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Hi, my name is Rin..

And I'm a alcoholic. (No, not really. Support the AA though!)

I came over here from LJ (I guess thats a no-brainer), but I still maintain my journal there (rin-x-x). I decided to join up here, simply because you guys seem to have an awesome admin, plus GJ is just too clunky for me.

I currently had an obsession with Alice in Wonderland, but thats not all that I'm into. I love playing ringette, playing games, an avid Transformers fan (obsessive much), reading, TMNT, Red vs Blue, and uh.. music? Yeah. Lots of stuff.

I'm not pleased with the way LJ is going, and I'm pretty much trying to get the word out there that IJ is the good place to go. The ads I really don't mind. They're not that irritating to me. I do plan on getting a permy here, though.

.. So uh. Hi. ^_^;

(PS: Megatron rocks. XD)


Always good to see a fellow fan of Transformers.

Feel free to check out [info]transformers :) [/shameless asylum promotion]

(Megatron rocks indeed)


Weee, Transformers! ♥ Much love!

I'm actually apart of two TF comms on LJ: beexsam and tf2007fun. ^_^;;

Re: Wee!

I'm on there too ^^, not that I post, as the art I draw is from the G1 series rather than the film (though I love that too).

Re: Wee!

There have been a few G1 posts. But yeah I get what you mean. We're pretty movie-centric. Its hard not to be. Ironhide has a fine bumper.

Welcome! I am a huge Transformers fan myself, Prime and Bumblebee are my favorites.

:) I see [info]luzzu already told you about the TF comm, come join it!


I'm a Barricade fangirl m'self. ♥ I am SO getting that jacket! D<

Yup, I joined. More groups! Huzzah!
I'm a tf fan myself. Cheetor, Rattrap, Waspinator, Dinobot, and Megatron II are my favorites.
Alice in Wonderland is amazing. I am waiting arrival of Bryan Talbot's 'Alice in Sunderland'.
Ah, Transformers. Good stuff. Which reminds me, I really need to get some Optimus Prime icons.