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Dec. 10th, 2007


Anime/Manga/Video games

I have created an anime, manga, and video-game specific directory for this site, in light of the new group of migrants from Greatestjournal and the policy/ownership changes on Livejournal. I know there is [info]fandomdirectory already, but anime groups seem to be dispersed on the website and I'm hoping we can bring them all together in a Japanese media specific community.

The community is [info]anime_directory, and there are posts up for submissions. Please link this to your friends and let us know about the anime asylums throughout the website.

Thank you in advance~! ^_^


A plea for asylums...

I have a plea to the new members of InsaneJournal (since wow, this community is over 1200 watchers now...)

If you're thinking about creating an asylum here for a topic of your interests, please check to see if one is available first. As pointed out in this totally awesome newbie tutorial by [info]das_dingsi, even though we've had a flood of new members coming over here we are still far, far, FAR below the population of LiveJournal or even GreatestJournal. To have so many communities dedicated to the same topics is going to cause fandoms and interest groups to be spread out very thin if there's 5 general asylums dedicated to one TV show, or interest group of people.

And if you do create an asylum? Fill out the interest lists as soon as you possibly can, and remember to include the name of your asylum on the interest list. Otherwise no one will be able to find you, even if you promote it on [info]asylum_promo.

And lastly, if you're looking for a specific fandom, [info]fandomdirectory is there and it is *awesome*. Don't forget to submit your newly created fandom asylums to it, and if you find an asylum that isn't there but you aren't the maintainer, you do NOT have to be the maintainer to submit it to be included. Anyone can do so.

Aug. 14th, 2007


List of asylums

This is a categorized list of asylums. My source has mainly been [info]asylum_promo. I made it for my own use, but I thought some of you might find it handy as well.

Listings of asylums on ij with comments. Will add as find more interesting places. By 'recently started', I mean recent on ij.

ETA: Have added asylums from the comments to the post. Will continue to update it as long as new asylums are added to the comments.

ETA2: The first Community Directory!

ETA3: Edited 17/8/07. 18/8/07. 19/8/07. 20/8/07. 21/8/07. 24/8/07. 27/8/07.

Art icons photos fanart )

Writing )

RPG/Muses )

Harry Potter )

Supernatural )

Heroes )

Queer as Folk )

Whedonverse )

Doctor Who/Torchwood )

TV )

PopBandslash )

Newsletters )

AnimeManga )


Comics )

Books )

Discworld )

Aug. 10th, 2007


If this is not allowed, please delete it!

I am helping people get to new journals. :) If you are interested in a Deadjournal, Lostjournal, or Journalfen please head here where you can request any of them or all three.

Also, if there is enough interest I can find around here, I'm thinking of starting a community on insanejournal just for people to help others get codes. (If it hasn't been done, has it?)

Aug. 9th, 2007


Hi, I'm yet another LJ refugee setting up shop here! So far I love it! Everyone's so nice!

Anyway, I have a question, & I'm sorry if it's been asked already: is there a comm or somesuch with custom layouts of any kind? I wish I could transfer my custom LJ one here, as I've really gotten used to it, but it doesn't seem compatible.

Thanks in advance!

Aug. 8th, 2007



Just wanted to promote the asylums I run, since IJ has gotten a ton of new members recently. :)

[info]crime_tv_fans - For fans of crime tv/procedurals, like CSI, Law & Order, etc.

[info]hpicons - Harry Potter icons

[info]numb3rs_icons - Numb3rs Icons

[info]reality_tv_fans - For fans of reality TV

[info]retail_therapy - For when buying stuff is the only thing that makes you feel better (this one is only semi-ready, but please feel free to join and post now)

[crossposted to [info]asylum_promo. Sorry if you see this twice.]


Looking for a community

Anyone know if a rare pair community has been set up?

I'm looking for some Riddick (Pitch Black)/Cam (SG-1) fic.

EDIT: [info]rare_pairs


Hate to spam..

Hate to spam, but..

Are there any asylums on here that allow for people to request layouts.. and have been updated in the past, oh.. year? >_> Or is there anyone on here that is good with S2 layouts?

I don't even mind if its on livejournal. I just really need an Alice in Wonderland S2 layout. :)



Looking for a Sorting Comm?

HP sorting comm anyone? [info]club_hogwarts brought over from LJ is here and will be adding a RP community as soon as we get everything moved over.


Petition against new bill

I thought this was interesting to read.

In this post, it suggests that there's a new bill in coming, which could put fictional characters under the same laws as real life persons currently. In other words, writing fiction or doing art depicting children in sexual activities would also be considered illegal.

Note: posts from fandom_flies are being mirrored at both [info]fandom_flies and [info]fandom_fliesot, with [info]fandom_flies being predominantly related to information of fandom exodus (planning and such), but [info]fandom_fliesot mirroring all other posts posted at fandom_flies @ LJ but not related to fandom exodus. Join any if interested, or none at all if not.

Aug. 7th, 2007


New to IJ: [info]srz_bznz!

The Internet is Serious Business, and [info]srz_bznz is the place to report out on the flamewars, kerfluffles, and wanksplosions that aren't necessarily funny but definitely deserve being talked about and screenshotted for posterity (And maybe pointed at and laughed over while we're at it.) because they involve bigger problems that affect all of us.

Plz note: This is not fandom_wank, and if you're hot to post about small-scale fandom tiffs that don't relate to bigger, more serious issues that's the place you should be. We're slightly more serious in tone, though perhaps not less sarcastic and snarky.

Apologies for the crosspost if this shows up twice for some people.



Once I found out that IJ offers 100 free icons, I ended up wondering why everyone used GJ for RPs when GJ deletes icons that are unused.

I also created a post-DH RP that excludes the epilogue and has an odd little plot twist thrown into the works. Check out Sans Epilogue.

All characters are free at the moment, and I welcome fleeing LJ RPers who are looking for a safe haven for their fictional text-based games.

Let's face it, part of the reason that I've run over here to IJ from LJ is that I just don't feel safe messing around with anything fictional until I get some steady guidelines, and that includes RPing. Especially RPing anything slash-focused. Plus, if I have an RP set up over here, I'm a lot more likely to stay instead of equivocating and wondering if I can really forgive LJ or not.


New Asylum

I recently made [info]potter_fans for those who love the HP series of books & movies. Anything HP related is more than welcome there, whether that is info, fanworks, discussion, or imagery. Feel free to join & participate.


[asylum] Meta Roundup: Fannish Stuff of Interest

Judging by earlier posts, asylum promos are okay?


Fandom over here is not huge yet, but growing steadily, and I'm a meta addict... so I decided not to wait for someone else to do it, and set up this asylum. Just posted issue #2.
FAQ on the profile page, tags list in the sidebar.


Aug. 6th, 2007


Shameless pimping

I made an icons challenge community.


Seeing how I run icons50 over on LJ *and it's always quite busy*, I figured I would make one for over here as well.

It's 50 icons in 12 week. No themes. Your choice of topic. I have lots of fandom categories to claim subject from: *Actors/Actresses, Animation, Comic Books, Miscellaneous, Models, Movies, Music, Sports, TV, Wrestling, Video Games*

You are allowed two claims at a time.



I wasn't going to move from LJ at first - the whole strikethrough didn't affect me much personally. However, now I heard that Ponderosa, one of my favorite fanartist, has been banned because of her art, I got thinking. I mean, I gave LJ credit last time for designing a mass deletion thing that affected more people than they'd anticipated, but this time the ban was way deliberate. So, I decided to get an account here, because who knows if whether someday some dude would report me for abuse and LJ would decide to actually follow thorough and ban me, too.

Oh, who am I. Right. Well, on LJ I was solitaryjane, or more known as the chick who runs around with Vincent/Cloud stuff a lot. Hi everyone!!! :-) Right now my journal here is only going to be something for my fics and for the asylums. I also run an IJ version of [info]30_kisses, with an alternate list and different dates and stuff. *shameless pimp* So yeah, hopefully here I'll have loads more fun and meet more people and not have to worry about what I post as much. Ciao!


Lj cutting pondarosa121.....I lover her art.

I hope some one can get her to post here to I really dont care for GJ.

I just hate seeing HP scattered all over the place and then tracking down your friends. I started a community </a></strong></a>[info]finding_hp
It is away of locating friends and maybe make some new ones along the way.

Aug. 5th, 2007


Whedonverse and Supernatural Reunion Asylums

I've created two fan networking asylums for all fans of the following fandoms, but particularly directed towards those who may be starting new journals here at IJ due to moves from LJ.

[info]whedonexpats - The Whedonverse Embassy - News, announcements and networking for the Whedon fandoms
[info]roadhouse - The Roadhouse - News, announcements and networking for the Supernatural fandom


[info]bloody_layouts For those of us about to commit suicide with the keyboard over layout issues in the transition.

Come to get help, come to give help.

And if you like Hellsing, join [info]hellsing.

If you like the FMA manga, join [info]hagaren_fans. Currently having a layout contest.

Aug. 4th, 2007


New Asylum

I made [info]snarry_love for the Snape/Harry shippers [hey, we seem to be personae non gratae at LJ, so we should have a place here, no?] Fan works of all types & ratings are welcome, so feel free to join.

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