video. (backdated to 1130am abouts.)
26 November 2011 at 10:16 am
[ the video feed sparks to life, and there's alois trancy's little face in it. he's twinkle-eyed and beaming. ]

Hullo, [ he tweets, with certain satisfaction. nothing too out of the ordinary—that is except for the sure-to-be wicked bruise forming his on right cheek, just under his eye. it's a swollen cherry-pink welt right now, but it'll flourish into unbecoming blacks, purples, and green-yellows within a few hours or so. ]

I dreamt last night. [ this is his sneaky way of saying, 'I slept long enough to have a dream last night.'

as he speaks, bits of his fringe keep billowing up by kinetic wind, before they float back down. the sound of rushing metal scraping against cement announces itself now and then.
] Usually, I would share it with Claude, but well— [ saccharine smile. ] He isn't fucking here.

But— [ ah, another momentary pause so he can twirl around backside first. ] I was thinking, sometimes it's fun to try and figure out what stupid shit your head is trying to tell—

Whoa! [ his face becomes unsteady, for less than half a second his eyes grow wide, that quick metal sound is gone, and then thud. now, the camera gets a shot of side walk and some blades of grass. there's some shuffling noises, and alois reappears, looking undeniably disheveled. ] Anyhow, why don't we talk about dreams?

Tell me yours, if you had any, and if you want to know mine—[ hint, hint. ;_; ]—then say so.

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25 November 2011 at 02:40 pm
[After making his requests to Acumen, Zero walks around the dome to do some thinking. As typical of late, he finds himself in front of the pet cafe. Permission had been granted allowing him to choose a pet from within. Still, the act of actually entering the cafe and picking one out wasn't something he was quite ready to do.

Back leaning against the corner of one of the windows, Zero looked out over Marina as the fingers of one of his hands slid slowly across the glass. To most onlookers it would appear as if Zero wasn't paying attention at all to the chaos left in his wake on the other side of the glass. Four kittens of various shades clambered over themselves to capture the hand, knocking each other over in the process.

A little tiger striped brown kitten clamped down on the ear of the orange kitten, eliciting a painful yelp from the orange kitten. Zero removed his hand and buried it into the trench coat he was wearing, the kittens suddenly vocalizing their upset with his removal of their toy as they pawed at the glass behind him.]
Voice/Video Post: Open to all
24 November 2011 at 12:00 pm
[Voice/Video Post, OPEN]

[A young man is seen freely walking around an empty corridor, his arms folded gently in his black sleeves as he studies the area around him contently.]

I suppose they would have to let me off my chains eventually. They must expect that by now I will be a valuable, honorable guest. As kender would frequently say, prisons are kind to their guests. No, my friends, I will not do anything to endanger this place, such as setting your precious linens on fire.
[ video ]
23 November 2011 at 08:45 pm
We're getting more snow? I think that's another new thing for me, I've never seen that sort of weather before. It's nice though even it's a bit cold...though from what I heard guess it's normal for this time of year?

About two weeks here already and I'm learning all sorts of different things that don't exist or that I was able to do back where I'm from, it's kind of fun in a way. [Raenef pauses, thinking about something for a moment. Currently he's in the library, kind of flipping through a notebook in his hand, for remembering this stuff mostly] Even these holidays, like Halloween that just passed by a couple of days ago-- we don't have anything like that.

Are there any other types of holidays coming up that I should know about? I think stuff like that might be useful to know.
[ video | open ] - Backdated to midmorning
09 November 2011 at 09:07 pm
[ Consider yourselves lucky. Diva's good mood has carried over into the new day thanks to all those chocolates she ate. And she's treating you to something very special indeed...

She's putting on a performance from the top of the clock tower for anyone who might happen to be tuning into their network devices or just straying close enough to hear her. She did promise Sanji she'd sing for him, after all, and Diva always kept her promises. At least the ones she remembered.

As the song ends, she holds her eyes closed until the note fades before opening them, an impish smile crossing her lips. ]

Did you enjoy that? I know I did. I should really sing more often~ [ giggle, and she ends the feed. Hopefully, she didn't make anyone too mad with her little performance. ]

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[action / backdated to middayish]
06 November 2011 at 11:20 pm
[Allen managed to get to the shelter for breakfast as per his normal. He ate a giant mountain of food, as per his normal. He ate some candy, because it was there. And now...]

[Now he doesn't remember any of that. In fact, he doesn't know how he got here. He doesn't recognize any of the people. The communicator and the robots are kind of terrifying for him, so he skipped out of there and put the communicator away. He doesn't know what happened to his left arm -- why it looks differently, why it's working. Why he looks differently. Why he's older and the last thing he remembered, he was seven years old.]

[He doesn't even know why he's not hungry. That's never happened before.]

[A mistrustful Allen is wandering the streets now, with his hood pulled up self-consciously. Bother him?]

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[Action | Video] [Open] [backdated slightly to afternoonish]
21 October 2011 at 11:18 am
[good evening, Marina! As the artificial sun cruises on towards the artificial horizon and the shadows begin to lengthen, someone has finally finished setting up a small table outside of a lovely home in Sector 4. On the table, several different kinds of autumn vegetables, including beets, carrots, turnips, and and cabbage, are carefully arranged. The garden, seen behind the table, takes up what was once the large front lawn of the house. Around the base of the table sit a collection of ripe, orange pumpkins (of course).]

[WV is standing behind the table, wearing a beaming smile despite his arm still bandaged in its sling. He addresses the communicator:]

Greetings, fellow denizens of this prison! My garden was first begun and subsequently tended to in an effort to lead a more self-sufficient existence. I trust that you will all be inspired by its successful Earth cool-season yield. Please, do visit and admire the vegetables, and select some to consume in your homes.
18 October 2011 at 03:23 pm
[ Good morning Marina~!

Were you sleeping alone last night? Well now you have company!

Were you sleeping with someone? Well, you're still sleeping with someone, but maybe you'd like to give it a look-see, before you get too comfortable.

Are you sure this is your room? You might want to check though -- who knows if you're using the same design of lampshade or if your bed really is set up against the wall...

Whether you are in your own room or not, one thing's for certain, you're in for a surprise this morning! ]

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[ Voice | Open ]
17 October 2011 at 08:36 pm
The Shelter rooms need better locks. [ He says with a sigh. This morning is about par for the kind of weirdness he expects. At least this time it wasn't a tiny red dragon... ]

Look, is anyone going to be taking over that English class? I keep going on the days it's in session and no one shows or leaves any notes, so something's obviously up.

I figured I might as well brush up while I'm here, in case I ever get caught without my communicator again.

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[Video | Open ] Backdate to Afternoon
16 October 2011 at 11:25 pm
[Well, Marina, have a Ventus on the screen. He's sitting on the balcony of the apartment he shares with Aqua, fingering a green star shaped amulet in his fingers with a small leather strap hanging down.]

So, does anyone else out there have a lucky charm? I've never really met anyone else that has one, so I was curious what everyone else uses. Or, I guess it doesn't have to be a lucky charm, just... you know, something that helps you get through the tough times. I guess that's kind of like a lucky charm, right?
☆ video
12 October 2011 at 10:48 am
Not all of you will understand this, but... [Really, he assumes no one will. Except maybe for Zero, but he's not thinking about him or anyone else here right now.] The worst feeling is when the biggest part of your heart goes missing.
[video | open]
10 October 2011 at 08:14 pm
[At first, the feed is merely an image of that wide, laughing mouth. The sound is soft at first, a raspy chuckle, but it inevitably begins to build. Soon, the monster is very nearly screaming with amusement, a wild, insane cackle that sounds more alien than man.]

Oh, and here we are, still rotting away in this dump! No one visits, no one calls, no one sends flowers--!!

[They pause to pace for a moment, gnashing their teeth. One can see that they're still inside the cells of the Defense Force.] Whoever is in charge of this dump better come say hi before we get impatient and find them first...
[Video and Action]
07 October 2011 at 09:21 am
[There is vampire sitting on the ground against a tree in the middle of the butterfly pavilion. Though Zero is an expert at hiding his emotions, those who know him well might notice an aura of confusion and sadness on his normally expressionless face.

Bloody Rose on his lap, his fingers of one hand wrapped around the silver gun as his thumb slid across the cool metal. If anything, Zero looks distracted and lost in his own thoughts as he watches the butterflies dance and weave above him.

Several moments pass until he finally speaks.]

If given a second chance at something you regretted, would it be a waste to make the same choice?
03 October 2011 at 10:12 pm
[Hear that sound? It's the sound of a foot hitting a wall, repeatedly. A girl's gotta work her aggression out somehow, you know? Not like the wall's going to feel anything, anyhow. ENJOY THE SHOW MARINA.

After a few mildly satisfying minutes, Taiga gives up, breathing heavily, face flushed, hair in disarray, hands clenched into fists at her sides.]

A life sentence? You expect me to believe that? You expect me to give in quietly? I refuse.


[No she isn't on the verge of tears what are you talking about.]