15 August 2011 at 08:45 pm
[This is not where Haruka need to be, nor where he wants to be. His expression is somber as he stands in the middle of Sector 5, but the unease and displeasure evident in his expression will be hard to spot for anyone that doesn't already know him very well.]

Juri, you're not here as well, I hope.

[... and that's it. In Haruka's mind, that's all that needs to be said.]
[ video | action ]
09 August 2011 at 12:23 am
[He's heard the welcome message, tugged at the chain at his leg, and overall has a relatively good understanding of just what is going on.

He is far from pleased.]

You know, it's really not very nice to chain someone up when they haven't done anything wrong.

[Hullo, Marina. There is a white-haired man dressed in a nightgown - he was oh so rudely yanked out of bed - staring down from the communicator. It had taken him a few minutes to puzzle it out, but he's confident he's gotten the hang of it now.]


[Here he smiles, looking quite a bit more pleased than a man just thrown in prison ought to be.]

If you bring me some cake, I'm sure I can forgive you~ ♥

I'll be keeping the fishies company in the meantime. [And figure out just what is occurring here.]

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08 August 2011 at 11:50 pm
[The tone of the speaker is aggravated and condescending. This is someone who won't easily accept the predicament he's just found himself in. Not without ample proof.]

[It's a ruse. It has to be. After all, there's no way it could be true. Someone's captured him, sealed his fon slots, and cast some sort of illusion over him using the first fonon. That has to be it. It makes sense considering he defected from the Order, considering how that man keeps extending his offer. If he'll only cross a sea of corpses. Corpses, huh?]

...Is this someone's idea of a joke? I don't have time to play games with you people! Return my sword and undo the seal unless you're all willing to pay with your lives.

[Meanwhile Asch is kneeling down in the middle of the graveyard. For a while now he's been trying to figure out a way to remove the ball and chain from around his right leg, but he hasn't made any progress. Not even after fishing through the welcome basket for stuff to help it slide better. None. Unless getting even more frustrated counts.]
21 July 2011 at 12:22 pm
[ after the beach... thing, he hadn't left his apartment until today. too many people, too much... ridiculousness... to deal with. he'd spent the time with May; looking after her and playing with her. she had been happy enough with the attention.

he'd done various cat-related errands this morning and now that he'd had a chance to be separate from... everyone else... he doesn't feel like staying home anymore. in fact, he's made his way to the club. despite his best efforts, he's curious about what that stupid hunter said.

the place is absolutely not to his taste, down to the music, but he stands at the counter and directs the robot to give him out of one of the bottles with clear liquid in it. the scent is strong -- harsh and sour. he dips a finger in the glass and touches it to his tongue--

and makes the most disgusted face ever. ]
Location: Day 124 / Sector 3, Club / Mid-Afternoon
06 July 2011 at 06:30 pm
[Ritsuka is sitting at his desk in his suite in the shelter, knees up on his chair and resting against the desk as he stares into the video function. He has been thinking on a great many things after his trip to the library this morning, though not all of them pertaining to the slightly too inquisitive professor he met there.

He feels a little silly starting off with something personal, but he figures it's better than staring and saying nothing.]

I thought the beach decorations were a good idea. We have festivals like that back where I'm from, so it felt a lot like being home again.

I guess some of you aren't so bad.

Uh, Roxas. It feels weird talking to you through this, but we should make memories again sometime soon. Maybe I'll try asking Acumen for my camera-- a camera. [He corrects himself just a beat too late, but it gets little acknowledgment apart from the flick of his tail.]

But I do have a question for everyone else. What's the earliest memory you have from before you came here? How old were you when it happened? If... you don't want to tell me what the memory is, just the age you experienced it is fine.
05 July 2011 at 11:12 am
Denizens of Marinaland, [meaningful cane pointing here,] I greet you as your new overlord. Follow me.

[He's on video, but he's going to start walking regardless. You better be following. :|]

My legend dates back to the twelfth century.

From the looks of you, you are all in serious need of conditioner and top hats, but I will excuse your poor manners for the time being. [He's had ample time to observe and judge, after all.] Now tell me, which one of you will be my wielder. Single file, one at a time. I will be inspecting your lapels for quality assurance. The nicer the lapels, the more capable the man.

[He flicks his own, for emphasis.]
001 [Video || Action]
05 July 2011 at 09:53 am
[Rogue has read all the brochures and she understands what's going on here. She comes from a world where there are factions of people who would imprison mutants just because they're mutants. She's got her cloak on but the hood is pushed back. As one might expect, she looks a little distressed, perhaps because she's imprisoned but perhaps not exactly. She is chained and working in Sector 1.]

I get some of the reasons I'm here but you don't understand. I didn't have a choice that time. It ain't like I ever wanted anyone hurt.
001: Return [video/action]
05 July 2011 at 07:22 pm

[Did anyone miss Minako? Because she's back - appearing on the feed. But something's a little different... Instead of exuding an aura of quiet intelligence with a confident, cheery and charismatic disposition, she might look a little unsure right now.]

Uhm. Hello? [is this working right? I've pressed the buttons the same way it indicated and all...]

I think there must be some kind of mistake - I've never attacked anyone or caused any form of damage to property. I wasn't transferring because I was kicked out of my previous school or anything like that!...

[If anything, though, she looks vaguely as if she is still in the middle of recovering from the shock of suddenly being brought here, and so briefly after arriving on Tatsumi Port Island. She takes a deep breath, and pauses a moment, before speaking again, sounding a little more certain this time.]

Where can I talk to this... 'Acumen' about this?


[If you're walking about somewhere in the dome, you might just spot a certain redhead wandering about, carrying a welcome basket with her, clearly indicating that she's new in the dome.]

[She might just look pretty lost right now, even with the brochure clearly depicting the map of the dome, tucked nicely into the basket.]

[Point her somewhere, like the Shelter? Troll her? Give her a hug? That's completely up to you~]
[Video/Action] - Open
04 July 2011 at 01:57 pm
[So here's Kaien standing outside of the Kuran manor once more. He just heard the morning announcement and is rather startled by the sudden timeskip. It...only takes him a little bit to realize that he was one of those glitches. He had fallen out of Marina...and now he was back. He hadn't realized it was so disorientating.

He has a bit of a headache...but he switches the communicator on to [video]]

Ah, well... [You may know this familiar, smiling face.] It seems that I was one of those famous Marina Asylum glitches. [Oh so calm.] But I'm back now! I'm sorry for any convenience I may of caused. [He smiles and bows, despite the fact that the communicator bows with him.]

[Well, down to business.]

Yuuki~ ♥ Zero... You didn't miss me, did you~? []
[Action - Closed] Backdated a little.
29 March 2011 at 07:39 pm
[It doesn't take long for Kaien to notice Juri's disappearance. And certainly...it won't take long for Yuuki to notice either. After only a temporary time where he was simply sitting still, wondering how everything would go, Kaien stands and goes to Yuuki's room. He taps on the door, both praying she's still asleep and wishing she already knew. Kaien did not want to be the one to give her this news.]

Yuuki? Can I come in?
29 March 2011 at 04:36 pm


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[ action / closed to invited people ]
18 March 2011 at 10:29 pm
[ so, here it is. the first -- of what he hopes will be many -- meetings between the vampires of Marina and those who would hunt them. Suzaku is very tense while he waits for their guests to arrive, drinking his tea without really tasting anything beyond the heat.

please go well, he thinks. because it has to. it really has to. ]

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[Voice | Action] Open
17 March 2011 at 05:00 pm
[Dean's sitting at a bench and table outside the store in Sector 5 and painstakingly putting together a model car. It's not the '67 Impala he knows and loves so well, but hey, it was better then nothing! Grumbling just a bit, as he finishes gluing the back end of a fender onto the model, Dean flicks on his network device.]


So, I can't be the only one sick and tired of walking everywhere. Haven't you people heard of cars or bikes or something? Hell, I'd build my own car if I had the parts!
[Action - Open to housemates]
01 March 2011 at 02:19 pm
[Now for someone who can actually (kind of) cook.

Kaien Kurosu is up as early as ever creating some sort of variant of bacon and eggs in the Kuran Manor kitchen. He figures that today is a good day as any to have a nice peaceful breakfast with all of the people who live in the Kuran household. The smell alone is likely enough to pull all the vampires out of bed and create a cause for investigation, but just in case.]

I made delicious breakfast, everyone...~! Please come down stairs! ♥ ♥ ♥ [He calls this in vaguely in the direction of all the bedrooms, figuring that their ears will hear him even if he's far off.

He takes the variant of bacon and eggs to the table and starts setting up plates. In his strangely pink apron, he really does look like a mother...]
{ o01 | video }
15 February 2011 at 08:33 pm
[An angled shot of fiery red hair is what meets the feed when the transmission initially begins, followed by a pair of coppery eyes that bear a calm, though briefly pensive look. The image then pans out to contain his face & torso, his attire quite formal. He pauses to glance toward something (someone) off-screen, before turning his attention to the camera again.

Eyes closed a moment, he lets out a breath before finally addressing anyone who happens to be viewing the transmission.]

The provided information has been helpful, so we appreciate the efforts. However, I - we'd - really be grateful toward anyone who can further explain to us anything about this whole situation, and especially anything in particular that we should be aware of.

Thank you in adva--

[A female voice interrupts before he can finish.]

Is that all you have to say to whoever is out there? We're in a prison that has a brochure.

[The brochure in question flies at Akatsuki's head, because anything with a tacky brochure is bad. Obviously.]

[As if he's used to this type of behavior (because, well, he is), Akatsuki just sighs again.]

Whoever is out there is more or less in the same situation as we are, Ruka. Only they've been here longer. At the very least I'm sure we'll learn something that we haven't already read or heard.

[She sighs, still off-screen, and crosses her arms.]

... It doesn't mean I have to like it. Are you done?

I am.

[He never said she did. Focuses on the communicator again.]

Anyway, thank you in advance for any information.

[A light nod, and the feed ends.]

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[Action - Open]
04 February 2011 at 11:12 pm
[Diva was in a good mood today and the slight kiss of dew on her cheek as she slowly danced her away across the park to the ball was just the hint of freshness she craved. She missed being outdoors, but she had made a promise.]

[Giggling a little, Diva stopped, listening for the sound of heartbeats in the crowd, listening for her favorite people. The girl with the dog, the boy who flustered so easily and... Ah yes, there was Saya. So far away...]

[Laughing, Diva sang a little louder, weaving in words to the wordless song she usually sang. Saya]

((OOC: Diva's wearing a Day Uniform from Vampire Knight but alas, she's not exactly one for doing up her own buttons... Post dated an hour into the ball. Anyone welcome to run into her being creepy before she undergoes a personality switch! Also, apologies for the back-to-back Diva related posts. Work schedules just kind of made it happen this way.))
[ Event: Ball ]
03 February 2011 at 08:26 pm
[Just as evening starts to fall, one of the parks in Sector 4 has been festooned with streamers, bright lights in a variety of colors, a big upraised dais, tables of refreshments, and music. It looks like a perfectly normal party from the outside. Optional masks are provided in little bins beside the dais, but you're responsible for your own costumes...!

...And if you're dressed as a character, the moment you step onto the dais, you will believe yourself to have led that character's life for your whole life. This effect will last until "midnight", in this case Sunday, even if you leave the party.]
[Action | Open to those along the way in Sector 5]
01 February 2011 at 09:14 pm
[It's uncomfortable and ever frustrating, that familiar unease that tenses fingers, white upon knuckles stretched, clenching into the edge of a blue coat. Yet small feet press forward regardless, internal struggle outwardly suppressed for all intents a purposes, with the exception of a small bead of sweat trickling down a pretty & pale cheek, brushed a faint shade of pink with the lingering remnants of cool air still within the dome.

A glance to her side and Yuuki smiles in a bit of relief, some of the tension dissipating visibly from her body with a small upturning of her lips.]

Well, I guess technically there isn't anything I should worry about. After all according to your grumpy rescuer you're the most threatening animal in the dome.

[Looking at the bunny (Busa-kun as she's fondly named him) floppy ears dangling and nose wiggling as he glances up at her from within her bag, currently strapped across her chest, she laughs before reaching down to gently brush fingers across his nose. His fangs are barely visible except when looking at him from the side. It's one of the cuter and more enduring features of him, she thinks.]

We're almost there. I'm sure May will play with you, I know it has to get boring, being locked up in the manor all the time.

[Sentiments she understands all too well, though left unspoken to her fuzzier friend. A dozen other thoughts weigh thick & heavy on her mind. Most recently her current conversation with Zero across the network in addition to current events involving friends and unfortunate circumstances. Perhaps it's because of those things that she's out, now, a second bag also dangling at her hips. It's contents are carefully tucked in side, though 'purchased' for lack of a better word, the day before while out with Ciel. Something lighter, less harsh & depressing for everyone to partake in. She's looking forward to it herself, while hoping to keep an eye on things too.

Of course she knows not everyone shares the same idea of fun as herself though, and there are others, yet, who prefer locking themselves inside and being, in general, antisocial. She gives a small huff. Well, at the very least, even a hermit needs to get out sometimes. If she has anything to do with it, there will be another in attendance to the big event. Nearing Kamui's, she gives a small knock to the door once arriving, his scent thick in the air as she waits patiently.]
01 February 2011 at 11:52 am
[There is a view of a room that looks nearly void of signs of life contained within it. There is a trench coat hanging on one of the walls. If your eyes are extremely sharp you might notice a small pile of adult magazines collecting dust in the corner. Mint condition. Never been opened. Thanks Kaien.

The fact that he feels this is necessary is something that irritates him, but with the arrival these past couple of weeks of new vampires and their obvious disregard for the other inhabitants of the facility, it needs to be done. It doesn't seem like anyone else is going to take the initiative, so it's up to Zero to be the one to do it.

Zero comes into view, sitting on the edge of the bed, expression calm. Yes, he takes this all very seriously. Prepare yourselves, all. This is probably the most any of you have heard come out of his mouth at once.]

Since there is apparently going to be a costume party being held tonight in celebration of the hundredth day, I thought I would take some time to go over some issues happening within the facility lately. This is a matter of safety, so I would prefer if everyone just take a few moments to stop whatever they are doing to listen before going on with your daily lives.

There are nearly a dozen different vampires here in Marina and just about as many worlds that they come from. They are literally beasts in human form and it's likely that each of you know at least one or more and interact with them daily, often not even realizing they are a vampire.

Events such as these, especially costume parties, add another level of anonymity to their lives.

If you find yourself bitten by a vampire, please contact myself or another member of the defense force that is in attendance immediately. This is something that should be done even if you have agreed to be a donor for them and anywhere or anytime within the facility. Each vampire comes from a world a little different and the very act of being bitten can have life changing consequences for anyone who is a victim to their fangs. Some worlds all it takes to change you into a vampire is for them to get their fangs into you. Other worlds it requires you to ingest their blood. Some vampires don't have that power at all.

Before offering yourself to any of them, please research what this commitment will mean for you. If you have questions, comments or just want to discuss options, there are people knowledgeable in the subject within the defense force. Utilize them before doing anything rash. This is never something that should done without research prior.

Any questions?
[closed action/late evening]
30 January 2011 at 12:30 am
[ Zelman thinks it's high time to visit a good friend of his. Like, right now. Without warning. He likes surprising others. ....GUESS WHO'S ON YOUR LAWN YUUKI AND FAMILY ]

[ well. more like on your doorstep. knock knock knock 8))) ]

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