[Video | Action | Private]
10 November 2011 at 08:15 pm
[None of the new arrivals had really caught his attention this time around. Seishirou had been a pleasant surprise last time, but it was just the same old same old today. Nothing special. It was easier to let other people deal with the welcome and news that none of them would be leaving by their own will anytime soon. These sorts of days he hardly bothered listening to the network. Sasuke had gone off to do something with someone named Saya - of all the names to have, really - but with luck, it wouldn't be a boring day.]

[No, because today had been exactly seven days since Fuuma's little tiff with Karen. And seven days since he'd told Kamui to make up his mind. So he kept today free of plans, with the hope that Kamui would come find him. And if not, well... he did know where the other lived.]

((OOC: Closed to Kamui Shirou!))
[Video | Closed Action]
08 November 2011 at 09:23 pm

[The video clicks on less than fifteen minutes after his arrival and his fun encounter with the bell tower. Never let it be said that Puck doesn't bounce back quickly. He's in fact smiling from ear to ear, his face uncomfortably close to the screen.]

Greetings, my fellow lifetime cellmates! What a perfectly lovely day to be abducted. So how's life behind the metaphorical bars? Anything of interest happened today before I got here? Talk to me! [8D!]

I would say I'd like a word with our dear overlord Acumen, but you can't fault a computer for following its programming, can you? Nevertheless, I expect someone out there who knows what they're doing is listening. [His smile remains as cheerful as before, but there's a pointed pause, as if he's talking about a very particular someone. Hey, where there's a computer there's a programmer, right?]

And with that in mind~ please know that I do have things to attend to elsewhere. Anything specific you were hoping to get out of this? I promise I'm very easy to get along with in that regard. Give it some thought~

[Here Puck takes off his headset, although he doesn't switch it off. The video shows him flying in a deliberately slow circle in what appears to be the park in Sector 4, humming as he goes. Then he returns to the comm, his face once again much too close.]

[And… still no one relevant contacting him. Boo.]
No dice? In that case you'll excuse me if I make up my own dialogue. [He theatrically clears his throat.] "Dear Puck. Since this is your new home, please enjoy yourself. I've brought you here specifically to liven things up."
Why~! [He tilts his head to the side in mock embarrassment.] You should've just said so! I'll get right to it.

So… [His smile grows almost wicked.] What shall we do first?

Closed Action for the people that expressed interest in this )

[[OOC: No pressure though if anyone who offered their character for this later decided they're not interested after all. And I hope this tl;dr-y post isn't too confusing, orz. Please poke me for clarification in the linked OOC post if it is.]]
03 November 2011 at 11:51 pm
[Sup, Marina! Tonight, you get another child. One who is seething. She's been seething all day, and the constant posts haven't helped. She's not privy to admitting her embarrassment over the situation; instead, she's kept inside all day, carefully monitoring things. Will you recognize Mitsuru? Her voice is much younger, but her gaze is very much the same.]

Good evening - given the situation, I'll keep this brief.

[She closes her eyes, letting out a frustrated sigh before she continues.] Has anyone yet had the effects of... these circumstances dissipate? I'd like to imagine this is only a temporary situation, though... it is rather difficult to tell with such a wide range of people affected.

[She's trying hard not to grit her teeth. Composure is necessary, but sometimes difficult in the body of a child. Which is only serving to drive her more crazy. There's another sigh, before.] You all have my thanks in advance.
[Audio] /[Action] Open!
03 November 2011 at 07:23 pm
What's Halloween? There are lots of people talking about it and going trick or treating, but I don't know what those things are. Is that the reason that Akuaku gave out these baskets of candy? They're pretty yummy, but I don't think I like them. After I ate one, everything became bigger! Now, my clothes don't fit me anymore.

[For those wandering around the park, you'll see a pink-haired toddler sitting on the ground and wearing clothes that are too big for her tiny frame. Somehow, the toddler manages to set the communicator to her lap before glaring at the candy wrappers littering the ground. Not to far from her, stands a basket full of candy that seems to be missing a few sweets]
01 November 2011 at 12:24 pm
[The video feed clicks on to a small, black-hired Japanese boy looking very perturbed with his situation looking at the camera. He has a now over-sized shirt clutched around him like a blanket.]

... does anyone know where I can find a store that has kid's clothing? [He voice then drops to a barely distinct mumble.] I'm Kamui. I think that candy did something to me.

[Then he reaches out and turns the feed off.]
[voice | open | dated to just after PM's mail-run!]
29 October 2011 at 01:22 pm
"Write your secret or your confession?"

[The tone is questioning, amused as Izaya abruptly turns the feed on. He sounds skeptical, that's for certain.]

My, my. How forward, "Chrome-chan." It is a rather... unexpected change of pace, though. I do hope we can meet sometime, you seem very interesting!

[That's it. He cuts the feed right after; as if this was a filtered post but he simply didn't know who to filter it to, given how anonymous is all is.]

[Action | Open // Voice | Closed]
27 October 2011 at 04:30 pm
[If you are out an about the dome this afternoon, there's a chance you will run into Yosuke. He's not alone, though! No, with him is a very happy, goofy-looking puppy that he's just acquired for himself.]

[He's spending the better part of the afternoon at the park, laying in the grass under a tree while the (still unnamed) puppy runs around, jumping on him, licking his face, trying to eat his shoes -- and the puppy may be after you too! He's friendly and completely harmless. He just wants to love you via drooling on your shoes, jumping on you and trying to lick your face if you let him get close enough.]

[He still needs a name, though, so in those calm moments, Yosuke is desperately trying to figure this out. He's never had a pet before, so this is new. He'll just be laying there with his headphones blaring music -- while still around his neck.]

[Voice // Filtered to Investigation Team brethren]

Hey, guys? I was wondering if, um...

Maybe we shoul-- Hey! Stop that! Da-dammit, my shoes aren't your chew toys, you know! Arghhhh!

[He's grumbling for a minute, and there's a loud barking sound. Wrangling with the new puppy? Yep, maybe just a little. After a minute, he sighs and continues.]

S-sorry about that. Anyways, we should get together sometime soon. Even if it's just to grab pizza or something. I dunno, it's just kind of... weird, I guess that we're not hanging out together as much as we probably could, you know?

Just let know. We can figure out the details later.
[action/open | voice/closed]
26 October 2011 at 11:04 am
[ look, Marina, it's a tsunpire walking a kitten. though, more like he's walking and she's wandering, stopping and napping or playing with a leaf or bathing herself whenever she feels like it.

they have eventually made it to where the pumpkins are. May climbs on them and chews on some of the stems. Kamui alternates between watching her play and explore, and wondering what in the world pumpkins have to do with anything.

eventually, though, he pulls his communicator out. ]
[ action/video | open ]
25 October 2011 at 11:29 pm
[ action ]

[ Currently in a front of a convenience store, Setsuna stands there with a faintly blank expression. But if one can look harder, he's actually pondering about something.

Pondering. While drinking out of a milk carton.

He's thinking about what he could practice cooking for breakfast today. He's getting sick of butter and toast. Plus, it's about time that he moved on from just toasting bread. ]


[ A light glance to the side, he notices one of the bots pass by peacefully. He would ask the bot for thoughts, but... they don't even eat. It would feel silly.

... He'll just make a short network inquiry instead. Afterwards, he can properly shop for what he needs. ]

[ video ]

[ Setsuna slightly lowers his milk carton down. Though, the straw is still visible in view. The background clearly displays the front of the convenience store. He remains with that unchanged expression. ]

Marina Asylum. Good morning.

[...] I wish to inquire: What is your preferred breakfast?

[ and a tinier voice, while eyeing to the side (he didn't mean to mumble this one): ] Do the bots eat?
[video | open]
22 October 2011 at 12:03 am
This is not amusing!

[Azula could almost break the communicator with the amount of manhandling she's doing to it out of sheer frustration. She's pissed and she has to know a few answers.

She looks completely out of breath - like she's been training all day. Which, to be honest, she has, but even that doesn't usually tucker her out like this.]

Anyone will do-- anyone useful. If Acumen is able to bring us here with little to no effort, I assume Acumen also possesses other capabilities. Those restraints, for one, must be of his own invention.

And now that I have been released- my bending has been more or less returned to me.


There is a slight problem. And anyone who may also have experienced problems with-- powers may come forward. I'm sure it has been such a frustrating experience for you, and I understand completely.
21 October 2011 at 09:37 pm
[Atsuro is smiling down at his communicator, and pretending this morning didn't happen. There's just something about his smile, however...]

I'm pretty sure I heard other people mentioned Halloween over the network. [Gotta set up the context or something for this. Wait for it.] And it reminded me of all the usual Halloween stuff and tricks to scare people.

Which lead me to this... Have anyone heard of One Man Hide-and-Seek? It's a game for those brave enough to take on the unknown.

[Oh, a game. How bad can it be?]

Beware...instructions on the game )

So...anyone brave enough to give it a try?
04 October 2011 at 07:39 pm
[private -- voice] )

[video -- public]

[The video shows a confused looking Japanese man in his mid-twenties, blinking at the screen from behind large glasses. He beams as he realises he's managed to get the device to work, speaking cheerfully.]

Ah! I was beginning to think this wasn't working. Perhaps it would be useful to provide clear instructions to make it easier for us to work these? After all, an old man such as myself struggles to understand all this modern technology. I'm afraid I've fallen too far behind the times.

On geography, too, it would seem. I've never heard of the Eloquois Ocean before. I wonder whereabouts it's located? It seems rather an odd place for a prison. Although perhaps you are used to it here.

[ooc: Action is also available for those I've talked about it with.]
[video | Action] - open
27 September 2011 at 11:44 pm
You know. The longer I'm here the less this place seems like a prison. I mean, they have a party and generally let us do as we please. Isn't a prison a place you go to be punished?

[ She shuffles through some clothes on the rack. She's sorting through some blazers right now, trying to find one that fits. If you are in the same clothing store as her, feel free to come up and talk!]
[ video | open ] backdated to mid afternoon
25 September 2011 at 08:57 pm
[ Diva turns on the feed, covers bunched around her waist and hair disheveled. No worries. She's dressed. She just liked the warmth of her covers. Pressing her cheek against a sword sheath, she nearly purrs ]

It seems someone lost their sword. It wouldn't happen to be yours would it? You really shouldn't leave things lying around. Someone might just take it.

((ooc: Conrad stole Saya's sword while at the prom in order to make amends with Diva. She's clearly trolling Saya, but feel free to claim the weapon as yours or even recognize it and demand she give it back to Saya. Pretty much anything goes! ))
[Action | Closed]
21 September 2011 at 05:01 pm
[The call had been rather unexpected. But he had told Karen at prom that he had no intention of ever just leaving Kamui alone, so she must have felt the need to act. It was kind of funny, really. She had to have known she wasn't nearly strong enough to fight against him, the other "Kamui", but she had been determined. Besides, Fuuma was bored enough that he wasn't going to turn down a fight, if she was offering.]

[It was three minutes after Karen had raised her kekkai that the barrier started to dissolve. Kamui would probably show up shortly, since he could feel the barriers being raised and breaking, but no matter. As for the Defense Force, well... who knew if they would show up or not.]

[They had ended up in a street, where the pink haired woman was slumped against a building, out cold. Fuuma had previously thrown her against said building hard enough to cause a decent sized crater to form there, but thanks to the kekkai, the damage seemed to have been kept out of this existence. Now all that was left was the tall teenager walking over to the woman's collapsed figure. She had a few visible cuts and scrapes, but it was likely something was broken. Fuuma hadn't made it out scot-free this time though. Both of his hands and forearms looked to be badly burned and the bottom half of his badass long coat was gone. He didn't looked pained at all, just contemplative of what he should do. She was a Dragon of Heaven and he would likely have killed her in Tokyo, but here...]

((OOC: Okay, reworked this post a bit in light of Val being a good student and having to drop some characters. Karen won't be replying to anything, as she is KO'd, and will be disappearing after being taken to the hospital and what not. So this post will be closed to Kamui Shirou, Subaru Sumeragi and Subaru Nakajima, unless someone else would like in on the DF end of things.))
video ►
06 September 2011 at 02:47 pm
[ MARINA. Look at your man, now back to Shuri. Your man is not Shuri, and you are probably thankful for that. But your man could be Shuri! ... He seems to have given up on sulking for a little bit and is finally peeking out to talk. ]

So they kidnap us and have a prom before we know anyone to ask? [ HUFF. The very idea! Why, if he were home, he'd have people lined up to take him! Or so the furrow of his brows and pout to his lips suggest. No matter. He... clearly hasn't paid much mind to anything said other than 'prom' and 'dates'.

but certainly that can't be any different here. after all, he's a sparkly attractive young man! ]
Well. I suppose I'm available. If they're going to kidnap us then they should at least provide entertainment until Papa comes!
[video/voice], [action: housemates] open! [backdated to afternoon.]
02 September 2011 at 07:32 pm
[Subaru is the familiar face on screen, in early afternoon. He fidgets, but overall, he's getting better at these public broadcasts. Behind him, there's the distinct appearance of a kitchen, and... some smoke. If you squint, you might be able to see what looks like a muffin pan, with lumps of something black and smoking inside of it. They might have been muffins. "Muffins" might be a stretch now, however.]

A-ah... I was just wondering, if... anyone had any idea how to... make desserts? E-easy ones? I, um, I tried to make blueberry muffins, but they... [he hesitates, flushing a little bit and casting a look behind him.] They didn't turn out. All four times. I don't want to waste anymore blueberries.

U-um, recipes with fruit are the best! [let's not talk about his fail anymore!] Thank you very much!

[and then he bows at the feed, before cutting it off. If you happen to be in the house at this time of day, you may have smelled the tell-tale smell of smoke (which can also be known as "Subaru tried to cook again"). Feel free to come investigate. At least he made sure to put the fire out before it destroyed the stove.]
18 August 2011 at 08:11 pm
Does anyone know what kind of food is best for kids?

[Anyone near the convenience store can find Kamui standing outside and studying the storefront curiously. He knows that his favorite snacks when he was a kid were fruit, but he's not really sure what would appeal to other kids any more. Better to ask, he suspects, than guess blindly and risk wasting food.]
[Video | Action]
16 August 2011 at 10:10 am
[It was really pretty confusing, to find yourself in a strange city, in front of what looked like a movie theater. He had been at home, hadn't he? And the thing that was suddenly on his when he woke up was making a ton of noise. So needless to say, it had gotten pulled off his face. He had never seen anything like it before...]

[Fuuma leaned up against the wall of the building, sliding down to sit. You aren't supposed to wander around when you get lost, right? That just makes it harder for people to find you. But if he could hear voices from the device in his hands, maybe it was like a phone? After some fiddling with the buttons on the thing, the video function clicks on. The 11 year old that appears on the screen might be rather familiar to a few people who have been in the prison for a while. He looks a bit nervous, and maybe a little upset, but his voice is pretty even.]

Excuse me? Can anyone hear me? I was wondering if anyone could give me directions back to the Tokagushi Shrine...

[He doesn't look sure if anyone can actually hear him through the thing, but it was worth a shot. If not, Fuuma will at least try to spot someone nearby and ask them.]

((OOC: Meet 11 year old Fuuma Monou, Marina! Don't worry, he's taken from before Saya died, so he won't go crazy on you. But if you throw a creeper at him, he will likely run for the hills.))
16 August 2011 at 01:03 am
[ a gasp of hard breath and Harry has rolled, snapped on to his knees, with nothing but the aftermath of a bludger to the head reminding him of the pain of a few moments ago, or so it seems

he could nearly grasp it in his hand, the pain of your skull sliding in to two and the way your stomach draws up your throat, as if the hole in your head means that your insides leak upwards. but all there was to feel was the hard ground and the absolute anger in his chest.

if he had found McLaggen that very second he would have hexed him in to a fucking puddle. only that, the next second the anger waned and fizzled out on his dry tongue. his wound, it seemed to rushed fingers, had healed and he was no longer clad in quidditch robes; rather, the greying pyjamas that Harry associated with the hospital wing.

a city, so far away from the turrets he knows that he cannot begin to say, and he's here wandless and cloakless. the one moment he didn't have both of them on him. --Ron, and Hermione and Dumbledore.

Harry Potter is a boy blinking a bit stupidly at the communicator and slotting his glasses back up his face. treat him nicely, he's got all the sense as someone who's just received an angry meteorite to the back of the head