07 July 2011 at 06:43 pm
[ Did she, did she dream all of that? The angel attack, the coma, the momentary lapse of insanity - ]

[ her head is aching, which only serves to exacerbate her already spoiled mood further. ]

Oh come on, you could have at least let me kill all of them! Stupid robot. I only had three left - I could have beat them all in the next minute. But no, all I get is a splitting headache. Thanks a lot.

[ closes her eyes and massages her temples, and -- actually manages a smile ] ...I forgot how good it feels to kill angels.
[ video / action ]
05 July 2011 at 08:09 pm
[this feed begins with a rather determined looking face, belonging to a rather determined girl. she's in front of the koi ponds, seated nicely on one of the rocks.

did I mention she looks determined?]

From what I understand, many people here have been wrongfully convicted. It is one thing to convict a Princess of a country with little warning--but it is another thing entirely to convict several innocent citizens with no prior trial.

There are circumstances concerning our crimes. Sometimes they are a necessity. It is for this very reason that one cannot simply take things into their own hands, deciding the fate of so many people on their own! If people wish to be tried and participate in your punishment, then it should be an option that is presented to them. A choice.

Acumen--I speak to you, personally--these actions are unjust. I ask you to see your wrongs, and cease this behavior!

[she pauses here, looking less determined and more calm.]

To the people who are here--thank you for both the pamphlet and the welcoming basket. They were extremely helpful. If there is any way I can assist here, please, do not hesitate to inform me.

[and with that, the video finishes. she sighs, a bit shakily, looking to the koi pond behind her.

how the heck did she end up in *prison* of all places.]
01 - [Action; Everywhere...?]
05 July 2011 at 03:57 pm
[Someone wasn't too keen on this whole communicator idea just yet. Starting from Sector 0, Gin will be working his way around each sector (with restraints), looking for Don Krieg. You will know this whether you like it or not because he will be occasionally calling out his name. Help a pirate out/tell him to shut up?]
[Action | Video | Open]
21 June 2011 at 10:48 pm
Well now, it seems like Acumen isn't all that bad after all. I mean, apart from the whole imprisoning people for life bit. Apart from that, he seems agreeable enough.

[The voice currently coming across the communicator might be familiar to a few people, but the face certainly isn't. The background of the video looks like the outside of the hospital, for those with sharp eyes.]

Though announcing our requests across the whole network seems a bit... tactless. Anyways, now that I'm able to properly introduce myself, I thought it might be nice. You know, get friendly with all the new neighbors, since we'll be seeing a lot of each other. And I'd really love to meet each and every one of you.

[Mostly to see who he could form a new life link with, and who would be best for terrorizing, but that's besides the point.]

For those inquiring minds, I'm Captain Hazama of the Novus Orbis Librarium's Intelligence Department. I'm sure we'll be getting along just great here. Hehehe...

((OOC: Hazama has his body back! For anyone who wants to run into him in his ghost form at the hospital before he gets it back, that's fine too, just put that in your subject line.))
[Video | Action | Open]
20 June 2011 at 03:24 pm
A coffee shop now? [See that smirk, Marina? That's an Angel trying to hide his displeasure.] I suppose coffee must be somehow vital to the health of Lilim, since entertainment apparently isn't a good enough reason to bring something in.

[He's lurking around outside the shop, but not going in. Any other curious prisoners come to check out the coffee shop?]

((ooc: getting in some CR before a plot knocks him out for the better part of the day. if you'd like to talk to him today, come say hi!))
[video // public] [backdated to morning]
15 June 2011 at 10:13 pm
Oh man, this is rich! They're not even going to hold me for a full day! How ridiculous is that, hmmm? Seems pretty silly to even bother with something like getting someone to break you free if you can get it done legitimately in a matter of hours.....

[Kisame is laughing with the absurdity of his announcement, grin broad and sharp, one hand folded casually behind his head as he walks outside. He's obviously a free man, from his steady gait and the complete absence of the rhythmic rasping screech of his weight being dragged along the ground. Yes, he heard the day announcement--and yes, he does think that advertising something like that is pretty stupid, given their locale. Really, people? Advertising your rebellion where the warden can see it along with the rest of the world? Really?]

So..... now that I get free run of the big prison instead of being babysat all day, what's there to do around this place?

[Private to Itachi]

[Kisame is still grinning as he changes the feed to private, though his jaunty expression mellows some, warming and quieting until the lively energy and humor is subdued into mere pleasure and high spirits. Business is business, after all--and Itachi has never really been an excitable person.]

It looks like we won't have to wait any longer for me to be useful again, Itachi-san. I'm ready and available to rendezvous as soon as you have the opportunity.
15 June 2011 at 05:20 pm
[The one thing about being surrounded by robots with only an artificial sense of taste, if at all, is that Anri does not quite trust them to make food for her. It's quite probably silly and she is unashamed.

There is also the fact of being a parasitic vessel for an angry demon and the sheer amount of energy it requires.

Anri's hands make food, and then make more food, and then a little more food after that. It's a spread.

But she'll share with you.
Location: Sector 0 / Shelter kitchens
15 June 2011 at 03:43 pm
[ look, it's the weird kid again. today he is making a point of jumping about, because he is unrestrained and free and hanging loose. hell to the fuck yeah ]

This prison only has beautiful people in it. I didn't know criminals were so pretty, but I was wrong. I was very, very wrong.

[ clicks his tongue ] Hey, uh, Allen? Thanks.

[ more clicking ] Oi woodlouse. How're them cramps?
[action | open]
14 June 2011 at 10:57 pm
[While #10032 showed up around the same time as the other new inmates, she hasn't made much of an effort to get to know or contact anyone at the asylum. Why? She's been too fascinated by what the city-like prison has to offer. She read the brochure, so she's vaguely aware that this is a place she shouldn't want to be in, but at the same time, she doesn't want to object her placement here just yet.

Even among her shared memories, this is her first time outside of Academy City. Her first time experiencing a place outside of what she's used to. Despite how it's still similar to her home with the numerous bots and the high technological influence, it's still a new environment. So she's spent the last day toting around her welcoming basket (and still toting it around), curiously observing everything she comes by, albeit, with a straight face.

But what's catching her attention right now is sector 2's pet cafe -- so many animals in one place, she doesn't know where to start! She keeps her distance, kneeling by the edge of the animals' roaming area, trying to call them over. Unfortunately, any animal that comes within a reachable range stares at the girl's hand fearfully, then runs back towards where it comes from.]

[[ooc: Feel free to approach her, whether it's about the animals, the welcome basket, or anything else your character feels like noticing! Since she's been wandering, you're welcome to be creative and run into her anywhere else -- just state it in the subject!]]
Location: Sector 2, Pet Cafe - Day 119
Walk Along [Action || Open || Backdated to Mid-Morning]
14 June 2011 at 08:49 pm
[Ventus was feeling much better from yesterday's fight. It was not the best introduction into Marina, but at least it got him to Aqua quick. Okay, even that sucked (not meeting Aqua, but in the way he had to meet her - knocked out cold and beat up by his... twin?). But he was feeling better this morning after a set of Cure spells and a good night sleep.

So he decided to explore this Marina, like it was a new world - and it was, at least to him. Hopefully he would not run into his loo-alike again, because healed or not healed, he was not so sure he could take another big fight with him. Man that guy had power! And if he couldn't beat him, could he... Well, he could think on that later.

Right now it was off to explore and maybe pick up some groceries for Aqua as a thank you for the healing. Maybe ice cream. You know, if they had that here.

He hoped over the last two steps down from Aqua's building, looked left and right, shrugged, and let his feet do the choosing and the walking.]

[ooc: Ventus is wandering all over Marina exploring, so feel free to poke him anywhere!]
♉ [Audio] - Misinterpreting important words
14 June 2011 at 01:01 pm
Could be OOC offensive, see text below. )

[OOC: Hey all, this is not meant to be offensive, just putting up a disclaimer~ Tavros is just horribly misinterpreting this word, so feel free to stress the seriousness of this, or to mess with him, either works.]
[Video/Voice/Action | SO OPEN]
14 June 2011 at 01:03 pm
[What with the new arrivals, Kohran is not missing this chance to rope people in for a special little project~ She is currently at one of the classrooms in the Education Center armed with her notebook and opens the feed. Have a cheerful face and voice greet you today~]

Good morning everyone!

I've noticed that Marina has some talented singers and musicians, and I was thinking we can hold a little talent show! With so many people coming from different worlds, I feel that there's a big talent pool here, and it'll be an opportunity to share something from your world and have fun at the same time!

So! Would anyone be interested in participating or do you know someone who might want to participate?

(( OOC: Come sign up! THREADJACKS ARE MOST WELCOME so you can make fun of your friends FOR FRIENDLY ENABLING! ))
13 June 2011 at 09:37 pm
[It's a bit early, but Tamaki doesn't pay that any mind. Early to bed, early to rise as they say. Either way, he doesn't think most people will mind this no matter what the time is - he's not yelling or making any sort of commotion, and in fact, he's rather calm. Something he isn't very often.

The only sound coming from this video is the sound of a piano and on the screen is the handsome blonde boy playing it. He hasn't played in a while and with nothing else to do today, why not do something that any one can enjoy, himself included? An added bonus is that he can't insult anyone by using the word 'commoner', although that's not really something he's thinking of.

At the end of the song, he turns to face the camera and smiles.]

I hope you were all able to enjoy this.
06 June 2011 at 10:48 pm
[Static crackling for a brief moment, before it clears to reveal a pretty young girl with long, rich mahogany brown hair falling past her shoulders. For those who know her it's Yuuki, dressed, up and ready for her day early, for once. The usual smiling face is somber today, business like as she clears her throat. Eyes steady, she takes a breath before addressing the dome.]

I'd like to speak on behalf of my father, Kaien Kurosu. I know he was hoping to take on greater involvement with the school and educational facilities. I don't know how deeply rooted if at all that was, but for the parties that would need to know he's gone.

[She remains orderly, brushing her hair over her shoulder with the flip of her wrist. The pain surely inside is well kept under control, perhaps much more professional, for once. Still, the expression deep set within her chocolaty brown eyes is evidence that she isn't without emotion. It's simply controlled, for the time being.]

If there is anything I can do in his place, please let me know. I think most everyone who has been here for a little while already knows me to some extent, but if not my name is Yuuki Kuran. My apologies to anyone this might affect.
004: Inconclusive [voice] backdated to Day 116 early afternoon
06 June 2011 at 10:19 pm
That was one of those 'strange occurrences', then? Seems more like a lack of efficiency on the warden's part, more than anything else. Not like much can be done about it right now.

In any case... I wanted to talk about the survey I had conducted a few days back. After tabulating all the results, the survey can only be said to be partially inaccurate. [mostly because, though there are supposed to be vampires and talking animals amongst the inmates, none of them have answered at all. But he's not going to risk offending anyone like this.]

However, I will release the results of my findings so far, nonetheless.

Survey Results under the cut )

Due to the small number of participants, the survey is regarded to contain sample bias, and is thus inconclusive and largely inaccurate. However, if you would still like a copy of the results, simply ask, state your name and I'll send a copy through the mail.

((ooc: results will not be further tallied, so please do not continue tagging the prior post unless it is an ongoing thread. Thanks to all who have participated in the previous post, nonetheless!))
[Dream | Open]
28 May 2011 at 08:53 pm
[Sitting next to a fire, lying on her stomach a little girl with long brown hair kicks her legs in the air. She's humming softly, a stuffed bunny next to her side with crayons scattered about around her. Coloring, she glances up at the sound of the door opening. Excitement flashing across her face, she snatches up the bunny next to her, jumping to her feet before abruptly halting.

Confusion transforms her face. The door shuts, trapping the other individual in the room with her, locking permanently behind them. There's another door across the room, with no windows to speak of. She seems uncertain, head tilting before opening her mouth to speak.]

How did you get in here?

Dream info! )
[dream event/open. Ultraviolence warning.]
27 May 2011 at 01:19 am
(Brief OOC. Gonna be a lot of pictures with this dream, mostly to give you a feel for the grimdark world you're jumping into. Good luck, and enjoy it!)

[The dream begins in a huge airship, ribbed on both sides by huge ceramite cages that look almost like bones. You and your fellows are surrounded by a group of men in black armor, over which color-shifting camouflage cloaks are draped. They have long rifles clutched across their chests, and every man-jack of them is wearing a gas hood and rebreather mask. Come to think of it, you are, as well.]

[There is a brief sussurus of speaking amongst the soldiers, both male and female, before a tall man with a red sash and peaked cap stands before them.]

"Men of Tanith and Vervunhive. Tonight we are making an experimental drop-assault on Cirenholm. We've been assigned to the secondary objective, the vapor-mill, while the Urdeshi stormtroopers take the primary hive-spike. We must take the mill, or the entire assault will falter, or worse, the city itself may be destroyed if the gases the vapor mill processes are built up and burst. You've all been training for months on how to rope from the Valkyries, so I trust you'll all make it to the city itself safely. Be aware, our enemy is of a different caliber from the normal chaos scum we deal with. They are Blood Pact, highly trained, disciplined, and possessed of significantly superior armament compared to the kind of foes you're used to facing. We'll have the drop on them, both literally and figuratively with this assault, but I need you to be aware of any tricks they might pull on the ground. Keep in vox contact with your officers, be sparing with your expenditures of ammunition."

[Gaunt pauses at this, looking over the troops.] "I know we're short-gunned on this. Only 3 magazines per lasrifle is an insultingly small amount. The Munitorium fethed things up, but we'll put it right with straight silver. I expect each of you to bury the knife to the hilt in the hearts of one of these heathen bastards by the end of the assault. Are we clear?"
[After there are nods of assent, Gaunt gestures towards the Valkyrie assault ships which will ferry the Tanith and yourself into battle. They are beak-nosed combat landers, festooned with rocket launchers, heavy bolters, and laser cannon. ]

[The ride is rough, very rough indeed. You can hear chatter from other Valkyries over the vox-systems, as they are hit, and go down flaming over Cirenholm, diving through the clouds of Phantine into the poisonous gas that makes up most of the atmosphere on the horribly polluted world.]

[The bouncing, dull thuds of flak fire going off nearby can be heard, and anyone near the twin door-guns of the Valkyrie can clearly sea the black puffs from airburst shells being described in the atmosphere outside, and occasionally another drop transport will be smashed by either a direct hit, or take fragments into one of the turbofans, starting a long, slow, meteor-like plummet as the engines catch fire, one after the other. There are no parachutes. There's nothing to drop down to, on Phantine, which is choked by gas, just falling forever, until you go mad, or the corrosive gases melt through your flight suit and end your life. Wind-waste, is the technical term for this kind of death.]

[But another kind of death awaits you all, as Cirenholm can be viewed more fully now, and the green lights of the cabin go on, indicating a drop is about to start. Tracers hurtle up into a night sky from a hundred defense emplacements, followed by randomly fired red lasbolts, some of which beat a jaunty tattoo against the armored belly of the Valkyrie Transport.]
[At this point the bolters on your craft start to clatter as their ammunition feeds cycle, making a coughing roar as they lay down suppressive fire to clear the landing Zone, a flat patch of metal on the metallic city-spire you'll all be assaulting in a moment.]

[Gaunt steps to the open hatch, grabbing onto the rope as he prepares to drop to the roofs of Cirenholm.]
"MEN OF TANITH!" [He bellows to you all, his voice crackling over a commbead as his face is concealed by a gas-hood]
"Do you want to live forever?"
[And, before he gets an answer, he's sliding down the rope some 10 meters to the deck.]

(Ooc, start posting at this point and we'll begin the fun.)
003: Plagiarism? Certainly not. [voice]
26 May 2011 at 09:54 pm
Good afternoon, fellow inmates. This is Light Yagami.

To better predict the pattern at which the stabilizer functions, I'd like to conduct a bit of a survey myself, just as Mister Holmes had done just a while ago.

If each of you don't mind, do reply to this post with the following:

1. Whether or not you are human. If no, please specify what you are, exactly
2. Your origin world or planet, and the respective country if any
3. Your gender and age

If you would like to remain anonymous for this survey, by all means, go without providing your name - it would not affect the survey results in any way. The results will be broadcasted later on, just as Mister Holmes has done. But in this instance, if you would like copies of the results, feel free to leave me your name, so I may send you a copy through the mail.

Thank you.
[ Open | Voice/Video/Action ]
20 May 2011 at 04:25 am
Good evening, Marina.

My name is Sherlock Holmes. Some of you may recall that I conducted a brief survey about the prison's criminal record. As promised, I am broadcasting the results. Those of you that have asked for the actual documentation will have already received it, or else it is in en route by post.

The sample size was fourty-two individuals, including myself. Answers were only drawn from thirty-eight, as many refused or otherwise did not give me complete information for tally. Four of you - that is nearly ten percent - did your best to have your fun with me.

Long Data Inside )

[ One can hear the occasional twang throughout this delivery. He's toying with his violin, idly tuning the instrument. Sherlock does not love anything, but this is as good, in some ways, as a drug when it comes to pacifying him. ]

I am open now for intelligent discussion regarding the results. You may also request a copy of the documentation of this survey - if this is the case, you may be asked to pick it up yourself. This is at my discretion, as I have received one death threat and most instances of confrontation are arduous to me. Provide your name if you want the documents by post.

(( OOC: Sherlock is lounging in the library. If you're there at the time, you can see him chattering into the communicator and plucking at the violin. He's only broadcasting his voice right now, but any media of response is welcome.

Results may be remedied as time passes. I was a derp and forgot to have him ask this or that to complete everything. ))
[ Action | Open ]
18 May 2011 at 08:46 am
[Rare, especially now, there's a young girl fast asleep, her chest rising and falling rhythmically beneath the shade of a tree. Back against a small fence just outside of the Education Center, there's a bag at her side, a couple of books tucked within. Her parasol is closed at the moment, leaning against the cool bark along with her. Any of the classes she's had the intention of making are over, by now, her attendance being tardy.

Still, she looks surprisingly peaceful for a vampire sleeping so openly, a notebook full of (the wrong) notes sprawled open beside her. Yet then again, maybe it isn't so strange to see a vampire sleeping during the day.]