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18 March 2011 at 10:29 pm
[ so, here it is. the first -- of what he hopes will be many -- meetings between the vampires of Marina and those who would hunt them. Suzaku is very tense while he waits for their guests to arrive, drinking his tea without really tasting anything beyond the heat.

please go well, he thinks. because it has to. it really has to. ]

((ooc: Vampires who were invited by Yuuki and hunters who were invited by Zero, come on down! Don't worry if you didn't get an invite, because future meetings will be open to all youz guyz. Standard event post rules apply, tag to show up and then threadjack like crazy, but remember that Suzaku, Zero, and Yuuki will be trying to keep the peace, so if a fight starts, assume one of them is going to intervene and give them space to do so. Thanks!))

((ooc #2: This is the meeting thread; you should reply here to give your character's vote on Suzaku's issues and to propose your own issues for discussion. IM me for questions at suicidalchime!))
[filtered from Euphie] [video-->action] backdated to early morning!
16 March 2011 at 04:42 pm
[ video ON, and Suzaku hesitates for a moment ]

Good morning, everyone. As most of you I think know, I'm Suzaku Kururugi -- and I teach the sex ed classes here. I... well, since Acumen's decision a couple of days ago, I've been wanting to hold a -- special class.

[ tiny pause ] So, today's class will be a little bit more -- practically-oriented. Um. If you don't feel comfortable with that, of course you don't have to come...

[ dissolving into flustered now. ]

--Anyway, everyone's welcome. You don't have to be taking the class normally.

[ tiny pause ] Thank you.

((ooc: Suzaku will be in the classroom, ready to answer any questions, or you can talk to him over the network! ALSO KAREN IS HERE in a special guest teacher capacity. /o/ So she may threadjack? Sound good, baby? ♥ Top thread is for you~))
[action / SO OPEN]
09 March 2011 at 10:56 pm
[lalala it's Valentine's Day and Orihime is the chocolate fairy~*~ She has made a ridiculous amount of chocolate and candy and treats for all her friends. She is on a quest, traversing the dome with a basket held out in front of her to hand them out to everyone. She's singing to herself as she goes, in a good mood. She is so pleased that even with her arm in this condition she was able to make more than enough to go around.

Annnnd it is taking her mind off her broken hairpins lalala~!

Orihime is also wearing very obviously feminine clothing today so that nobody has to feel threatened by her chocolate. :D ]

((ooc: the following people get goodies -- Hitsugaya, Rukia, Nakama, Ushiro, Lacus, Rayflo, GIR, Venom, Lyle, Yuuri, Ryoji, Kid, Evo!Kitty, Mileina, Sasha, Kanji, Touma, Kaoru, Hikaru! also you, if you have a decent amount of CR with her but I have forgotten you on this list! you are also entitled to a little bag of candy if you are in the sewing club or the defense force. just say where you're running into her!

and finally, if you're not on the list but still want to ambush her / say hi / bully her into giving you treats, you can also tag ♥ ))
[Action | Open]
09 March 2011 at 05:37 pm
[It's nerve-wracking, Yuuki has to admit. Of all the days for her to be out and about it has to be the most hectic. Flipping her rich, mahogany, hair out from her spring jacket she walks purposefully, up right and straight. She's determined, regardless of the anxious feeling lingering within the pit of her stomach.

If she's going to convince anyone to attend this meeting and prove that it is worth their time without becoming alarmed, then she has to be able to present herself. Really, she's not sure the best way to go about it but this isn't about her. It's about everyone. The only way she knows how to move forward is to be up front and direct and tell the individuals face to face in person. Otherwise she isn't going to gain a favorable outcome or gain any support for an idea that has the potential to help others if it's executed correctly. Regardless, though, she's sure it isn't easy. Funny how now of all times she misses her blonde haired companion It's times like this he would be stuck to her side in the absence of her brother. It's bitterly true, what they say. She's learned over and over again that you never really know what you have until it's gone.

She closes her eyes and gives a small shake of her head. He's back home, though, and that's all that matters. More importantly, she has her mission. With each step forward she watches and listens attentively; sensing for the presence of others. Usually it's something she cares little about, but not today. She hopes everyone is home. With the arrival of all the new inmates she's sure her day is going to be that much busier. It's to her advantage, though, she thinks wryly with a faint grin, that her audience only consists of individuals like her.

After all, the most likely place to find a vampire during the day is at home.

Approaching the residence nearest her she stops before the door. Raising a small fist, she finally knocks.]

(OOC: Yuuki is visiting the vampire residences! If you want your vampire character to go to or be aware of the meeting coming up please post in here! It's perfectly fine to hear her out or slam the door in her face. Others are free to come across her while wandering around all of Marina. ^^)
08 March 2011 at 11:09 am
[ hey there Marina; have a quick shot of the artificial sky, some trees, and then an amused-looking face floating into view. some of you may -- uh -- recognize Kanda's costume from the ball! ]

Guess I owe someone a thank-you for the cookies. They really helped soften the whole "in prison for the rest of your life" blow.

[ why doesn't he really look or sound like it's a huge blow? well... ] Can anybody tell me more about this other version of me, the one that's supposedly back home even as we speak? That'd be great.
[ Voice ]
06 March 2011 at 05:44 pm
So tomorrow is the big day, yes?

I'm curious, so humor me a bit.~

Are there any plans in the works or is it to be just any day like the rest?

Inquiring minds would like to know!
002 [Video || Voice || Action || Open]
23 February 2011 at 09:10 pm
[Thanks to Rayflo and his 'servant' Buffy has been free from her ball and chain since the first day. She's been taking advantage of it too, exploring and getting the lay of the land. She's found her way to the dojo. If anyone should wander in she's busy working the punching bag over. She pauses, grabs a bottle of water and sits cross legged on the floor to address the rest of the City and take a break]

I guess if they make sure the criminals kick butt they figure we'll police ourselves?
[Video|Action|Open] Backdated to early evening
19 February 2011 at 07:49 pm
[Rayflo is in the training halls, playing spinning a wooden sword around in his hand. He'd been contemplating this for two days now. To challenge or not to challenge? Knowing Kanda, he'd never take the first step himself.

Challenge it is. And with a quick push of a button--the video turns on.]

I believe I'm owed a match. I did promise to wait, didn't I, but I've never been much of a patient person.

So Kanda, will you continue to hide or will you come out for a friendly clashing of swords? I promised you a free strike--if you're fast enough to take it.

[Calling you out in front of everyone, Kanda? WHY YES HE IS.]

{OOC:Any action will happen before the possible action thread with Kanda}
Location: Training Halls / Early Evening
[video / filtered from Euphemia] [action]
15 February 2011 at 01:10 am
[here is an Orihime! she is in a hospital bed and has a bandage wrapped around her head; her arm is in a sling and she's kind of pale, her hair hanging loose. lost]

Where... Where am I? Does anyone know who I am...?

[--ehe, awkward smile]

Just kidding... I always wanted to get amnesia after a head wound like they do on TV... But I guess I didn't this time either.

Um-- I'm sorry if I worried anyone yesterday when I didn't get home! Toushirou-kun, Kuchiki-san, I hope you were able to find the house okay... If not, I'll definitely make sure you get there tonight.

I just woke up and heard that I missed the whole day. So I didn't really prepare anything for the sewing club meeting. Can anyone from the sewing club take care of that so everyone can still go?

Let's see... Oh! And I was in the shelter, I think, so -- thank you, whoever brought me here! [ducks her head in a little bowww]

[clicks the video off! but she will clearly be in this hospital room for any visitors~]
[voice | open]
14 February 2011 at 11:12 pm
So...I can't be the only one that sees the flaws in Acumen's new policy.

[And this has nothing to do with the whole commitment thing and that Axel doesn't do commitment, oh no.]
001 [Video]
07 February 2011 at 09:50 pm
[Welcome message has been read, somewhat processed and now comes the reaction time]

I think you've got the wrong slayer. I'm Buffy [Significant pause]

The blonde one [Another significant pause]

You know...the good one?

[Oh and there's a nose scrunch and her 'uh oh well I might have done something wrong' look]

Is this about Sunnydale? Because the town was full of vampi-asbestos. And okay it sort of destroyed the mall and that's definitely on the side of bad but everyone had already left...because of the asbestos.

...Are you sure you're not some freaky deaky demon sealed in a book by monks a hundred years ago because been there, done that and this doesn't look good for you.
[ Event: Ball ]
03 February 2011 at 08:26 pm
[Just as evening starts to fall, one of the parks in Sector 4 has been festooned with streamers, bright lights in a variety of colors, a big upraised dais, tables of refreshments, and music. It looks like a perfectly normal party from the outside. Optional masks are provided in little bins beside the dais, but you're responsible for your own costumes...!

...And if you're dressed as a character, the moment you step onto the dais, you will believe yourself to have led that character's life for your whole life. This effect will last until "midnight", in this case Sunday, even if you leave the party.]
01 February 2011 at 11:52 am
[There is a view of a room that looks nearly void of signs of life contained within it. There is a trench coat hanging on one of the walls. If your eyes are extremely sharp you might notice a small pile of adult magazines collecting dust in the corner. Mint condition. Never been opened. Thanks Kaien.

The fact that he feels this is necessary is something that irritates him, but with the arrival these past couple of weeks of new vampires and their obvious disregard for the other inhabitants of the facility, it needs to be done. It doesn't seem like anyone else is going to take the initiative, so it's up to Zero to be the one to do it.

Zero comes into view, sitting on the edge of the bed, expression calm. Yes, he takes this all very seriously. Prepare yourselves, all. This is probably the most any of you have heard come out of his mouth at once.]

Since there is apparently going to be a costume party being held tonight in celebration of the hundredth day, I thought I would take some time to go over some issues happening within the facility lately. This is a matter of safety, so I would prefer if everyone just take a few moments to stop whatever they are doing to listen before going on with your daily lives.

There are nearly a dozen different vampires here in Marina and just about as many worlds that they come from. They are literally beasts in human form and it's likely that each of you know at least one or more and interact with them daily, often not even realizing they are a vampire.

Events such as these, especially costume parties, add another level of anonymity to their lives.

If you find yourself bitten by a vampire, please contact myself or another member of the defense force that is in attendance immediately. This is something that should be done even if you have agreed to be a donor for them and anywhere or anytime within the facility. Each vampire comes from a world a little different and the very act of being bitten can have life changing consequences for anyone who is a victim to their fangs. Some worlds all it takes to change you into a vampire is for them to get their fangs into you. Other worlds it requires you to ingest their blood. Some vampires don't have that power at all.

Before offering yourself to any of them, please research what this commitment will mean for you. If you have questions, comments or just want to discuss options, there are people knowledgeable in the subject within the defense force. Utilize them before doing anything rash. This is never something that should done without research prior.

Any questions?
[ Video ]
24 January 2011 at 10:42 pm
[When the camera comes on, it's not Joshua's face that's shown. Nope, nope, nope. In fact, all that anyone can see is a sleeping Yuuri Shibuya all curled up tight. Joshua, on the other hand, is giggling.]

I think he's gone a little too long without some teasing at his expense. Can't have him getting too used to being treated so kindly!~

[There's a hmmm while the video moves around a bit. It should be clear by now that yes, Joshua's on the other side looking down.]

Goodness I think he's out like a light!

[Another giggle.]

Young ones are so energetic. No wonder they pass out at inconvenient times.

Like when he should be more concerned with other things.

[Yes he is bored and has nothing better to do, if that also isn't clear. It's not like leaving is an option...]
17 January 2011 at 08:43 pm
[ Jade is in a wide open park, running through his artes. he's been doing this every day, feeling out the boundaries of the "seal" placed on him by Acumen and... pushing at it. he believes he's starting to get a handle on its exact composition, though he has to give it many props; he managed to undo the last seal placed on him much more quickly... so far, he's not even completely sure he's making progress.

so, this amounts to him making big, splashy magical displays, for anyone in the area to notice.

a little bit later in the morning, he pauses, taking a break in the exercise to turn on his communicator and murmur, only slightly breathless from all of the exertion ]

The limitations imposed by this place are rather frustrating, aren't they?

[ even though the words should be irritated, there's a little curl of amusement in his voice; on some level, he's enjoying the challenge. ]
14 January 2011 at 09:32 pm
It's getting warm now. Around this time I'd be getting ready for spring vacation in school. [ smile ] I suppose I should start making different plans now. Does anyone have anything planned for the warm weather?

[ a little pause. hesitating a little- ] Also, what can you do if...an old wound is irritating you? [ because when you have scars all over your back, they sometimes throb ;-;. ]
06 January 2011 at 12:27 pm
Hmm...yesterday was Christmas, then we have New Years. So Valentine's Day will be in a week, perhaps? I heard about the celebrations last year, I'm so disappointed that I missed them.

[Love auctions are right up his alley.]

But with it coming up again so soon, it's best to keep it in mind, no? So tell me, what do you think "romance" is? What sort of romantic gestures mean the most to you?
04 January 2011 at 06:35 pm
Alright. Who's the fucker that stole my knife? Because the thing is - you put your hands on my stuff, I break your face. Tell me we're being crystal clear here cause I don't know how to put it clearer.

[ANNOYED 8| also, leaving her empty apartment to pay a visit to the defense hq. feel free to get her en route or meet her there]
[Day 95 | MAIL POST]
01 January 2011 at 01:55 pm
  • Dean: an anonymous package, signed from "a friend."
  • Sakura: a bouquet of flowers from Tear.
  • Lacus: a package from Tear.
  • Conrad: a package from Tear.

  • From Nunnally : little gift boxes to all her friends.
  • From Alma : individualized presents for Castiel, Sam, Fou, PM, Sakura, AOA!Kitty, GIR, Fuuma!Kamui, and Road.
  • From Rayflo : gifts each for Sakura, Lacus, and both Lelouch & Suzaku; also, presents for all the cute lolis!
  • From Josak : gifts for Yuuri, Jennifer, all the Designers and Shopworkers of Trés Magnifique; also, small packages to all of Josak's other friends and acquaintances.
  • From Miranda : packages to Cross, Axel, and PM; also, decorative tins to everyone Miranda likes and/or talks to.

[It's rather amazing to PM that no one has mailed letters today. It's all packages! She wheels her mail cart throughout the asylum, the packages carefully arranged in the bags and pockets for the best possible balance and safety for the contents of each package. All these presents feel good to deliver, that's for sure!]

((OOC: I'm so sorry this is late. My trip to visit my parents threw off my schedule and I forgot yesterday was Friday. And I also just woke up. HOORAY.))

[Click here for pen pal signups. Mail submissions for Day 96 go here!]
[ Kissing Bots! ]
28 December 2010 at 04:31 pm
Acumen's systems tick over to midnight, and somewhere in the depths of the holding facility, dozens of little silver spheres shiver and come to life. They rise up into the air, dangling little bouquets of mistletoe, and hover in waiting for the door to open again. And when it does, they swoop out and work their way into the dome proper, making it out just in time for daybreak.

Now they're scattered all over the dome, Anissina's gifts and Eggman's souvenirs. They're seeking out people to bring together in the holiday spirit...

Whether they like it or not!

[Comment here and other people will comment to you. Details and index here. Please specify your time of day and location in your tag!]