Apr. 17th, 2008


LJ Archive possible overwrite question

I forget where I saved this information or where it is, but I want to be sure before I do anything.

I archived everything back in January, then imported it all with LJ-sec.

My question is: I want to archive my IJ regularly. Do I need to make a new folder/name for each time I do this? Or do I actually *want* to overwrite my older file, seeing's how I've added to it?

What do you-all do? What is best?

I promise I will put this post and all its replies in my Memories!! :-D

Thanks in advance!

Apr. 4th, 2008


How to migrate from LiveJournal to WordPress (and crosspost to InsaneJournal)

Thanks to everyone who commented on my post the other day about cross-posting between WordPress, InsaneJournal, and LiveJournal.

For those who were interested in more details, I've written up a proper guide for how to migrate from LiveJournal to WordPress. It includes how to cross-post your entries to LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, and/or other journaling sites, and how to pull in userpics if your commenters come from LiveJournal, InsaneJournal, or Journalfen.

You can read it here.

Apr. 2nd, 2008


Moving from LiveJournal to WordPress & InsaneJournal, and Cross-Posting to All Three Simultaneously

I recently moved from LiveJournal to a WordPress blog on my own server, with a backup on InsaneJournal. I'm *really* happy with it, so I thought I'd share my experience in case anyone here may be interested in doing something similar.

Awesome things about WordPress, and how to duplicate your journal and cross-post to WordPress, LJ, and IJ )

Edited to add: I've written up a proper guide on how to migrate from LiveJournal to WordPress. It includes a couple of custom plugins that I modified. You can read it here.

Mar. 15th, 2008


tags question

I have a question. I'm toying with the idea of starting a comm on LJ to *actively* help people move (provide tech support, correct misconceptions, and move people *anywhere*, not just InJ, but Wordpress, etc). Sort of like popping a six-pack and getting your friends over to help move.

Anyway, I can wrap my head around everything (icons, commenting, setting up feeds) ... except tags. When I moved, the tags didn't move with me. At 4,000 LJ entries, that's no small thing. Is there a method of moving that will take the tags along too?

BTW if you'd like to form this kind of comm, please do. I have little tech knowledge myself. And increasingly the people left are not hold-outs, they're *stranded*. Also someone who speaks Russian might be an idea -- it seems silly to be separated from a population of bloggers who're living in an even more dire political situation.

Jan. 15th, 2008


How to Archive and Repost Journal entries (windows)

What with GJ sinking fast, these instructions needed to be posted somewhere public and stable so people can have a reference on hand as they perform backups. I've also got a roundup of every tool and tutorial I could find here at my journal.

THIS IS NOT BY ME. This is the tutorial from the Official Issues Community on GJ. I asked and recieved permission to repost it elsewhere.

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]gynee at Greatestjournal on the Official Issues Community)

There are three different tutorials below:

1) Archiving/Backing up your journal entries and comments to your computer.
2) Exporting your journal entries and entering them to your new journal site.
3) A link to the tutorial for migrating communities.

Read more... )

Dec. 29th, 2007


LJ Automatically Removes Videos Marked "Explicit Adult Content"

I am not sure if this issue was discussed here before, you are welcome to delete this post if it was.

I am on IJ now (going permanent soon)  but keep a basic LJ account to keep in touch with friends. Today I decided to post imbedded video in one of my entries. That video was a joke and had some naked Barbie Dolls having sex as explicit content *cough, cough*. OK, I know that I am immature! 

My journal is set to Adult Concepts because, frankly, I don't see why anyone under 14 would want to read my entries nor would I want them to. But I digress. I posted that "Barbie Porn" video in a f-locked post. And then I decided to use "Explicit Adult Content" setting for the first time. Just being a responsible adult and censoring my own entry.

LJ automatically removed a video in the entry marked "Explicit Adult Content"!!!
All I had left on my Recent Entries page was written staff.
So, I deleted the entry altogether.

Perhaps everybody already knows about this, but to me it was a total shock. My entry was never public, going from "private" to "friendslocked". But video content got removed as soon as marked "Explicit". And it's quite possible that the fact of auto-removal of "adult" video from my journal is tallied somewhere in my account stats. 

The very first use of Explicit self-censoring was a huge disappointment and I am not inclined to repeat this experience.
I used to think that it was a useful tool, a convenience, but the way it's implemented - no.

Dec. 10th, 2007


Moving journals and communities

I am unsure if this has been pimped before, but the lovely [info]sherlock has two brilliant posts regarding how to move your journals and communities to IJ.
Post 1
Post Two
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Dec. 9th, 2007


Message to Russian Users

My friend helped me translate this into Russian. It is basically how to set up an IJ and how to use LJ-Sec to transfer posts. Please redistribute.

Здравствуйте, русские люди!
Многие англо-говорящие пользователи знают что большинству русских ненравится SUP. Нам очень хочется открыть линии связи, но так как многиене могут читать кириллицу, это трудно. Хотя я не русская, я верю чтоесли за свободами не следить, они исчезнут. Следуя этому, я перенесламой частный блог на InsaneJournal и DeadJournal. InsaneJournal гораздолегче в доступе чем DeadJournal, и я расскажу Вам именно об этом.

Squeaky, который имеет владельские права над InsaneJournal,очень гостеприимен. На протяжение нескольких месяцев, он открыл рукитем которым пришлось уйти от LJ по разным причинам: fandom, дискомфорт,и т.д.. Я спрашивала его насчет чего передать русскоговорящим людям синтересом в перexоде на InsaneJournal. Он мне сказал и я Вам передаю:

"Я только хочу чтобы они знали что мы им всегда рады и будемрады их иметь. Нам хочется увеличить количество пользователей. Знайтечто в будущем, мы собираемся оставатся независимым вебсайтом."

Еслисудить по тому, что вижу я как пользовательница, IJ сейчас - это то чтокогда-то был LiveJournal, когда они еще думали о своих пользователях впервую очередь.

Если Вам хочется сделать аккаунт там, это достаточно просто - я дам Вам инструкции вкратце.

А. Идите на: http://www.insanejournal.com и кликните на второе меню, где есть Create Journal. 
B. Когда Вы уже на Account Setup:
1. Выберете Ваш username.
2. Введите Ваш e-mail.
3. Введите пароль, повторите для подтверждения. Попытайтесь не делать слишком простой пароль для Вашей безопасности.
4. Где в LJ были communities, в IJ это же является asylum. Еслихотите, можете их добавить на список друзей. Рекомендую: asylum_promo,syn_promo и newcomers.
5. Введите Ваш день рождения: месяц, день, год.
6. Тип аккаунта. Если без предпочтения, Вам дан  Free Patient - аккаунт бесплатного пользователя.
7.Terms of Service - законы пользования - я Вам не переведу так как эточересчур длинно - но если Вы хотите, можете найти на Вэбе переводныйсайт для этого, типа Babelfish.  В любом случае, отмечайте согласие вкоробочке.
8. В еще одной текстовой коробке, введите код который Вам выдан в стиле CAPTCHA.
9. Готово! Кликнете кнопку.

Процесс несколько длинный, но он того стоит. Я надеюсь что ничего не усложнила.

Если Вы хотите перевести все свои записи из LJ в IJ, я Вам передам как это сделала я, с небольшой помощью с записи от brown-betty.
1. Скачайте и инсталлируйте LJ-Sec.
2. Введите свои данные и сделайте login.
3. Программа начнет составлять список всех Ваших записей в LiveJournal.Это может занять немного времени. Когда это закончится, Вы увидитесписок всех записей с теми иконами которые Вы оригинально поставили.
4. На самом верху окошка, идите на Selection, потом на Select All.
5. Опять-таки на верху, идите на Journal, потом Repost selected entries to another journal.
6. Введите все данные на IJ, выберете InsaneJournal на меню и отметьте все коробочки.
7. Кликнете на Begin reposting.

Это займет время но сработает как надо. Когда все записи будут переведены, можно удалить Ваш LJ. LJ-Sec непереведет комментарии, фильмы, аудио-посты или категории. Рекомендуетсясохранить все на Ваш компьютер. Те же инструкции  можно использовать сDeadJournal, JournalFen или GreatestJournal, если Вам хочется.

Надеюсь на хороший опыт в содержании Ваших веблогов. С этой стороны озерца, с любовью,

ETA: LJ-Sec download link

ETA: I have been told that the Russian translation may still be a bit off. Someone else has made a translation of brown-betty's instructions here:

Good luck!

Aug. 12th, 2007


RSS Feeds

How to set how much of your LJ posts are visible via RSS:


and probably

There's an admin console command, set synlevel < level >, which allows you to choose how much of your journal posts are syndicated via RSS feeds. The < level > can be "full", for the entire entry, "summary" for the first paragraph, or "title" for only the entry subject.

So if you have friends using RSS NewsReaders and you'd like them to be able to read your entire post (especially if they're using FeedReader and can see flocked posts) then: set synlevel full

Aug. 11th, 2007


Can importing get easier?

Well, I am thinking that IJ is the better alternative (vs. GJ) but sadly I dont see if there is a way to import my LJ journal entries from the past into this journal. Anyone know?


Aug. 9th, 2007


Journal migration

Courtesy of [info]data_warrior, here's another nifty migration tool -- unlike LJ-sec, this one supports communities!


It also migrates the metadata (tags, music, etc.) that LJ-Sec loses. Still doesn't save memories, those have to be done manually.

Aug. 8th, 2007


*this close from pulling her hair out*

Hi there everyone. I'm yet another LJ refugee. There's an article about how to jump ship from LJ and in it, it mentions using LJ Archive to archive your whole journal. What I can't seem to figure out is how to take that archive and load it into my nifty new InsaneJournal account. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've had a hell of a day and stressing about this is kicking my ass. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


Do any of these journal migration tools also preserve posts from your LJ Memories that are from *other people's* journals?

Because I realized that makes up about half the stuff in my Memories.