues.] Has anyone yet had the effects of... these circumstances dissipate? I'd like to imagine this is only a temporary situation, though... it is rather difficult to tell with such a wide range of people affected.

[She's trying hard not to grit her teeth. Composure is necessary, but sometimes difficult in the body of a child. Which is only serving to drive her more crazy. There's another sigh, before.] You all have my thanks in advance.
03 November 2011 at 08:02 am
[The feed clicks into Ryoji, smiling his usual smile.

Oh, and he sparkles. Vaguely diamond-coated skin dapples in the simulated sunlight, making him look even more pale than usual. What's in your hand. I have it. Back up. Ryoji is now diamonds! He seems to be in one of the dome's parks and the observant might hear the familiar muted whine of a very lazy puppy flopped near his shoes.

This is a surprise. [Ryoji has all the good natured proclivities toward not being remotedly bothered.] It's not just me, is it?
01 November 2011 at 12:58 pm
[This? This is the tiniest confused whimper of a baby godpuppy who doesn't know where she is. Ammy the puppy goddess can be found near the entrance to the shelter, chewing worriedly on her communicator, which is transmuting her whimpers across the network. Where is she? This isn't home...]

((Ammy + candy = disaster. Age down and memory loss combo. Have at!))
29 October 2011 at 04:40 pm
It's getting cold again. Can't we just skip the crummy weather and go back to summer?

[ she just 'tsks' to herself though, too tired to go on her usual rant. ] Guess I can't go running outside anymore.

...I miss getting to do stuff. I miss fighting.

[ seated outside the coffee shop and wearing a ridiculous amount of scarves. it's like she's expecting a hurricane instead of the slight chill. ]
[Action | Open // Voice | Closed]
27 October 2011 at 04:30 pm
[If you are out an about the dome this afternoon, there's a chance you will run into Yosuke. He's not alone, though! No, with him is a very happy, goofy-looking puppy that he's just acquired for himself.]

[He's spending the better part of the afternoon at the park, laying in the grass under a tree while the (still unnamed) puppy runs around, jumping on him, licking his face, trying to eat his shoes -- and the puppy may be after you too! He's friendly and completely harmless. He just wants to love you via drooling on your shoes, jumping on you and trying to lick your face if you let him get close enough.]

[He still needs a name, though, so in those calm moments, Yosuke is desperately trying to figure this out. He's never had a pet before, so this is new. He'll just be laying there with his headphones blaring music -- while still around his neck.]

[Voice // Filtered to Investigation Team brethren]

Hey, guys? I was wondering if, um...

Maybe we shoul-- Hey! Stop that! Da-dammit, my shoes aren't your chew toys, you know! Arghhhh!

[He's grumbling for a minute, and there's a loud barking sound. Wrangling with the new puppy? Yep, maybe just a little. After a minute, he sighs and continues.]

S-sorry about that. Anyways, we should get together sometime soon. Even if it's just to grab pizza or something. I dunno, it's just kind of... weird, I guess that we're not hanging out together as much as we probably could, you know?

Just let know. We can figure out the details later.
[Action | Video] [Open] [backdated slightly to afternoonish]
21 October 2011 at 11:18 am
[good evening, Marina! As the artificial sun cruises on towards the artificial horizon and the shadows begin to lengthen, someone has finally finished setting up a small table outside of a lovely home in Sector 4. On the table, several different kinds of autumn vegetables, including beets, carrots, turnips, and and cabbage, are carefully arranged. The garden, seen behind the table, takes up what was once the large front lawn of the house. Around the base of the table sit a collection of ripe, orange pumpkins (of course).]

[WV is standing behind the table, wearing a beaming smile despite his arm still bandaged in its sling. He addresses the communicator:]

Greetings, fellow denizens of this prison! My garden was first begun and subsequently tended to in an effort to lead a more self-sufficient existence. I trust that you will all be inspired by its successful Earth cool-season yield. Please, do visit and admire the vegetables, and select some to consume in your homes.
19 October 2011 at 12:53 am
Yeah, I'm not buying into the whole "inmate" thing, no matter what this stupid computer says. I'm not a criminal and I'm willing to bet there are a ton of people here that this things's wrongly accused, too.

[ yukari's muttering to herself, wandering around one of the hallways and seemingly completely wrapped up in whatever it is she's doing. which ... is getting lost. at least it's not that dark any more; darkness is a yukari's worst enemy, don't you know? she could be down by the cafeteria, or the library, but she'll basically be wandering around all day, so feel free to have your characters bump into her at any time in any place because her insatiable curiosity is going to drag her around everywhere. especially the shopping area. ]

Hey, so—What's the deal with this "Sentience" thing, huh? What kind of mistakes did it make? [ there's a pause as she leaps out of the path of one of the bots, a curious expression on her face. ] Ugh, and what's with all the robots? This place doesn't function like any prison I've ever heard of. This seems more like... I dunno, some kind of weird vacation facility or something. Seriously, what kind of prison has a dance club?

( ooc: oh my god this is so, so so so so so so late. i got hit with a monstrous sinus infection literally the DAY after i ooc intro'd that knocked me flat on my ass, and since then i've just been laying around being pathetic. but now that i feel a lot better, let's do this thing!!! *w*9 )
009: The departure of the Other [video, filtered]
13 May 2011 at 10:13 pm
[feed turns on to reveal Minako. She appears to be cheerful enough, though something seems just a little off...]

Hey there, Marina. This is Minako again.

Has anyone lost track of a friend recently? I'll be compiling a list of people who have disappeared from the dome soon. It will be posted up in the common area of the Shelter, and I'll keep it updated once every two days once I finish up with the first list.

Please, just drop me a message with the name of your missing friend, and the last time you've seen him or her. Thank you.

[with that, the feed seems to have ended-- at least, for the majority of the viewers of this post.]

Filtered to S.E.E.S. members and Ryoji )
007: No more excuses [audio + audio/filtered] backdated to late afternoon
23 April 2011 at 10:34 pm
[well, she's put this off for long enough - it's already been a whole day since she's avoided contacting Akihiko - and there's no point in doing so any further than that. And so.]

Akihiko-senpai. You may not know who I am, but I'd like to speak with you. Can I meet you somewhere, say... in the park?

Filtered to Yukari, Mitsuru and Ryoji )

((ooc: this post also serves as a placeholder for anyone who wishes to contact her for anything at all~))
Location: Late Afternoon, Day 111
[Video; Open / Action; Closed]
22 April 2011 at 10:38 pm
[Here, Marina. Have a Mitsuru in your face. She's looking very composed, seriously, and pointedly clean of any colors. She draws in a small breath before speaking.]

Now that the day's celebration has come to a close, I was hoping someone could spare a few minutes to answer a question of mine.

It's to my knowledge there's an organization here called the "Defense Force." Given the circumstances, I've had little time to properly question this group and its activities; I can assume the name explains itself well, but I'd like to know more about it, in any case.

Merci beaucoup.

[With a nod, she cuts the feed. Once she's done with this, Mitsuru sits straight, one leg crossed over the other as she waits for the others to arrive. Her eyes kept focused, mentally going over all of the things that needed to be discussed once Akihiko, Ryoji and Yukari got there.]
12 April 2011 at 12:05 am
[ her tone is gentler than usual, as she's trying quite hard not to offend anyone ]

People are seriously- seriously managing to leave this prison and no one's recording it. Really, I think that's silly

I'm volunteering myself to keep a record of it, and I really hope that people will report these disappearances. It's quite interesting, really.
first // voice
12 April 2011 at 09:57 am
Uh… is this thing on? [There’s a pause; Akihiko has taken the device off to examine it. He’s not exactly sure how it works. After a few moments, the voice feed comes back on.] I suppose so…

Guess we’ve gotten ourselves into a bit of a bind… my name’s Akihiko Sanada. If there’s anyone who can respond out there, I have a few questions for you. [There’s a small pause, and then he starts mumbling to himself.] I read all the stuff, but really - jail? If Mitsuru found out, she’d never let me hear the end of it…

I think I’ve got the basics sorted, but if there’s any additional info that would help, I’d appreciate it. Also, if there’s anyone from Iwatodai here - I’d appreciate hearing from you. [With that, he figures that he’s about done here, and turns the communicator off.]
The 110th Day
11 April 2011 at 05:23 pm
Good morning, inmates. It is the 110th day of the third generation.

Inmates John Egbert and Phoenix Wright, items you requested are available by the entrance to Sector 0.
[Audio | Action | Open]
05 April 2011 at 11:44 am
It’s to my understanding that I’ve been imprisoned in this facility. I can’t say I necessarily agree with the reasoning or methods, however... [There’s a pause, and a very quiet sigh.] I also understand that there’s little I can do at this time to fairly argue my case. I’ve read all provided information that was left here for me; whoever it is that provided this basket, I thank you. It’s already very helpful and greatly appreciated.

[There’s a small pause, as she considers the proper way to approach this next part.] Since I’m to believe this will be broadcasted to those who are here, an introduction is in order. My name is Mitsuru Kirijo. Prior to arriving, I was in the middle of some important matters, most of which I presume I cannot resolve under the circumstances. However, if I was brought to this facility unjustly, I can only guess that others, some of whom I might know, are here as well. That being said, if any of you copy, please respond to me. I’d like to further discuss this as soon as possible.

Thank you for your time. [Displeased, but she cuts the feed abruptly. She’s going to carry about until she gets any sort of response.]
[ v o i c e ]
03 April 2010 at 11:00 pm
[ At first, there is little other than silence as Yukari easily figures out how to get the thing work. At first, she had been angry, but it was only natural that she waited to calm down before she said anything, but not before a rather heavy sigh. ]

Listen, I’m sure someone thinks this is all really funny and all, but this isn’t the time for some elaborate prank. There’s no way this can be real, I mean, come on-- prison? If I was put on trial, why don’t I remember anything? Shouldn’t I be allowed a lawyer or something?

If this really is prison, you couldn’t have brought me at a worse time. I was in the middle of-- [ She stops herself. She can’t very well tell just anyone that they were about to fight something that could very well bring about the end of the world if it wasn’t taken care of. ] I was in the middle of something incredibly important, okay? At the very least, can’t you send me home long enough to take care of this? If… [ her voice wavers and she swallows hard before she can continue. ] if I can do this one thing, I won’t even ask for a re-trial or a lawyer. Promise.