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Another Refugee...

I've toddled on over here.
And...I think the same complaint that everyone usually has...
My friends didn't follow me.  >.<
I'm looking forward to making new friends here!

Also, on an unrelated note...
I got all my icons (except for my OTP one) from memegen.  Does anybody know a new comm here where I can ask if anybody knows who I should credit, or know who to credit for any of these?



In response to you icon question, you might try:

[info]iconism, [info]iconmakers, or [info]animeicons

They might be able to help you identify some of them or point you in the right direction. ^_^
Thank you thank you thank you! *joins asylums*
You're a doll.
I also have that icon that you're using. :D
Might I ask about your sn? Yohji from WK?
You're welcome. ^_~

My screen name, eh? Yes, that would be Yohji from WK. He is fun and angsty and I am just plain mad about him. When I came over here, I had to immediately go off and create communities for my old beloved fandoms...even if it is just a fandom of one. ^_~
Haha, well greetings from the local Farfarello. :D
I managed to drag a few friends with me. Some of the apathy, now that the whole "kerfluffle" has brown over, is driving me nuts.

OTOPaw, I have made new friends over here. Ones I never would have found on LJ.

Oh, and the Pooh Bear in me had to steal your icon. I have one of pooh bear looking into an empty hunny jar.Caption is What Jack Ass Ate All My honey? Makes me giggle to look at it. I save icons for looking at on my PDA.
Yeah, the apathy is getting to me. And the mindless 6A ass kissing. >.<
I'll tell you who to credit for that one as soon as I find out, cause it's not me. :)
So far I've just been crediting my icons with people's LJ names, cept with "@ LJ" because most of them don't have IJ accounts. For example, instead of "done by iconmaker" I put "done by iconmaker @ LJ"

Unless you're asking how to find out who made your icons, in which case I've no idea.
It's a question of I got them off memegen. AKA where twelve year olds steal other people's icons and make 'quizzes'. I'm wondering who actually made them. :D
Oh, doh, I didn't know what memegen was. My bad. :P
Hi! Nice to meet you.
Elloz! I've seen you about so much, I can't remember if I've actually talked to you. xD
*random* Icon love!

(Sorry, I've recently come to terms with the fact I am a Slytherin.)