[video | open]
07 December 2011 at 10:14 pm
[Apparently, Kurama had no difficulty whatsoever in locating a place to stay after the Shelter's evacuation. He looks quite comfortable, seated behind a desk in what appears to be a modest study area. He has in fact claimed a small residence in Sector Four for his own, chosen for its proximity to the parks. Personal touches can already be seen in the several tropical and flowering plants he has growing on the windowsill. The space is otherwise largely empty. Kurama may be efficient, but even he can't furnish a home to his personal standards in less than a day. The purpose for his transmission has nothing to do with the move, however, and he quickly gets to the point, his hands folded on the desk in front of him, his expression calm and reassuringly confident. This is someone who most certainly does not suffer from either shyness or hubris.]

Good evening. My name is Kurama, and I hope you will spare me a moment of your time while I make a brief announcement. For those who may be interested, I will be offering a course in the mythologies of Earth at the Education Center in Sector 2. Class will be held in Room 7 from nine until ten in the morning on days ending in one and five. Students are welcome to join the course at any time. Please bring any materials you may require to keep notes. All other materials will be provided to you as needed. I ask that anyone who wishes to contribute to the subject matter of the course contact me to discuss the particulars.

The first class would ordinarily be held tomorrow, but, in light of Acumen's cleaning activities, has been postponed until Day 151. Until then, I am happy to entertain any questions you might have.

Thank you for your time.

[ooc: For anyone who wants to look at the "official" course catalog entry, it's here. Sorry I didn't post the link sooner!]
[video | open]
06 December 2011 at 05:47 pm
[And Shinra, oddly enough, is smiling as he wears the headset.]

This is new! I've never been much for bluetooth systems, much less those with screens... How peculiar, though. I'm going to assume the screen's primarily for some sort of video or retina scanner, yes? Because there's not much else one can do unless this also acts as a viewfinder for light particles not seen by the naked human eye...

[Oh right. Nerd speak. And there's the whole ‘being somewhere unfamiliar' thing, the more important things to focus on! Koi ponds, places far too pretty to be the local streets of Ikebukuro, Japan... After his brief moment of distraction with the headset, his smile drops. Srs Bsns Shinra Tiem.]

As much as I appreciate getting to play with this new device, I'm pretty certain I shouldn't be here. Assuming whoever gave me this is who brought me here, I apologize but I can't stay. I have a date with my girlfriend tonight, and I'd rather her not find out I've gone missing.
[Voice | Open]
06 December 2011 at 11:30 am
[Incubator hadn't been made aware of this place before, so he decides to approach the situation with caution. Instead of joining the chorus on the communicator, the small fuzzy creature listened for a while as he examined his welcome basket. Then he paused, trying to psychically search for local magical girls, only to find that his telepathy was greatly limited. It was enough to make a decision or two about his immediate predicament, even if he would have to perform more tests too discern the extent of his new limitations.]

[Eventually, he abandons his basket on the walkway and climbs the nearest tall building with a set of deft jumps. He contorts his body so his paw can reach the communicator. Time for the first test--who can hear him?]


[QB speaks with a rather cute and upbeat voice, sounding almost like it might belong to a child--an effect ruined by his mature word choices. He doesn't address anyone in particular; he appears to be thinking out loud.] Of course there hasn't been a mistake. When every action is a crime, every person is a criminal.

This prison appears to be the result of an advanced culture lacking the ability to consider moral relativism. None of you should feel so alarmed by the accusations. What may have been acceptable on your world doesn't match the legal acceptability of this advanced artificial intelligence.

Committing crimes does not automatically make you a "bad person" by your standards, because your standards were never considered or applied to begin with.
[ Gamewide Mingle ]
30 November 2011 at 06:24 pm
[Sector 5 sees a lot of people over the course of a day. Many live there in houses or apartment complexes; many come there to shop for food or clothing; many come there to relax and have a meal; some even come for the entertainments offered by the bowling alley, the ice rink, or the Devil's Compass.]

[Everyone who might have passed through Sector 5 today is invited to thread out a chance encounter here, or a date, or a gathering of friends. Just tell everyone where your character is and what they're doing, and go!]
17 November 2011 at 08:58 pm
[It took him a lot longer than it had before but it's done. And Gear sits back to happily stare at the little, oblonged robot beeping at him. The red light of the single camera flickers, almost like blinking.]

You know, as satisfying as it is to build things and know you did it right...when you're done, all you can ask yourself is: What next? And there's plenty of time to wonder around here. There is such thing as too much time, man.

[Is that some bitter-sweetness from one Gear? Maybe, but he has just the idea to fix this!]

So a question, everyone. What kind of things would you like to see in this place? Any machines Acumen hasn't built? Appliances that your world has that this place doesn't? Toys that would make this winter more fun? An automated snow-blower for your backyard? [He chuckles a little after the last part.]

[Super-genius with boredom, what madness may come of it?]
[Video | Closed Action]
08 November 2011 at 09:23 pm

[The video clicks on less than fifteen minutes after his arrival and his fun encounter with the bell tower. Never let it be said that Puck doesn't bounce back quickly. He's in fact smiling from ear to ear, his face uncomfortably close to the screen.]

Greetings, my fellow lifetime cellmates! What a perfectly lovely day to be abducted. So how's life behind the metaphorical bars? Anything of interest happened today before I got here? Talk to me! [8D!]

I would say I'd like a word with our dear overlord Acumen, but you can't fault a computer for following its programming, can you? Nevertheless, I expect someone out there who knows what they're doing is listening. [His smile remains as cheerful as before, but there's a pointed pause, as if he's talking about a very particular someone. Hey, where there's a computer there's a programmer, right?]

And with that in mind~ please know that I do have things to attend to elsewhere. Anything specific you were hoping to get out of this? I promise I'm very easy to get along with in that regard. Give it some thought~

[Here Puck takes off his headset, although he doesn't switch it off. The video shows him flying in a deliberately slow circle in what appears to be the park in Sector 4, humming as he goes. Then he returns to the comm, his face once again much too close.]

[And… still no one relevant contacting him. Boo.]
No dice? In that case you'll excuse me if I make up my own dialogue. [He theatrically clears his throat.] "Dear Puck. Since this is your new home, please enjoy yourself. I've brought you here specifically to liven things up."
Why~! [He tilts his head to the side in mock embarrassment.] You should've just said so! I'll get right to it.

So… [His smile grows almost wicked.] What shall we do first?

Closed Action for the people that expressed interest in this )

[[OOC: No pressure though if anyone who offered their character for this later decided they're not interested after all. And I hope this tl;dr-y post isn't too confusing, orz. Please poke me for clarification in the linked OOC post if it is.]]
[video | open]
02 November 2011 at 09:48 pm
[The first thing to be seen on the camera is a wall on which a small rainbow can be seen. Typically, this wouldn't be anything remarkable, but once the camera moves to show Tamaki it might become clear why he feels the need to show everyone - his skin is sparkling in quite an abnormal fashion. The typical reaction would probably be to panic, but Tamaki has decided to look on the bright side of the situation so he's showing off his new skin.]

Look, look everyone! Isn't it marvelous? While it seems that some of you have gone through some more unfortunate changes, I have been gifted with even greater beauty than I had already possessed. It almost seems unfair that I would be granted such a wonderful gift when there are so many of you who are being forced to suffer from such... regrettable side effects. [What caused these side effects, he's not entirely sure. But he has his suspicions that this wasn't actually just a gift from the heavens.] Ah, I wonder what other gifts I may have been graced with? It seems that my skin has also become harder, perhaps this means that I have also been given super strength!

[And that's where he will end the feed to go test out the possibility of super strength.]
[Video] All grown up.
01 November 2011 at 11:01 pm
Lookie lookie, Edward got a trick and a treat!

[The video cuts on to show an older Edward, that is now quite clearly female. There is also the robotic corgi that looks to be done at the edge of the screen in addition to a mountain of what looks like debris and junk.]

Zwo is almost complete~ Edward has to get a few more parts though.

[Not that she needs it from the way that the child woman is bouncing around, but she opens another piece of candy and eats the chocolate before adding the wrapper to a stack and doing a handstand.]

What do you think Zwo, shouild we go out again and get more candy?
The 139th Day
31 October 2011 at 07:53 pm
Good morning inmates. It is the 139th day of the third generation, and the facility will be observing Halloween. The weather will be mild in the morning with a chill as night falls.

Holiday themed costumes and treats have been organized and are located in the stores in Sector 5. This system encourages all inmates to participate, and to refrain from disrupting others interested in participating. Destruction of facility decorations will not be tolerated.
[Pumpkin smashing is still off limits this year. 8|]

King Ashura, the bird you requested is now available in the pet cafe. Inmates Francis Morgan and Peregrine Mendicant, the items you requested are available for pickup at the entrance to the shelter in Sector 0.
[Video] Backdated to early evening.
30 October 2011 at 02:52 pm
[The video starts with a small shudder from the Blue alien. He's wandering around outside.] So uh... what is this Halloween everyone keeps talking about?

Costumes, candy, weird decorations... [He's toying with some fake webbing that's pulled across a window and quirking a brow.] Are these supposed to be scary?
[ audio / action ]
11 October 2011 at 11:45 am
Lookin' to meet up with some mechanical types. Maybe some engineerin' types too. Also, curious about learnin' about different combat styles you folk have back wherever you're from. No reason for that last one, really. Just curiosity.

I'll be in sector four by this hugely creeptifyin' cherry tree for the better part of the day for those wantin' to have a chat.

[And Mal will be sitting there beneath the shade of the tree, waiting to see who takes the bait and what he can get out of them.]

ooc )
[Action | open] We interrupt your regularly scheduled prom posts...
14 September 2011 at 10:08 pm
[While most are getting ready for the prom, Ed has decided to be more mischievous and complete the misson that had been set out for her in previous days. The mission? To infiltrate the processing plant and escape with as much scrap metal as possible for the construction of the Ein-bot. So for anyone out and about in Sector one feel free to notice a child running around in bicycle shorts, no shoes that seems to be running from bush to bush and then stalking around the outside of the mysterious black building.]

Almost there~
[Action | Open]
06 September 2011 at 08:52 pm
[York WAS minding his own business, exploring the dome while tons of people chatted on the network--]

[And then suddenly, he was in another part of the prison altogether, with a ball and chain around his ankle. Staggering in surprise, he nearly loses his balance, but manages to regain it before he takes an undignified tumble into someone's flowerbed. Once he shakes it off, he reaches up to touch his temple.]

Did you catch that, Zach? I didn't! [Sounding excited, in a hushed sort of way.] It was like we experienced teleportation! They make it seem a lot more dignified in fiction. [Pausing.] You're right. The time of day is all wrong for instantaneous travel. What do you suppose it was, then...?

[He settles down on a nearby convenient seating surface, taking a tomato out of his pocket to snack on while he ponders this turn of events with "Zach".]
[video | action]
06 September 2011 at 06:05 am
[Here Marina! Have a Liam appear on the screen, leaning against a tree in the park with bandages around his head and on his cheek and looking generally very annoyed. Annoyance tends to be common when you wake up in a hospital and don’t quite remember falling asleep there.

He’s got his glasses in one hand and he’s scrubbing furiously at them with a cloth in the other, but he doesn’t put them on just yet, despite the fact that he has to squint into the camera to see anything.]

Things seem to be much less chaotic today than they were before.

[He has to close his eyes and think for just a moment before speaking again. He doesn’t remember when exactly that happened, because everything is jumbled together with memories of events from home.]

Tell me, are things like doubles of the inmates here a common occurrence? That doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that would be very easy to adjust to no matter how long a person has been here.

[He adjusts himself on the tree so that he’s in a more comfortable position, closes his eyes again and bows his head slightly.]

I believe that is all for now. If you all would excuse me I think it would be wise if I were to find a place to rest.
[Voice | Action-Open] Second Verse, Same as the First?
06 September 2011 at 10:25 am
Action )


[There is a soft, exasperated sigh before the boy finally starts up his entry. Very obviously annoyed if you couldn't tell by the swearing.] So, apparently there are ninjas in this miserable shithole and I fuckin' pissed them off... This so isn't funny.

Anyone got a paperclip or something I can use to pick a lock?

[If you're listening closely you may hear a distinct rattle of chains. "Miserable shithole" because despite the fact they had damn near everything here in comparison, it still sucked to Helix. He honestly felt a little cheated here, he was a big, nasty criminal, why was he being treated so well? Wasn't he supposed to be on death row or something under stricter surveillance than a friggin' ball and chain?? Nevermind the fact he really shouldn't be bitter about this... Right. Lets pass the time with idle chatter shall we? Cause he doesn't feel like dragging his ball all over the dome he's too wounded for that crap.]

So. Who here has actually killed someone? [A pause for effect and a slight, mocking twist to his tone.] C'mon, don't be shy. We're all just criminals here.
[Video | Open]
06 September 2011 at 12:15 am
[Have a very surprised Guardian over the communicator. She's definitely alarmed, perhaps more than she was the first time. Only a moment ago in her mind, she was at the Education Center and now she finds herself in the park, not knowing how she got there or why she is suddenly restrained]

This... this isn't where I was before. I was just somewhere else... And now I have this restraint. I thought I was supposed to be going home.

What is going on here? Can someone tell me what happened?

[ooc: Michiru is returning from 4th wall so she doesn't realize anytime has passed since she was last her]
05 September 2011 at 11:33 pm
[Welcome back to a picture of Flynn's face. Only he's got a better idea how the enchanted box works, and his brows are knit. And he happens to be sitting on the floor.] Okay, so I get that the gesture's nice and sweet and yadda yadda yadda—but whoever's laying out the baskets around here is a little bit late. [Holding up cookies. Free? Just like that?] How do I even know any of this is still good? And what's the catch?

… I don't know about you, but I've heard the story of the old lady and the poison apples oooone too many times. [Yep, spinning an apple in the air before dunking it back into the basket.] And can't you deliver these in person? It's creepy waking up and bam there's a basket.

Also, Rapunzel.


Can you tell me why I happened to wake up in your closet this morning? Maybe People Who Live in Towers do this sort of thing all the time, but I gotta say… it's not easy on the neck. [Rubbing it.] I think I'm going to be stiff all day, …ow. Just leave me on the floor or y'know, wake me up. How did you even manage to get me in there? And why did you do it?
[Video | Action] Open
24 August 2011 at 09:35 pm
[Oddly enough Ed seems rather calm today. The child is still running around in her usual sleevless t-shirt and violet biking shorts despite several people trying to get her to change into something more appropriate; or to at least put shoes on.

Currently she's just poking around on the network to see about the data changes from the previous day and try to figure out where the engineers went. The video feed opens up when she accesses the video files from the previous hours to download. She seems to be simply sitting in the middle of the sector 4 not far from the butterfly pavilion, singing softly and humming a rather odd tune.]

Circle's an eye ball, Circles are pretty, A tasty wonderful, Just like black grapies.
15 August 2011 at 08:09 pm
[The video shows a very confused and slightly annoyed grey-haired girl standing in the butterfly pavilion. She may be very familiar to some people, despite being... well, a girl.]

So what's the best way to talk to whoever's in charge of this place? My uncle didn't say anything about getting thrown in prison.
15 August 2011 at 07:02 pm
[The face on the feed is a little bored, a little bewildered, and sipping something out of a giant plastic cup and straw.]

Two out of ten, Acumen.

[That done, have a winning smile and a,] So, who’s going to bring me breakfast?