[info]sylumgator wrote
on August 6th, 2007 at 04:49 pm


Hi, been reading the "why I am here" and just had some thoughts.

In post 18685 http://blasphemy-blue.insanejournal.com/ commented 'and never let Livejournal isolate us again.'

I think that was what always bugged me about LJ. I was given "codes" early on, and one I filled out. Never posted. Never felt really welcome there. Joined a yahoogroups list that was heavily into LJing. So I reactivated (read: started using) my 2nd account set up over there. But still, LJ felt like a clique. "all the cool people are on LJ" and that just bugged the crap out of me. And JF doesn't appeal to me, cause the "fen". I do a lot of FYI about my RL. Welcome or not, that puts me off.

Maybe IJ is just still small enough, but it feels more comfortable. I tried GJ; it always took to long to load and stuff. Plus. GJ has it's own problems (loading/downtime/Missing icons...) I know part of it is Squeaky. He's very friendly, and sent me personal thanks early on for supporting the site. That meant a lot to me.

I did come over during the strikethrough. I was not personally affected, but know some folks who were. IJ was mentioned somewhere...Stewardess, maybe, as a good, cheap alternative. And after filling out 1 trouble ticket about a weird screen, I used another code, and it works fine.

I moved my unused comms here, too. TheGenGate and AtlantisGenGate. For Gen Stargate stuff. Got a couple members. Not concerned. *GG* Thinking about a seperate journal, too, for just my writing. Should have thought about that before Squeaky raised his rates *gasp!* :-))

Hope that was enough rambles for you guys. I'm hot and tired and kinda grumpy.

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