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Another intro ~

I saw the most recent post in this asylum and realized I never really made my own introduction. /shy I hope you guys don't mind another intro post clogging up your friend's list. That and my own post like this was so long ago that being able to do it again is sort of refreshing.

1) Give your name and a little about yourself, including interests and hobbies.
My name is Katt and I'm another young adult who's transfered everything to Insanejournal. I've been here for a while but never really used it as a primary journal since my friend's list was updated twice a week tops. I have a lot of interests and way too many things I consider hobbies to list them all here, but I'm the basic geek who travels around on the web. I've been using journal services since 2000 or so... I like to help out a lot on clone sites like Insanejournal and enjoy volunteering for them more than I do for the bigger sites (less cliques in my opinion, which leads to less drama).

2) Tell us why you came to InsaneJournal. Did someone from IJ tell you (and if so, who)?
I came a while back to help volunteer when I heard about it. I was one of the later accounts to sign up, but enjoy it all the same. The person who brought me here to IJ no longer uses this service (he's a hardcore LJ'er now) but I still enjoy the folks here.

3) What is your favorite thing, so far, about InsaneJournal?
The burst of life brought to the site. I love having an active support board. I enjoy being able to refresh my friend's page to see a new post, instead of being able to check it once a week and hope someone updated. It's great to see LOTS of activity after all this time.

4) Have you joined any other asylums? If not, would you like to?
I have joined a lot and created a few of my own. Some of my favorites are [info]icon_awards, [info]anime_awards, [info]fandomdirectory, and [info]support ;)

5) Is there a certain kind of asylum or type of friends you are looking for?
Active places. As long as they are fun, I want to be there. Friends - if they're interesting and we could get along, I'd love to meet them.

6) Do you want to be an active member of InsaneJournal? (Meaning, do you want to promote IJ, update, and get involved in asylums?)
I think I have been doing that. I hope I can do more in the future.