Dec. 10th, 2007


I was once known as [info]vampiress_diva @ gj. Has anyone notice the URL is not working now? I think gj is dead. Oh well.

Aug. 20th, 2007


Breaking Down

I've done it. I've joined IJ as a free user for now because of how tired I am of LJ. This is coming after Anildash popped up again InnocenceJ again to refute the idea of big old corporate scheming using Occam's Razor. By this explanation then, their reasoning is that the one doing all the deciding in this is an idiot rather than out to make money.

I'm not gonna comment on that except what I said in the thread, and that I should thank him for pushing me to join IJ finally instead of just lurking. Now . . . where's the anime comms? And how do I get the handy toolbar, or do I gotta pay for it? ::rubs hands::

Aug. 9th, 2007


Because I'm a sheep (and because I hadn't introduced myself yet) ...

1) Give your name and a little about yourself, including interests and hobbies.

Well my real name is Kathryn (I go by K on most mailing lists usually) but online I go by Joe. I'm 31, British, and currently unemployed (but I have an interview next Wednesday and I just found that out so I'm telling everyone!). I love animals, pretty much all animals except spiders and I love to write (and read). I write original fiction and fanfiction. And for those of you who know Empire Records, yes that is where I got my online name from. I even have my own Lucas to write with, although she hasn't yet migrated over here. She will though ;)

2) Tell us why you came to InsaneJournal. Did someone from IJ tell you (and if so, who)?

Well I bought my permanent account around the time of LiveJournal's last stupidity and after this recent one I've decided to make this my main home. I still have my LiveJournal because I'm a challenge-aholic and most of those have to be posted on LiveJournal. I've mirrored my fic comms over here, but most of the ones I'm just a writer for haven't yet moved.

The [info]sylumgator told me about this place and I feel right at home here.

3) What is your favorite thing, so far, about InsaneJournal?

It's so friendly, squeaky is great, and it's not run by a company who find their customers to be a necessary annoyance to be patronised, ignored, and insulted. While I don't like their policies about what can and can't be posted what really drove me away was their complete lack of professionalism (When you're working for a company as large as they're becoming then you don't just ignore deadlines, especially ones you set, and you get someone who has a better grasp of plain English to post your 'clarifications', not to mention you don't just start tossing the word paedophile around like it's candy.)

4) Have you joined any other asylums? If not, would you like to?

I've joined a few. I run four fiction challenges, and I've joined another one (although I haven't yet signed up), I'm still looking for more interesting asylums.

5) Is there a certain kind of asylum or type of friends you are looking for?

I'm looking for good fic comms (in many many fandoms, too many to list), a few icons comms, if there are any icon resource comms (brushes and such) I'd like to join some of them. Discussion comms about some of my shows... anything else that just comes up :D

6) Do you want to be an active member of InsaneJournal? (Meaning, do you want to promote IJ, update, and get involved in asylums?)

I've moved all my fic over here (not sure exactly how many but it took me 150 posts over three days) and about 2500 icons so yes I intend to be active here. :D


Another intro ~

I saw the most recent post in this asylum and realized I never really made my own introduction. /shy I hope you guys don't mind another intro post clogging up your friend's list. That and my own post like this was so long ago that being able to do it again is sort of refreshing.

1) Give your name and a little about yourself, including interests and hobbies.
My name is Katt and I'm another young adult who's transfered everything to Insanejournal. I've been here for a while but never really used it as a primary journal since my friend's list was updated twice a week tops. I have a lot of interests and way too many things I consider hobbies to list them all here, but I'm the basic geek who travels around on the web. I've been using journal services since 2000 or so... I like to help out a lot on clone sites like Insanejournal and enjoy volunteering for them more than I do for the bigger sites (less cliques in my opinion, which leads to less drama).

2) Tell us why you came to InsaneJournal. Did someone from IJ tell you (and if so, who)?
I came a while back to help volunteer when I heard about it. I was one of the later accounts to sign up, but enjoy it all the same. The person who brought me here to IJ no longer uses this service (he's a hardcore LJ'er now) but I still enjoy the folks here.

3) What is your favorite thing, so far, about InsaneJournal?
The burst of life brought to the site. I love having an active support board. I enjoy being able to refresh my friend's page to see a new post, instead of being able to check it once a week and hope someone updated. It's great to see LOTS of activity after all this time.

4) Have you joined any other asylums? If not, would you like to?
I have joined a lot and created a few of my own. Some of my favorites are [info]icon_awards, [info]anime_awards, [info]fandomdirectory, and [info]support ;)

5) Is there a certain kind of asylum or type of friends you are looking for?
Active places. As long as they are fun, I want to be there. Friends - if they're interesting and we could get along, I'd love to meet them.

6) Do you want to be an active member of InsaneJournal? (Meaning, do you want to promote IJ, update, and get involved in asylums?)
I think I have been doing that. I hope I can do more in the future.


Another refugee meme...

1) Give your name and a little about yourself, including interests and hobbies.

I'm Jane. I'm another Strikethrough/Boldgate 07 refugee. I created my IJ primarily to follow the exploits of my friends in fandom, and I find I'm liking it more and more as the true extent of 6Apart's issues becomes apparent. Like a number of other emigrants, I represent the intersection of a number of subcultures- pagan, gamer, goth (sort of), enormous liberal, feminist, queer, and polyamorous for the hat trick. My hobbies include reading (predominantly scifi and fantasy), RPGs of all kinds, music (I'm a mediocre but very enthusiastic singer), and- er, there's probably other stuff but my memory is rather poor. Oh that's right- Fandom_Wank.

2) Tell us why you came to InsaneJournal. Did someone from IJ tell you (and if so, who)?
I came to IJ as a result of the ongoing exodus. I don't remember who on my LJ flist linked it first, though.

3) What is your favorite thing, so far, about InsaneJournal?
[info]squeaky's warm welcome was touching.

4) Have you joined any other asylums? If not, would you like to?
Member of: 9: 07refugees, circle_cast, customers_suck, fandom_counts, fandomdirectory, fanficrants, green_pharmacy, lolfandomz, rare_pairs
And I'm always looking for more.

5) Is there a certain kind of asylum or type of friends you are looking for?
I'm mostly looking to stay in touch with my various fandoms- HP, PotC, LotR, and a bunch of smaller quieter fandoms like Aubrey/Maturin and Sharpe (I loves me some historical fiction!).

6) Do you want to be an active member of InsaneJournal? (Meaning, do you want to promote IJ, update, and get involved in asylums?)

I will be using my IJ from time to time, probably in amounts directly proportionate to my frustration with LJ. I'd love to get involved in the communities (still not 100% with calling them asylums, sorry).

Aug. 7th, 2007


Hi, my name is Rin..

And I'm a alcoholic. (No, not really. Support the AA though!)

I came over here from LJ (I guess thats a no-brainer), but I still maintain my journal there (rin-x-x). I decided to join up here, simply because you guys seem to have an awesome admin, plus GJ is just too clunky for me.

I currently had an obsession with Alice in Wonderland, but thats not all that I'm into. I love playing ringette, playing games, an avid Transformers fan (obsessive much), reading, TMNT, Red vs Blue, and uh.. music? Yeah. Lots of stuff.

I'm not pleased with the way LJ is going, and I'm pretty much trying to get the word out there that IJ is the good place to go. The ads I really don't mind. They're not that irritating to me. I do plan on getting a permy here, though.

.. So uh. Hi. ^_^;

(PS: Megatron rocks. XD)

Aug. 6th, 2007



Hi, been reading the "why I am here" and just had some thoughts.

In post 18685 commented 'and never let Livejournal isolate us again.'

I think that was what always bugged me about LJ. I was given "codes" early on, and one I filled out. Never posted. Never felt really welcome there. Joined a yahoogroups list that was heavily into LJing. So I reactivated (read: started using) my 2nd account set up over there. But still, LJ felt like a clique. "all the cool people are on LJ" and that just bugged the crap out of me. And JF doesn't appeal to me, cause the "fen". I do a lot of FYI about my RL. Welcome or not, that puts me off.

Maybe IJ is just still small enough, but it feels more comfortable. I tried GJ; it always took to long to load and stuff. Plus. GJ has it's own problems (loading/downtime/Missing icons...) I know part of it is Squeaky. He's very friendly, and sent me personal thanks early on for supporting the site. That meant a lot to me.

I did come over during the strikethrough. I was not personally affected, but know some folks who were. IJ was mentioned somewhere...Stewardess, maybe, as a good, cheap alternative. And after filling out 1 trouble ticket about a weird screen, I used another code, and it works fine.

I moved my unused comms here, too. TheGenGate and AtlantisGenGate. For Gen Stargate stuff. Got a couple members. Not concerned. *GG* Thinking about a seperate journal, too, for just my writing. Should have thought about that before Squeaky raised his rates *gasp!* :-))

Hope that was enough rambles for you guys. I'm hot and tired and kinda grumpy.


Me, too.

I remember back when LJ started. I didn't sign up because I thought it was a Star Trek fan community (it's that little baldy guy that gave me that impression; don't ask why). Later on I learned it was a bloggish community, and a lot of fans were there because they felt they could freely express themselves without persecution there.

How things have changed.

I wasn't totally taken aback by the first strikethrough. That one was obviously a knee-jerk reaction by corporate big-heads. They made a mess and a messier cleanup. Very unprofessional for such a supposedly professional company. I've seen this kind of mess before in the corporation where I work when they were trying to impress another corporation to buy them out. Thankfully, the new corporation was far more professional and their cleanup efforts are finally paying off. I'm glad I stayed with them.

LiveJournal, on the other hand....

This second strikethrough bothers me because after just one post they simply suspend all accounts of the user...and disallow any further future accounts from that user! What? What ever happened to a fair warning? Were any of the members who were recently permanently suspended been in trouble before? It's one thing to be a repeat offender of policy, but a one-time offender? Is this what it's like in, say, heaven? "Oh, I'm sorry," says Saint Peter at the pearly gates. "You said 'Goddamn' once, and I'm afraid you can't go in. Dem's the rules." He points to the posted sign of the Ten Commandments and "Thou shalt not use God's name in vain," and boots you out of line to wander eternity.

I've got until November before my paid account runs out there, and since I only bought it for some userpics, the creation of polls to use with my community, and to do fancy stuff with my journal customisation, I won't cry in my milk over losing that functionality.

*heads over to LJ to turn off automatic payments*



I wasn't going to move from LJ at first - the whole strikethrough didn't affect me much personally. However, now I heard that Ponderosa, one of my favorite fanartist, has been banned because of her art, I got thinking. I mean, I gave LJ credit last time for designing a mass deletion thing that affected more people than they'd anticipated, but this time the ban was way deliberate. So, I decided to get an account here, because who knows if whether someday some dude would report me for abuse and LJ would decide to actually follow thorough and ban me, too.

Oh, who am I. Right. Well, on LJ I was solitaryjane, or more known as the chick who runs around with Vincent/Cloud stuff a lot. Hi everyone!!! :-) Right now my journal here is only going to be something for my fics and for the asylums. I also run an IJ version of [info]30_kisses, with an alternate list and different dates and stuff. *shameless pimp* So yeah, hopefully here I'll have loads more fun and meet more people and not have to worry about what I post as much. Ciao!

Aug. 2nd, 2007


medium-length introduction

Hello. I am Vincent. I was one of the hundreds of webloggers on Live Journal of which Six Apart, capitulating to the whim of an anti-erotica vigilanté gang, "permanently suspended". (It sent me two E-Mail messages, five minutes apart, telling me this. It never E-Mailed me that I was reinstated.)

My terminated LJ was my “hidden” journal. I was astute in keeping it separate from my acknowledged LJ.

I have no intention to ever make another entry on LJ. Six Apart probably has all its internet surveillance technology, maybe even including a keystroke logger, awaiting my next logon. (I shall leave it up as a “ruined monument”, similar to a bombed-out monastery; since vigilanté gangs frequently claim a ‘religious’ foundation.) The “bean counters” of Six Apart have only one definition of "free speech": That which will not scare away the investors and advertisers who want to profit off the exertions of its members.

I went to Greatest Journal; but then it directed one of my friends there to remove some verbiage from his User Info page. Now, I am here on Insane Journal. I am clicking on links of other IJ'ers who have the same Interests as I.
One of my Interests is "role playing". But this is actually in the meta depth. I do not play RPG on-line or in the real world. But on the World-Wide Web, I am hiding my real name & location behind this personae. If, at some future point, I actually meet any of you in the real world, then you might learn the actual person behind this mask. But I would have to trust that you wouldn't "out" me here.
I apologize if this reply seems to be “boilerplate”. But the people I am friending deserve more than a one-liner reading, "Hi. Add me, please?". I invite you to read my User Info page(s) (both on here, and on LJ as smooot4) to see if I am o.k. with you.
One warning upfront: Here on IJ, I have friended littlegirllover, who seemed to become the crucible of the entire strikethrough attack. That may be ‘pushing the envelope’ a little too far for you. (It may be ‘pushing the envelope’ a little too far for littlegirllover.) It does not mean I am uninterested in reading your scribblings.
Thank you.


Jul. 26th, 2007


Intro Post

Hey all!

I'm an 07 refugee who is making a fresh start with a new identity :)

My interests are pretty broad and I'm really looking forward to meeting new and interesting people.

Jul. 11th, 2007


I figured I would drop a line in here, as my friends list is so dead that posts drop off because they're so old, leaving a cold, bare page.


Been 'round these parts for quite some time, though I only started posting more recently.

~ 32 years old
~ musician - I sing, play guitar, bass, piano, mandolin, flute.
~ until recently, I was a full-time student and part-time retail worker. I'm currently taking a break from getting my nursing degree (after switching my major to music and then back again) and working graveyards at the lovely neighborhood OfficeMax.

Urm... anything other than that can pretty much be revealed in my user info and/or posts.

Jun. 16th, 2007



This is my first post here, and it's good to see you all. *waves* Anyway, I'm obviously a refugee from "over there", too. It's actually a good feeling, making a new start, including a new username.

I wasn't personally affected by the strikethrough travesty, apart from its wider implications. But while I'm here, I have to get this one off my chest. Among so many other issues that prompted my move, what I find really insulting has to be the whole "we're doing it for the children" line. Of course, they weren't doing it for the children. They were doing it out of fear of losing their advertising $$$. (duh!) Well, they get no more money out of me. Unfortunately, my paid account there doesn't run out till December :/ But I wish, as someone else suggested in some of the comments I read here, that I could get them to revoke that, too. And all of 6A/LJ's so-called 'news posts' that have come out since have made me feel a little queasy and a whole lot angry. Especially when combined with all the responses by apathetic users with free accounts whining about how 'LJ loves you' and 'you should all get over it'. Riiiight.

So, anyway, I welcome myself and everybody else to InsaneJournal. Where the gun-toting right-wing nazi-hugging rednecks can't hear you scream. Or bitch about your taste in literature. I'm sure there's an icon in that somewhere... *wink*


Jun. 10th, 2007


Insanely bothered -

I migrated over here after the Strikethrough partly because I was affected - through my fandom and my survivor communities.  I was affected from the mass panic that these deletions caused.  I was affected by the outpouring of anger and rage that 6A's actions caused.  And I was affected by the solidarity of the populace at livejournal.  The fact that the news travelled quicker than any news the LJ staff might feed the users.

I am outraged that the news reports coming out of 6A seem to play down the whole event when it was a violation of so many rights that it isn't even funny.  The proper protocal for deleting any of those journals would have been to receive a legitimate legal letter from law enforcement or an agency like such and then taking action. 

But they didn't do that.  They proceded to wipe out several communities and user journals without so much as a "thank you for shopping with us" or a quick journal read to determine what was in fact being discussed.  I know that takes time, but time is what it takes to do something right.

I still have my account at LJ, I am waiting until my paid subscription runs out and then I will go down to basic and eat their bandwidth.  Some of my friends have follwed me here, but for those that have not, I will stay at LJ to read and comment only.

I am insanely bothered by the new LJ main layout.  I consider it a violation of my privacy that when on a public terminal everyone can see what my friends last comments were and mine too for that matter.  I am also pissed off that LJ has moved all pertinent news to the bottom right corner.  It's almost like they are hiding from us.  And they don't include and "opt-out" option so that I can have my news first.

So here I am, friend following or no, for the better I am hoping.  My trust in LJ is shattered beyond all repair and I feel violated and dirty every time I talk about them.

I am making a new start, a new life so to speak here. I have created some fandom communities over here and hope they continue to gather new members.

I wish all you other refugees the best!  We have been through a right bit of hell, haven't we...



Another Refugee...

I've toddled on over here.
And...I think the same complaint that everyone usually has...
My friends didn't follow me.  >.<
I'm looking forward to making new friends here!

Also, on an unrelated note...
I got all my icons (except for my OTP one) from memegen.  Does anybody know a new comm here where I can ask if anybody knows who I should credit, or know who to credit for any of these?

Jun. 6th, 2007


From LJ to IJ anonymously

Hi, Stevie here, I'm happy to find a safe haven from two things, the way LJ is going, and from my current online friends. It appears that none of them are coming over here so that makes me glad. Though, to protect my identity, it saddens me to say that I can't divulge my identity for fear of "that one person that did come over here" paranoia. Which means that I hope to get to know a lot of new people here, and I've listed my interests as such in my profile but a quick run up are: manga, anime, cosplay, drawing, reading, graphic design (I'm majoring in this as well), writing, internet, Jesus and (extreme) sports.

I've also created a community asylum not affiliated with cosplay on LJ, [info]cosplay. I hope to see this community asylum flourish. =) And apparently I need to remember it's not "community," it's, "asylum." I keep forgetting. D:

Also, for clarification's sake, I'm female.

So, hi. =)


on livejournal, i was the mighty 0vary.

but a couple stoopid "spam" problems,
and she was killed with permanent suspension.
i didnt leave after that, though i wanted to --

but after this last thing that went down,
oooooo, i was OUT.

my names there were
mosspiglet, prantives, preservedmoose, && f0lll0w ...

i hope to meet more people, preferrably awesome, so thank you

(i like art and photography and knitting and crochet and general art of "making stuff" -- any ij art journal recommendations will be taken appreciatively)

Jun. 5th, 2007


Hi everyone. I've been hanging out for a few days, but hadn't posted anything yet, so I figured I might as well say hello.

I've got the same username as here on both LJ and GJ (and just about every other LJ clone site that I can get a free account at, just to make sure I've got the name). Feel free to friend me wherever.