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Mar. 5th, 2009


Deleting old LJ e-mail addresses

Of interest to those who no longer have control of a) the original address on their LJ accounts, b) those who have hotmail addresses associated with their LJ accounts that they no longer control...

It appears that you can now remove those addresses.

FYI, and get on that, folks.

(I had *three* addresses I no longer controlled on there, which are thankfully gone now. Apparently in 2002-2004 I was quite the web-based e-mail whore.)

ETA: It doesn't appear to be available to everyone, and as noted in comments below, this *does* leave open another huge security hole. So, I suppose, if you're able to remove inaccessible e-mail addresses from your account, do it while you can because the change might be rolled back.

Sep. 24th, 2007


Oh ack.

If you had automatic payments on LJ, and turned them off in the wake of Strikethrough, you might want to go over and check to make sure they're still turned off. Apparently people are complaining that the auto-payments on their accounts have been mysteriously turned back on without their consent.

They can't even go 24 hours without a new screwup, it seems.


LJ's latest outrage:

Guys, you'd better check this out. LJ has found a new way to spam our accounts. Now, when people hover over a link on your journal -- say, for instance, your "I've moved to InsaneJournal!" link -- LJ is having generate a pop-up image to suck up bandwidth and add spyware to people's computers and God knows what else.

I really wasn't looking forward to going through all of my inactive accounts to deactivate that crap, but now I'm going to have to. Any chance LJ ever had of wooing me back? Just got totally flushed. This is the most obnoxious thing yet!

Here's the discussion that alerted me.

Sep. 22nd, 2007


Knocked Up backlash

If you are -- as I am -- someone who's been getting turned off of products by the way LJ shills them, and you want to let the makers of the products know how much business they're losing as a result of advertising on LJ...

Well, here's the latest place you can write to. Since Knocked Up is a Universal picture, go here and click on the appropriate country from the little "if the FAQ doesn't answer your question" list. That will open a nice feedback form where you can leave your reasons why the LJ advertisements for Knocked Up have actually cost them your business.

Maybe they'll follow Pepsi in pulling out.

Sep. 21st, 2007


So, now livejournal is deleting/screening comments to their news posts, such as people complaining that the new color scheme for some dang thing is ugly, and then banning those people from commenting in news!

People are posting screencaps. Go over and look before it all disappears! :-)

ETA: The ugly new doohickey is the customization page, and apparently the new one no longer supports overrides, which (if I understand correctly) are pretty much essential to actually, you know, customizing the look of your lj.

Sep. 20th, 2007


Ads, ads everywhere?

Hello, sorry I haven't posted in a while. But has anyone else but myself noticed that there are more advertisements on profile pages even if you don't have a plus account? By that I mean, when you're not viewing your own profile, has anyone else noticed an increase in advertisements? I saw a placeholder for one on burr86's profile but I don't know. :\

I have a basic account, btw.


Wikipedia Question

Hi. I'm just wondering when did this whole "new user can't edit wikipedia article of Livejournal until September 30" thing started. I've been out of the loop for a bit, and am just wondering if it was because users are putting the drama on there and people from SA were deleting it or did something else happen post that whole thing that I missed.

Sep. 14th, 2007


SixApart Press Release

Grabbed from bexone.
Six Apart appoints Christopher J. Alden Chairman and CEO
Chris Alden joined Six Apart over a year ago, most recently serving as Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Professional Division of Six Apart, overseeing the TypePad and Movable Type businesses.
Translation: Chris Alden is barely aware LiveJournal exists.
Alden joined Six Apart as co-founder and CEO of Rojo Networks, Inc., a feed aggregation service which was acquired by Six Apart in 2006.
Translation: Alden has a vested interest in "cleaning up" LJ.
Six Apart board member David Hornik of August Capital stated, “Barak leaves Six Apart in incredible shape, and now is the perfect time to pass the baton to Chris."
Translation: Barak leaves Six Apart before LJ's userbase can pin him down about "we're working on creating a single policy document .... We think it will be a few weeks, and we'll update on progress as that happens." 6A is hoping the transition is a good excuse for another three weeks of ignoring its users, by which time, the winter holiday madness will have kicked in, and everyone will be too busy to pester LJ/6A for content standards.


Barak resigns as CEO of Six Apart

lj-biz announced about half an hour ago that Barak Berkowitz has resigned as Chairman and CEO of Six Apart.

Well, actually, they announced they have a new CEO, Chris Alden, and only mention Barak's resignation in passing. Imagine that, 6A being indirect and uncommunicative and beating around the bush.

The post is here, with comments disabled, and links to more "information."

Sep. 8th, 2007


Not fanfic, but hopefully -fic.

I have been granted permission by keieeeye to provide a link to an entry in my personal IJ in which I satirize (I hope.) what might be the next step taken by Live Journal / Six Apart.

(Strikethrough 07 - Phase III?)
(Public / Safe for work)

Sep. 5th, 2007


If anyone's not heard

There's been responses to the complaints sent through the BBB about 6A.

thecaelum@GJ has the best summary

jesspark@lj has one too

Aug. 29th, 2007


LJ is nuts..but then you knew that...

This is over on my El-Jay journal, mostly because I don't want to confuse people who read me here.

Official Word from El-Jay that they will hold us responsible for every hyperlink we've ever linked.

Don't forget to use OpenID if you wish to comment on the post itself on El-Jay

ETA: Now with actual Screen Capture proof!

Aug. 28th, 2007


BEST. Comment. Evar.

dangerousedge posted a comment in the news thread at, and also a post in her own journal.

She's BILLING them for the advertising time.
I am sending an invoice to Accounts Payable in the amount of $9,600 for marketing, advertising, and promotional services rendered as part of our on-going Diet Pepsi Max Sponsored v-gift Campaign. That's $50/hr. from August 16, 2007 to August 24, 2007 and the terms are net-30.


Response from Pepsi.

Several of you asked for me to let you know if/when I got a response. This popped up this morning:

Response (Darryl Pitts) - 28/08/2007 12.59 PM
Dear Mr Whelan

Thank you for your email. We apologise for the delay whilst we have looked into this matter further.

We have instructed our media buying agency to ensure that our adverts only appear on websites that meet our company guidelines. Where we do not approve of the content of a website, we will ensure our advertising is removed.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Yours sincerely

Darryl Pitts
Britvic Consumer Care Advisor

Aug. 26th, 2007


Paid => Plus

Just a heads up since I'm not sure how many people know this, but when Paid accounts on LJ expire now, they are converted to Plus accounts instead of Basic ones like it used to be [mine just expired, and I was oh so thrilled to discover this]. So don't forget to switch them to Basic when your paid accounts expire. It's a nice way of getting ad money from the folks leaving LJ if you ask me.

Aug. 21st, 2007


over on that other journal ...


ETA: And now, all users will be able to opt out of receiving virtual gifts!

One guess whether this has anything to do with the veritable tidal wave of Pepsi Max v-gift spam sent to the news, lj_biz, and various staff journals ...

Aug. 20th, 2007


Breaking Down

I've done it. I've joined IJ as a free user for now because of how tired I am of LJ. This is coming after Anildash popped up again InnocenceJ again to refute the idea of big old corporate scheming using Occam's Razor. By this explanation then, their reasoning is that the one doing all the deciding in this is an idiot rather than out to make money.

I'm not gonna comment on that except what I said in the thread, and that I should thank him for pushing me to join IJ finally instead of just lurking. Now . . . where's the anime comms? And how do I get the handy toolbar, or do I gotta pay for it? ::rubs hands::

Aug. 19th, 2007


Innocence Jihad under attack

Innocence_Jihad is under attack over at LJ. Spam via free gifts and people deciding we're extremists.

Notice that the community is under lockdown on posting and membership, for everyone who participates over there.

EDIT: The main moderator, yours truly, is taking an extended break from the bullshit of I_J. School > Internet drama, kthx.


The LiveJournal Conflicts Archive

The LiveJournal Conflict Archive is a LiveJournal community [info]sailorcelestial and I created for the purpose of gathering in one place all those links and pieces of information we've seen floating around out there. We want to have an archive to act as a single, cohesive and comprehensive resource where users can have this information at their fingertips. Personally, I've been running an ongoing series of posts covering the current issue, but I wasted time searching for links to reference what I was talking about. The LiveJournal Conflict Archive will hopefully remedy that problem, not just for me but for everyone needing information for coverage purposes or for essays.

We want information on Strikethrough and Boldthrough, of course, but also on past controversies that have occurred in the LiveJournal community, such as the controversy concerning default user pics depicting breastfeeding and the ongoing controversy over advertising on LiveJournal.

[info]sailorcelestial and I have done our best to make certain the Archive will remain objective information, free from bias. While the information linked in the Archive may show bias itself, anyone posting to the Archive must refrain from using any biased/subjective language.

By posting this information here, we are inviting everyone with links to information to come join and help us build the Archive into the comprehensive resource everyone needs. Already, we have a timeline of events and a listing of communities dedicated in one way or another to the issues at hand. One person can only gather so much, however. We need to come together as the Live(and Insane!)Journal community to offer our knowledge, and in it, seek the larger truth.

Aug. 18th, 2007


Shouldn't that be a -1st strike...?

There have been first strike warnings issued to at least two LJers - one of whom had deleted the picture in question more than a week previous, but though it was completely inaccessible to her it was still on LJ's servers, and the other who had f-locked all her posts and posted age statements.

There's a summary by diachrony that explains it all and has the links in one handy place for your reading pleasure. Or torture. One of the two. Either way, there is discussion on exactly what this means if age statements don't mean anything and even deleting the pictures may not be enough.

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