11 March 2011 at 01:29 pm
[It had been a quiet day so far. Rufus didn't mind this particularly, this holiday meant nothing to him after all.

Since his new housemate had decided to take off for most of the day, he had no trouble occupying himself with a book which had caught his attention at the library. When it started to get late, Rufus didn't bother to be concerned when Izaya still hadn't returned. The other could no doubt take care of himself and if not, well, Rufus wasn't about to waste his time running around when it was more likely the bots would find him.

So he merely made himself another cup of coffee and settled down comfortably to read.]
09 March 2011 at 03:31 pm
[He's found a place to sit on the beach where he doesn't have to touch the sand, a cup of tea in his hand as he watches the waves of the ocean. The dolphins in particular have caught his attention. He wonders if there are fish in the water, or if they're merely fed. One way or another, they're just as trapped as the people here.]

So this is where we'll live out the rest of our days. Ironic how benevolent our warden seems to be with our lifestyles, considering. [some prison.]

[He takes a mild sip of his tea. It's weak, and he doesn't care much for it, but he'll settle for just about anything right now. The dark circles under his eyes and the haggard, worn state of his appearance suggests that he hasn't slept much at all. Too busy reviewing trial tapes, most likely. He's feeling rather despondent about the whole thing.]

Would you do it all over again, if you could? [absently]
14 February 2011 at 09:31 pm
[Rufus is sitting in a comfortable chair with a cup of black coffee, looking relaxed and in a rather good mood this morning despite the early hour.]

During my brief time here, I must admit I am curious of the crimes of my fellow inmates. No matter how righteous one may think they are, there was a crime judged harshly enough to land you here. [he smirks more as he leans back in his chair]

So tell me your crimes, though I'm sure some of you may either deny or embellish the truth, and I may just tell you mine if you ask nicely.
[Action] Backdated to Day 100
11 February 2011 at 08:19 pm
[Artemis perches comfortably on a white-suit-clad shoulder, a notably comfortable shoulder - with fine fabric suited for a mooncat and a broad width that didn't pinch as much as Minako's wiry one. He curls his tail from side to side as he balances on his moving chair. Whiskers a-wiggling and and ears all a-perking, he peers with wide green eyes down the halls and even leans forward in anticipation.]

That door! [he provides the directions helpfully, feeling bubbly and cheerful and wondering how the day's going to go.]

Mr. Rufus, it's the one with the pink posty on it. [pointing with a white digit, he continues to navigate Rufus til they've arrived at his home. He waits for Rufus to walk close enough before he extends his pad and pushes the doorbell.]
[ Event: Ball ]
03 February 2011 at 08:26 pm
[Just as evening starts to fall, one of the parks in Sector 4 has been festooned with streamers, bright lights in a variety of colors, a big upraised dais, tables of refreshments, and music. It looks like a perfectly normal party from the outside. Optional masks are provided in little bins beside the dais, but you're responsible for your own costumes...!

...And if you're dressed as a character, the moment you step onto the dais, you will believe yourself to have led that character's life for your whole life. This effect will last until "midnight", in this case Sunday, even if you leave the party.]
[Voice | Action] Backdated some
26 January 2011 at 08:03 pm
[Cheryl is sitting on a bench in the park, looking vaguely uncomfortable and tense but she isn't trying to hide anymore like she had been doing for the last couple of days. The pamphlet from the greeting basket is on her lap but considering that she had pretty much memorized it over the last couple of days, she isn't reading it at the moment and is instead looking around for signs of life. She didn't want to admit it, but she was getting kind of lonely out there.]


Alright...all of you [kinda awkwardly, she definitely isn't used to the idea of talking to a whole bunch of strangers through the communicator yet] I have a question. Just how dangerous is it out here? I mean, vampires? Really? And I'm pretty sure I saw someone flying around earlier. What kind of people [things?] are around here?
[Video | Voice | Action | Open]
26 January 2011 at 05:06 pm
Good afternoon, boys and girls! We're feeling a little restless today. Anyone here feel like a little sparring? We promise we won't bite--at least too hard. [They're prowling about on the large, grassy field, enjoying the sensation underneath their sensitive skin.]

Rules will be set, of course, and anyone is welcomed to come and watch! You can find us at the athletic complex. Ta-ta. [Satisfied, all they have to do now is wait. Surely someone will show up to take them on their challenge!]

[Private | Voice to Ava] We do hope you'll be coming to watch! Say, do you think we could sell tickets to this sort of thing? [Not that they have much use for money, but still! Maybe they could convince Acumen to build a real school.]

[OOC: Same drill as usual! Anyone and everyone is welcome! Only consensual fights, plz; Venom doesn't need to make the DF even more angry with them!]
[ Video | Action | Open ]
18 January 2011 at 09:39 pm

[The roar is deafening to anyone within earshot or whoever (unfortunately) happens to be having their communicator open at the time. The beast's rows of teeth have multiplied, and paired with the frenzied lashing of their tongue, they look half-mad.]

[They've been considering that tiny Mayor's words for some time now, and all that rage has come boiling out again, smothering the man's internal grief. Because, somehow, they know he's right; they are a monster, but this is the only way they know how to--this is the only way they can survive.]

We'll kill him! We'll smash his smug, condescending little face into the dirt if we ever find him! We'll--!!

[They shut themselves up abruptly, quivering with a melting pot of emotions and instead return to savaging a nearby tree with their claws, dragging them up and down, wrenching the bark free.]

[OOC: They're in a bad way, clearly! If you have an antagonistic character, I'd advise you stick to video, just so a fight doesn't break out! Unless you want one, that is, and I have no problem with that! xD Just let me know. Gentler characters can approach without harm, Venom's just grieving. Aggressively, but grieving. They don't really want to be a monster, sometimes.

O RITE, they are in the park, if anyone does decide to meet them face to face.]
[Action: open]
17 January 2011 at 12:08 pm
[Since Tseng was nowhere to be found, Rufus found himself feeling restless and at odds after the chains were removed this morning. He needed to see more of this place. That and every time he wandered off, Tseng seemed to have a talent of appearing out of the blue.

He is not bothering to think of where he is going and soon arrives, much surprised to actually find one in a prison of all places, at the beach. Come bother poke and prod at him!]
05 January 2011 at 11:15 pm
Well, well. A prison and facilities for all of my egregious crimes.

How sweet. [have a wry chuckle; he's a man of few words]

So tell me, criminal citizens, if you can. Has no one ever left alive?
03 January 2011 at 08:23 pm
This is a much better prison than the last, I suppose. I was getting tired of that stuffy apartment. [Rufus sounds bored, almost as if this happens every day. There is a pause as Rufus examines the device, curious, but lets out a breath after awhile.] Interesting.

[He stops playing with the device as he gets back to business. He is still calm though serious as he speaks again]
That aside, I would like to know who is here or not here before deciding my next course of action. Turks and any ShinRa employees, report in.